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Showered With Advice [Private, Toriera]

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1 Showered With Advice [Private, Toriera] on Mon Jan 11, 2016 8:57 pm

It was a bit of a good day: even though Akui's already cloudy mind was recently being even more clouded with dealing with her recent...emotions...she managed to hit the training area pretty hard today. Her ankle healed up nicely, she hit many of the machines for workout: barbels, stairclimber, treadmill, you name it she did it and she felt great...tired, but great.

However, she also felt disgusting with all that sweat and dirt on her, and she didn't want to go back to her dorm that was far away just to be made fun of by her roomie, so she took the risk of...taking a shower here. She had trained everyone else had left, so she had the advantage of having the entire locker-room and showers to herself. She quickly disrobed, her breasts springing forth like the escaped from prison when she finished removing her wrappings, which made her sigh in disgust as usual. She then turned on the hot water and grabbed some soap to prepare to suds herself up.

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2 Re: Showered With Advice [Private, Toriera] on Fri Jan 15, 2016 5:22 pm

Unlike so many of the others teacher at the academy Toriera lacked a very important feature that almost all shared. They all were, or at some point had been Hunters with a pedigree of graduating from a Hunter school. She on the other hand had lived as close as once could without ever truly becoming a huntress. Maybe that was the reason she pushed herself so hard when it came to the physical content of her life. Despite what most think of her being just a Dust egghead she was in the best shape of her life, no small part to the hellishly she put herself on from day to day.

Today just happens to be one of those days as she spent the better part of the day in the gym training. For some reason today she lost herself in the training and before she knew it the day had flown by leaving her among the only ones left in the building. Normally she would just leave to head home where a nice hot bath awaked, but today Toriera didn't feel like freezing while covered in sweat. Once stepping into the locker room, she could hear someone else already jumping into the shower.

Not that this really matters to the woman after all she were hardly what you would call shy. However, what, or more like who, she saw brough a wiked grin to her as she walked toward the pink hair. However, she were cought a bit off guard at what met her once she enter the shower area. "Ooh la la~ What do we have here Pinky? Hiding some deadly weapons are we?" Toriera teased the girl as she started to disrobe herself on the side. "Hope you don't mind if I join ya?"

Without a hint of shame or embarrassment she disrobe tossing her clothes to the side into a messy pile before stepping into the shower. Unlike her companion Toriera wasn't as well "equipped" being from the looks a two or three size smaller, but she made up of it in toness with little to no body fat. However, what would really catch people eyes would be the scars or bite and claw marks that ran from her right shoulder and along her right side of her body.

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3 Re: Showered With Advice [Private, Toriera] on Tue Jan 26, 2016 9:08 pm

"Ooh la la~ What do we have here Pinky? Hiding some deadly weapons are we?"

Akui had just changed her mind to shampoo her hair first when she heard a familiar voice: it was Toriera Free, the dust teacher, and the only one Akui even cared about. She instinctively covered her breasts with her arm while using her hand to cover her lower private parts, but those with an eye for detail would notice what seemed to be a form of scarring around that area. She just grunted in response.

"Hope you don't mind if I join ya?"

"It's a public shower, Teach: even though I do mind it, I can't make you leave."
Akui really didn't like be disrobed around others, but she figured that she didn't have much an option in this case, and it could have been around a much worse person than Teach. As such she took away her hand and her arm and reached for the shampoo bottle she had dropped. Her breasts were apparently very happy to be unbound as they kept moving around, and this made Akui sigh in disgust as she absolutely hated her bountiful chest. They finally settled down, and Akui began shampooing her hair, being rather rigorous about it. She then turned her head and look at the now naked dust teacher.

Akui wasn't one to grade people, but Teach had a pretty decent body. She wasn't quite as 'full' in the chest or bottom regions as Akui, but as far as Akui knew no one ever was. Akui had what was referred to multiple times as a 'perfect 10': she had a massive perky chest that was shaped perfectly, a full booty that was very rare for a white girl, hips like battleships, and he was thin in the middle. She was also naturally beautiful when it came to her facial features...but she hated all this. Teach was, she had f***ing abs, you can't get around that. She also probably had some serious stamina, and what she did rock wasn't bad, it was just overshadowed by Akui's goddess body. Akui wasn't nearly as toned, but the only fat she had was in all the right places.

However, what stood out most about Teach was her wicked scar that went all the way down the side of her body. This was intriguing enough for Akui to turn fully around to get a better view. She felt a small amount of a connection with the dust teacher, so she decided to capitalize on it and open a discussion.

