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Girl...Talk? [Private, Avery Frost, Development]

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Akui wasn't really on the ball today: she had forgotten to feed Diablo on time, had damaged work done on one of her recent projects, and she kept randomly staring off in a direction for a long period of time. To be fair, it wasn't just today though: she'd been off like this for the past couple days. She couldn't even perform easy gun tricks or eat normally either, and every time she failed it was followed by frustrated swearing that was actually light for Akui, replacing the general 'F***' with a rather uncharacteristic 'Dammit.' It was something that her roomie definitely took notice of. She hadn't said much about it at first, but she had decided that enough was enough and she had confronted her about it this morning.

She had taken her typical 'I'm better than everyone stance' and said a bunch of words that basically meant 'This is bulls***, and I demand an answer now, because I actually care about you roomie.' Akui had just stood there and looked at her while she spoke, but once she was finished she looked to the side for a few moments as she thought about it, then she grabbed her roommate by the shoulder and dragged her over to her bed and forced her to sit down on her bed with her as she told her to sit her ass down.

Diablo was nearby on the bed and hissed at the site of her roommate being that close to him, but Akui snapped him a look. "Diablo, knock it off. Time. If you don't like it, slither on over there by the closet." she ordered him with a stern look on her face. He was quite taken aback that his human want to sit next to the evil human, but that was her choice so he slithered into the sunspot next to the closet and proceeded to take a nap.

Akui looked away from her roomie for a few minutes before opening her mouth again. "See...I have this issue..." she loudly muttered without looking at her, waiting for what she would say. She was waiting for her to make fun of her, in all honesty, something about 'the big bad Akui needing her help.'

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"See...I have this issue..."

"Ah." Avery nodded a little in understanding. However, she was uncomfortable having a conversation in another's bed especially one who lets her pets on it. Not wanting to offend her roommate though, she grabbed her wrist and dragged her towards the other side of the room to Avy's own bed instead. She let the other girl sit on the edge while she herself settled on the middle after taking the book from her nightstand. Getting comfy with her back against the headboard, she tilted her head to the pink haired.

"Now spill. Don't misunderstand. I don't care about your problem. I'm just annoyed at your sudden change in attitude. It creeps me out," she said blatantly before turning to her book and flipping to the page she left off.

"Also, if it's about money, count me out. I highly doubt that's it though. With your tone and actions, it's like you're asking for love advice or something. Pfft." Avery shrugged nonchalantly. Just thinking about the possibility of that was laughable.

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Well, she didn't make fun of her, but that not-so-well-to-do rich-girl attitude was still there, and it still irked Akui. Why was she never nice, even when she cared, which Akui knew she did because she wouldn't have moved her over to her bed and stayed to listen. Had she just walked away or ignored her, that would have signified she didn't care, but this was just her 'I'm still a rich girl, but I care about you, peasant' way of going about things. If Akui didn't understand this, she would have probably murdered the girl a while ago.

"Also, if it's about money, count me out. I highly doubt that's it though. With your tone and actions, it's like you're asking for love advice or something. Pfft."

Akui's heart jumped in her chest, which caught her by surprise. Love advice? Was she having love issues? Was that what was happening to her and the stupid chicken chick? No way, what kind of bulls*** reasoning was that. Clearly, she was having troubles trying to tell her to get lost.

"That's f***ing stupid, why would I ever have love issues? Can't even believe you said something like that..." her statement started out strong, but ended in a mutter, and Akui felt her face turning hot. She adjusted her herself so that Avi couldn't see her face.

"Anyway, so I have this see, there is this person who...well, who wants to be close to me...presumably very close...and, well..." Akui sighed. Emotions...they weren't her 'cup of tea.' She despised them, actually, but this hand to be fixed somehow.

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"That's f***ing stupid, why would I ever have love issues? Can't even believe you said something like that..."

Avery scoffed and rolled her eyes. "I know right. I mean, you, of all people, falling in love? Psh. Ridiculous," she said with a shake of her head. The blonde continued reading as she realized her roommate's problem might just be something petty. Or was it? She definitely caught on the small blush on the other girl's face before it was very casually hidden by shifting away.

Wait. Ehhh?! Don't tell me.. is she really?! Her mind suddenly went haywire. How could that be possible? In fact, how could anyone want this girl in a romantic level?! Not that she had anything against her roommate. Most people just tend to stay away from her due to her strong personality, colourful words and aggressive attitude.

