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Cooler Than Ice [Avery, Jet]

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26 Re: Cooler Than Ice [Avery, Jet] on Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:56 pm

Jet’s expression had slightly changed, the smirk wasn’t as pronounced and it was before. The more he learned about Avy the less he liked her. He gave her a lot of chances since if Scarlett considered her a friend and wanted to spend time with her, she must not be that bad or had a soft side hidden inside of her that she just wasn’t showing right now. The friendly teasing and all was alright, he could understand that part and found their interaction extremely cute as well as amusing. He also didn’t even care about her being rude to him; it was mostly all benign and no big deal anyway to him, she mostly seemed guarded and Jet loved cracking the shell of these kinds of people. But was she really going to hurt Scarlett just to win a silly game?

You seem to misunderstand the situation. This game is something you started yourself. You started a game of Dare with someone you don’t know, expecting an easy win since I agree that I look and am a goody-two-shoes. But it’s still just a game I agreed to because it sounded fun. I seriously don’t care much about what you think of me at the moment. You’re a friend of Scarlett and that’s all I need to try and be friendly with you. I said I wouldn’t try to make her cry using negative emotions because you’re perfectly right, I just can’t do that to a friend. But it doesn’t mean I baby my friends and fight their battles for them and I know she wouldn’t want me to. I will help her if she wants me to, I will support her and fight beside her if she needs me to, but regardless of how much candy she can eat, she’s not some sugar-statue that will break with the slightest breeze.” Jet stopped at this moment to look at Scarlett fighting with the can of candy.

Turning back to Avy, smile completely gone once more, he started again by using some of her own words for impact. “Unlike you it seems, I do care about Scarlett and I believe in her strength, I don’t believe she will cry that easily. So you made her cry twice already? All that tells me is that I was wrong when I thought you looked protective of her when you first entered. I’m not going to try and make her cry, but you are wrong when you say I’m not stopping you just so I won’t lose. I don’t care about winning or losing this game, hell I’m even tempted to throw it just because I’m curious about what you have in mind for me if I lose. But if you make her cry simply to win a stupid bet against a guy you just met, that’s on you. YOU make her cry and it’ll just make me see what kind of person you truly are, not that I think you care what I think either.” With a pose, he looked at the redhead still drilling away at the ice-cube. “But I get the feeling you care what SHE thinks though, don’t you? If you made her cry twice already, are you sure she’d let a third time slide? And personally, if you’re willing to make her cry just so you can order a random dude to do something you can’t even be sure he’ll accept, I think maybe it’s better that she learns now what kind of person you are so she can make a real decision about staying friends with you or not.

Sitting back, he crossed his arms, his face dead serious. “So go ahead. It’s your move.

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27 Re: Cooler Than Ice [Avery, Jet] on Tue Feb 02, 2016 12:10 pm

"Ridiculous." Avery sighed and shook her head in disappointment. She had always played these types of 'games' with people not only to have fun, but mostly to learn about them in depth as she could see how they react to a certain scenario. And this result was something she didn't expect. "Think of it as a hostage-taking situation. What you did is say 'go ahead, I dare you' to the criminal because you think she wouldn't kill the hostage. I already told you I won't hesitate to make her cry, and it's not a matter of 'if Av could' or 'if Scar wouldn't'. The fact is, you risked your friend's emotional well-being."

"Scarlett is strong, yes, but when I told you I could exploit her weaknesses and you know nothing about those weaknesses, you didn't even pause to think twice and still dared me to do it. The fact that you sold your 'friend' to the devil, to me, just to prove that you are right, or that I am indeed evil, said much about who you are as a person. You're Scarlett's friend so I thought I'd give you a chance. But people like you who talk big, bragging about their goodheartedness when actions speak louder than words - I can never be friends with trash like that. I'm not a good person, but I'm sure as hell better than you."