"So it seems like you have battle scars as well, Teach. Wow, not bad for a natural tattoo. Pretty wicked, actually. What f***ed you up like that, an Ursa or Creep?" Turned full front, it would be easy for someone to notice the multitude of scars that went from her private area and trailed up to just above her hip-line, and as for the area in question itself...well, to say the absolute least, just a glance could make another woman imagine the pain that must have been inflicted to cause such an appearance.

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4 Re: Showered With Advice [Private, Toriera] on Sat Jan 30, 2016 7:44 pm

With permission Toriera stepped into the shower and wasted little time going through the process of the wash. It seems her shower buddy was a bit of the shy type. Which kind of shock Toriera after having read up on the girl since their time in her classroom. Now Toriera wasn't one to hang too much on another person's past sin, but she wasn't dumb enough as to not learn what she needed to about others. Deep down, she was a researcher after all and the things she did learn about this one chill even her. The evidence was clear as day if you knew where to look, which Toriera made sure to eye level above the waistline.

"If you keep staring you might even make me feel embarrass. At least a little." She said as leather up the shampoo through her rainbow hair. However, Pinky interest in her own scars surprised even her. Causing her to look at the woman a little shockingly allowing the shampoo to leak down and burn her eyes. "Oww oww!" As she rubbed at her eyes before laughing a little at the girl.

"Sorry, sorry. It's just most people who see my scars go off on how it much had been a tragic or horrible experience it must have been. You're the first person to  say they was cool!" With a small Toriera ran her hand over the scars on her side before frowning at the memories. Facing back toward the water she would begin washing the shampoo from her hair while talking. "It was a Beowolf and I wish I could say it was battle scar. But I'm not a fighter like you guys."

With the last of the soap out now Toriera turn toward washing her body, not before turning the hot water to the max to enjoy heat over her sore body from training all day. Placing one hand on the wall in front of her, she leans over allowing the water to flow over her back. "So how about you Pinky? Didn't take you for the shy type. Hiding your body away like that. Got to be painful dressing like that every." She said, turning to look at the woman thought her hair.

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5 Re: Showered With Advice [Private, Toriera] on Tue Feb 02, 2016 6:40 pm

When Teach teased her about looking over her body, she just gave her a very unamused look. She then returned to her hair and making sure every inch of it was being deeply cleansed with her personal shampoo before responding to what Teach told her about her scar.

"Ahh, a Beowulf. Those bastards are chump change, but I suppose if you didn't know how to defend yourself, even the weakest Grimm is a threat. Personally, I find my own kind to be worse...Grimm just want to take your life, but humans will take every f***ing thing they can from you first..." she openly reflected as she finished lathering up her hair, then began to lather up her body. Other than sighing in disgust when she lathered up her breasts and wincing a bit when she got down to her other unmentionables, it was just a perfectly normal moment in a public shower.

Akui stepped back into the shower and began to rinse off all the suds, and once she did her body glistened: new and fresh desirable flesh, unfortunately. That's when she decided to answer Teach's question.

"No more painful than being looked at like a dog does a juicy steak. Not shy, Teach, just tired of male bulls***. I hate this body. I hate these stupid big boobs and my full ass, my hips my waist...I hate it all. I hate that just being so f***ing blessed puts a target on my back, as if being a woman wasn't a big enough one. So, I hide it all, and people leave me alone...mostly. I haven't had much of a problem with men since I came here, but..."

Akui was cut off as she glanced at Teach when she had exposed most of her back and had it angled a certain way. For some reason, this trigger her memories of the day with Riley, and immediately a red line appeared on the middle of her face. Her heart thumping, she turned and slammed an open hand against the limestone wall. "G-Goddammit!"Once she managed to settle her heart down, Akui quickly rinsed the rest of herself off, then grabbed a towel and started drying herself off. She put on a brand of deodorant that definitely smelled masculine, then put on her fresh wrap and smirked at the thought of imprisoning her stupid breasts again. She was putting on a fresh pair of boxers when she spoke up to Teach again.

"Uh...hey, Teach, you busy after this?"

