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Cooking Up A Storm (Open)

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26 Re: Cooking Up A Storm (Open) on Wed Apr 13, 2016 2:04 pm

Ahri Huntsmith
As the other faunus started to yell at the human the other one that cam in with the human started to yell at him. The human seen to have a look of fear on this face. "This is all YOUR FAULT! You should have never have come here! You humans ALWAYS bring trouble with you!" The human male was now in the fire if he wasn't already. Ahri looked at the human and seen the same fear her self had. She was starting to feel a little sad for him but this kind had something like this coming for a long time.

"Wait!" someone yelled out "What if he comes back with more humans what are we going to do than?" "We fight." As a man walked up to the front of the group wearing black shoes and pants, White top, and a grimm mask. "Let them come and we'll show them they can mess with us and not get bit for it i'm I RIGHT!!!!" Buy now everyone was into what he was talking about like everything els the WF said. Ahri looked over to the girl the human was with. Than some one else yelled out "Hey didn't she come here with him and isn't she part of the White Fang?" Than the gun was now pointed at her and the White Fang man face look mad.

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27 Re: Cooking Up A Storm (Open) on Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:09 am

Flash Driver
"I take it you just want to be left alone for a bit then Miss, sorry to be such a bother ^^II Just ring the bell when you want me to come over. No need to rush, best to pick out something you like rather than something you won't ^^ " Flash nodded, as soon as he was sure she had read his screen and rose. Unfortunately he'd been to focused on trying to take the girl's order to notice much around him.

Scanning the room briefly he could feel... some sort of tension, but noted that the friendly human guy was gone. That was a shame, Flash figured he should probably catch up to him and make sure he was okay. It was late out and he didn't seem to have had the best of days. That and the last airship couldn't be long off, seemed best to meet up with him. Flash did notice something out the corner of his sensors.

"Oh dear! Friendly friends, you shouldn't point guns at each other. It's quite dangerous. You might hurt one another."

Flash reached to take the gun from the man, aimed at the nice faunus girl with the grey hair, only to accidentally crush it. It fell to the ground, shattered into two separate pieces.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry. I don't really know my own strength that well," The robot texted, accidentally threateningly, "If you'd just all be careful and nice that poor gun wouldn't have been broken. Oh well, Chef man. Remember to give my money to-

A light gonging sound rang out as the white fang member punched Flash's back, injuring his hand far more than he did the droid's back. The big robot didn't even notice.

"- Those poor guys who broke they're knife on me ^^ Thanks for the job."

And with that Flash walked out, going after the man to make sure he was okay and try to cheer him up.


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