And her thoughts were confirmed upon hearing the next statement. She stared at her roommate for a long time and then grinned. "I see~" She chimed playfully. "And what exactly is the problem with this person getting close, hm? Haven't you always dealt with those people before? What makes this person so special that you're making a fuss over it~?" Avery teased. Of course she knew what's going on, but she decided to play with her roommate for a bit.

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Stupid emotions! She couldn't keep her dumb face from blushing, and her roomie was getting her kicks out of this. Why was she even blushing, the whole thing didn't make any sense!

"...What makes this person so special that you're making a fuss over it~?"

This made Akui instantly turn around and look at her as sternly as she could even though her face just kept getting redder. "Look, sh-shut your whore mouth, okay? No one is special, there is no special person!" rather than arguing with Avi, she was more arguing with herself. There couldn't be a special someone, there just couldn't, and especially not that chicken chick...because...well, because she was...

"You're right, I'm used to advances. I've had so many f***ing douchebags hit on me and grope me and say how bad they want me, and I handle them just fine: I just beat their asses and they learn to not f*** with me. It's just that...this isn't some asshole macho man who just want's to plow my field and show off his success to other guys and make them feel fact, it's not even a man: it's not's she..." Once again, her tone started off very strong, but feel short near the end to where it was just barely audible.

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Avery couldn't help a sly smile at her roommate's reactions especially when she came off acting all tough and badass on her... while having a strong shade of red on her cheeks. Pfft. It just made Avy all the more interested in teasing her now. The girl looked adorable when she was shy.

As her roommate proceeded to tell the tale of her getting used to advances and frequently getting hit on by guys, Avy couldn't hold her scoff. "Woah, how embarrassing. I can't believe you're saying those with your own mouth." She shook her head, but continued to listen nonetheless until the last few words caught her full attention.

"it's not's she.."

There was a moment of silence.

Avery gave the girl a sympathetic look. She sighed and nodded, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear. "I know. I understand. I'm lovable and desirable, the best person you've ever met but I didn't think you'd fall for me that hard. Even if it's you, I can't return your feelings. I'm sorry." She gave the girl a sympathetic pat on the shoulder.

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Akui couldn't believe the arrogance of her roommate: she was actually convinced that she somehow fell in love with her? It wasn't all that long ago that they had gotten into an argument, what made her think things could change that quickly, if ever?

Akui turned and roughly knocked her roommates are away and just glared at her. "Are you f***ing kidding me? Me, have feelings for you? I'd rather go f*** some homeless douche who lives in a garbage dump. Have you not even been listening to me? I said she came on to me, and since when have you wanted anymore than to demand I fix something or insult me? No, not you, dumb rich..." Akui sighed. She didn't even have the energy to really belittle her, she was so caught up in why the hell a chick like her would want her, or why a chick in general would want her.

"She's apparently famous, unlike my infamous self. Riley Stanos, world champion boxer. Beat the s*** out of men with her fists, I give her mad props for that. She so strong and independent...and yet, when she's around me, she's awkward and...kinda needy, I guess...ugh, I don't f***ing know!" she put her head in her hands and massaged her temples. She had just adjusted to taking a full dose of her Everclear every mourning, and she was still adjusting to feeling a bit more 'doped up' than she was used to.

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Avery chuckled at her roommate's overreaction to a simple misunderstanding. "Yea yea. You didn't have to be so defensive about it. With your reaction just now, I wouldn't be surprised if you really did hold an attraction for me. Pfft." The blonde was quick to move a little farther away from her roommate's reach.

Still, she listened patiently as the girl talked about this little crush of hers, though she might not be aware of it herself. So the other chick was a world champion boxer. No wonder she had the guts to approach this pink-haired punk.

"Riley Stanos huh? I might or might not have heard of that name. And she sounds badass and one tough lady based from your description. Still, my question stands: why can't you just drive her off? You're pretty good at that, aren't you~" Avery said with a smirk. There was no way she was gonna say it out loud. Her roommate had to realize it herself.

"Have you ever felt like this before? Or just towards this particular person?" she added for a hint.

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Akui turned her back to Avi again, and without knowing she started rubbing her hand up and down her arm, stopping at her shoulder: clearly a nervous tick.