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6 Re: Showered With Advice [Private, Toriera] on Tue Feb 02, 2016 8:30 pm

She wouldn't lie that the girl words struck a cord in Toriera a bit about the Beowulf. Where most Hunters, and even some still in training, would all agree the category of Grimm's go the werewolf ones were pretty lows on the list. Only the few that lived long enough to out growl the rest was ever really a threat; to Hunters anyways. To the rest of the world any Grimm's, even the weakest were more than enough to kill them. It was even easier for them to kill a person if they didn't even try to fight back. That was another life, however, the Toriera here and now would never lose to something like that ever again. Pushing off the she just stood under the falling water listening to the girl. She knew the records and read the reports. The things this girl had to go through all because people was lazy or just plain pieces of sh*ts. Honestly, she was surprised that Akua didn't hate everyone.

Toriera would have to pick her words carefully here, something she hadn't done in a very long time. "People tend to forget that the monsters aren't just outside of the walls. It's even worse here since we don't have our own wall to hide behind like the others." That's not an excuse and she knew Pinky knew it too. Something like that should have never happened and yet it did. Moving on with her own washing Toriera though long and hard on this. They were somewhat alike thoght Akui life were to the extreme where her own have only seen a slice of that nightmare, still...

"And you're still here! I won't use any of that crap like Life will get better or try to move on from the past. But I can tell you life does move forward. It don't stop or goes back for anyone. So try not to let it weigh you down and drag you with it. Don't make the same mistake I made" With that said Toriera wash the last bit of soap off bring her shower to an end. While turning the water off, she was scared that Akui sudden outburst as she slammed an open hand on the wall. "Yoo, chill. I just went a little philosophical there. No need for that." She said, thinking it was herself that kicked it off. Toriera breath a sigh of relief when it seemed Akui wasn't angry, but rather it seemed she had something heavy on her mind. With a smile Toriera quickly dress while trying to dry her hair the best she could. "Busy? You forgot who you talking too? I got nothing but time."

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7 Re: Showered With Advice [Private, Toriera] on Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:11 pm

Akui pulled the boxers up her legs and set them snugly, then put on a fresh pair of baggy black and and a black tee shirt with the picture of an eye with three long nail hammered through the pupil and blood dripping off the nails: it was a shirt representing one of her favorite indie EDM artists, Piercing Vision. She then put on a baggy black hoodie that had a hardcore and metal adaptation of the Four Maidens on the back. She then but on her socks and shoes before taking a bottle and opening it, putting some goo into her hand, and carefully finessing her hair with the goo until it was exactly how she wanted it: spiked up and to the left, accenting both the pink and the white portions of her hair.

Once she was done, she addressed the Dust teacher. "Pah, right, my bad. Are you headed to your classroom? I'm following you, so where the hell we going?"

Akui slide both her bracelets on her wrists, and put her sweaty clothes in a bag, and slung the bag over her shoulder after zipping it shut. "I would prefer the place to be...a bit more private." she muttered, then looked away as she waited for Teach's response.

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8 Re: Showered With Advice [Private, Toriera] on Sun Feb 07, 2016 10:03 pm

Exercising had been Toriera only real goal for the day and now with it out of the way she didn't really have anything else to do. So she had no real reason to turn down her student when she asked to talk. Well other than the fact she wasn't much of a people person. She offends wonder why in the world so many students came to her to talk to. Worst yet was the fact most was never happy with what she had to say to them. Mostly because she refused to sugar coat or lie to them about their so "Important" late teenage troubles. So why help this one? Maybe cause unlike a lot of the others, Pinky knew what real pain was, something that she herself tasted a long time ago. So against the little evil voice of her mind that told her to just go home and be lazy she nodded at the girl.

Kicking her dirty cloth onto her bag Toriera went about dressing. Putting on a pair of jeans that have clearly seen years of wear and tear along with a black shirt that might have been a size too small for her. On the shirt was the gray symbol of the Haven academy on the front. A souvenir of her time in Mistral. After that she would pull on a heavy jacket that this time was Syne colors along with the school symbol on arm along with the wording "Best Professor" on the back. It was part of the prize that she somehow won from the contest where the students had picked their favorite teacher. Honsetely she didn't really like the jacket, it was way too cornly, but it was thick and warm and she hated the cold way more than she did looking bad. Last but not least was her pair of Footloose. Quickly popping them on her feet, she would hope up as she wrapped a towel around her hair, tighten it before just leaving it there.

"More private Hmm? Well, there always my place!" She purred, but bursting out laughing. "I'm kidding dear. If you like just follow me back to class. I have a little office in the back that should work in private. Then, if you feel the need to spill your heart out to me, you can, but I'll warn ya like the others." She started as she clicked her heels together transforming her shoes to skate and slowly started to roll away. "I'm not the ideal person to give advice, but I won't bullsh*t you either. So only come if you're not afraid of me telling you the truth, or at least the way I see the truth." Leaving the girl with the last bite of her words Toriera set out from the gym back toward her classroom. Every so offend reaching up the tightening the towel back in place.

