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I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private]

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1 I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Mon Feb 01, 2016 12:51 pm

Scarlett Winchester
Valentine's Day. Such an amazing time for those that were in love. A magical time, where lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends, wifes, husbands, and couples of all types enjoyed their being together. It was a day for romance, love, exploration, and simply enjoying one's self with someone that they cared about, that someone often being who they cared about the most. The affection was almost palpable in the air, from th lovey-dovey couples that spent their time relaxing in the parks to the more mature romance of those that decided to celebrate at a fancy restaurant. And even those things that would make Scarlett blush while thinking about - although that'd be most things. Perhaps it wasn't a surprise to anyone that even someone as awkward as the redheaded gunslinger wanted to spend this time with someone.

It was quite easy to tell that Scarlett wasn't the best when it came to asking people things, be it information or if they wanted to do something with her. Typically, she would be far too meek to do so, unless it was with her small circle of friends. And even then, it was rather difficult, often resorting to text messages sent on her scroll to do such things for her. It relieved some of the anxiety when it came to asking people if they wanted to hunt or invite them over for some reason. In fact, she was almost dependent on it at times. But this time, this day, it was different. Instead of going the simple route and sending a text, she instead sent a voice message.

To: Avery
From: Scar

"H-hey, erm... Avy, it's me Scar! I was just wondering, since, erm... I mean, I... I don't really, erm... know if you had any plans or anything... erm... but it being, uh... V-valentines and everything... everyone was doing stuff and... I figured... erm..." A pause was heard, the girl attempting to recompose herself to continue, "A-ah... anyways, erm... I was wondering if you maybe didn't have anything planned, you'd be up for... you know... joining me on going into town... getting some lunch or something... kind've like a.. da- no, no no. That's dumb, I should delete that one and-"

Apparently, despite her attempts at deleting the message, she just ended up sending it. Which was immediately followed up by another text to ignore the last part of the previous message. With that done, she set out on the task of finding the perfect thing to wear. It was rare for the redhead to really wear anything other than her school uniform, but this time around she felt that it was a special occasion. But it was kind've hard to figure out why it was a special occasion, possibly just the holiday in general. But it was a strange feeling, not like this meet-up was a date or anything. It was kind've a date, even if the gunslingers hadn't realized that's what they were doing. And even if she did, the meeker of the two would probably just blush, deny it, have a break down, or all three.

After nearly an hour of getting ready - mostly due to picking out an outfit - she found something that worked quite well. At first glance, the outfit would have seemed to be something sort of like a sundress. But considering just how cold it was at that time of the year, that would have been ridiculously uncomfortable. Instead, there were two layers to her clothing. The bottom layer wasn't entirely revealed, kind've being a rather thin black sweater. The top layer was more like a dress in ways. Red, simple, a couple of tiny ribbons on one side of her chest to make it more unique. And her leggings were covered in stockings, something to keep them warm and trail upwards towards the over-dress's somewhat frilly skirt. If most people had saw her, they probably would have thought she was going on a romantic day.

Waiting at their planned meeting point, Scarlett shifted awkwardly on her legs, unable to contain her mixture of excitement and anxiety. She looked around the area, watching out for whatever sight of Avery that she could get while trying not to lick her lips as she often did. This day, she actually chose to wear a bit more make-up than usual, the lip-gloss giving her mouth a more noticeable shade of pink that usual. So instead, she just fidgeted lightly, trying to resist doing those little movements that she was almost known for. Didn't stop her from biting down on her inner cheek lightly, of course.


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2 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:35 pm

Avy Frost
Valentines Day. Yet another typical day for Avery. It just so happens that this year's February 14th fell on a Sunday so she had the whole day to relax. That or practice. She was at the basement of her residence in town which she converted into a personal firing range and had been training her weapon handling even before sunrise. After firing a couple more shots, Avy decided to take a break. She wasn't perspiring obviously, but her skin had gotten colder and frigid. She sat on a bench to check her phone and was surprised to see a voice message from Scarlett.

Avery was in the unfortunate end of drinking from her water bottle when she listened to the audio and almost choked at what she heard. Her cheeks flushed redder than they already were especially with the last sentence. This girl was asking her to spend the Valentines Day together. Isn't that a da-- hrm.. maybe Avy's just overthinking things. Maybe the redhead was just bored and didn't have anything to do. Yup. Definitely that.