With that, the blonde walked away and settled beside Scarlett to see the latter's progress with the can as well as to do her dare. She already knew what to do which didn't involve emotionally hurting someone. But she didn't think it'd all go down to this. Her initial plan was simply to make the guy surrender, even taking on the role of the villain by spouting lies about not caring for the redhead or winning at the expense of a friend. He seemed to be a good person after all. But what a disappointment he was, prioritising his notion of being right. Ah well.

"Wow, you suck so much at this. Just one hole? Though I have to say, I didn't think you'd manage to do it with that weak frame of yours. It's actually kinda cool," she smiled. "And for that, I admit defeat. I'll take off the ice before you stab yourself," she shrugged as pried it off from the redhead's hand and threw it somewhere. "And I need my gloves and sunnies back please," she added.

Still settling beside Scarlett, Avy moved an arm around the redhead to cover her vision with her hand while disguising it as a weird way of taking off one's shades. In reality, Avery was using microscopic ice crystals to block certain tear glands on the redhead's eyes (OOC: nasolacrimal canal and duct). This would cause an overflow of basal tears into the face to attain 'psychic crying' and there's no pain involved. Of course Avy never knew the the science behind it. It's just a method she used a lot as a kid when she faked her tears to get what she wanted.

Nevertheless, tearing up with this method unlike normal eye irritation, one cannot prove the person is not crying unless it is the person itself. With how Avy dissolved the ice from the candy can the moment she removed the sunglasses, she'd bet even Scarlett would be confused of her own tears and pass it off as a random flow of emotions due to her delight of seeing her candies again. "There you go. Have as much as you want."

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28 Re: Cooler Than Ice [Avery, Jet] on Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:50 pm

Scarlett was shy. Scarlett was meek. Scarlett had a candy problem that she would never admit to. Scarlett could barely talk to people that she didn't know out of sheer social anxiety. Scarlett had so many problems and there were only a few things that she had going for her. But two things that couldn't be said about the redhead was that she was deaf and dumb. Just the opposite, really, as you need to be perceptive and quick if one wanted to make it as a hunter or huntress. But for some reason, both of her friends seemed to think that she was. There was certainly a reason that there was only one hole. Even if the redhead was working as slow as she could have gone, ensuring that everything was perfect, she would have at least gotten two and been working on the third at that point. But the reason was that she had stopped drilling all together.

Scarlett didn't say anything as the glasses were removed. And no amount of Avy kind've calling her cool or smiling at her would have improved the mood that she was in. Her gaze was tense, seeming like they were focusing too hard on the candy tin that her friend had just unfrozen. Slowly, her head began to shake slowly, finding it hard to even say words. But eventually, she managed to choke out, "A-am... am I just a child then?" she asked, not even looking up, "Just like... a toy for you to play with as you see fit? Who cares what Scarlett wants or thinks, huh? S... she's so shy that she'll be happy with just anything, she should just feel lucky that anyone talks to her at all..."

By that point, Scarlett paused, feeling that there was a tear rolling down her cheek. She brought her hand upwards, wiping the stray tear off and examining it. Rolling her fingers against eachother, it was somewhat strange. This wasn't a time for crying as there wasn't much that could get her to cry. Neither the delight of her candy nor the sting of her friends' acting this way in front of her could have brought such a thing out. Sure, the emotions were powerful, but there was only two things that could get the girl to begin shedding tears, her training having ensured that much at the very least. Flicking her finger, and the slight amount of water off of it, she pushed it from her mind, deciding that it wasn't even worth bothering thinking about.

Standing up, Scarlett grabbed her candy tin with one hand and her coat with the other. Her face was rigid, hurt, but not at all in the cute way that she was often seen as. Her frown was barely noticeable, especially as she spoke, "All I wanted was for perhaps the chance of my friends getting along without needing to resort to such petty things. Why does everything need to turn out like this? Two of my best friends deciding to go on some dumb contest just because... trying to show off by proving that you have some higher moral ground. I may not be as strong as some of the others in the school, but there's no doubt that I belong here. And that in itself should prove that I'm not just some simple wallflower that'll just be quiet forever. You two can fight and argue all you want, but know that there's a point where even I'm tired of it. Where even I have to say that there's been enough pointless bickering because... you two just feel like it, not even taking into account that I'm the one that's hurting the most while doing so. Sure, I can pretend not to notice and try to distract myself for as long as I possibly can, but I can't. And I don't want to."

