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Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda)

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1 Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda) on Tue Jan 19, 2016 11:15 pm


Liona had yet to do any of the shadowing opportunities ever since it had been started. None of thementors had been interesting, "interesting" meaning "faunus", or when they had, she was just unable to partake. However, this time was different. This time,  She was able to find one that met her perfectly reasonable standards. The mentor would be a bat faunus named Libra, working at the school's library. It was perfect. Nearby, Quiet, since it was a library, and most importantly, none of those pesky humans. Liona had... regressed a bit in her tolerance of humans over break,  and refused to have any more to do with them if she could help it.  with a smile smile at her achievement, the blonde faunus accepted the mentor, entering herself into the system. She then backed away from the board as she turned around and headed toward the library to begin shadowing Ms. Arian.

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2 Re: Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda) on Wed Jan 20, 2016 5:23 am

Gricelda glanced through the list of people available for the Shadow Mission.  Wan Pound was still on the list... a fat disgusting creature but tolerable.  Some old geezer named Dusty... but figured she might as well pass as the last time she was in a dust shop was in handcuffs.  The only one that caught her attention was the one offered by Libra Airan.  It wasn't so much as she had an interest in books but an interest in Libra, a fellow faunus like herself.  She thought it would be pleasant to be under the direct supervision of another faunus for once as she sets off to go meet with the librarian.  

Gris power walks her way to the school library, making her way  to the front entrance as she arrives.  She creaks open one of the hefty doors open just enough to peek her head inside.  Her eyes scans the rooms, but fails to spot Libra amongst the the bookshelves.  Gris figured that Libra was further inside, maybe putting books on their proper positions or something.  She then pulls forcefully on door handle, the door lets out a low moan as it is being fully opened.

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3 Re: Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda) on Wed Jan 20, 2016 5:01 pm


Upon entering the library, Liona initially did not see anyone who resembled a librarian or any other such worker. granted, it wasn't as if one could see the entire library from the entrance where Liona stood, but the view was still decent. The cat scanned the room again, this time looking for someone who might be able to point her in the correct direction. Alas, it was not meant to be. the only people she saw at the time were human students partaking in their studies. Since Liona's stance on Humans was toonly bother them if they bothered her first, an event that seemed to happen way more often than the blonde would like, it seemed that she would have to look for her mentor herself.

At that time, she heard the doar creak open behind her. She looked to see another fellow faunus enter the building. Perhaps Liona could get some kind of directions after all. "Hello," She greeted, taking a step or two toward the silver haired newcomer. "Do you come here often at all? I'm Looking for where one Libra Arian would be." Just as soon as she finished her sentence, Liona heard a "SHHHHHHHHH!" In the loudest whisper she had ever heard. It caused the poor cat to jump a little and quickly turn toward the noise. What she saw was the girl that matched Libra's image barreling down the aisle with a cart of books. "QUIET IN THE LIBRARY!" she ironically shouted as she reached the two Faunus. Liona blinked in surprise, and then cleared her throat. "uhm, I am here for the--"
"Oh! are you my two shadowers today? I just got the notification that you were coming. Gricelda and Liona, correct?" Liona's eyes widened just a bit at the sound of the word "two", but then she felt a sense of relief when she realized that Libra was talking to the other faunus girl as well as herself. "Yes, I am Liona." She turned to the other girl, Gricelda, with a smile. "I guess we are working together today."

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4 Re: Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda) on Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:17 pm

As Gricelda closed the door behind her, she was immediately greeted by a feminine voice behind her.  She spins in place as she turns to face the cat-eared stranger who wasted no time asking her questions involving the library.  Before Gris could speak to the faunus, let alone think of a response, the two of them where both shushed at by yet a mysterious figure.  This startles Gris, quivering in place for a second, feeling her hair perking up and goosebumps crawling over her skin.  The cat faunus girl appeared to have been as equally surprised at the sudden intrusion, which warrants a smirk from Gris once she recovers from her own little shake up.  