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9 Re: Showered With Advice [Private, Toriera] on Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:05 pm

"The goddamn truth seems to be all I can find anymore..." Akui muttered as she followed Teach and her makeshift turban back through a few hallways and into her classroom. As she slowly followed her to the door of her private office, she looked around the classroom and saw that the bullet holes that singed the back wall were still there, which puzzled Akui, because it had been over a month since she did that in her first class with Teach.

"Has that janitor muthaf***er been slacking? I'll kick his ass and get him to fix that for ya, just say the word, Teach." she promised as she followed her into the private room in the back. Before being offered a seat, Akui sat down in the chair in front of Teach's desk, leaving her to sit in her own comfy roller chair. They were both silent for a bit, before Akui looked away from a moment, then turned back and looked at her.

"So...about that wall and bad, although I'm not sorry about it. I'm not...not the best Dust user, but...I f***ing wannabe so bad. After that class, I just wanted to have you...give me private lessons, but I had a lot of s*** to deal with at the time. Everything is cool now, so I was wondering...Teach, would you be cool with teaching me everything you know about Dust? I only know about fire, and even then I'm not super skilled with it or anything...ever since I read about Dust in prison, I...I fell in love with it's potential. I want to learn everything about it, I want to master that s***...can you teach this b**** to be the best Dust wielder?" she asked in a bit of an expectant tone, but nonetheless she was eager to learn more. It was probably quite obvious, though, that this wasn't exactly what was troubling her, because as cool as Akui was, she was definitely a bit fidgety for some odd reason.

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10 Re: Showered With Advice [Private, Toriera] on Tue Feb 09, 2016 8:06 pm

Lazily Toriera made her way back to the her classroom, letting her skate roll her through the hallways. This had become something of a routine to her theses days to spend a few hours after class to do a bit of her private work. This has been a slow process, however, to balance along with the responsibility of a teacher. Just how much work did a teacher really have to do? Papers, plans, reports, there was no end to it all it seems some days. Then add on the occasional students seeking help to push the work even further back. Still, it wasn't all bad as occasionally an interesting like this one would appear.

Coming into the room Toriera made a beeline to the door by itself in the back. Stopping only to look back at the bullet holes in the wall. "You will do no such thing!" She said suddenly to the pink hair girl treaten toward the janitor to fix the walls. "I already fixed it enough so it won't let air in or fall apart. Beside I like it. Give the room a much need character. Looks like a mad scientist lab otherwise." Once in the office Toriear quickly flop down into her comfy rolling chair letting out a deep sigh as she smiled. Despite the huge amount it cost she loved that chair and more time then once had spent the night in it. After a second Toriera was close to falling asleep, that was before Akui started talking again.

Sitting back, she listens to the girl as she opens up and spilled her mind out. Nodding, she would agree with the girl on a many of her points. True she wasn't the best Dust user of the class, but what she did show was impressive for someone of her level. Tilting her head slightly Toriera was surprised that the girl had just asked her for help, to teach and tutor her. She didn't take the girl as the type to ask for help, at least not without her back to the wall. Either Toriera had miss read the girl or something had happened to cause this change. With a small growing smile she just sat quietly until Akui came to an end. At the end Toriera placed her hands together as she leans back to think. That would mean so much more work for her to do, but...It also could mean she might have more help in the long run. If Akui love for dust really is a vast as she say then she would very useful in the long run.

"I see no reason why I shouldn't. I mean I'm already teaching you in class so a little outside won't hurt. Hell, you might become useful to me later on as an assistant, but let not worry about that right now." Said before leaning forward, placing her elbows on the desktop to get a closer look at Akui. "Now that we got that out of the way, Akui. How about you ask me what you really wanted to ask? Asking for tutor lessons is hardly something you need to ask in private." With a relaxed smile Toriera tilted her head again while giving the girl a soft smile and waited.

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11 Re: Showered With Advice [Private, Toriera] on Wed Feb 10, 2016 5:14 pm

Akui made a bit of a 'cha-ching' motion with her left arm: the academy's Dust professor was willing to teach her extensively in private. Akui wasn't normally the one to ask for help, but at the same time she knew there was only so much you could learn from books, and why stick with just books when you have a knowledgeable woman right in front of you that's more than willing to share her secrets?

