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3-Man Teams

Do you like the idea of three-man teams?

68% 68% [ 19 ]
32% 32% [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 28

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1 3-Man Teams on Sat Jan 16, 2016 4:44 pm

So, I'm sure all the staff have noticed how there are pretty much NO TEAMS on the site, at least no active ones.

I've noticed from personal experience that it is super hard to get four people to commit to such a thing, and it's happened to others on the site: either you can't get enough people to even officially form the team, or people drop out of the forum for whatever reason they have and don't come back, thereby ruining the team early on.

This idea was brought up in the chat only a few minutes ago, and it seems many members are for the idea of having three-man teams. They would still get team bonuses, but it wouldn't require that oh-so-unobtainable fourth member. For some reason, here at Syne, it's just easier to get three people than it is to get four.

Gonna make this a poll to give a better representation.

We don't plan on waiting 4-man teams to be removes, and if you want to have one that's cool, but we are just wanting 3-man (and tag-team 2-man) teams to have bonuses as well as 4-man.

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2 Re: 3-Man Teams on Sun Jan 17, 2016 4:25 pm

Poll Update!

Not sure what happened for a second, but I recalled us having 7+ people in the chat who were all for 2-Man Tag Teams and 3-Man Teams, yet there is a lot of 'No' votes...

In case anyone was confused, these 2-Man and 3-Man teams are completely optional, just like 4-Man teams are. The idea is simply being able to actually form teams recognized by the academy and receiving bonuses just like a 4-man team would. It wouldn't replace 4-Man teams, it would just allow for teams to actually be made, since no one can seem to keep four people together on this site. Dx

And to those of you who may be against this because it's 'non-canon', remember, this site isn't canon to the actual series. It's possible to have smaller teams here if we desire, and no one knows if they had 4-man teams at Signal Academy, or if every academy sports the 4-man team blueprint.

Not gonna tell you how to vote, but the addition of two and three man teams being site-official would help boost activity and would be an attractive feature for new members.

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3 Re: 3-Man Teams on Wed Jan 20, 2016 4:35 pm

I was there for the chat discussion, but unfortunately Leena never spoke up in the chat about it.

Apparently she is against the idea, as are some other staff members, but if you look at the regular members and look at these numbers, it shows that the majority currently wants to have some form of site acknowledgement for two or three man teams, even though it's not canon to the least, as far as we know.

Richard made a great suggestion when he mentioned that we can partner up in a hunt: first having single hunters and huntresses team up, then having the two-man teams meet up in mid-hunt. Then, if we like how it went, we team up for good. Not only did many of us agree with this, it's actually canon, so no complaints in that regard. It seemed he had more ideas, but he chose to keep them to himself.

This sounds like an event though: honestly, getting all the hunters and huntresses who want teams to all go into one topic? That's cries event status...and it also cries staff moderation. Have you seen the current plot? It's moving PAINFULLY slow, and this would be on about that level of importance...

How would you staff propose this gets done in a way that we can ACTUALLY form a team, if you choose to not lessen the amount of members needed? And honestly, I don't think it solves the issue, even if it becomes a big event. The issue is getting FOUR people to agree to the terms of being a team and posting consistently and being reasonably active. It has been proven time and again that ONE single member keeps the team from forming or staying active, and then the rest falls apart from there.

Now sure, you could argue that the same thing will happen with three or even two-man teams, and there is truth to that, but this site has shown that two and three people can easily team together consistently. It's only when it hits four that there is a problem, and the funny thing is that the most active people are the ones looking for a team, and yet it STILL doesn't work out.

Most of us are willing to try Richard's idea, including whatever he kept hidden, but I feel that in the end it is the amount of members required for a team that is killing team-making.

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4 Re: 3-Man Teams on Wed Jan 20, 2016 5:20 pm

Okay i guess Im dealing with this now. We are not currently interested in 3-man teams. Majority of staff was against it. No word on 2-man teams yet, it is still up for Staff discussion. I am currently working on fixing teams, which started with this month's update, though not outright.

To the point of Non-Canon: It is not actually completely true that the site isnt canon. Our story is separate from the RWBY canon, but we are still in the same universe. This is not an AU site. (that way things can change as needed as the show progresses). All of the RWBYverse mechanics stay intact, which does include a 4 man team for the time being.

In regards to plot: I'm not sure why this was brought up, it has very little to do with teams, but I suppose I will address this. We already took measures to fix plot, also stated more obviously in update. You have to understand, this is literally the first site plot. Of course there are things to work out.

Thank you for your concern,
~HM Leena

P.S.: Wrong account, sorry, but i can't really switch right now and you guys deserve my quickest answer.

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5 Re: 3-Man Teams on Wed Jan 20, 2016 6:25 pm

Liona Mimiko wrote:Okay i guess Im dealing with this now. We are not currently interested in 3-man teams. Majority of staff was against it. No word on 2-man teams yet, it is still up for Staff discussion. I am currently working on fixing teams, which started with this month's update, though not outright.

We are currently interested in how you plan on fixing this. We hope that you also keep in touch with the rest of the non-staff community, considering the idea of 3-man being thrown out the window and the unlikelihood of 2-man, we are curious on how you plan on fixing the one and only issue with teams as of now.

This topic is over, it can be locked if staff chooses.

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