Hours later, Avery sat on the backseat of the car staring nonchalantly outside the window. She abandoned the idea of going with a casual attire and decided to respect the fact that... it's Valentines day. Thus, she settled with an elegant combination of a white blouse, high-waist skirt, winter stockings and heels, and finishing it off with a soft-pink coat and a beret hat. As for the purse, a white clutch bag would do nicely.

A few minutes later, Avy felt the car come into a stop and she stepped out. She had instructed him to drop her off one block from the meeting place and she could walk from there. As she neared the place, a cute girl dressed in a black and red winter dress immediately caught her attention, singling her out in this populous town. It took Avy by surprise when she realized it was Scarlett. She was used to seeing her in the school uniform. While the girl was always adorable in whatever clothing she wore, she was practically bursting with charms in a cute outfit like this and Avery couldn't help a smile.

"Hi," Avery said as she took off her sunglasses and hang them by the collar of her blouse. "Did you wait long? I received your message late so I couldn't come in earlier." She took another look at the redhead in front of her before averting her gaze. "You look lovely by the way," she said lightly, embarrassed at her own uncharacteristic complimenting and was quick to change the subject. "So anyway, what did you have in mind for today? Surely it's not just lunch?"


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3 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Tue Feb 02, 2016 12:16 am

Scarlett Winchester
Scarlett began to let out a light yawn, getting rather bored while waiting for her friend. Holding her handbag in both hands in front of her lap as she stood, there wasn't much for her to do other than wait. She almost began to wonder if Avery was gonna show up just as she heard a familiar voice next to her. Looking over her shoulder, her eyes were graced by the sight of the blonde in a very pink outfit. Quite pink, in fact. A color that went well with Avery's own style well, the redhead thought to herself as she allowed herself to simply look for a moment while the girl talked. In fact, she thought that it went so well that for some reason, some of her earliest memories with Avery seemed to have her with pink hair instead of blonde. How peculiar.

Shaking herself from her thoughts, Scarlett's face turned a faint shade of red from embarrassment as Avery complimented her outfit. She felt really happy for the moment, after all she had put on the outfit for the blonde of all people, "Thanks, Avy... You..." However, she stopped herself, allowing her gaze to trail around the two of them to ensure that the perimeter was clear. With that, the girl took a step forward, wrapping her arms around her friend's body and hugging her. It only lasted for a total of two seconds before the redhead broke off, just to smile bashfully up towards her companion's face. Glancing between looking into her eyes and away as the faint red increased an almost imperceivable amount. It was a strange mixture, the redhead's mood. A myriad of shyness, happiness, eagerness, and wanting to be bold. Perhaps it was the mood in the air due to the holiday.

"Oh... I didn't really have anything specific in mind. I prepared us some stuff to eat once we were hungry since I know you like my cooking," she explained. Also because she liked that Avery enjoyed the food that she would make. With a soft sigh, "I figured if you wanted to spend more time together we could visit some shops here and there maybe... O-oh, right... there's some events that are around the town since it's Valentine's Day and all that like rides. But... I don't know if it'd be alright if we went on them..." Although she said that herself, she seemed a bit disheartened by that fact. However, she soon shook it from herself, continuing, "But, uh, yeah! Plenty of things to do! A-anything... you'd like to do first~?" She asked with a cutesy smile, tilting her head slightly to the side. Her tone perhaps just a hint more playful than usual.

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4 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:12 pm

Avy Frost
In her moment of daydreaming, Avery felt a hug from the redhead which sent her frigid as usual, awkwardly frozen throughout the whole two seconds before she felt she could breathe again. "W-what was that for?" She thought to herself with a light blush as she was simultaneously proud of Scarlett for stepping up against her fear, and of herself for having earned enough of the latter's trust. "Or maybe she ate something bad.. Or she's sick.. What the hell..."

