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Character Submission

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1 Character Submission on Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:15 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: (Jason Moon)
Age: (18)
Birthday: (11/11)
Gender: (Male)
Race: (Human)
Height: 5Ft 7
Weight: 12st
Face Claim: takashi komuro from Highschool of the Dead

Aura 220|80 HP

Group: Gadgeteer
Likes: (At least three) Sunny days, Sweets, Good company, Leaning new things.Fighting grimm
Dislikes: (3+) Fighting People(grimm are fine), liars, seafood
Fears: (3+) Ice based attacks, Dust based attacks, messing up circuitry by accident.
Overall Personality: (at least 100 words here) Jason is a Friendly Hunter in training who is Stubborn and Loyal to a fault and fairly quick to trust his fellow huntsmen and woman, While it is easy to Gain Jason’s trust and Friendship once it has been lost once it takes along time to gain it back again due to his Stubborn Nature, however those that stay in his friend group have a loyal friend who would be willing to fight any number of grimm for and along side them. Jasons Trusting nature often leads to him coming across as being naive however I’ts more that he would rather look for the good in people before considering the possibility of the bad.

Aura type: Power (+1 STR)
Aura Color: Green
Semblance: Class- Buff Name- Limit Breaker. Limit breaker Allows the user to Increase their Physical attributes beyond what would normally be possible (can increase STR or DEF or SPD
Item 1: Weapon A Pair of Knuckle Dusters that are particularly Thick and heavy- part of the inside grip can be flicked out to use as a Knife in each hand.  
Item 2: Armor Physical. A fairly plan set of hardened leather Armour that's easy to move in and nonrestrictive.

History and Sample
Jason Is from a Training academy for Young hunters and graduated before attending SYNE,
With a strong desire to be a hunter from a young age under the Ideal of Protecting the people and being one of the good guys Jason was Eager to attend a Hunting school,
During his time learning He was unable to learn how to use Swords and other similar weapons but Excelled in Hand to hand combat against grim getting in close and delivering brutal punches. and while his method for fighting was good against the grimm he often fell short in combat against dust users, having little ability to use it himself and little resistance to attacks made by it as well as being at a disadvantage against ranged opponents Jason often found himself losing against them, despite his rivalry with Dust users he had an enjoyable time learning to Fight against the Grimm and making many friends, Naturally when his semblance first activated he gained a huge advantage over his previous self being able to hit harder than ever and last even longer in a fight, However his days took a turn for the worse when During a school trip he ended up encountering and being forced to fight against a Criminal that used Dust Ice dust to be exact- the fight was horrifically one sided and ended with Jason never getting in a single punch and near death by the time he was rescued by a teacher who managed to repel the criminal. however the damage to his confidence was done and while he has gained most of his self confidence back he still has a strong fear of Ice dust attacks.
Upon receiving his acceptance to SYNE he and his family had a celebration that lasted for two days without end Ultimately ending with everyone falling asleep where they sat..
RP Sample:
Jason Walked into the Room and Sat across from the Teacher,
He had been called in for an Interview to confirm his Acceptance into SYNE and had been nervously waiting on the seats outside the room waiting for his Turn.
As he sat down he Observed the Teacher before him She was A tall blond with a stern expression and she seemed to be staring right into his soul, breaking eye contact he flicked his eyes down to the desk in front of him noticing for the first time the Gun that lay there as if it were the most natural thing in the world, Heck it might not have bothered him if he couldn't see that each chamber has an Ice dust bullet in it, Was the ice dust there on purpose? it wasn't impossible SYNE likely had seen his school records while deciding to accept him or not, feeling his apprehension at the silence grow his hands reached into his pockets and began anxiously playing with his Knuckle dusters in his pockets.
Suddenly he realized that she was probably waiting for him to introduce himself he put on his best smile and stuck his empty hand out across the table-
“Hi I’m Jason moon”

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2 Re: Character Submission on Sat Mar 18, 2017 3:53 am

Hey there Jason Moon! I want to apologize for your app being so neglected, but as a fairly new mod I'm here to let you know that you only need a few changes, and this will be ready to be graded.

So your image isn't coming up, so that needs to be fixed. Also, we have skills now. You can find them here, and they are required to be in starting apps now. You have to have one positive, and one negative skill.

If you make these changes in roughly seven days, you'll be home free. In seven days, this app will be moved to inactive, so make sure you get here quick! ;)

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3 Re: Character Submission on Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:57 pm

I apologize, but due to there being no changes or response in much more than the allotted time, I must move this app to the Inactive Section.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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