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Syn in Black n White (open to role players)

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1 Syn in Black n White (open to role players) on Sun Jan 17, 2016 9:09 pm

Class was over for now and Ash had some time to relax things were tough and frankly the stress of the day had him. On his off day from the Academy he thought he kick it up a notch today and kick back and relax his shadow mission with Musa Wilhiem got him a guitar and lessons. His mentor insist he continue practicing so he got the old oil heater outside of his tent. It was large typical brown rugged tent for camping it looked big enough to fit four or five people. He didn't have the money to go get himself into a dorm or rent an apartment yet and he didn't hear back from the Head Mistress so for now he was enrolled in classes and working at local bars.

He was hoping to get a mission soon but til then today he was about to jam and rehearse the song he was working on. The large portable heater was something he got recently from the pay he scored by performing with Musa she didn't like the fact he was out in the cold sleeping in the winter outside. He merely told her he was fine he was use to living ruggedly outdoors it wasn't foreign to him he father did train him to become a hunter and taught him the skills he needed to survive out in the rough rural of his village. The urban life of city folk behind the main cities was something more to him as rich people do.

With the portable heater out doors and turned on he started a fire there were a few tarps on long poles overhead to keep falling snow from hitting him and flaps to keep some heat. to some one coming by it look like a little tent fort he knew it would draw instructors attention but he didn't care it was home and it was close to school by the steps that lead to the common grounds. tuning the purple white guitar he start stringing and let himself be lost into the the tune before sing audibly as Musa taught him.

"A plan of misleading the world in a form of a lie
Showing his true strength to all of them

Going to the sunset excavating all his regrets
And the riddles standing in his way
Going out by the twilight field with elegy
And falls to a kind look

Admiring the lonely night with burning justice
Then he whistles through the darkness
Erasing the vortex of desires with hot justice
And he makes the melody beautiful with stardust

Struggling to a battle for the sake of hidden answers
Telling him to creep up from behind only to shake off the offer

Within the silence a silhouette rises up, stands still
And a wordless question
As comforting memories leave
And sad memories bloom

Holding onto his secret past with burning justice
Then he whistles as time pass
Smiling through the shadows and shaking off the painful justice
And not a sympathetic melody

Does not want any Communication
It is the blues of a man to be alone
Does not want any Information
It is the bloom of a man jus'to have gone
Does dislike any Restriction
It isn't he blues of a man have been torn
Does dislike any silly Deception
It is the bloom of a man to love the Justice

Giving in to sleep as he was certain to the promised justice
And he whistles through the tempting dream
He is praying to have a proper justice
And his mind parched from melody

Admiring the lonely night with burning justice
Then he whistles through the darkness
Erasing the vortex of desires with hot justice
And he makes the melody beautiful with stardust "

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Gricelda makes her way through the courtyard commons, having just finished her daily running exercises for today.  She was on her way to her dormitory when she could hear the riff of a guitar and nonsensical lyrics.  She wasn't sure why but the tune rubbed her the wrong way and went to investigate the source of the sound.  It didn't take long to find the vagabond with is guitar singing something about justice outside a large and rugged looking tent.  Most people seemed to ignored him or at least tried to keep their distance from the dark brooding character.  Not Gris, she wanted to have a word or two with him.

"Hey... if you are trying collect handouts, do you think you can take it elsewhere?  I understand that you are trying to make a living here but your being somewhat disruptive so I recommend taking you and your set-up down to the city where people like you will be tolerated."

Gricelda looks down upon the man, appearing somewhat inconvenienced.  From her initial first impressions, which wasn't very impressive, he looked like some homeless carpetbagger.  Certainly didn't appear to be a student or teacher... as she couldn't imagine either living in a tent during their stay in Syne.

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Pausing from his guitar play he looked over the strange person if his senses were off or he was suffering snow blindness Ash would have thought it was a hat. but she had honest to god ears on her head like an animal. He stare a moment at her head then down to the girl seems she had mistaken him for some kind of lerch or homeless person.

"Cute, I like your ears. As for people tolerating me that is their choice. My name's Ash a bit harsh to speak down to some one whose just spending his day off practicing his art. I'm a student here at Syn Academy learning to become a Hunter. My set up is where I live for now till I can make some money for an apartment or able to pay to live at the dorms."

