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Second Team NEWS Poll~! Who Is The Best Professor~? (IC)

Who Is Your Favorite Professor?

29% 29% [ 2 ]
14% 14% [ 1 ]
57% 57% [ 4 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]
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Total Votes : 7

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Hello hello hello and welcome back everyone! This is Sienna Borne here from Team NEWS, here to welcome you all back to Syne Academy! Sure, it's still technically Winter Break, but I've already noticed a lot of you returning already to get adjusted for upcoming classes and the holidays are slowly winding down...but we here at Team NEWS are just getting started! :D

The results of the last poll were absolutely fantastic: not only did most of you have something special planned for the holidays, but so many of you voted and commented, and I want to thank all you wonderful folks for contributing! 

Now, onto the juicy stuff that you've been waiting for ever since you saw the title of this post: the next voting poll. This one is a doozy, and I know you guys will be super duper excited for this one! Ready for it?! This month's voting poll is... (epic drum roll...)



THAT'S RIGHT! This month's voting poll will have you voting for which professor you think is the best! This is of course up to personal opinion, as all the professors here at Syne are very capable and top of the line instructors! (sometimes I wonder, but eh...)

Lots of staff have come and gone here, so this poll is going to include a current list of the top professors! Will you choose the kind-hearted and patient Alexander Davis, or the noble and talented (and very stuck up :P) Emin-err, Madam Haze! Do you prefer the laid-back and chilled Toriera Free, or the brash yet mysterious Aaron Coal? Or perhaps the slightly eerie and dark Ishi Omo, or maybe the energetic and inspirational (if not just plain zany @_@) Esoric Tavendash! The choice is yours, Syne Academy, to vote for your personal favorite professor!

I hope you enjoy voting for your favorite professor, and keep in mind the winner not only gets the title of '#1 Professor', but will also win a SPECIAL GRAND PRIZE! May The Best Professor Win! As always, feel free to not only vote, but leave a comment on why you think a particular professor is the best! However, there is one stipulation to this poll, but it is a very minor one.

We respectfully ask that no Professor take part in this voting poll, as the results we desire are from strictly the student body for this particular one, and you could very easily just vote for yourself (I think we know who I'm referring to here >.>) so please do not participate in this particular voting poll, though feel free to leave comments about why you think another professor or even yourself is deserving of the title (I think we all know who will be making those comments <.<).


Just like last time, once the votes are tallied, your guys's poll results will be displayed in our very own Syne Post! However, be careful when voting: You can only vote once, and you can't change your vote once it's cast, so make sure you are completely certain before you cast your vote! Also like last time, I will be going around and searching for people to give a quick interview about the subject, so always be prepared to speak your mind!

Well, that's about it for me! Thank you all so much for all your contributions, and keep being the awesome people you are!

This is Sienna Borne, Syning Out~!

Edit: If your desired Professor is not on the list, feel free to leave a comment suggesting who that Professor is, and we will also count that as a vote for them!

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Lucas Neel
....Alright then... Umm...... I mean I know no one joined the class thread I created but I made one.. I am still a professor.. Even if no one would vote for me on the poll I would've liked to be included sure no one knows me but I am still a thing.. You want proof I made a class? Here!

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Lucille Annabelle Klug
Confusion: I just saw this on the academy website, and I noticed that Mr. Davis doesn't have any votes!

Flustered Inquiry: B-b-but he is the sw-sweetest, k-kindest, m-most gentle, most c-caring, most fr-friendly Professor-Friend could no one vote for him?!

Assurance: D-don't worry, M-Mr. Davis, I'll vote f-for you a-and make s-sure you g-get th-the t-title of n-number one P-Professor and g-get the s-special gr-grand p-prize th-at y-you deserve!

*Proceeds to run off and tell people to vote for Mr. Davis.*

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