Akui wasn't keen on the idea of teaching anyone about anything, because she didn't care about them or sharing any secrets, she only cared about bettering herself at this point. What was the point in helping others first before yourself? One's own needs and desires surely came before those of others. However, she was caught off guard by Teach, the professor implying that she was hiding away her true question. While that was technically true, Akui would never admit her stalling, and Akui still wasn't ready to open up about it yet. She already opened up once to her roommate, and that girl found herself as the most important being in the universe, so she was little help outside of giving a name to her problem.

"Right, my bad Teach. It's just that...well, you never answered any of my questions about your pimp-ass skates! I mean, are they designed like regular skate shoes, or if not how did you solve the issue of having enough foot room but also keeping enough space for the retractable wheels? The flames that you shot out during the class, was that the result of regular fuel, or were you utilizing fire Dust? Do they have a hidden weapon somewhere, or do you just kick Grimm ass with them in the literal sense? How long ago did you make them? How old were you when you made them? What inspired you to make them? Have you literally kicked Grimm in the face with them? What is your record land speed? Can you use them to travel in the air? What is your longest jump using these? Have you been in any cool races? How much do you style with those on the battlefield?" Akui could hardly contain her excitement, leaning over and spinning the wheels of Teach's awesome weapon and analyzing it to get any data she could. The glimmer in her eyes was clear: Akui was a complete nerd about any and all technology, something that was true her entire life. Around here, meeting people's weapons was like meeting new people, even better because she could admire and learn about something she actually cared about.

It was still obvious though that she totally dodged what the professor had said earlier.

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12 Re: Showered With Advice [Private, Toriera] on Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:22 am

Well the girl certainly looked happy enough when Toriera gave her the answer she wanted to hear. Sitting back in her big chair Toriera gave the girl a soft smile while cutting her hand in her lap. It was almost like looking into a mirror she thought. A broken youth that just needed something, anything to put all that energy into. Something constructive and positive. If she could, she would have pointed the girl toward her own teacher and sent her there, but that would have never happened. The old man was a stickler for those he was willing to teach, beside the academy would never allow this girl to just up and leave.

Back to the topic at hand, which somehow, was changed back to herself. Akui was now off on a rant about her skates; how they were made? When did she make them? How they work? How she fought with them? This and that, and more that and this. Holding up a hand Toriera had to stop the girl before the list grew any longer. "Setter down, Kid. Any more and I'll forget what the first one was." She said before sighing slightly. Not at the question, but at the fact she once again tried to change the subject. But to be fair, she did agree to tell her about her skates if she was good in class.

"Okay then. Now where do I start." With that she would push her chair back before lifting her leg up in a form that would make yoga teachers jealous before slamming her foot onto the desk. Here she gave Pinky a clear look at it. "Okay, here goes. No, they are designed off of my design. I just had to add an inch to the soles of the shoes, plus a bonus of adding an inch to my high. The flames were from dust and no there are no hidden weapons beside from the wheels. Yes, I have kick Grimms in the face before, but they're mainly to keep me out of fights, then to really fight. I'm not a Huntress remember." Reaching up Toriera would press a button on the heel of shoes causing the blades to retract into before pressing it again to show Akui how it works. "It took a year for me to get dust engine stable enough for me to safely use it. It runs off of dust power rather than crystals, so you can imagine the fun I had there. How old? I guess I just turn nineteen when I started and my best speed is around fifty or sixty mph. I believe I could go faster, but I rather not die just yet. Yes, with wind dust I can jump while in the air, but the feeling is.... Hard to explain. Like jumping in pudding it guess. As for races, none I'm willing to talk about while still on school grounds." With a sly smile Toriera would lean back, leaving her foot on the table while placing both her hands behind her head. "As for style I do a bit when I have to. But like I said I'm not a fighter, I'm teaching you lot how to so I don't have to."

With the questions now out of the way Toriera mind slowly wander back to her first questions, but knew if Akui haven't talked about it now then a second time would be the same. She would have to leave it up to Akui to ask when she felt like it, or she could do it the Toriera way! "Alright Pinky. I played along for a time, but I can see there something on your mind. So lets cut the crap and get right to it okay? I'll be completely honest with you I read your report. About your life before coming here and the things you have been through, the things you did! Some real f**k up stuff. On both sides I won't lie." Moving her hands from her head back to her lap Toriera would grow serious for once while narrowing her eyes at Akui. "I'm telling you this not to discourage you, but to encourage you to speak your mind. As well as to tell you the truth. I don't want to lie to someone who had already seen hell and returned to the living." Reaching and placing a hand on her shoulder scar she would lock eyes with Akui. "I seen hell too, though a smaller piece then you had to live in. So please! If you ever need to talk, come to me. I am the last person who will judge you."