It was only now that she finally got a good look at the librarian, who seemed to have fit the description of the person she was to shadow under.  She opens her mouth but silence it before speaking as the cat-faunus musters up a question.  The cat-faunus barely stammered half of a sentence before the librarian asked about her two shadowers.  Gris appeared concerned upon hearing the word 'two' and speaking up:

"Two?  I thought-"

Gris cuts herself off as she remember the the girl next to her was asking about if she knew where Libra Arian.  She felt somewhat relieved that her partner was also faunus, she didn't really trust most of the humans at this campus.  Her left wolf ear turns to the cat faunus, who introduced herself to Libra as Liona, speaks to her.  Gris turns face to look at Liona as she smiles warmly to her.

"Seems like it.  Anyway, I'm Gricelda, Gricelda Mee.  Your welcome to call me Gris though.  Dunno about you but-"

Libra places an index finger on over her own lips as she whispers as loudly she could get away with.

"SHHHHHHH!  Library remember?!"  

Gris winces visiably, bits her upper lip, then continues in a hushed tone.

"-errr... right... well it be good to be working with another faunus on this one."

She smiles meekly to Liona, then turns her gaze to the Libra and stares at her expectantly.

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5 Re: Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda) on Sat Jan 23, 2016 10:39 am


Not without invoking the brief wrath of Libra, Gricelda returned the Cat's greeting, telling her that it was nice to just work with Faunus. Liona couldn't agree more. "Yeah tell me about it," She whispered back, Taking extra care to keep her voice low despite the hypocrisy of the librarian, "The amount of Humans that creep though the halls of this school is just suffocating." She turned to face toward Libra to allow her to begin. The bat was flipping through a small group of papers bound to a red clip board, and when she seemed to be satisfied with whatever she was looking at, she hung it up in the side of the rack cart thing and turned her attention to her two helpers for the day.

"Alright, Welcome to the library, I am Libra, your mentor today. A thing to remember; The library is a sacred temple of silence in order to preserve the focus of the great minds of today." Her voice was about the same as Gricelda's had been earlier, if not a bit louder. Her voice seemed to be one that was easily projected, and Ms. Airian did not seem to even know it. Liona's gaze could not help but fall onthe the red clipboard, and on it she saw the same words that the Faunus mentor spoke. Someone had surely been practicing for this. The blonde let out a short exhale in a stealthy chuckle, laughing under her breath. This was definitely going to be interesting.

"Now, follow me and I will show you the layout of this land I call the Library." Libra took her Cart and quickly hauled it away, expecting the two girls to follow.

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6 Re: Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda) on Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:38 pm

Gris nods, agreeing with her partner for today. She leans slightly twords Liona and whispers softly:

"Yeah, us faunus should really stick together in a place like this.  You simply can't trust all of these humans to treat us kindness or respect."

Once finished, she leans back into place and watches Libra as she searches through her papers.  Gris listens and nods as Libra gives her rehearsed speech.  For all of her talk of keeping quite in the library, Libra might have been a greater offender of the "temple's" silence than either herself or Liona ever were.  But she did not dare speak up to Libra as this would only earn her condemnation.  Instead she just smiles and nods.  Given the order to follow, Gris keeps a few feet distance behind Libra made sure to keep pace with her new pal Liona.

As they tag behind Libra, Gris curiously looks around the library.  She had only seen the outside of the building until and it somehow seemed larger on the inside than it did on the outside...

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7 Re: Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda) on Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:34 am


Finally, someone who understood! Lately Liona had felt so alone in her opinions, it was admittedly beginning to drive her a little nuts. To have someone agree with her assured her that everyone else was just wrong. Liona quite liked this girl. In any case, Liona and her new buddy Gris followed behind Libra as she zoomed through the shelves, quickly explaining which shelf held what kind of book as they passed by. She had to admit, Liona was having a bit of trouble keeping up with the cart without going into a jog. Even so, Liona came to the library all the time, nothing like a good book to kill some free time. Gris on the other hand, looked as though she never had, so hopefully Ms Arian wasn't going to fast for her. Especially since the only reason she was going so fast was because of her wheeled cart.

