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The Best Of Syne (Quotes)

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1 The Best Of Syne (Quotes) on Thu Jan 21, 2016 1:19 am

To put it simply, just reply with your favorite in-character quotes here and where they came from.

"You think so? Who knows, you might be right. All humans aren't that bad afterall, look at me for example; I'm absolutely amazing."

~Kei, Yet Again

"New student? Just a guess. You know, you're probably going to end up being late on your first day. Classes and role call probably started by now. I wouldn't be too worried about it though, it is the first day afterall. If anything, blame your tardiness on the faculty for unclear instruction on how to get to Syne Academy. I mean, its well passed my first day of school, but I still blame things on the faculty. I might not be their favorite student, but hey, I don't lose sleep over it."
~Kei, How the First Day Should Be

"You mean the whole way through right? Just cause it starts free doesn't mean it is free. Like when your at a club and you meet a female who's really friendly and all that you find each other falling in love with each other that night. You both go to a love hotel that night, but its only when things start getting serious you find out she's actually a hooker when she begins to ask for money if you want to continue. Traps like that are terrible you know. Especially when I'm on the conned side."
~Kei, Drinks Should Always Happen First

"You know, there are two kinds of people I hate in this world, the first being those spoiled girls who grew up with their father giving them everything they wanted and will use the word 'daddy' in every other sentence if you try to hold a conversation with them. The second type of people I hate are those who don't restock a roll of toilet paper after they use it all up. Right now, I'm really tempted to make this list a three parter by adding 'loud training junkies' to it"
~Kei, What A Lovely Day For Some Teamwork

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2 Re: The Best Of Syne (Quotes) on Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:05 am

"I'm afraid I can't just ditch if things are turning a tad bit sour. You see, I really need the credit for this class."
-Kei, So much for class...

"Before you say I look like the complete opposite of an expert on love, hear me out." Kei cut in before the younger student could respond, "You know that in any art, in any skill, a master should know not only the means to be extremely successful, but also the means to fail. This way, he would know what not to do. I absolutely know all of the flaws to love, something most people try to avoid altogether. It's because I know these flaws, understand them, I can call myself a love guru. Afterall, choosing to fail isn't a failure. It's the opposite. It's a victory."
-Kei, Another Session Alone Yet Together

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3 Re: The Best Of Syne (Quotes) on Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:17 am

.It's genuinely amazing, atleast in my mind, of our own birth. See, when we are born we are born with a warm heart of gold. Age tarnishes the metal, and in the end our hearts turn dull and cold. It's fascinating to watch."
-Koko Hanazusaki

"It was never simple, but it wasn't too complex either. To love something to the point you'd sacrifice anything for, that is the simple part. It's recovering from when that thing you love gets sacrificed, that's the complex part. It's what keeps me up at night."
-Koko Hanazusaki

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4 Re: The Best Of Syne (Quotes) on Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:23 am

"You could look me in the eyes and tell me I'm something, but to tell you the truth, I'm probably nothing. A broken heart with a broken tooth, I'd love to be something, but from this devil, I will always be running. On another level, I can't keep from bluffing, a decayed world, im in an absolute nothing. I knew a little angel who held love in her eye, and she came from me, that's why she had to die. Love in her voice, and tears in her eyes, she had a choice, but the issue was I. Being bankrupt from a young age had filled me with rage, a blank book, with nothing on the page, and now in my sleep all I get is this look, a sight from God, of the angel he took. It may be odd, but again it's always at peace, because it doesn't matter, your life is on lease, and when your time comes your blood will splatter. Probably from me, with a psychos laughter, it couldn't be, the only one that could see, the devil is alive, but he is trapped inside me."
-Koko Hanazusaki

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6 Re: The Best Of Syne (Quotes) on Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:11 pm

“You have lived in darkness, and so you will die in darkness,” Raziel Mirandale, Sin, death, and thievery.

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7 Re: The Best Of Syne (Quotes) on Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:47 am

- Faeth, Proudly perpetuating faunus stereotypes as a greeting.

"What about your semblance? It must be something beautiful."
- Faeth, Smooth as fudge.

"AT stands for antitank and AP stands for anti personnel."

Excuse him what. What kind of music class was this and why had no one told him they were going to involve copious amounts of awesome?
- Marcus, Because It's also a gun.

"You, for the love of god don't talk this time. You keep freaking people out and I hate thinkin of an explanation on why and how do you what you do..."
- Koko Hanazusaki, Handling real world Team Rocket problems.

"Stupid door."
- Amarante, She knows what's up.

'Words hurt. Literally.'
- Arcen Anokades, And that's coming from someone who's missing limbs.

"Let us focus. What do you do if a person's heart stops? I'm not asking for the correct answer, but what you'd do as a person. For this sake, pretend they're important to you."
-Ishi Omo, Realising it's a sad world where he needs to be precise.

Once Fenrir could actually see again, he noticed a little squid girl. "Hello shortstack, need a lift?"
- Fenrir, reflexively creating doujinshi material.

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8 Re: The Best Of Syne (Quotes) on Tue Nov 29, 2016 12:40 pm

 "I'll investigate this if that's what it takes to get into Syne. But don't get your hopes up that I'll find some plot to kidnap the princess or some sh-t like that."

Fenrir checked his scroll again. Apparently there HAD been an attempt on the princess....go figure. He shook his head at the stupidity of people around him. To kidnap then girl in her palace during a party with hunters everywhere was beyond lobotomized zombie in terms of brain damage to even consider for a fraction of a second that it would be a god idea...or even just a flight of fancy.

-Fenrir, the future voice over guy for cinemasins (Hunted, put 1)

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