(OOC: I looking forward to how Akui reacts to this)

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13 Re: Showered With Advice [Private, Toriera] on Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:54 pm

Akui backed away for a moment as Teach raised her leg, then when she slammed it back down Akui zoomed in close again to gather data again: Teach had been nice and given her a better view, and she did her best to make good use of it! She rolled both of the wheels both back and forth; she pushed the wheels in and out; she took noting off the fact they were motorized, allowing for greater speed then one could throw manpower alone; she also took note of how the Dust was set to disperse over the wheels, allowing the ability to use Dust during a skid to great effect; she noted the locations of the main and inner coils, the battery, the gearbox and brake, and...well, even though she didn't know all of the parts involved, Akui was sure that she could make her own pair in a few days.

Of course she didn't need a pair because she had her epic board, but still those skates looked too cool not to have a pair. She analyzed them a bit more before she piped up. "These things are the s***, Teach, although..." she looked them over once more before continuing. "They need some TLC, those wheels are looking f***ing scratched to s***. Maybe replace them altogether with some made of a titanium alloy Dust mix, making them more resistant to the effects of dust and..." Akui cut herself short: Teach wasn't stupid, she knew there was something else she was hiding.

As she spoke, Akui's eyes widened with fear for a moment, then narrowed in an obvious display of distrust: who the hell did this chickadee think she was? If she read the record the school had, there was no way she would know anything outside of what she was arrested for and what was broadcast Remnant-wide, but she implied that she knew about Akui's past before she let herself get caught...before she became such a feared criminal that they sent the government militia after her. If this chick knew any of that information, it wasn't from the school would mean she either was a very skilled hacker on Akui's own level, sweeping through the deepest of the deep web to find the bits and pieces she broke apart and spread out. She knew that nothing posted on the internet would truly ever be gone, but the lengths she took to make that information hard to find...someone would have to be not only gifted, but purposely looking for it.

Knowingly or not, this...this b**** was holding something over her head in the manner of a power-play. The last two times that happened, she hired one of them and killed the other. However, there was no hiring...or killing, be done here. She was being forced into all these asinine situations where she had to trust in people she didn't really know, and this did not please her at all. She only ever barely trusted Teach, but now...

Akui's distrusting and angsty stare didn't waiver as she moved her right hand to the skull charm on her left bracelet, pushing back and forth the chain, waiting for even the slightest response to call for immediate action.

"Listen here, chickadee..." Akui's voice was devoid of any joy or lift: it was monotone and dead serious. The term 'chickadee' was a term she always used with 'her girls' and other chicks she came into contact with that were deserving of respect...but were also crossing the line, something that was evident in her speech: she wasn't disrespecting...whoever the hell this woman in front of her actually was, but she was crossing a line, and that couldn't fly. Akui stood up, still fidgeting with her charm, and she assumed her 'boss stance'...which was literally just standing tall with part of her body to the side as if she was less than indifferent about the feelings of who she was talking to...yet another thing her crew came up with. She didn't figure it would intimidate this chick, but that wasn't the point: Akui needed to look strong and demanding, not weak and begging, and her body was just automatically responding.

"Don't you f***ing patronize me, f***ing lie to me. Saying you won't judge me, you judged me whenever it was you first heard of me. If you know as much as you imply, then you have most definitely judged me. You've already proved it by comparing and contrasting our lives: you judged me on Day One. It's what humans do...they do what they need to when it comes to themselves and those they love, but anyone else they could give less then a f***ing s*** about, and judging people is how they figure out who matters and who doesn't."

She just paused and stared deep into her eyes with her distrusting gaze before continuing on.

"This world and the people in it...most of them don't give a s*** about anyone who isn't close to them, always distancing themselves...always taking from them to further themselves...and forcing them to conform if they want to belong. This school is no different: I'm just another misguided youth trying to learn to do better for the world here. No one cares why I'm here, or what happened to me...and I'm just another pawn, being shaped into what this system wants me to be: a huntress, defender of humanity and keeper of peace...blah blah blah! It's a bunch of bulls***! The only reason I'm here is because I had to pick the lesser of two evils. They've stripped me of everything I owned, everything I've built...and now, I'm forcing to talk to and trust a bunch of useless bags of flesh?"