Looking her over Ash looked at her ears the young man in the leather chaps, jacket, and scarf all in black looked curious by her although the tall rocker ninja did seem dark and rather brooding. "You're ears. You aren't human I don't think I met your kind before. May I impose to know more about you?"

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Gris' right eye twitch with him calling her ears 'cute'.  It always annoys her when people's first response has something to do with her ear or tail, as if that was the only things they could see. She was was surprised to hear that he was indeed a student.  Of course the vagabond comment wasn't too far off considering that he was so poor that all he could afford was to live in his own personal tent.  But wealthy enough to be able to have afford a rather large tent it seems.  Gris wears a frown on her face but indulges with Ash with a response.

"I speak 'harshly' because what you claim is music is nothing more than sound pollution to those with sensitive hearing.  Next time... find somewhere more private to practice your craft so that you are not a bother to everyone."

Gris lets out a sigh, then crosses her arms and narrows her eyes as she continues to look down upon the human

"Curious about me?  Alright, an introduction.  I may not be human but it will do you well treat me as such.  So focus less on my ears and look at my face and stare at my eyes when you speak to me human."

Gris clears her throat and continues her introduction in a hint of arrogance.

"I am as you expect not a human but a faunus.  Since you seem unfamiliar with my kind... just know while you may not have any reason to be wary of faunus, us faunus have every right to be wary of you given the unpleasant treatment and history between the humans and faunus.  I may have extra ears and tail like that of a wolf but don't think of me as anything less than you would any other person.  Anyway... my name is Gricelda, Gricelda Mee.  Most people call me Gris... usually.  But like yourself I am huntress in training at this academy."

Gris continues to maintain a tough front as she looks down on the human and awaits his response.

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Ash gave her a consideration of doubt given her appearance and haughty attitude. It seemed this school was full of young women either ensecure, ensensitive, or the traumatic ally damaged in some form or way. He held a rather blank distant expression admiring the guitar as she talked.

Given her first complaint he smirked under his scarf. "So rock isn't your fancy my lady. Perhaps something smoother? As for private old ironside and I have been traveling together for awhile though my tent grounds is a bit rag tag it's good enough a home since it's where your heart is. Figure this far out from the dorms and front buildings I was no bother to anyone guess is was mistaken."
As she struck a rather strong presence as she corrected him further he couldn't help imagining a ting grisly wolf puppy barking at him tediously. It was a cute image if only a moment if not replace with the barking of girl. "I see I meant no offense to you. I never met one like you so it's something new to learn much like the girl I met who had two little machine pets. I'm not from a popular city or major capital and we didn't have any one like you in our village really the necessities you have here are things we considered luxuries by my people I be considered rich although to you I'm homeless. But be it as it may I am not one to care for ouster appearances your ears and tail don't make who you are completely as your personal is the most valuable thing to know as a person."

Hearing her explain further of hers stance between them Ash was a little concern and glad she explained her reason to be apprehensive to him. As she spoke it made more sense why she was being so arrogant and proud and he nodded acknowledging that. "I see now why you are so proud and strong. You are my first faunas to have met or rather get this familiar too up close. I did not much pay attention to such features I don't see people for what they are but who they are. I'm grateful you told me this and a hunter to another thank you for this lesson Gricelda. Justice is important so is keeping peace it's pains me to hear humans have mistreated your people over something so trivial as appearance it's no different arguing over what clothes one wears."

Ash began to strum a softer tone and song one almost like a solo guitar to the wind thinking up lyrics on the spot. "Howling to the wind she call out. Hear her voice and shout it out. Gricelda Mee speaks loud and clear for her people she holds dear. Stern and loving she is to me teaching her lesson bravely. Hark the Herald of faunas sings a person who cries out to the wind to me."

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Gris was almost waiting for the human to dismiss her or make some sort of defensive retort... but it never came.  His stoic response and his genuine understanding caught her off guard somewhat but she was nevertheless pleased that at least this human seemed to get it.  In fact she could feel the gleeful smile curling on her lips when he mentioned her being proud and strong.  She personally found Ash's love for the word justice was almost on the verge of perverse but its a justice based on what is right and not what is law. This was sort of justice that she could respect.

"Hee... glad you can gather that much from me.  I'm proud because I am, and I am strong because I must."  