Suddenly, Libra came to a halt in front of an aisle of mystery books It was all Liona could do to react in time and not crash into the librarian's back, but somehow she managed to do it, even if she nearly fell backwards in the process. "Okay! Part of my job is to take the books returned or shipped to us and put them back in their neighborhoods. This rack I have here is mostly filled with Mystery novels, so I'm coming here first." She proceeded to explain the book call numbers for a bit and then went about her business shelving the necessary books.

In the meantime, Liona Leaned over to Gris and spoke in a low voice, "You look like you'd probably get lost if we weren't following Ms Arian. Are you a freshman by chance?" A curious cat, as they said. Liona couldn't help but speculate. Besides, they had now reached the part of the show where they were basically just watching Libra do her job until she decided to give them something else to do, so now seemed as good a time as any to strike up conversation.

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8 Re: Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda) on Sun Jan 24, 2016 3:55 pm

Gris was somewhat surprised by how fast Libra was moving through the aisle of books.  Gris kinda liked this pace, for it kept her body in motion.  As for this library itself, Gris was still taking in all of its sensations.  These sensations range from the ambiance of lighting, that distinct musk that age paper gives off, and the pungent quite that permeates the whole building.  It was a rare experience for her be in the presence of so many books.  And the size of this particular library put her at a loss.  It doesn't mean that didn't have an interest in books, she always a slight curiosity to their contents.  Its more that she lacked to patience and the will to do serious reading in her free time as that kept her more or less immobile.  It was difficult for someone like herself to stay in one position for long unless it was truly necessary.

Libra's sudden stop nearly caused the distracted Gris to lurch forward and momentarily fight with herself to keep balance.  She spreads out her arms to help maintain balance, careful not to accidentally smack Liona in the process.  Once she regains her footing, she lets out a quite breath of relief and stands erect while listening to Libra talk about how to put books away or something.  Liona hushed whisper almost caught her by off-guard as she was a little focused on trying understand from Libra how this whole archaic system of book organization was suppose to work.  Gris turns her face slightly to Liona with a wide-eyed expression on her face.  She guess she gave off that lost puppy impression, judging by Liona's response.

Her surprised expression morphs into a kind smile.

"Was I really that wide-eye looking?  Heh..."
states Gris quitely, holding back a chuckle.

"Well your right, I only just arrived here to Syne during the Winter Break.  I had a chance to walk around the academy but... I haven't bothered having a look inside the library until now."

Gris takes the moment to take a glance at Libra, who seemed to engrossed with explaining about the numbers on the side correlating to space in the shelf for the book to go to.  Gris takes this moment to lean closer to Liona and continue the conversation since it seems safe to do so at the moment.

"So... what about yourself?  I take it you have been here longer than I have."
inquires Gris, who still speaks in a hushed whisper in order to avoid the librarian's attention.

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9 Re: Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda) on Tue Jan 26, 2016 3:09 am


The silver Haired faunus apparently had not wanted her wonder to be visible, but alas, her face betrayed her when Liona noticed. It was no wonder though, as Gris told the cat that she had just started here less than a month ago, during winter break. So she was BRAND new. Gricelda then followed up with a new question, asking Liona how long she had been attending Syne. "It's been almost two years for me," she softly replied, "I started when they opened the place. I mostly know my way around, I would think." Liona's attention was then taken by Libra, who was now turning around to face the two helpers.

Libra now faced the two faunus girls and gave them a lance over. She then cleared her throat and took a deep breath before uttering her next word. "Okay! We are going to go to another shelf now, where both of you can shelve the books yourself. It isn't the most glamorous of tasks, but it is a job that needs to be done." The Librarian then took off once again with the now half empty cart, Leaving the others to follow until she stopped at a shelf that was already nearby.

Upon catching up to her, Liona found Libra splitting the rest of the books on the cart, the fantasy books, into two small, moderately even stacks, one for Liona and one for Gris. "Alright so now you two try. As long as they are in alphabetical order on the shelves, everything is fine. I'll watch, er, supervise is a better word. I'll be supervising you as you do it, so that you can get it right if you mess up." She then took some steps back in order to keep her distance. As Liona began to deconstruct her little pile of books, she leaned back toward Gris and continued the conversation while making sure to keep her voice as low as she could without being too audible. "Well in any case, welcome to Syne! How are you adjusting so far?"