"Well...I have felt like that before, just...not like this, and I was never okay with it. I've felt desired before, many a time, but until now I wasn't okay with anyone desiring me. I've also felt vulnerable fact, I've been the epitome of vulnerable...but never in my life would I have thought I would have been...okay...with feeling vulnerable, but I was. I have a lot of passions: technology, Dust, art...but never have I felt passion towards another person which didn't involve hurting them in some way...never have I felt"

Akui cut herself off, and she snapped her head back to face Averia, her face flushing from ear to ear and right across the bridge of her nose. Her eyes went wide for a second, and then her eyes took the form of an emotion she was engaging with a lot recently: denial. Akui shook her head, and proceeded to get up with the intent of grabbing some things and leaving the dorm, but it was pretty clear that there was more that needed to be said: the level of tension in the air as well as the lack of colorful language coming from Akui was proof that this was pretty serious and needed to be dealt with, regardless if she wanted to or not.

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Avery had to admit, this erratic behaviour of her roommate was borderline creeping her out. Especially when she rubbed her hand on her arm... like.. what?! A sign of weakness! She wasn't used to the tough punk being all shy and feminine at all! Or had she always been like that but kept up a wall to hide it. Regardless, she's obviously not used to this feeling and everything was new to her evidence by her confusion. Heck she even planned to run away from it. Nope. Not in Avy's watch.

"Okay, enough of this crap. Clearly you need me to spell things out for you because you're too stupid to understand. Sit your smexy arse back down." She grabbed her forearm and pulled the girl back to the bed. "Okay.. tsk, look at me." Avery didn't even wait for her roommate to respond as she took her chin and tilted her head towards her so she could say her next words eye to eye.

"You're in love."

And the bomb was dropped. Avery leaned back and folded her arms, tempted to whip out her phone to record this historical moment of seeing a new kind of expression from her roommate's face, but opting to stay serious and respect the girl's emotional condition. "At least that's what I think it is all things considered. Are you still here by the way? Are you alive?" She snapped her fingers in front of her in case the girl was too lost in her thoughts.

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Only moments after she had gotten up, Avi had dragged her back down onto the bed. "H-Hey, what the hell?!" Her roomie had dragged her down in a way that was similar to what happened with Riley. Her face was grabbed, and she was forced to look at her when she muttered three words that hit Akui harder and any fist or bullet.

"You're in love."

The words went into her ears and stabbed her brain: What? Why? How even? There was no way! She only experienced anger, hatred, being livid, and occasionally finding certain things adorable. She stabbed the back of her neck everyday so she couldn't feel anything she could feel as little as she could live: not feeling so she could live, so she could breathe. Yet here was this student boxer girl that she barely knew, and she came into her life and triggered something she never felt before, something that demanded to be acknowledged. Her heart was pounding, her palms were sweating, her throat was dry: this couldn't be love, this was fear!

Akui snapped out of her daydream and push Avi away from her, albeit a rather gentle push. Her eyes were wider than the were before, and her breathing was heavy, fear struck across her face. "No, no it's not. It's just not, it cant be, it can't just can't be..." Akui held in her arms and sighed deeply, letting some of the tension leave her body and resuming her usual feeling of pure numbness. "...but it is, isn't it?" Akui sighed. "Goddammit, why? I didn't pursue this, I didn't ask for this, and I definitely don't want this...I can't want why? It has to be that I'm all mixed up...crossed signals...yeah, that has to be it. Grrr...stupid-freaking-red-feathered-chicken-woman!" Akui growled and punched the bed in between words.

"It's her dumbass fault, none of this wouldn't have happened if she hadn't stolen my first kiss from me, it's no wonder I'm all messed up." Akui grumbled as she pouted on Avi bed, arms folded in and legs crossed.

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Heh. Figures. Avery grinned at the reaction of her roommate. Not that she wasn't expecting it already, it's still amusing to witness it up close. She pulled her knees her chest and rested her knees on top as she was enjoying the girl's mental breakdown more than she intended to. As the punk began to blabber, Avy nodded and inserted a few comments here and there.

"Of course it can. It already is.. you got that right... of course you can want this... you clearly already want this.. it's not a mix up... definitely not crossed signals... uh.. chicken? okay, chicken then.. and please stop punching my bed cause it'll make the space uneven..  mhm.. and stole your first kiss.."

Avery paused. The last statement felt wrong. It took a few moments before reality kicked in and she looked at her roommate in extreme disbelief. "..your first WHAT?!"