When Scar mentioned homemade lunch, her eyebrows shot up. Yes! That would be best, beating all the restaurants she had in mind. Though the way the redhead said it made her chuckle. Despite it being true, she was was caught off-guard by her sudden confidence. "Well aren't you proud of your cooking~? It better be special for I'm looking forward to it now, Miss Winchester~"

She proceeded to walk with her while listening to the girl talk about the Valentines special in town. "Of course we'll go to those events and ride every ride there is. Why not? It's our day to spend and it only comes once a year so we should enjoy them while they're here." she said, genuinely confused as to why the redhead was having second thoughts. Was she scared of fast rides maybe? Heeeh~ Now Avery was really tempted to go into those rides now.

"Hmm. Anyway, how about we start with what's near?" Avery surveyed the location they're at. "Well there's a cafe over there, a pet shop, a array of clothing stores.. and what's that.. oh an arcade. I'm fine with any. Which one do you wanna go first?" She already had something in mind to take the girl to, but that'd be for later after lunch.

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5 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:49 am

Scarlett Winchester
Scarlett let out a playful giggle as she listened to Avery speak. And really, how couldn't she? She was actually feeling really good at the moment, for whatever reason it may be. Perhaps it was just from being out on Valentines Day for once, or maybe it was just because she was spending time with a friend. Either way, all that really mattered was she was enjoying herself, "Oh I don't really know about a cafe. No real point of going to it if we'll be having lunch soon enough. Plus, only really good if we're cold enough for hot chocolate or something. And I didn't think you of all people would be bothered by a bit of weather... right~?" she asked cheekily.

With that said, Scarlett continued to walk with Avy, standing right next to her friend as the two made their way down the sidewalk. She considered the options that she had, originally thinking that the blonde would be the one who chose where they went, but she wasn't against deciding on her own. Letting out a hum of consideration, her eyes scanned the buildings nearby, eventually falling upon a nice little clothing shop. Seemed that a lot of the things they had in there were supposed to be 'cute', judging by the various clothing on display in the window. With a smile on her face, her hand instinctively reached out and grasped Avy's wrist, pulling her along, "Oh, that shop over there looks nice."

Without missing a beat, Scarlett dragged her friend - despite being physically weaker than her - into the store. Immediately, the two were introduced to the nice warmth of a air conditioner in the store, as well as rows upon rows of various outfits for girls. Frilly skirts,, fashionable tops, even some accessories like hats and shoes. It was hard for a girl to want much more when it came to style. But the redhead just continue on in with a smile on her face, looking around at the various rows with outfits on display, "Hrm... do you see any you like?" she asked to her friend without taking her hand from her wrist, "We could even try some of them out in the changing booths if you think we'll have enough time." With that idea placed, the gunslinger continued on, looking at the various ribbons and bows, mentally wondering how her hair would look in a ponytail.

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6 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:00 pm

Avy Frost
"Hehe. You know me well~" Avery said in response to the redhead's claim of her nonchalance to the weather. And since when did this girl become so cheeky? Seems she was getting more comfortable with Avery judging from all this display of new sides to her. The blonde was definitely not complaining.

While the two were walking, Avery's gaze was locked onto the arcade before she was briefly distracted by Scarlett's decision, allowing herself to be dragged to a clothing store. Pfft. I should've known she'd go there first. She thought with a smile. Her eyes lowered to the hand on her wrist and her cheeks flushed a little. Woah. This girl was really getting more comfortable. How nice it would be if she could do the same thing.

As they stepped into the store, her eyes sparkled as she was greeted by all sorts of adorable clothing from frilly dresses, ribbons, accessories and every other article that screamed 'cute!'. Avery personally preferred the monochromatic chic look or the elegant style like today. Cute clothes like these did not fit her at all. However, someone else did. And she barely heard what that person said as she was too distracted by the clothes.

"Woah~ This would look so good on you, Scar! And this one too! Ooh this is cute~ This one would fit you so well~ Ah, there so many cute ones..." Avery muttered as she was already in her own world, picking out a few clothes and zooming around the store to find the perfect accessories to go with them. Once she was done, she dumped them all on Scarlett and dragged the girl to the fitting room.

"Try them on and see if you find anything you like." Avery beamed, clearly enjoying this more than she intended to. She settled on a bench in front of the room and took out her phone, eyes gleaming of anticipation.