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10 Re: Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda) on Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:30 pm

Gricelda gives Liona brief nod, though she herself is a little surprised how recent this academy  really is.  Gris then looks over to Libra, just in time to listen to her assigning them both a task to complete.   Gris keeps pace with the librarian as they power walk to the next shelf section that required books.  When Libra explained it, seems simple enough.  Putting back books onto the book shelf in alphabetical order was something even she could intuitively up on.   Gris grabs an armfull of tomes from her pile and goes on to place each one into its place She checks each title and searching for the proper place of each book.  Gris stands on her tippy toes as she slots a book into a space, listening to Liona as she starts the conversation back up.  Gris turns her head slightly to Liona's direction as to not look obvious, doing her best to keep her voice low enough that her new friend could hear but the librarian could not.

"Well... lets say coming to this academy wasn't what I expected to happen to me.  But all things considered though... I have been treated surprisingly well.  Its not the most prestigious academy but certainly has its charm.  I even get along nicely with my roommates... with except for the one human."

Gris gives a small shrug, sure there are some hiccups but so far Syne has treated her well.  Gris continues the conversation with a question of her own, still whispering like a child late at night during a slumber party.

"So... you been here two years.  How has that been for you?"

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11 Re: Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda) on Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:19 pm


The girls started on their task of shelving, taking their stacks nd sorting them oout. Liona had decided upon taking it one book at a time, putting the novels in their correct alphabetical place as she went along, taking out the middle man. All the while, their conversation continued. Gris expressed her content in how well the lesser known hunter's school was treating her. Liona was glad, though it definitely wasn't perfect in any way, she still held some pride for the academy, Though maybe it was just her own family bias. Still, it was good to know Grcelda was enjoying herself here. Well, except when dealing with a human, of course. Couldn't forget about those pesky humans, no matter how much one may want to. Liona scoffed at the mention of the enemy as she continued her shelving. "Honestly I'm surprised there is only one. Not to say I don't also have that one particularly infuriating human to deal with, But I---"
"SHHHHHHHHHHHH" Once again startling Liona, Libra shushed the poor cat, as her voice must have been raised just before starting her rant about humans. "You don't have to be loud to shelve!"
"Eh, Sorry about that, Ms. Arian." Liona then turned back to the shelf to finish the last of her stack before answering Gris' own question. "Well, it's mostly been fun, though classes have been difficult for sure, as expected. I apparently have to complete a certain amount of these missions to become a Junior, and I totally forgot! I also need to go hunting soon, It's going to be quite an adventure. Oh, also humans. Annoying humans. But who cares about those guys? Just keep going and live your life, right?"

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12 Re: Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda) on Fri Jan 29, 2016 12:23 am

Gricelda nods her head slightly up and down as she listens to Liona, who is speaking maybe a little too passionately about her thoughts on humans. Gris turns her head to eye Libra from the corner of her eye who is now easing Liona to be more quite.  Once Libra has said her peace, Gris returns her gaze onto the book she is currently working on.  She couldn't make out the title as the print was small and color of the letters and the background were too close in tone for her to make it out.  Or maybe it just the inconvenience of her colorblindness making her life a tad more difficult  Gris just places the book onto the shelf she thinks it goes onto as she really didn't want to explain to yet another group of people that she happens to be colorblind.  As she tries to decide what to do with book in her hand, she listens to Liona responding to her earlier question, nodding her head slightly to acknowledge that she was listening.  As Liona wraps up her speach, Gris looks over to Liona, looking somewhat surprised.

"Oh, really?  I just thought these missions were more like extra credit that you can get paid for." Murmurers the wolf quietly, before smiling to Liona.

"Good thing I already got a head start then~  Well if you someone someone to come along with you on hunt, you can let me know.  I might be a freshman but I'm more than capable of handling myself in a fight."
she muses, placing the book in question onto the shelf.  Almost immediately, Libra pipes up:

"Ummm... Gricelda?  Dreams of Bark by Bravis Baker actually goes more on the right.  Your doing good though!"

