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Roomies bonding time! [Hunt/ Private : Scarlett and Warren]

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Jet Jeyson
Finnek Forest. It’s pretty, it’s blue and dangerous. It’s the perfect place for a friendly hunt, looking for creatures that will happily try to separate your head from your shoulder and play a round of football with it.
It was actually Jet’s first hunt at this school even though he was there for six months. At first he got at Syne early, then there were no classes because some dude blew up the school, then he spent most of his time helping in clearing the rubble and rebuilding since his semblance was useful as hell on that part, and finally it was the holidays and he took a trip home. How ashamed he felt going home and tell his family that in six months, he hadn’t even fought a single Grimm. It’s not like he never faced Grimm ever, he did fight some before while at Sanctum, but he went to Hunter school for the specific purpose of slicing the things to ribbons and the only fight he got into was a bunch of thugs attacking him and a teacher in town. Of course his family didn’t care, even if his sis teased him about it to no end.

But now he was back and ready to kick ass! Well, almost… He was waiting for his roommates that he sorta-maybe-somewhat roped into coming with him on this hunt. Not that he was really that insistent or manipulative, at least not consciously, he just said it was high time they do something as roommates and that he signed up for a hunt in the evening, thinking it’d be fun as a bonding activity if they wanted to come along. He could have done better and asked them BEFORE signing up for the hunt but sometimes (often) Jet gets a little (a lot) excited about things and doesn’t think much (at all) before acting. But they said yes so it probably was perfectly fine! … Right?

It’s not that he had no faith in his abilities but he’d rather have some form of backup available if he end up biting more than he can chew. That and he really did think it was time he nurtured the few friendships he had at this school, which for the moment consisted only of those two. He always found that fighting alongside people told a lot about them and brought people together faster.

Standing at the rendezvous point, which was at the forest’s entrance, he took the time to admire the scenery. It was sorta late in the evening, sun was down, moon was almost full and the sky was clear and starry. While it’s true Jet doesn’t think a lot when he’s excited about something, he can sometime be thoughtful in certain aspects. He actually picked that specific evening so that he wouldn’t be impaired by the daylight while the moonlight would allow his teammates see better than complete darkness. Considering the forest was quite dense though, it would probably be pretty dark still, which made Jet a bit uneasy since he wasn’t sure they both had ways to fight in the dark. Well Warren was at this school longer that him so he was probably already used to any sort of situations. Also, while he doesn’t remember ever hearing an explanation of Scarlett’s semblance, he was pretty sure it was something that had to do with her eyes so she it was probably alright. Besides, both of them are at Syne, that in and of itself is a testament of their worth.

The wind suddenly picked up, which was very cold considering the time of the year. He found himself shivering a little, cursing his Dust allergy that prevented him from using it to heat himself up. “Maybe I should have picked a warmer day…”

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