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7 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:02 pm

Scarlett Winchester
Letting out an amused giggle, it was hard to think of anything else at the moment. Between her friend's constant running around and her own interest in various clothing, it was hard to imagine that the two weren't an interesting sight there in the store. In fact, she was being dragged along as Avery zoomed around the store, picking up various outfits, intending to get the redhead to try on. Not that she was necessarily aware of her intention, she was under the impression that they'd both be putting on outfits. And so, unbeknown to her, the blonde got outfits for Scar while the shorter of the two picked out things for Avery.

Attempting to pick out the 'coolest' things available in the store, Scarlett wasn't having the easier time as she was pulled around. But she managed, at least getting what she needed through her haste. While most of the clothing was on the cuter side, there were a few hidden gems of sorts, various articles that were more on the mysterious or elegant side. They were perfect and were excited to finally see her friend in such wear. Not that she disliked her current outfit, of course~

Eventually, Scarlett and Avery were done with picking out clothing, the former all but being shoved into the changing stall. Not even having time to give the blonde the outfit she had chosen for her, "E-eh..? B-but wait, I..." Despite her protests, she was soon in the changing booth all alone, letting out a sigh before placing the stack of clothing on the bench that was in there with her. Locking the door, "Fine... but next you owe me a favor, alright?"

With that condition, Scarlett removed her clothing, quickly placing them over the stall door to ensure that they didn't touch the floor or get lost. As she took off her clothing and began to put on the new ones, the redhead decided to make conversation, "So, Avy... How have things been? We really haven't had time together in a while, have we?" Sure, the conversation she attempted to make wasn't the most eloquent. It was still Scar after all.

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8 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Thu Feb 04, 2016 1:27 pm

Avy Frost
Avery chuckled and rolled her eyes. "Yeah yeah, just put them on," she responded to Scar's claim she owed her one. Not even a minute of sitting on the bench and the blonde stood up... bored. The anticipation was killing her. She just wanted to skip to the good part already. Pacing around as she scanned the rack of returned clothes, she waited rather impatiently, finding the littlest things to do to ease her boredom. That's when she heard Scar open up a conversation and pointed out they hadn't spent much time together.

"Well we would have if someone didn't conveniently return from wherever loserland he came from and take up all your free time. I am even very much surprised you didn't invite that person today.. James.. Jack.. or whatever god forbid his name strikes firstborns." Avery said as she looked at her nails, sounding as nonchalant as possible. Why was she feeling so much animosity towards the guy anyway? It's not like she's threatened of his presence and of having known Scarlett longer than she had... right? No? Maybe? A little teenie tiny chance?

"In any case, I've been well. Nothing really exciting. Today might be the most un-boring thing I've done in a while." She paused and lowered her gaze, clicking her nails uneasily. "I-I mean... it's with you.. so.." Avery stopped there and suddenly hoped the redhead didn't hear that cringeworthy statement. She opted to check up on the girl to dismiss her words. "But seriously, what's taking you so long? How hard is it to put an outfit?" She whined and shifted her weight on her other leg. Three seconds passed and she knocked on the door.

"Come ooout! That or I'm coming in."

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9 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Thu Feb 04, 2016 3:02 pm

Scarlett Winchester
Even Scarlett had to admit that Avery had a point. The two just hadn't gotten much time to spend with one another, even though they both obviously wanted to. But the blonde's logic wasn't completely sound, there being a few holes that the gunslinger knew she had to point out, "I know we haven't... but really, it's nothing like that. Jet's my roommate and all, so we do spend a lot of time together. But it's not like he takes up all of my free time." Which, even if Scar didn't want to admit, she had a lot of. In fact, she believed she had too much free time and, knowing how much she studied on a frequent basis, she was probably correct. Perhaps she needed a hobby that was more than just shooting, schoolwork, and candy? She'd need to consider that later on after their outing.

Although those thoughts were swiftly pushed from Scarlett's mind as Avery continued. And she was given an actual... compliment? That was rare, was the blonde not feeling well or something? Either way, it caused the redhead to smile softly, pausing, "Avy... tha- A-ah..." Whatever she was going to say was quickly interrupted by the blonde rushing her along, causing her to speed up her process, "N-no! Don't come in, just... one moment!"

Shuffling sounds came from the changing stall and after just a few more seconds, Scarlett was finally finished. Of course, she needed a moment to compose herself, not really used to being dressed up in such things for people. But it was just something that she was willing to do for Avery. By the time the stall door opened, it was clear that she was embarrassed, her face matching her name in how much she was blushing. Slowly, she stepped outwards, revealing her outfit.