Akui's glare intensified, taking on the form of a wild stare.

"What did do to deserve all this?! Since when did I ever do anything that wasn't in someone else's best interest?! Ever single thing I've done was for the good of someone else, and yet here I am with my life once again thrown down the s****er, having to deal with douchebag students, an obnoxious roommate, head-staff who don't give a s***, and now the one person I felt any connection to has to make me feel so...defensive, so...weak." Her wild stare turned into that of one looking like there were going to breakdown into tears, but she wiped away the water that was welling up in her eyes.

"A-and, to top it all off...I have th-this stupid chicken woman who wants my body, and apparently I feel the same way, but how in the f***ing hell does that make any sense at all? Women aren't supposed to...desire other women, they are supposed to desire men!"

Akui sank back into her chair and hung her head down. "Why can't things go back to the simple times of killing thugs and robbing least things made sense then..."

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14 Re: Showered With Advice [Private, Toriera] on Thu Feb 18, 2016 5:14 am

Toriera has always found it amusing how quickly people could change their attitudes when faced with certain situations. How quickly this girl went from simply analogizing her skates to in a drop of a hat accusing her of judging her on every front. Judging her? Toriera? If it wasn't for the genuine anger she felt coming from the girl Toriera would had love to laugh right in her face at such an accusation. She meant it when she said she never would judge the girl, but is seemed Pinky had been burned far too many times for her to believe in words alone. Picking up an eyebrow Toriera would cross her arm as she leaned back in her chair. "Don't confuse judgement for curiosity, child. I merely find an interest in you. Although not sure if that sounds much better now that I said out loud." She said, placing a finger to her chin to think. Note to self, in the future at least try not to sound so blunt in these sort of situations.

Pinky, however, did have a point, even if Toriera wouldn't admit. Digging into the girl past behind her back was a grave violation of personal space. Still, it wasn't the first time she done this and wouldn't be the last either. She wanted to know more about this girl and now facing this situation she was glad for her digging. Trust would be a very hard thing to get from this girl and even harder to give. With all that had happened to her over the years its no wonder she wants to rip her head right now. Even Toriera was shocked at it all, even more that she was able to hide so much of it. She had to pay a great deal to find what she had and even most of that was still missing pieces here and there.

As she listens to Pinky go on how people were selfish and self-centered she couldn't help but nod her head to that. Holding out her hand in a shrug Toriera had nothing to really to say to the girl. "What can I say. Most humans at sh*t. I'm really no different! The only thing is I don't pretend to be better than others, but I won't pretend anyone better than me either. That's something you should consider yourself, Akui!" She said while pointing at the girl. "Lets not lie to ourselves here. You have done a lot of bad things in your life, but who haven't? You might be surprised at what you might find in my own past, if you can find it. Still!" Looking up at the now standing girl Toriera made no movement other than a smile before cupping her hands. "You're a lot stronger than you think. So it shocks me to hear you toss around the victim card. And before you say anything I DO know what's it like to be weak, and you are not weak, Akui! If you don't believe anything else I say, believe at least that much."

Falling back, she let the girl have her little rant, yet somehow she felt like there was still something Pinky was still holding. She couldn't put her finger on it, but it just... felt like it. That is until Pinky mentions something about a "stupid chicken woman" and some certain desires. Now armed with a wicked grin Toriera had found what she believed to the be underline problem. Reaching down Toriera would grab an unopened box of Kleenex, tossing them to Akui before standing and walking to a chest behind her chair. The chest, although now very large, came up to Toriera knee and had clear sign of years of use on it. With a click of the lock the lid would pop open, allowing the woman to dig through it. After a few second she would pull out four objects; Two small glass cups, a bottle that was clearly liquor, but missing its label, and last a picture.

Without a word Toriera would return to the desk and placed a glass down in front of her seat and before Akui. Now with a soft, but wicked smile Toriera looked Akui right in the eyes. "Your tutoring start right now!" She said as she popped open the bottle and pour both Akui and herself a shot before placing the bottle down on the desktop along with the picture face down. Picking up the glass almost like a tost she looked down at the girl while standing. "Lesson one! No matter what you do in life, no matter how good or bad. You can be a saint or the devil itself, but there will alway and I mean always be those that will judge you! It's a sad fact of life, Pinky, but just something you have to learn to live with. So what I say to them? Two words love! F**k Them!" With that she would quickly down the shot before grasping from it burn. It might not be that simple for the girl and she knew that. It wasn't easy for her either six years ago either, but this one was a lot stronger than she was then.