Gris tilts her head questionably, then pulls out the book and struggles to reread the title.  She still had a hard time making out the words, all she could see was 'Beams of Dark by Davis Laer'.

"Err... how did you" stammers Gris

"SHHHhhh! You don't have to be so loud!" states the bat faunus... rather loudly.

"Oh, I just know which each and every book belongs to." chimes Libra, who after consulting with her notes proudly tilts her head slightly up as she grins devilishly  "I'm the librarian after all~"

Gris stares at  Libra an incredulous look on her face, unsure if she actually knows where all of the book in this library are suppose to go or if she actually went through the trouble of noting where all of the books are suppose to go before meeting them just to impress them if one of them shelved a book incorrectly.

"Errr... right... I'll just put... this book back where it belongs..." quietly mumbles Gris as she moves to the next shelf over and places the book into its proper space.  She silently curses this Bravis Baker and his awful color pallet for book covers.  While everyone would see a forest green book written with crimson letters... to Gris a mostly a blank dull yellow tome.

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13 Re: Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda) on Sat Jan 30, 2016 1:03 am


A small misplacement mistake made my Gricelda was quickly pointed out, quite impressively, by Libra. The librarian then explained that she knew everything there was to know about the library, especially where all of the books went. The bat faunus might have been a pretty big hypocrite with her voice's volume, but at the very least no one could say she wasn't good at her job or she didn't know what she was doing. Still, it was a little strange that Gris made such an obvious mistake. Then again, she and Liona had been talking that whole time, so the Silver headed faunus was probably jusy distracted and didnt read the cover right. These kind of things just happened sometimes. Liona smiled at the girl, raising up her right fist but holding it back by grabbing onto the inside of her elbow with her left hand. It was a gesture that said "You can do it!" like those famous post-war faunus rights posters.

When the girls were done with the shelving, Libra would applaud them before moving on with the next part of librarian life. The redhead led them back through the shelves and toward the front desk. "This is the check out counter." Libra gestured toward the desk where Liona saw the first two librarians that she had seen here today sitting. "If you need to take a book or movie home you talk to them. most customer service questions are brought here as well. The book return is between the two stations." Libra moved her now empty cart past the desk and through the door behind it, dropping it off with its family before proceeding deeper into the back room. Her walking speed was much slower without the wheels to drag her around, and much more manageable. The bat led her shadows to a small room filled with another cart and a half filled with books and a ton of boxes. "This is the mail room, and another important part of the Library. It is the library's job to spread its knowledge as far and wide as it can, and that includes between other libraries." Libra pointed to the stack of empty boxes to the right. "This is where the books headed for the big library in downtown Bellmuse." Her finger's aim shifted to the stack on the left. "This stack is for international deliveries. They get sent to Atlas and sorted there for distribution between the other kingdoms. We can't afford to send things to four different places on a regular basis, so we let them deal with it." Libra picked up her clipboard again and handed the girls each a copy of what goes where. "This is the list of orders we got this morning. I've already pulled all the books needed, but now they need to go from that those carts to their rightful boxes. Gricelda takes Local and Liona takes Overseas. Meanwhile, I'll open up these boxes in the back corner here. they have all of the new books we've gottten this month."

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14 Re: Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda) on Sat Jan 30, 2016 3:39 pm

Gris looks over her copy of the list of books, unfamiliar with most of the titles on the list.  Once again it seems simple enough, just put the right book into the right so that it goes either to the local library in Bellmuse or to the library in Altas which in turn will be sent to everywhere else.

"Alright, easy enough." mummers the wolf faunus as she picks up a book.

Gris searches for its title on the list, confirmed it was for the local library before setting it at the bottom of the box.  Gris continues the monotonous process again and again and again.  Each time she found a book destined for local, she placed in on of the boxes and crossed its name off the list in pencil.  If it was international, she set it aside for Liona to take care.  As the boxes begin the with books, Gris figures she might as well shoot a question to Liona as they worked.