The outfit itself wasn't anything too intricate, it was at least pleasing to the eye. Starting from Scarlett's feet, she was wearing white boots with pink lacing and interior, a color pattern that was common throughout the entire outfit. Moving up her bare legs, a fluffy, pink skirt were not too far above them. It was a modest length, not too conservative, but nowhere near too liberal. Her hands were covered in pink fingerless gloves with sleeves that were disjointed from both said gloves and the top in all, only covering the girl's elbows. The top itself consisted of two layers in total. The top layer was a black overshirt that seemed to frame the redhead's not-too-modest chest. And the bottom layer was a white shirt with a little heart outline to show just a hint of the girl's cleavage. For the redhead, it was certainly risqué.

Scarlett blinked, not sure if she should look towards Avery or down towards the ground more. So instead, she began to turn around slowly, giving the blonde a complete three-hundred-sixty degree look. By the time she was finally looking at the girl again, "S-so... h-how do I..." she swallowed hard, not even getting done with the sentence.

No idea what this outfit is from:

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10 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Sat Feb 06, 2016 1:25 pm

Avy Frost
Avery settled back on the bench with a small pout while playing with her phone to pass time. It didn't take long before the door opened and the redhead came out dressed in quite an elaborate outfit. No wonder she took her time. But more than that, she looked absolutely adorable. Avy narrowed her eyes and tilted her head, pondering over something. The outfit was already cute as it was, but it felt like something's missing...

"Ah! Wait... I know exactly what would go along with that." She snapped her fingers and stood up, running to the accessories section and coming back with a pink cowboy hat which she placed on the redhead. Her eyebrows shot up and she grinned as she took a couple of steps back to admire the entirety of it.

"Perfect! Ah~ Adorbs! You can pass off as an idol like this, Scar." Avy exclaimed with much enthusiasm, taking her phone and shot a few selfies with the girl, including a full-body shot. Memories, memories. Taking another look at her, she couldn't help her playful side and dropped a casual tease. "And since I'm buying you the clothes, it's only for me," she whispered lightly, "My very own idol~"

With another chuckle, she shrugged and turned the girl around to gently push her back to the room. "Anyway, you can try another outfit or two before we have lunch. Chop chop. I should probably find an outfit to try on while waiting. You take forever to change."

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11 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:06 pm

Scarlett Winchester
A cowboy hat? A flamboyantly pink one at that, Scarlett thought. Then again, the entire outfit up to this point certainly was attention grabbing as well, so perhaps it fit more than she thought? Reaching upwards, the redhead tilt the hat slightly, getting it into a better position. Not like she wasn't used to wearing something like that. She even went as a cowgirl for Halloween, so she at least had some experience. But that didn't stop her from continuing to blush at Avery's constant comments, "I... Idol..?" she asked, unsure about how fitting such a title truly was. She wasn't cute - or she didn't want to be at least - and she was certainly not good at being the center of attention. And her singing and dancing skills had plenty of room for improvement. Really, she couldn't have been further from an idol.

But something about the way that Avy said it caused Scarlett to smile, even if she didn't fully agree. Perhaps being the blonde's personal idol wasn't a bad thing after all? It's not like she didn't enjoy being called something like that. Perhaps she should try to do more things such as being cute for her? Before she could continue that musing, "W-what? Buying me.. w-wait!"

Being gently pushed into the stall before Scarlett had time to either inquire or protest, it wasn't unreasonable for the redhead to have a fairly sharp frown on her face. It was more so that she was unpleased with the fact that Avery just claimed that she was going to buy her clothing just to put the redhead into. If that was gonna be how it was then... "F-fine!" she called out, moving to get the clothing that she had left in the stall, "But! You can buy me clothes, but only if you put the things that I picked out for you!"

Giving Avery an ultimatum, Scarlett took no time before pushing the clothing over the top of the stall, offering it to the taller girl. Sure, she may have had to reach up with the tip of her toes to actually pass them from over the door. With that done, she had nothing more to do other than turn to begin putting on her second outfit. Hopefully Avery liked this one as well...