"My god, woman! I did not peg you to be this easy! At least put up a little resistance or something!" She growled, placing the book on the night stand and faced the girl properly. Now this was serious! "Okay, spill."

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"EASY?! Excuse me?!" Akui lashed out at her roomie and smacked her forehead with her open palm before continuing on. "We must have vastly different f***ing meanings for that term, because in my eyes, not even kissing someone until the age of nineteen is perceived as being extremely f***ing recluse. Well...willingly, anyway..."

Akui gazed off into the distance for a moment, then shook her head and looked at her roommate before continuing on. "Not that you even f***ing deserve to know, but if talking it out is the only way to fix this, then I guess I'm out of f***ing stupid..."

Akui stretched out on her roomie's bed, leaning her back against the footrest as she let her somewhat long (for her height) and slender legs extended to about where her roomie's knees were, covered in her form-fitting pajama bottoms. She took up half the bed as she rested her arms behind her head and sighed before starting up again.

"I should have known from when I first met her, what with how macho she acts and how she kept ogling my ass, but...I guess I just couldn't comprehend it at the time and let it go as odd character quirks. Anyway, it was a couple days ago, and I was working on my recent project when someone knocked on the door. Since you and your rude ass just barge in, I figured it was staff, but it was that stupid chicken chick Riley. She acted all awkward but wanted to hang out, so I invited her in and told her she can use your half of the room and do whatever that f*** she wanted. It wasn't long after that before things got...weird."

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"Yeah, but like, in my definition being in a relationship comes first before kissing, no? Of course drunk kissing doesn't count, so yes, you are easy. It's no different from me walking to you, kissing you, then you're suddenly falling in love with me. Bad example of course, but I'm too lazy to think of anything else. You get my point." Avery shrugged casually.

She listened to the rest of the girl's statement and the more she talked, the more Avy's expression turn to a look of confusion "So let me get this straight... this pervert keeps ogling your arse and even stole your first kiss. How exactly is he different from the other douches you're talking about apart from the fact that she's a female?" she asked.

Her roommate had been talking about this chick for quite a while and had yet to name a redeeming quality. All Avy could pick up was that this person was a pervert and her roommate was an idiot. The last few sentences however, snapped her to reality. This girl offered the chick her half of the room?! To a complete stranger?! And since when did she have the right to mess with her things like that. But more than that, what did she mean 'weird'? Weird as in...

Avy's eyes widened and she bolted up off the bed in absolute disgust. "I beg your pardon?! You did it here?! In my bloody bed?! How could you?!" She exclaimed in exasperation. She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Did you change the sheets at least?"

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Akui sighed: her roommate was not making this easy to talk about, but did she really expect anything less from her? The only person she cared about was herself, anything else was insignificant.

"You can call me whatever you want, I suppose, it's not like you know me or anything. I haven't even finished explaining anything, and you are assuming s***. You do have a point though, Richy B****y, she is a lot like other guys...but outside of that she respects me, unlike men in general who don't: they either disrespect me and then fear me, or just straight up fear me. That respect she gives me is one of the many reasons I'm so f***ing confused..."

Her obnoxious roommate suddenly jumped out of her bed and started being even more obnoxious and irritating, acting like something repulsive and disgusting had taken place, talking about cleaning sheets? What the hell?

"I have no goddamn idea what the f*** you are going on about, but if you want to know what happened, then site your dumb ass down and listen!" She grabbed her roommate by her bottom garment and pulled her back down onto her own bed.

"Now, this is what I was going to say until you had some sort of stupid freak-out session: things got really weird very quickly. She decided to sit over on your bed instead of near me, which I found strange, but let it go. So I was working on my project, and she opens up with this stupid ' into chicks?' line." Akui had done her best impression to mimic her voice. "I had no idea what the hell she was trying to get at at the time, so I basically told her I get along with chicks better than asshole males. Something seemed to be bothering her, and I figured if she wasn't just flat out sick that she had come to talk to me about it or some s*** like that. While we don't know each other that well, she was cool in my book, and I mean I've already proved I her her back I asked her what was up, to just let me know what the hell was bothering her. That's when it got truly weird..." Akui scratched her head for a moment then continued.

