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Holly Dai's new room

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1 Holly Dai's new room on Tue Jan 19, 2016 4:20 pm

“This is the room that the weird man was talking about.”

Holly said pulling out the key and opening the door that led to a simple room that looked dusty and smelled of stale blood. The blood smell came from the closet. She opens the door to find a blood encrusted shirt.

“Well that's quaint.”

She said sarcastically before she closed the door to the closet and continued to survey the room. Marking the broken wall and the smudges of blood in random locations.

“Cleaning duty is up to me I guess.”

She put on her fashion forward cleaning gloves and set to work fixing the wall first, Putting on plaster and fresh paint whilst humming somewhere over the rainbow. She then went to work on the blood stains using gingerbread cookie scented cleaning supplies.

“I hope he is fine with me cleaning everything…With him being a murderer and all.”

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