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12 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Thu Feb 11, 2016 12:10 pm

Avy Frost
Avery raised an eyebrow at Scarlett's visible frown. What'd she do this time? "What? You don't like it? Well it doesn't have to be this outfit if you don't want it. There are plenty of other choices available," Avy said with a casual shrug. She was a little surprised at the redhead's demand of trying out the clothes she picked for her. Did this store even have something that'd go with her style? It's certainly interesting to find out what Scar had in mind for her though. She could tell from her choice of clothing what preference the girl had for her. This might not be all that bad.

The blonde chuckled at the sight of the redhead tiptoeing to hand her the clothing over the stall which she received gladly. "You're lucky you're adorable or I won't even bother," Avy mumbled as she looked at the clothes in hand. Moving to the next stall, she shut the door and began to undo her own clothes to start changing to the ones Scarlett picked for her. From a glance, she couldn't tell if it'd fit her nicely, so she just had to try it on and see.

More than that, Avery was excited to see the redhead on her next batch of clothing. One of the things she picked for her was a frilly pink victorian dress with matching hat. Adorable, flamboyant and obnoxious. Ha! Now that would be a sight to see.

Outfit for Scar~:

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13 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Fri Feb 12, 2016 4:56 pm

Scarlett Winchester
For a few moments, Scarlett was glad that she and her friend were separated by a stall so that she wouldn't have to worry about her constant blushing. In addition, it gave her time to calm down and relax without needing to try to be the 'idol' that Avy apparently wanted her to be. Was that the way that the blonde wanted the gunslinger? To be sociable, cute, and good and that stuff? That was something that the redhead was going to need to think about over the course of the next few days. But that was for later, right then and there, she needed to put on the next outfit that her friend had chosen for her. Holding said outfit up, it certainly was pink...

It wasn't but a few minutes later that Scarlett was finally finished. Looking over the extremely long dress that she was given, she wondered if she even had the thing on correctly. But she didn't have time to wait, knowing that the sooner she emerged, the sooner she'd be able to see the blue outfit that she had given Avy to put on. Opening the stall door, the redhead wasted no time before stepping outside. Walking slowly, she bit down on her lower lip, watching the bottom of the dress as it drug along the ground, "I... Avy, how am I supposed to walk in this thing?" she asked, legitimately worried that if she tried to take more than a slight step she'd trip and fall.

Which means it probably wasn't such a great idea to do so when Scarlett attempted just that. Taking too long of a step, she immediately lost her footing. Followed by an "Ah!" of surprise, she took a bit of a tumble, landing on her front on the floor. Luckily for her the dress was fluffier than it needed to be, so the fall wasn't that hard. But then came the problem of getting up. Squirming on the ground, she couldn't manage to push herself up, "A-ahh..."

Groaning out her displeasure at being on the ground and not being able to pick herself up, she at least had the blue outfit that she picked out for Avy to look forward to. It was one of the less cute things that she could fine, something that would be fitting for an islander or someone living in tropical environments. With a bandanna with a few feathers coming from it, the entire thing continued downwards. The torso had two layers in total, the first being a top that cut off at the chest, leaving the blonde's naval quite bare. The second layer was actually quite loose, hiding not much more than the undershirt. The bottoms of the girl's outfit was a fairly long skirt reaching almost all the way down towards her knees. And finally, of course, there were quite a few accessories that went with it, including a necklace and bracers.

Avy's Outfit <3:

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14 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Tue Feb 16, 2016 4:44 pm

Avy Frost
"Hmm.." Even after putting the outfit on, Avery wasn't quite sure what to feel of the clothing. It's certainly different and not her style. It wasn't bad though, very tropical and light, like that of a traveller or an islander. Definitely an outfit she hadn't tried before. Avery turned around to look at the entirety of the outfit from behind. An idea sparked in her mind and she briefly left the stall to get something from the accessories section.

Once back, she shut the door and faced the mirror. She first removed the bandana before draping the long shawl she got by her elbows. She twirled once and grinned. "A gypsy~ Or maybe a fantasy songstress." Next, she took the shawl and wrapped it around the bottom half of her face and her neck for a make-shift scarf. She narrowed her eyes and took out her guns out of their belt form and twirled it in her hands before posing in front of the mirror. "Desert bandit." And finally, she removed the shawl and covered the top of her head with it before tying it neatly by the back of her neck. "Peasant~ I've always wanted to try being one."