With that scolding, Scarlett was already moving towards the door slowly, intent on leaving unless prevented in some way, "So you two enjoy your games or whatever you decide to do with your time. I want no part in it and I'd much prefer to spend my own time doing anything but cause myself more pain. Sure, I can take it as much as any could, but why should I? I get enough of it from other people, so why should I stand it from the people that I cared for the most? Avy... you just wanted to stroke your ego, wanting nothing more than to prove that you were... what, a better friend to me or something? There's nothing that you could have done to show me more of the opposite, you know." She didn't feel the need to say anything to Jet, not at the time at least.

Scarlett repeated in her head over and over again that she was strong, steeling her resolve as she did so. She didn't want to leave, not like this, but she certainly didn't want to stay and endure more of whatever filled the room like that. Turning to face the door, she wasted no time in reaching for the doorknob and opening it. She would cross the threshold to the outside, away from the arguing and one-upping that was taking place. That is, unless someone stopped her for whatever reason.

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29 Re: Cooler Than Ice [Avery, Jet] on Sat Feb 06, 2016 1:38 pm

This was not how Jet expected his return to Syne to be. He thought he’d get in the room, surprise both Scar and Warren and they would have been super happy about the donuts and shared stories of what they did during the holidays. Now he go there and Warren wasn’t there, that wasn’t too bad, Scar was still surprised and that was cool. Then this other girl came in and Jet was at first happy that his roommate had made a friend. While she wasn’t what he had expected of a friend of Scarlett, he was always open to meeting new people and all. It was obvious the redhead was really hoping they would get along and Jet was all for it.
But this isn’t what happened. Jet accepted to play a dumb game, got angry and started arguing with the blonde girl and now Scarlett was on its way out of the room visibly hurt and more angry than he ever saw her. To be honest, Jet was too stunned to stop her and she was gone in a flash, leaving him feeling really bad about his part in the whole thing. It is arguable how much of it was his fault but couldn’t deny that he didn’t stop it even when it stopped being a game. The moment the door closed though he was up and rushing to said door, turning to Avy. “Alright you win or whatever, but if you really care about your friend, you’ll follow me and at least try to be friendly. You apparently never had the intention to hurt her to win so I’m guessing you’re not that bad a person, I can deal with that. Let’s catch up to her before she is too far and show her we can put our differences to the side for her.
Jet waited to let her say whatever she had to say before getting out and looking around the hall, cursing his lowered vision and once more wishing he could change the sensitivity of the filter in his glasses. He got a flash pinkish-red to his right, turning a corner, and went that way quickly, not even stopping to see if Avy was behind him. Good thing they didn’t wait longer in the room of Scarlett would have been pretty far and impossible to find without tremendous amount of luck. There were places she would have been more likely to go than others but even knowing those it was too much of a gamble.
Jet did think for a second that it might not have been the best idea to chase after her. She was upset, quite a lot, and may not be receptive to anything they say or do, but Jet was very bad at leaving things be even when he should, so there wasn’t really any question about if he would chase after her or not. Sometimes it was a good thing, sometimes not, but he’d rather regret trying and failing than regret not trying and wondering if there was something he could have done or said to make things better. Honnestly, Jet wasn’t that good with upset people, he was almost always happy and tended to go out of his way to prevent it being any other way for others too, so when something went wrong and people got hurt, he rarely knew what to do, especially when he was at fault. Call it lack of experience, naivety or even lack of good judgement, but that’s how he was.

