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All In Good Fun (Open)

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1 All In Good Fun (Open) on Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:55 am

With Christmas break now gone and over Toriera was once again toss back into the grind of teaching. Her couple of months here weren't what you would call a huge success. With some students almost openly breaking in a fight in her first class. Along with a few other incidence she much rather forgot about. Still, she had yet to lose a student to dust, been caught skipping a few classes here and there to nap, and yet to be approached by the headmaster. So in her happy little world, it wasn't all bad. Still a girl needed a way to relax from the "responsibility" of teaching the future youth. So on one of the more the warmer days in January Toriera found herself enjoying the afternoon sun in the courtyard. At first sight the young woman would have looked more like a student then a teacher. Dressed in light gray hooded with Haven Academy logo on its back and front. Along with a pair of black pants with her footloose on her feet. With her rainbow hair pulled back into a ponytail. With classes over she saw no reason to keep up the dress code act and wanted to relax.

However, what had meant to be a time to rest and relaxed had turned very tense. Sitting on a bench Toriera could be heard shouting at her scroll from across the courtyard. Since she had been so busy with her move back to her home town, meeting up with Sister Forte at the orphanage for old times sake, as well as setting up her classroom had left the woman with very little free time. So she was only now able to catch up with a few fights that had taken place during the beginning of Vytal Festival. "NOOOO! Don't do that!" She yelled as if the people on her scroll could hear her. "Look out for the one with the bow! It's a trap!" What she was watching was the first rounds of the Vytal Festival with team ABRN against some team called RWBY. Toriera thought the name was a bit pretentious, but whatever. All that matter now was for her team to win!

But in the end team ABRN lost cause her to throw the scroll down in a fit of rage. Thankfully years ago, she had upgraded the casting of her phone for these very outburst. "Damn it! I had money riding on that! Damn RWBY..." She almost growled rubbing her hands through her hair in frustration. "Well, hopefully team SSSN will do better."

Yes, half of the frustration was her losing a bet, but at the same time it was a bit of what others might call school pride. Losing energy the woman flopped back in her seat with her head hanging back over the bench. Letting out a deep sigh as she did so.

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