"Liona, are you a native to Bellmuse or did you come here from one of the other kingdoms?  I myself came from Vale." inquires Gris, who continues to sort through the rapidly diminishing pile of books.  She wasn't speaking as quietly as she probably should but figured since they where back here, no would really mind.

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15 Re: Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda) on Sun Jan 31, 2016 11:42 am


The task was simple enough; take book, put in box. Though the challenge didn't seem to be in the difficulty, but rather the time consumption and tedium of it all. Take book, Put in box. Then you cross it off the list and start again until all the books were gone. Gricelda even put aside books that she found belonged to Liona's list, which was super helpful. still, Liona probably would have gone insane doing this repetitive job every day, she wondered how Libra could stand for it. Even now, the only thing that stopped the second year student from going crazy was her companion starting up a new conversation. She asked where Liona was from, Either Bellmuse or any of the other kingdoms. A fitting question, seeing as these boxes of books would be sent all over Remnant. Gris even followed up her question with her own answer, revealing that she was from Vale. "Oh really? What a coincidence! I'm from Vale too. I actually went back for break. Trip could have been better, but it was still nice to go home for a bit, since I more or less live in Bellmuse now." The girls had evidently decided not to be so careful in vocal volume, but since Libra was no longer saying anything it was probably fine. They were in the back area after all, as opposed to the actual library.

In any case, Once Liona and Gricelda had finished, Libra stood up, finished with her unboxing as well. She placed all of the new books on the cart that the young faunus girls had just emptied, and then turned to them. "Alrighty then! I'd love for you guys to stay and help out more, but it looks like our session is over. hopfully you have both learned what it takes to maintain this vast land of knowledge. I simply wish for you both to leave here with a new respect for the library." Liona nodded. While she didn't really have MORE library respect than she already did, she was at least glad to be able to walk away from this with a new friend. With a smile, she turned to face Gris. "Well, this has been fun." The blonde took the paper she was using for their last task and ripped off the corner. She then wrote a series of numbers on it and handed it to Gricelda. "Here is my scroll's contact information. Let me know if you ever want to do this again, or go on that hunt, or just hang out, okay?" And with that, she turned and headed toward the door. She still had homework to do, after all.


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16 Re: Living the Library Life (Shadow/Gricelda) on Sun Jan 31, 2016 2:30 pm

Gris was pleasantly surprised hearing that Liona also hailed from Vale.  Just one more thing the two of them had in common!

"Ha!  That is a coincidence!  Well I'm personally glad to have you here in Bellmuse, even if we just spent the whole day sorting books together." states Gris quite happily.

The two girls continued to work throughout the day until Libra announced that their session has come to end, which was quite a relief as the job quickly grew into a tedious occupation.  Gris breathed in the fresh air of the outside, only now realizing how stale the library's air truly was.  Gris looks over to her pal Liona as she makes a comment about the day, to which Gris nods in agreement.

"Yeah, I guess it was kinda fun."

Gricelda then watches the cat faunus scribble someone on a piece of paper and promptly hand the paper scrap over to her.  Gris looks at the numbers, about to ask if this was Liona's contact information before Liona answered her question for her.    She can't help but gasp, giddy with excitement for at last making a friend at this academy!

"Ghuahh!?  R-really?  Thanks Liona!  I-"

Gris, pauses as she thinks her excitement may have come off as sounding desperate so she tones down the level of excitement on her voice.

"I mean, thanks.  I'll be sure to add you to my contacts list.  I'll be sure to invite you along to do... something together in the future!  Oh, and I'll send you text message so that you also have my contact number.  That why you can get in touch with me whenever you, you know, when you feel like you want me around and such."

Even when she tries to keep her level of excitement down, one could easy see how happy Gris is at the moment.  Afterall, it was hard to miss the big stupid grin on her face.

"Well, you take care now Liona!" exclaims the wolf happily.

As the two depart, Gricelda reflects upon the day so far.  For Gris, it was an interesting experience and the library was impressive even if Gricelda herself was hardly a bookwork.  Did she come out with greater appreciation for the library?  Maybe.  The best part of this shadow mission honestly was coming out of it with a new friend.


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