"She flat out said she wanted to kiss me. Like, what the f*** is up with that s***, right? Not only did this super tough chick politely ask to kiss me, but she wanted to kiss ME. Not some other beefy adrenaline junky macho-ass muthaf***er, but ME, a chick who used to kill people for a living. She even got all puckered up and prepared for a kiss, like I was actually going to comply or something! She had me f***ed up, I had no idea what to say or tell her, and that's when..." Akui cut off when Diablo had decided to slither up to be with his human.

"No, go back to your sunspot and take a nap! You and I are not on good terms right now, Forked Tongue!" Diablo looked startled, but he understood why his human was upset, and he slowly and sadly slithered back over to his spot and laid down.

"That's when that scaly-ass muthf***er right there decided to mess everything up! He was lying in his spot over there the whole time, then suddenly decides to not come and hang out, but lie all curled up just moments before I was going to back away and tell that red-feathered chick that she must be confused or something. To avoid stepping on his ass, half on the bed and half off, I ended up falling right into the stupid feathered b****...and of course, conveniently, our lips connected. Stupid skin-shedding asshole!" she shouted at Diablo again, and he cringed before adjusting himself to where he could see his human.

Akui breathed in deeply, and let out a long sigh. "This is where I really don't understand what happened...ugh, I'm not good with feelings. I remember thinking that this whole stupid thing was awkward, but that I would just let her know it was an accident and let the chips fall and stuff...but the second I opened my eyes, I saw hers...and, well, I don't f***ing know! It felt like someone tased me, but only briefly, and felt like I had no control of my body. I went into the kiss, even knocking her over...I remember feeling like my the inside of my body felt like a haywire space heater, I felt like I was burning up...but I also felt a ton of fear."

Akui paused for a moment and looked off. "Fear...been a long time since I felt that..." she muttered, more to herself than anyone else, before shivering and then seemingly snapping back to reality and continuing the story.

"I wanted to stop, but at the same time I keep going, for whatever reason I wanted more...I wanted to understand this feeling that was a mixture of fear and something else I guess...ugh, I have no f***ing clue. All I remember is that we were doing more than just your basic kiss, and then she tried to creep a hand under my shirt, and all the fear took over and I pushed myself off of her and told her to leave. I made sure she knew that I wasn't upset with her, but...I needed time to sort out what the actual f***ing hell had just happened, and as of now I'm still not sure."

"According to you and all your infinite wisdom, I'm apparently 'in love' with this chick, but..." Akui sighed and sat up and hung her head down, clearly in thought.

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As Avery was unceremoniously pulled back down on the bed by the hem of her skirt, she grumbled and held the waistline of the clothing. "Gentle on the pulling there. If I hadn't know any better I'd say you were trying to remove it." She said playfully. "And please roomie, don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about," she added with a roll of her eyes.

But to avoid any more drama the blonde decided to shut up and listen. It's about time she heard the whole story. Her roommate was going in circles with her little 'encounter' so of course Avy would react piece by piece if all she's ever dropping were things that could be misunderstood.

So the story started out rather normally, though Avy didn't like the part where some stranger sat on her bedsheets. She noted to change them later. Avery was listening attentively with her resting bish face up until the random climax where this Riley chick asked her roommate for a kiss. Not only that but they actually kissed - as in a real kiss that you don't let little kids see, and even went to second base almost immediately? The snake was one thing but there's a real threat that worse than the scaly reptile.

"Okay, listen. I'm saying this obviously not because I care about you, duh, but cause I don't want you running back to me all in tears and sobbing and ruining my bedsheets again." Avy sighed and leaned back against the headboard, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear. "Try to recall what you just said, then use your brain. Which part of it sounds sane to you? Which part of it is not implying that all this chick wants from you is your... well..." The blonde just casually gestured at the girl's body. "I don't mean to disappoint you but I'm also not here to give you false hope. Yes, you are in love, maybe. But whether it's towards the right person is questionable. You say she respects you. Which part? The fact that she creeped a hand under your shirt when you barely know each other?"

Avery folded her arms and crossed her legs. "While I am happy you're finally doing something interesting with your boring and dreadful life, I feel like it's a little too soon for you to 'fall in love'. You've met like, what, once? Twice? I've never heard of this chick until today, never even seen her and I'm your roommate. If driving down the fast lane is your jam then go for it. But do know that you're treading on thin ice. I suggest you get to know her a little more." Avery paused and a wicked smile formed across her lips. "Maybe go on on a date."

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Akui toned out a good share of what she was telling her. That wasn't to say she didn't listen to her, but rather she toned out the 'rich b****' attitude so she could hear the actual words that she was trying to say.