He did finally catch up to her and didn’t waste time, putting an arm around the back of her shoulder from the left in a friendly way and walking with her, matching her pace. “We’re sorry Scar. It was supposed to be a fun little game to get to know each other but we both let it go too far. I can’t promise we’ll ever be the best of friends but I can promise you to make an effort. We care about you each in our own way, even if we did a poor job of showing it today. But both of us want to spend time with you and I’m willing to table our differences so all three of us can have a good time.

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30 Re: Cooler Than Ice [Avery, Jet] on Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:08 pm

"Wait what?" Even Avery was too stunned at Scarlett's outburst that it took a moment before she bolted up. Why was this girl upset? The game wasn't meant to 'use' her, it's played to include her. The redhead was just to distracted with her candy to realise it. And if she was aware all along, why did she wait till everything escalated before storming off? Avery sighed but found the door blocked by shades guy which she only gave a deep glare. "Don't tell me what to do."

Stepping out, she looked around and grumbled as she couldn't see the redhead anywhere. Tsk. Only after a while of walking and asking around did she find her... with him. She trudged towards the pair, grabbed the back of his collar and pulled him away to who knows where. "Move aside," she mumbled as she went past Scarlett and turned around to face the latter at the same time blocking her path. She paused for a moment to think what to say then folded her arms.

"If you don't want me treating you like a child, then act your age. Why are you taking offense on something that shouldn't be taken offense of? You think this is me trying to prove I'm a better friend to you? Heh. I like you but don't be conceited. This is me trying to give that guy a chance. You wanted me to be friends with him right? Without considering the fact that maybe I'm not the type to trust people easily? So this is me doing just that."

Avery paused. Her eyebrows lowered, confusion evident on her face as she debated what to do next. After a moment of silence she sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "You know what, forget it. Forget everything I said. I never wanted to hurt you, Scar. Ever. But every time we meet we end up arguing. I've been doing my best to make this work in my own way, but... Whatever. Like I said, forget it."

"So for you, as always, I'll just go along with what the douche said. I'll try a little harder to be nice. I mean, the guy's not too bad. He's just..." Avy paused and looked at him over Scarlett's shoulder. "Okay yeah, he is that bad. But I'll try."

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31 Re: Cooler Than Ice [Avery, Jet] on Mon Mar 07, 2016 5:01 am

Scarlett wasn't the fasted, that was for certain. So even while she walked at a brisk pace, her short stature and somewhat unathletic - at least compared to Avy and Jet - she would be found quite easily. Not immediately, but it would take some time. And time was all that she needed for the time being. Just a bit to clear her head and really think about what had happened in the room between the three of them. After considering back on it, did she make the best decision on how to handle the situation. Most certainly not. Perhaps she could have done a lot of things differently, both in that room and pretty much everything to do with her and Avery's friendship. Which was already rocky to say the least. Whether one accounted it to clashing personalities, opposing ideals, or simply just having absolutely no idea what the two were even doing with one another. And for the girl with more social anxieties than fingers, the redhead wasn't the best with handling such things.

Said redhead found herself more or less just wandering around with no real set goal or destination. Lost in her thoughts, she wasn't even paying attention to whatever was around her. She probably ran into a few walls on the way and immediately apologized before stumbling away once more. But this, in addition to the slow pace, made her very easy to find. It was Jet that found her first, which was probably a good thing. Somewhat.

Scarlett felt an arm drape around her shoulder, her eyes widening slightly and muscles tensing on reflex. Being snapped out of her thoughts, she jerked away forcefully, getting away from the dreaded physical contact. After all, it was still Scar that was the one being touched and it was fairly well known that close proximities was not the best thing with her. But she didn't seem angry or upset at the young man that came up behind her, even relaxing once they weren't in contact and noticing that it was Jet.