Okay, she was just playing now. Avery was discarding the shawl to put back the bandana when she heard a faint scream outside followed by the sound of a thud. She raised an eyebrow and went out of her stall to see the redhead in the pink dress she picked for her. Everything was perfect... except for the fact that she was on the floor.

"What are you doing?" Avery laughed a little at the sight of Scarlett struggling to get up. The blonde offered a hand to help her get back on her feet. "The dress looks great on you. I honestly picked it for comedic relief - which you end up doing by the floor stunt anyway - but the dress itself isn't too bad." She said as she fixed the ribbon in front of the dress as well as the rose hat that came along with it. "When you walk, don't take a high step, a small and low one would do the trick. Push the front part of the dress with your foot when you talk a step forward. And if all else fails, just hold the dress up so you don't trip on the hem."

She paused and took several steps back to take a picture. "How can I liken it to? Walk like a princess or something. I'm sure you've seen that in fairy tales." Avery explained. "Besides, an outfit like this is meant to be used in a formal ball. And as with all balls, you're not going there by yourself. Your partner will assist you when walking, so don't worry."

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15 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Sat Apr 23, 2016 6:19 am

Scarlett Winchester
Scarlett merely let out a soft whine of agony while she was completely helpless on the ground. Unable to lift herself up or even move in that cumbersome dress, there wasn't much she could do. Writhing pathetically on the floor, she was fairly close to starting to flail her arms, but fortunately she knew how that would make her look and it was doubtful that'd help anyways. Lamenting the choices that brought her to that moment in her life, she wondered if it was all worth it. However, that question was fairly quickly answered as she finally noticed her friend Avery. She paused, pretty much all of her thoughts going towards the blonde as she looked over the outfit. The redhead liked it, it had quite the exotic feel to it. Which was something that the meeker girl of the two could very much appreciate.

"I... I wasn't doing anything! Other than suffering!" Scarlett eventually answered Avy's question as the redhead both regained some of her composure and remembered that she should have been struggling. At the offered hand, the shorter girl paused, looking towards it as she considered if she could take it. And for just a second, she realized how okay she was with accepting that hand because it was Avy's. Allowing the blonde to assist the fallen huntress up to her feet, she frowned softly, "Well, I'm glad that you think I look good in it, but..." Although she tried to come up with something to follow that 'but' with, she was actually ecstatic that Avery liked her wearing it. And not just because it was funny... she hopped. The feeling which she tried to force down, but the oh so faint blush on her cheeks was still there, no matter how slight.

"A-anyways... I, uh... I was right!" Trying to change the conversation in a different direction, she instead wanted to pay attention to Avery's outfit, "That outfit's kind've fitting. Not something that many could pull off, I think~" Obviously pleased with herself, she turned back to the changing booth, O-oh, right... we should hurry up and change back if we're gonna make it in time to where we're going next. But that's fine, I'm really excited for that. I'll just, uh... go change then..."

With that, there was hardly much more for Scarlett to do, doing as Avery advised and tried to take small steps towards the stall. Although in reality, she was just shuffling forward, not even lifting her feet to walk. Slowly making her way into the open stall, her eyes glanced back and forth towards Avery, hoping that she didn't realize how ridiculous the redhead was looking.

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16 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Thu Apr 28, 2016 12:20 pm

Avy Frost
Avery smiled at the redhead's flushing cheeks, opting to ignore the 'but' at the end of her statement. "Other than the walking around part which could use a bit of work, it looks perfect." The blonde stated with a quick nod.

At the returning compliment, Avery looked down at her own attire and snickered, flipping her hair back and placing a hand on her hip. "Why, of course. This is me you're talking about. I can make a potato sack will look like high-fashion," she said ever so humbly. "But that aside, it's definitely my first time wearing something like this. Not my style but it's not bad," she added.

Since Scarlett suggested they hurry up and change, Avy spared a glance at her watch and nodded, waiting for the redhead to safely get back to her stall. The blonde could practically hear the heels scraping against the ground as the other girl shuffled. She couldn't contain a small laugh and simply shook her head before heading to her own stall. Her attire was simple and didn't take much time to get out of. Once she was back to her normal clothes, Avy stepped out and waited for the redhead to finish before proceeding to pay for the both of them.