Her demeanor relaxes somewhat, her ears droop a little and her tail falls to her side, brushing against her legs.

"Hrmph... well at you seem to get it.  Pity most humans I had the pleasure of dealing with don't share that thought.  I mean for one you actually listen.  I'm too used to being ignored."

Gris goes quite as she listens to Ash sing a song, the guitar humming a soft tune in the background.  It struck a cord with her... it all sounded right but didn't feel 100% right.  She gives a Ash a sincere smile nevertheless.

"Mhmmm... that is more pleasant to the ears.  I guess I was in the wrong, I admit that.  Surprise you can come up with song just like that though."

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"It is how I can pass the time and how I can learn by observing those who listen. It is the reason you came to see me no? Music instrumentally is a beautiful art like colors and how we name our children. Music can bring many together, inspire, and move both positive and negative. Ignoring our eyes and ears make us deaf and blind and what good is that than feeding the Grimm what they desire and believe in us. Because of that we Hunters mustn't just strive to stop Grimm but form peace among us all especially in our ranks."

Smiling as she does he liked how her ears and tail showed her emotions. Strumming softly he stop singing and just let his fingers play various soft tunes for her enjoyment. The fire from the burner kept the place warm slightly and he consider what she said. "When you are on the road there's a lot of inspiration for different songs. Like now I met a strong faunus with a brave heart. forward but still gentle so a strong slow strum eases her ears so i play on by her feelings and expressions observing and learning. a little practice and heart can go a long way Gricelda of the Faunus."

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"Well... music has a funny way of bringing people together considering that" she states with a forced chuckle.

Gris goes quite for a moment, pondering on Ash's manner of speech.  It was so... strange that for a man of his youth to be speaking as if he be wise hermit living on the mountain whose sole joy in life was to spout sagely sounding words to impresses the younglings.  She wonders if he always speaks like this.

"Errr... much appreciated..." she mummers, then continuing in a quizzical manner " always speak that way with everyone?  You remind me of my grandpappy trying give me life advice."

Gris continues to stand over Ash, curious to hear if Ash has anything to about his particular pattern of speech.

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He hung his head hearing that and chuckled lightly. "I suppose I do. My father was more of a Street Man who spoke slang but he was also a martial artist. My Uncle is ana ctual master so wielding Dust and Hand to hand arts was a staple for my family in teaching those few villagers. Most my wisdom stems from my Uncle but my father did teach me some street smarts. But where my sister was intelligent I was wise I learn from wisdom pretty easily by the world unlike my sister. So in hand I failed in books which is why i came to this school i could not complete or understand all the texts book some schools offered."

Strumming the guitar to a slow and meaningful tone it had low bass like strings singing low and movingly.
"Stepping from the pain of subjugation. Fighting for a new solution is what they pray for.

In time. . . so open up your eyes.

Faunus are our kindred spirits.
Brothers and sisters whom we should love.

I know cause I stand beside them whole because there's no difference between our souls."

Ash continued to strum the tune but didn't seem to find anymore words. With a foot he nudge under a part of a blanket covering something and lifting it with his foot over his head he performed a rising ax kick and dropped a black bean bag for Gricelda to sit on. "If you liekI can brew something. Soup, Coffee, Tea if you like. I don't have anything far out or awesome but I do make a mean oolang tea. Though not sure you're old enough for alcohol."

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10 Re: Syn in Black n White (open to role players) on Thu Jan 21, 2016 12:02 am

Gris nods every now and then as she listens to Ash.  He really didn't answer her question but the length he went on about his family made her suspect that it was his Uncle's upbringing and wanting to be different from his father and sister.  Once again, Ash breaks into song, well meaning but didn't impress Gris as much as before.  She did though cock an eyebrow, unfamiliar with oolang tea.  She doesn't take long to ponder over beverage choices as she simply shakes her head from side to side.

"Nah... I think I will pass.  I prefer ice water myself actually."
she states with a dismissive shrug.

With that being said, she was at a loss for what else to discuss.  Her eyes wander for moment, then resettle on Ash who continues to sit below.

"Err... guess I don't have anything else to say.  Prehaps this is good time for me to leave you with your guitar to play in peace?  Standing about makes me restless after awhile."

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11 Re: Syn in Black n White (open to role players) on Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:17 pm

"As you wish Wolf-chan. If you get bored or care to share a song or two i'll always be here. do your best to become a Great Huntress for your people, eh?"

