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New blades! [solo/Weapon Training]

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1 New blades! [solo/Weapon Training] on Wed Jan 20, 2016 1:33 am

Jet had been working on this for months. He was working mostly at night so to not disturb his roommates he worked at the workshop in the school – there really was a room for everything in this school. The upgrade was easy enough, just extremely long and tedious to do. He wanted to make his weapon more resistant to chipping and increase the cutting power of it and the only way to accomplish this was to change the material used entirely and change the current blades for ones made of a different metal, one with the proprieties that fitted his needs. The current blades were still from his first design of the weapon, he hadn’t needed to change them while in Sanctum and also didn’t have access to the materials with the money he had. So he had settled for the best his allowance could get. Now though! He had money and contacts, so he was able to actually get some of the best metal in the industry for the task he had. Still, sometimes he wished he could mold metal to his will instead of just manipulating it. It would have been much faster to just will the metal in the wanted shape instead of having all the blades cut individually, heated, hammered, shaped to fit together and sharpened to cut anything. But no, he had to do all that the loooong way which is : by hand. Thus each blade had taken him days to finish and he had dozens of them. It had been a long few, lonely months in the forge and workshop.

Today was the day though. He was just finishing his last blade. The metal, a black alloy that is very hard to produce but that has very useful properties for weapons, was hard to work with, especially when cold but that was a part he couldn’t do at the forge. He was preparing the attachments which it would fit with the previous blade of the chain.

Reassembling the device was pretty quick. The blades didn’t have any differences in shape so it was all just a question of replacing them. Drachenrüken had a new shine to it once it was done. Still, it wouldn’t be an upgrade if he didn’t tweak a bit with the gauntlet itself. The new blades allowed for a more fast unraveling since it was highly resistant to friction too. That allowed him to readjust the limiter on the mechanism, almost turning it off. His blades could almost shoot forward as fast as a bullet now! That fact excited Jet quite a lot, he couldn’t wait to test it out. He could find someone that would be interested in checking it with him. Scarlett or Warren would probably be willing. Maybe even Avery, with her new guns, would be willing to spar or something to try them out at the same time? … Maybe “something”, he had a very thorough look at her weapons and he didn’t want to be on the receiving end of those marvels of engineering, even in a training situation. So yeah, “something” sounded nice, like, shooting at Grimms instead of him. Much better idea.

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