She believe that she managed to decipher most of it...

"Okay, listen. I'm saying this because I really care about you roomie and I don't want you running back to me all in tears and sobbing and having your heart broken into pieces."


"Take a minute to think about what you just said. Which part of that sounds right to you? Which part of it is not implying that all this chick wants from you is your... well..."

Avi cut herself off and was motioning to her body, although Akui knew what she was referring to without noting her gesture. It was obvious, and it was something Akui understood very well: this chicken woman wanted her body just as badly as most men did, but the question was why? Why would she want her over some dude? It didn't even make any f***ing sense!

Amazingly enough, something she said didn't have to be translated!

"I don't mean to disappoint you but I'm also not here to give you false hope. Yes, you are in love, maybe. But whether it's towards the right person is questionable. You say she respects you. Which part? The fact that she creeped a hand under your shirt when you barely know each other?"

Akui wasn't about to argue with her, there wasn't a point: she was right, but Akui also was already aware of this. The red robin was in a rush, and she was taking things way faster than she was okay with...s***, she didn't even know if she was okay with the idea of a relationship with this chick in general, much less one of that nature. It was her attempt to feel her up that made her stop: that was too far for her, when she didn't even mean to take it as far as she did initially. She was still trying to sort out her feelings in general, to understand what it was that happened to her that night.

She had a bit more translation to do...

"While I am happy you're finally becoming a bit more social, I feel like it's a little too soon for you to 'fall in love'. You've met like, what, once? Twice? I've never heard of this chick until today, never even seen her and I'm your roommate. If driving down the fast lane is your jam then go for it. But do know that you're treading on thin ice. I suggest you get to know her a little more."

Akui looked up with a bit of a smirk. "You would be the resident ice thickness expert..." A stupid, bad f***ing joke...but she made it. Akui wasn't sure why she cared so much to try and be friendly, but...maybe it was because she was the closest thing she had here to an ally...

Her thoughts were interrupted once again by a simple statement from her roommate: "Maybe go on on a date."

She had a wicked smile across her face, and it took a moment for it to kick in...was she challenging her? Did she not think she could do it? Akui wasn't sure where that smile was originating from, but it reminded her of herself right before she killed some douche she really didn't like. Whatever the cause for it, it put a smirk on Akui's face.

Then she rushed over and tackled her roommate, sticking her face in hers and smiling devilishly. "Oh yeah, well guess what?!" She stared at her for a moment or two before she just backed away and ruffled the rich girls hair with her hand. "I like that idea, Frostine. I'll consider it, but I have more thinking to do." Akui then jumped up and grabbed her normal clothing and aimed to leave the dorm.

"I'll dwell on it some more, maybe even tell you what I decide if I care, but I've wasted enough of your precious time. Imma hit the gym. You should really work on the attitude of yours though: you're, like, only three paces behind that f***ing Haze b****, and no one likes her either..." She made her glare, and before she could get up she dashed out the door and shut it, then took off for the Training Area...giggling along the way.

Giggling? Really? Huh, that was weird of her...

[Pinkehm Out~!]

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Avery frowned as she was tackled by this undecipherable specimen in front of her. "Are you always like this when you're 'in love'? Because it's not very pleasant," she mumbled, tempted to push the super close face off of her had the girl not separated eventually. The blonde growled and instinctively combed her hair to fix the mess her roommate created. "Hey! Who said you can touch my hair!"

This erratic behaviour continued to creep her out and she wasn't sure if she could take more of this, especially with the punk seeming to be lost in her rainbows and sunshines of love. But what truly shocked her was her last statement. She gasped and frowned, like, really frowned. It might have been meant as a joke, or not for all she cared, but that was the highest form of insult she could ever receive, what more coming from this person.

"And this is what I get for helping you? Well thank you very much for making me feel appreciated." Avery rolled her eyes and went back to reading her book just as her roommate left for the gym. She gave a small sigh and shook her head. Women.

In the middle of continuing her novel, a thought suddenly popped in her head. Oh my god. If her roommate did get herself a love life and it was this chicken chick and they decided to be alone in this room to play, they might actually end up doing it in her side of the room! She internally facepalmed. Avery was suddenly regretting ever supporting her roommate's love life. But at the same time, it had been a while since she'd since the girl this happy.

That made her smile.


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