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Professionalism Only Works In Suits [OPEN]

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1 Professionalism Only Works In Suits [OPEN] on Mon Jan 11, 2016 6:20 am



Kei Heiwajima

Jack of all Trades

If you've got the money, I'll do it.

[OOC: This was an ad Kei posted online in several different forums and posted on billboards in different bars. Below, it had information on where to find Kei's apartment on Bellmuse or how to contact him over a scroll.]

Jack of all Trades. Otherwise someone who does whatever for money. It was hardly a real job. No real qualification, no real licenses. It was simple though, Kei liked that. Not to mention being in a busy city like Bellmuse? The jobs would be near endless. People with different problems, small, big, important and minute. A Jack Of All Trades wouldn't be limited to just solving one type of problem, but could solve a variety of them. It was easy money...

Or so he originally thought.

Upon taking up this job industry, Kei recieved hardly any jobs. The ones he did recieve were for like babysitting or taking care of pets. He hated pets and he hated kids. It was more torture than it was a job.

If he wasn't busy off doing hunts for the Academy or somehow ending up in a class, Kei's days were usually spent either at the bar, casino, or in his apartment in Bellmuse central, sitting at his desk waiting for the off chance somebody actually does have a job for him. Today was one of those sit at his desk and hope for a job day.

Kei leaned back in his chair, propping his feet on desk which was facing his front door. Should anyone come in through the front door, Kei would immediately see it. Of course, Kei doubted anyone would, and instead of paying attention to who would walk in, Kei pulled out his scroll and began to play app that has been growing increasingly popular called 'Puzzles and Ursas'.

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