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Welcome to the Syne Post!

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1 Welcome to the Syne Post! on Wed Jan 13, 2016 4:19 pm

Hello there, fellow Syne Academy student, and welcome to are special little informative place! We are Team NEWS, and we run the Syne Academy school paper here, properly named the Syne Post! Our dedicated members Niko Lane, Eliera Goldern, and Sienna Borne are dedicated to bringing you the most relevant and most interesting news in all of Bellmuse, and even all of Remnant! In fact, it's our goal to make you excited every month for the next issue of the Syne Post!

While we do have a section dedicated to current and past issues of the Syne Post, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy the academy paper, so we will keep an updated list of the most recent issues here. We also have polls that are an important part of the student body having their voice heard in not only the academy paper, but in the academy in general! These are rather important, so to make sure you can have your voice be heard we will update this page to feature the most current poll, along with it's current status.

We will update this page as frequently as required to make sure your experience with fascinating topics and engaging contributions will be as simple as possible! ^_^

Current Team NEWS Voting Poll: -

Current Syne Post Issue:
April 2016 Issue

Recent Syne Post Issues:
March 2016 Issue
February 2016 Issue
January 2016 Issue
December 2015 Issue
November 2015 Issue
October 2015 Issue

We hope that you enjoy the Syne Post to it's fullest, and we hope you always feel willing to contribute your ideas and opinions. Who knows: an idea you suggest may end up as a featured topic in the next issue of the Syne Post! :D

Stay Happy, And Stay Informed!

Team NEWS, Syning Out~!

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