Ash began to strum on the guitar continuing the little tune trying to get it right as if he were trying to find the right them for Gricelda. Working his way through different rifts and chords. If sh left he would smile kindly waving to her before she could hear him again playing that loud rock n roll possibly metal this time making sure she was some distance so it did not totally disturb her

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Girs otherwise neutral expression twists into an expression of scorn at being referred to as 'wolf-chan'.  It may have sounded cute to most but in Gris ears it was derogatory insult she has come to loath.  Gris halts her retreat, instead she advances a few steps closer to Ash.  She stands tall over Ash and stares him down with disdain in her eyes.  Her lips pry opens as she begins to hound him over his misspeech.

"Yes... but before I depart... I don't take kindly to referred to as 'wolf-chan'.  Maybe YOU think its cute but for a faunus, its an insult.  So I better not ever hear you call me such ever again?  In fact, don't refer to any other faunus you meet was if they are an animal.  Understood, human?!"

Gris continues to stare down Ash as she places her hands on her hips, making herself look big to help get the message across.

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13 Re: Syn in Black n White (open to role players) on Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:02 pm

Blinking Ash had to try not to snicker it was serious to her but the fact she failed to recognize how much how she acted in instinct was surprising. but it also made him aware of how much the Faunus have been troubled.

"Yare Yare, Gris chill." He pat her head. "Know i would not say something in offense but I apologize anyway that you were offended by the friendly gesture. It must be difficult for you to make friends and deal with your people's troubles. I get more and more it seems Faunus are scarred from the mistakes of humans. It is a bit disheartening to think so given how much Grimm scorn us."

Sighing heavily sling the guitar over his shoulder and shrugging Ash nodded. "All right for you my I shall do this. But know we can't help who we are or our instincts. You are no more an angry wolf as i am no more a foolish young man. That is the irony in life we fail to realize about ourselves. When you deny others and yourself whom you are and what you are does that not derail from truth? and your going to have to find better than human to lower my self esteem. I accept being human as being flawed but ti doesn't mean i won't try to make a difference."

He smiled still at her she was brave for standing her ground and correcting him but if her approach was this like this eventually the wrong types of humans will take notice and make her a target. Ash knew well how humans were too well in fact he almost felt maybe he could share some of his own past.

"Have you ever heard of the smaller nations before the four kingdoms? Any of their names or of other people different than the humans you met?"

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As she is being petted on the top of her head, she could only stare at the human with blank dull expression on her face.  She could not... believe this man.  After trying to explain to him political correctness... he just goes up and pets her on the top of her head as if she was a puppy!  Why can't she get any respect around here!?  Whatever nonsense Ash was speaking about was just white noise filtering through her eardrums as she fumes with anger.  She really REALLY thought that Ash understood but like so many other human he just DOESN'T get it!  Whatever question Ash had for Gris, she ignores it as she explodes at him with unsavory words.

"Chill!?  CHILL!?  You just patted my head like if I was your fricking pet!  I'm not a dog and yet you dare treat me as such!?  You go on and on about how you disagree with the unfair treatment of my people and yet here YOU are with your ignorance petting my head without permission like you own me!?  UGhhh... well I HOPE you learned something about faunus from this exchange because you confirm what is wrong with humanity!  You preach of being a creature of justice yet never recognize your own actions in wrong.  I thought you understood but I THOUGHT wrong."

Gris let out a frustrated grunt, then speaks hotly:

"Whatever more you have to say I care not.  I'm leaving you here since you seem to understand justice but not respect.  But I'm used to that."

With that, Gris turns heel and stomps off to her dorm before she feels the urge to punch the human in the face for daring petting her like some animal.  She would suffer no such humiliation no more from a human.

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"I see" some how he became dull with the out bursts but it was his own fault to assume they got pass the barriers they had between each other. "I meant not in demeaning you like an animal. Twas a gesture like one an old brother is to younger sibling. But perhaps if you were not so blind by your own hatred mayhaps you would make an encouraging difference. You can yell, harm, and rage all you want i would not blame you it merely shows the level of pain you are suffering and how can some one not be compassionate of that."