"Y... sorry..." Scarlett apologized immediately, beginning to bite down gently on her lower lip as she walked along with her roommate. However, she didn't get that far into it before Jet was the one that began to apologize on both his own and Avy's behalf. Which wasn't really something that she wanted, she thought. "You... don't need to apologize..." she claimed, allowing her gaze to drop lower towards the ground, "You weren't in the wrong or anything, so don't feel bad if you do... I overreacted and... I shouldn't have. It was a dumb thing and well-"

Because poor Scarlett could finish her apology, she was swiftly interrupted by an arriving Avery as she pulled the redhead's roommate away from her for the time being. She blinked, looking towards her friend with a mixture of confusion and regret. And as the blonde began berating her, the gunslinger just had to accept it. Her face pained, but she kept her gaze downwards in an attempt to hide just how much those words stung. Were they true? Arguable. But what hurt the most was that she was sure that Avery thought so little of the girl that she once called a friend. There was a piece of her mind that was terrified that it could be the end of their friendship.

What could Scarlett say? What could she even do? It seemed that Avery wanted to drop the subject, but that wasn't enough. She didn't want the three of them to always have this tension, so instead she decided to speak. Quietly at first, "I... I'm a..." before she choked out the words, "I'm... sorry I'm an idiot..." The redhead swallowed hard, now looking between her friends as they stood wherever they may have been at the time.

"I... d-don't really know what to say... I didn't mean for anything bad... I just... I'm sorry, Avy... I'm sorry to both of you, I shouldn't have done that... Avy, I don't want that... I don't want us to constantly argue, but I don't know how it keeps happening... I don't like the feeling or thinking that you're angry at me... I wish I knew how to say what I thought better, but... I'm still so bad at this. All of this... h-having friends, I mean. You.. may have noticed that I'm not the most... experienced when it comes to being social and I still... I guess I was hoping that you two would hit it off really well since you're... really cool and all. But... that doesn't excuse my outburst from earlier... You had your reasons, but I guess I don't really get it...

"You two are my friends and I just want to enjoy spending time with you both however long I can... That includes Warren as well, even if he's often busy... Jet, you're my roommate and one of my only friends. Avy, I li-... Same goes for you. So, I'm sorry... I understand if you don't want to be around me for a while with how often I mess up... I'd understand..."

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32 Re: Cooler Than Ice [Avery, Jet] on Mon Mar 14, 2016 8:58 pm

Scarlett’s words made Jet smile a bit. Apparently she thought she had overreacted, but the black haired guy on his part thought her reaction was normal in this situation. She was nervous about both her friends meeting for the first time and it didn’t go so well. In that situation, her reaction was warranted. She was interrupted as she was trying to apologise, which also prevented him from saying anything about it.

There wasn’t much Jet could do or say in this situation. He was pushed away from Scarlett by what appeared to be an equally mad blonde girl. He wasn’t sure how much of her words he agreed on but he knew he shouldn’t get between them at the moment. This sounded like something they both needed to discuss among themselves, clear things out a bit. Those two have very different personalities, unless there is communication and they learn how the other thinks better, there will always be friction between the two… Or at least that’s how he sees it, he might be wrong in their case. All the more reasons to not try helping and end up just messing things up, at least when it came to things between the two.

He stayed silent through the blonde’s speech, though he did give out a “Hey!” when Avy claimed he was “that bad”. Not that he really cared that much at the moment what she thought, but he did smile when she said he wasn't that bad, her seemingly changing her mind was a bit disappointing. Oh well. Still, she had a strange way to give people a chance. From what she said, it sounded like she was testing him to see if he was worth her time, not to see if he was a good friend for Scarlett. In a way, Jet could accept that much easier. Since she had a pretty...lets say difficult personnality, he could understand making sure he could handle it. Once again, he might be wrong about her intentions, but it made sense to him to see it that way.

While Scarlett included Jet in the conversation, most of what she said was directed at the ice user so he didn’t really have a lot he could say. Still, he could at least reassure her about his part, something he did with a big silly smile to accentuate his words. “You worry too much, but that’s how you are I guess. You’re super cool yourself and I like hanging out with you, that hasn’t changed.