"As for your other problem." She said with a purr and a playful smile. "Who the hell said it isn't right? Child, the heart wants what the heart wants. And if yours wants this umm chicken woman and she wants you back then go for it! Life is never simple, but that's why it so much fun." With that said Toriera took a seat on the desk sideways so she could still face Akui before raising a hand up. "Now before you go on with any I'm talking out of my a** or something here." She said before reaching down and flipping over the picture and handing it to the girl. "Her name Aurelia and we were, well lets say we were much more than just friends." The Picture showed a younger Toriera behind a blonde girl while giving a suggested smile.

The picture:

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15 Re: Showered With Advice [Private, Toriera] on Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:03 pm

This woman tried to suggest that she hadn't judged her at all, but Akui knew much better than that: even the most simple of assumptions was the act of judgement, and every human being does it, even Akui herself was judgmental. However, her judgement of others kept her and her crew safe from harm, and never once had she been wrong enough to where it would have made a difference had she made a different decision. Still...this woman had some sort of interest in her, though what it was or why Akui didn't know...but she did care. This woman could be here to snuff her out, ally of a rival gang that had either surfaced recently and wanted a claim to fame, or just rebuilt itself and was out for revenge. Maybe she just wanted some dirt on her for her own personal gain later on. It didn't matter why, but it only brought back the feelings of half-trust, and Akui decided it was time she started doing her own research again.

After that she was agreeing with her about how much humans suck, which was fine and all but Akui chopped it up to her trying to be buddy-buddy with her for whatever reason rather than completely agreeing with her. It wasn't until she mentioned that she was playing the victim card that Akui wanted to lash out, but kept it in: if she didn't believe she deserved to play that card, then she either had an ill-formed opinion of her...or she didn't know as much as she lead on. Akui was nothing but a victim: the typical heroine who gets tired of being worthless and dead-weight and decides to be strong and stand up for herself...except Akui went a bit of a darker route, one focused on revenge. Either way this chick thought, it didn't matter, so she stayed quiet.

The one thing she agreed with was that she was strong, which was a fact: with all she had endured, she only had two choices: let it define her and become a weeping welp who no one would bother with ever, or stack them up and use them to stand tall. She chose the latter, to not let all the bulls*** rule over her life and to bring it back harder to those who let her suffer...but she was no longer a leader, and no longer in the town that took everything from her: she was in a school to teach her to become a model citizen, something everyone looked up to, someone who helps society...bunch of f***ing bulls***! She didn't owe them anything, in fact she hadn't even been paid back yet for what they owed her! None of that matter to them, the whys or hows of what she did meant nothing, only the whats, whens and whos. All that matter was them, not her, and that would never change.

She probably shouldn't have mentioned her issues with that stupid chicken chick at all, what with the fact that she no longer trusted the woman in front of her, but the devilish grin that appeared on her face made her even less sure about the decision to confide in her untrustworthy ass. In some offer of kindness, she tossed a tissue box in her direction, but Akui swat it down in mid-flight and it thudded against the floor. The tears that had threatened to leak out dispersed back where they came from, and being as strong as she was she didn't need such a luxury comfort, half-tempted to stomp the box to bits when a clinking sound distracted her. She looked over to see that Teach had set down two tiny glasses and filled them both with a liquid that reeked of alcohol.

Now Akui may stuff herself with drugs, but she never touched liquor in her nineteen years of living, as she knew what it did to her father...and as a byproduct, what it did to her. However, Teach's spiel about someone always being judgmental of you and to give less than a f*** about those people made her feel more inclined to join her in the taking of shots. She wasn't sure if there was a certain time she was supposed to take it, so she gulped it down right after Teach did. Not long afterward her face turned red and she coughed a bit before speaking in a raspy voice. "F***ing Christ, what the f*** is this s***, poison?"

That's when she went on a spiel about the heart wanting what it wants, but Akui knew well that the heart can want things that are bad or incorrect. Akui was about to speak up about it when she was handed a picture. It seemed to be a picture of Teach when she was younger, being awful buddy-buddy with a southern-looking girl. After hearing Teach's explanation, she sat her glass down and studied the picture a bit more before looking up at her.

"So...either this kind of thing is something normal, or we are both f***ed up. I'm leaning towards the latter, honestly."

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