With a flat look he thought a moment. "And I like cats as pets though..." He sighed rubbing his neck wondering if he knew he was just teasing but even making light she seemed always serious and angry." Griscelda you seem always upset always apprehensive of humans because of experience or maybe culture maybe both. That misunderstanding and fear may be very well what deters you from receiving any form of closure. You presume too much in a humans actions and you let your hated blind you too quickly. At some point you may make a mistake you may regret or become someone you may not like."

"If you wish to turn around and hit me do so. If you wish to yell at me do so. We learn from another only when we can overcome our differences. I never considered you a dog never seen you as such just a little girl.. angry.. confused.. possibly violent... But I personally never thought less of you so far."

Memories flooded in and if she was still walking away at this point it didn't matter to him. "Atlas murdered my village and my family. All because of a vain of rare dust. I was but a child but i watched as this grand kingdom came to us asking to aid them in the fight against Grimm interested in our ways and how we wielded dust....

"Starring to the fire if she was even there anymore his eyes burned with an intense anger. "So yes I get it I get how painful and how mortifying it is to watch another group of being slaughter your people. Oppress them and hate them because we did not share in their same values and had something they wanted. I hold resentment to those of Atlas like you hold resent meant to humans.

"But if I hate them so if I lower myself to their behavior and lower my standards because of them then I'd be spitting on the souls of all those who died and came before me. So I apologize for offending you again. For treating you like a child and not like an adult. This is the hunter and the person I am. But i am human i'll always be flawed and imperfect but i have the ability to change an ability to move beyond my limits. Otherwise if we continue with the hate in our hearts all we are are just Grimm in flesh clothing.

"I can accept and admit to my ignorance what of yours? As for respect you will always have it even if you hate me even if you are angry.

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16 Re: Syn in Black n White (open to role players) on Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:01 pm

"Hrrmmm" Grumbles the wolf faunus as walks away from Ash yet her ears still listening to what what the human was blabbering on about.  She lets out groan as he compared his "gentle touch" to that as siblings... which she thought of as kinda creepy and weird.  But she was an only child so what does she know about siblings?  His comment on allowing her  to take a free hit upon him was tempting, and convinces her to slow her pace to slow crawl.  She listens to Ash drone on about losing his family to the Kingdom of Atlas over dust.  Gris did feel a connection when he mentioned his anger for the Atlas government who wronged him and his family anger that she herself understood.   Plus he did apologize for for his own offense.

"Hrumph... well... " muses Gris as she spins on her heel and takes a couple steps back to Ash

"Apology tentatively accepted for now.  I more partial to the term righteous anger myself.  Afterall, if you have been wrong by society that claims to have your best interest in mind, should you not feel anything else?  So I can't say that I hate you, just that I am angry with you and righteously so.  So... I'll hold you treating me like any other hunter for now."

Gris' eyes narrow as she states adamantly "Its good to hear you admit to your own ignorance but my own ignorance I have none.  I know what I know and I'll leave it at that.  But I think that is enough of a chat today.  So I'll just leave you ponder and..."

Gris pause, thinking for a moment before tentatively adding

"and... err... making music?  Yeah... well... bye now!"

With that, Gris scampers off.  She isn't 100% sure what to make of this human but she just had enough of his company for one day.  Maybe she will be treated better next time they meet, or maybe she will have to knee him in the groan to see if her ears are really attached to her head.  She will assume she will get her answer the next time they meet, whenever they happen to do so.  And maybe he will play something more pleasant to listen to too.

[Gris exits]

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What a peculiar person she was watching her leave made him realize how out of touch he was with people and how much he understood their society. Faunus were victims like himself and his people but who would remember them now after so many years when events were focused in rebelling Grimm and he barely knew of this war with Faunus was man's greed so damaging they were naive to the things around him? The irony of it all as ash watched Gris go perhaps he would have to be more cautious on his approach on Faunus. At least they prove more interesting than the idiocy called hunters from this school all he needed was the training and maybe he could exact his rightous justice along with the Faunuses.

Perhaps that's what brought him here maybe it was a path to redeem himself from the lost of his own people. "How funny..." When Gris was far enough away he cease his music contemplating the day and decided it be best to take a nap. Dealing with Faunus girls seems to take a lot out of a man or maybe he wasn't ready to deal with the dramas of this school yet. Either way the day was spent well learning new things maybe as a further peace offering he dry out some meat and make jerky. Stepping into his tent he close it up and nap.

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