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33 Re: Cooler Than Ice [Avery, Jet] on Thu Mar 17, 2016 5:27 pm

While Avy appreciated that she won the argument in some way, she wasn't expecting the redhead to revert back to her meek personality, going as far as say the word 'sorry' which, as per conditions from their bet before, she banned Scar from saying. She realised this must be what it looked like whenever Scar was bullied, and that caused Avy a great sense of guilt for allowing her temperament to do the talking.

"Firstly, you're not an idiot. I don't make friends with stupid." Avery murmured after the girl finished. She looked around to make sure the coast was clear then turned to Scar's friend. "You, idiot in sunglasses, can you like turn around and cover your ears? Thanks." She put emphasis on the last word with a glare making sure he knew it wasn't a request and more of a demand.

Regardless, Avery turned back to the girl and took a brief pause. Slowly, she reached a hand and gently tucked a lock of those scarlet strands behind her ear. "Secondly, don't apologise. You did nothing wrong. It's just... I have my reasons and you have yours. We see the matter differently," she stated in a soft voice. It was the only valid explanation how a simple game escalated into something like this.

"And finally, I know you wanted us two to get along, but don't expect too much of me." Avy smiled. "I do try, in my own way and pace. So all I ask is to be patient. Just like how I don't expect you to be punching everyone you hate in the face the next day, don't expect me to be all friendly with people I don't know. Especially with someone as suspicious-looking as that. I mean, are you sure his luggage doesn't have a body in there somewhere?"

Avy sighed. "Judgemental aside, you and I didn't start off as friends off the bat too." She gave the girl a soft pat in the head. "And now that you are, that makes you a big part of me. Don't ever think I'd leave you for something like this, okay? Although if it's the the other way around, I guess I'll just keep bothering you until you take me back." She grinned.

Well that was too cheesy for her taste. She peeked at the guy hoping he didn't hear anything of that before turning back to Scar with a smile. "Mkay, let's go eat. I'm starving. Let's watch a movie while we're at it. Invite your friend too... as long as he's not one of those screamers." She said as she turned to head back to the dorm hoping she had eased if not completely removed the tension.

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34 Re: Cooler Than Ice [Avery, Jet] on Fri Mar 18, 2016 12:36 pm

Calling Scarlett cool could quite possibly be the largest lie of the week. She certainly wasn't cool and everyone knew that. Heck, even she knew that, despite her best attempts to prove otherwise. The redhead was meek, apologetic, and far too terrified of pretty much everything. All of those were not the ingredients that it took to make someone cool. But, if anything, she appreciated the sentiment, giving a soft, but rather awkward, smile Jet's way. Although his words calmed her nerves quite a bit, her body visibly relaxing and her shoulders lowering somewhat. The tension in her muscles leaving, she gave a single quick nod to her roommate as she was prepared to talk.

Parting her lips, Scarlett took in a quick huff of air as she was about to begin talking, but she was suddenly cut off by the blonder of her friends. And she was rather conflicted about what she was saying. She wasn't an idiot, apparently? Well, she certainly didn't believe that, but she wasn't going to argue, instead opting to simply listening patiently. The two of them were going to need to try to make this friendship work, that much was plainly obvious. But, the redhead believed in both of them as it was clear that they both wanted to. And really, that was all it took, she believed. For the desire to be the thing to bring the two as close as they needed to be.

"A-ah..." Scarlett out out quietly as that slight motion seemed to cause such a strong reaction from the meek redhead. Her silky locks of hair being brushed to behind her ear where they stayed, revealing more of her face than it often did. Immediately, the poor huntress almost melted, her face swiftly turning red in embarrassment. Such an intense response from something that most people would consider minor. But the fact that she didn't shy away from it entirely meant that the girl had made progress.

It took her about until Avery finished with her speech that Scarlett managed to regain her composure, pushing everything to the back of her mind. For the time being. She smiled, tilting her head just slightly as her head was pat, something that she didn't entirely dislike, but would prefer to not happen often. With a nod, "Yeah... I'll do the same... never let you not be my friend then..." With that said, it seemed that their plans for the afternoon were already set. Ignoring many of the insults that Avery shot towards Jet, "Alright..! Let's go~" Putting a bit of a cute bounce in both her step and voice, it was obvious that her mood was significantly better. Which, apparently, the redhead's emotional state was similar to that of a roller coaster.

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35 Re: Cooler Than Ice [Avery, Jet] on Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:20 am

There wasn’t much Jet could do in that situation. He had already resolved he would leave them alone if they wanted him to leave but he still would rather stay. Bit part of it was simply that he wanted to hang out with Scar, because as much as people might be ok leaving a situation they feel they don’t belong in, in general, people want to be included. Besides, all he had to look forward to should he leave them alone was a bunch of unpacking and he didn’t feel like it. In the end, the blonde girl only asked him to turn around and plug his ears. Raising an eyebrow at that request… no demand, he just shrugged and turned around, making a show of clamping his hands over his ears while humming some random popular song.

Well, at least they were having a conversation, so hopefully they would make up and everyone would be friends! Well except Jet and Avy. She wasn’t that bad really, just a bully, which is a big negative for him, but Scarlett wouldn’t be friend with her if that was all she was, so he was curious a bit.

After a little while, he was wondering if they were still at it and let one hand imperceptibly move. They were still talking, or Avy still was at least. Something about getting along but not to expect too much of her, that she try in her own way and pace, to be patient. Oops, he caught some of that before he fully placed his hand back. He really wasn’t trying to eavesdrop, just checking if they were done, but that was still some information he had to process. She was either talking about her and Scarlett getting along, or her and him doing the same. The former didn’t make much sense since they seemed to get along just fine before all that, so it was most probably about him. Huh, so she actually is trying she says. Well, Jet could understand that, not everyone make friends easily. It’s not like he knew anything about her or her past, she maybe actually be super anti-social or had a traumatising past with other friends and had trouble making new ones since then. Or something else too. Still, her words implied the prospect of potentially getting along in the long term, that she wasn’t like that with him just because she had already passed judgement and deemed him beneath her. That made Jet smile. Maybe Scarlett’s wish wasn’t so farfetched in the end.

Still, they’ve been at it for a while now, might be good to check again. Slightly lifting his hand again, he was met with silence. Turning around to ask if they were done, he actually saw them walking away. They apparently had completely forgot about him. “Huh? Hey wait up!” Jet ran back to them, standing on Scarlett’s other side. He walked with them and eventually they ended up back in the room where everything started. “So! What now? Did you two decide on something to do already? And if so, can I join?

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36 Re: Cooler Than Ice [Avery, Jet] on Thu Apr 28, 2016 5:35 pm

Avery slid her hands inside her pockets as she strolled back to the dorm only to notice Scarlett was walking, more like hopping, alongside her. She turned slightly to the girl and raised an eyebrow. "Uhh, aren't you forgetting something?" she murmured and stopped in her tracks to look back at where they'd been. There was no need apparently, for the douche was back at his feet and was catching up to them. When he positioned himself next to Scarlett, Avy remained silent and simply switched places with the girl so that she was in between the two.

Once they were back at the dorm, Avy went straight to the middle of the couch and glanced at Scarlett, patting the space next to her. "What movie are you up for?" She asked as she switched on the tv and browsed through the list of genres though avoiding horror and the likes.

Hearing the guy's question, her eyebrow twitched and she grumbled. "How about you make yourself useful and cook something while pick a movie to watch?" she murmured and took a sip from her soda that was still in the coffee table. At least it didn't go stale.

"Here. You can choose," Avy said as she passed Scarlett the remote. "That or we can play instead if you guys have a console."

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