"So where are we going again?" Avery asked as they made their way out of the shop.

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17 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Fri Apr 29, 2016 3:54 pm

Scarlett Winchester
Scarlett couldn't help but to give a soft giggle at Avery's claim, calling out from her stall while she got dressed, "Oh? Maybe we should test that potato sack claim. I'm sure Jet and I would enjoy it either way~" She didn't really expect the blonde to take up that challenge, but as the two joked around like that, the redhead began to undo the cumbersome dress and put on the outfit that was wearing an hour or so earlier on their not-date. Getting their fun outfits paid for, it wan't but a few more moments that the duo was on their way to the next part of their outing together.

Leading Avy down the streets, the redhead had a fairly wide smile on her face, barely able to contain her excitement as she attempted to remember the directions. However, where they were going exactly wouldn't have been that hard to figure out due to how large of an event it was around these parts. Within ten minutes, the girls finally came to their destination: a fairly large Valentine's Day fair. All sorts of romantic rides and attractions to be found from the roller-coaster to the tunnel of love. Of course, there were other things like the house of mirrors and pretty much anything else would could hope for in such a fair. There were even a couple of food courts so that they could share a large ice cream or something if they got hungry. The perfect place for a da- wait, no, it's not a date.

However, Scarlett seemed quite indecisive as she walked through the fair, gently nibbling on her bottom lip. She wasn't sure which ride would be the best for them. After all, trying to find an attraction that's romantic, but not too romantic for friends was hard. "H-hey Avy? Erm... anything you want to try out first? The Tunnel, uh... kind've looks fun and everything, but I dunno about that one... any ideas?" It was a brilliant idea, let the sadist pick. There were times where Scarlett was far too trusting for her own good.

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18 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Fri Apr 29, 2016 5:33 pm

Avy Frost
Avery pretended not to hear about the potato sack response in fear that her reaction my actually push Scarlet to do it. Who knows what kind mischief is running through that redhead sometimes?

Nevertheless, as they strolled through the busy streets Avy could make out the amusement park from a distance, though from the looks of it the motif was changed to a Valentines Day fair. The ferris wheel even had its light design changed to different sorts of heart animation. Cute. She couldn't quite remember the last time she'd been in an amusement park and she was internally thankful Scarlett had brought here.

Once they arrived, Avery could barely hear anything else as she was mesmerised by the gigantic length of the rollercoaster with its massive drop tantalising her sight. She only snapped to reality upon hearing Scarlett's voice. "Uh, tunnel? I never rode one before but I can guess since it's a slow ride, it's no fun," she stated nonchalantly with a shrug, insensitive to the fact that this was a fair for romance.

"And since you wanted me to pick, I won't take 'no' for an answer. Let's go~" With that, she took the girl's wrist and dragged her to the long line of the rollercoaster, eyes sparkling in delight. It didn't even take long before she noticed something. "Stay here, I'll be back. Scream if you need me for whatever." She said before she took off.

A few minutes later she was back with two wrist tags, one she already wore and the other she placed on Scarlett with the words 'VIP Pass' written on it. Avery won't waste the whole day waiting in line when she could pay for instant access to these rides. "You ready?"

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19 Re: I Want You Avery Day [Valentines/Private] on Mon May 02, 2016 9:16 pm

Scarlett Winchester
"N-no fun..?" Scarlett asked as Avert brutally dismissed the tunnel ride. This, of course, caused the redhead to frown slightly. Perhaps it was a strange thing, but for some reason she had always wanted to ride one of those with someone. Of course, the main problem was that she didn't have anyone to actually go with. Such was the life of a socially awkward romantic. Wait, why did she think of it as romantic? Probably the hearts, but there wasn't anything romantic about two girl friends (not girlfriends, of course!) riding a tunnel meant for couples, was there? Arguable.

But before Scarlett could voice anything, Avery told her to sit still in line before she walked off. That was a strange feeling, the redhead found. She began to shift awkwardly in place, feeling quite alone in the sea of unfamiliar faces. Almost as if everyone was staring at her and wondering why she was alone in a fair of all things. The anxiety felt like a vortex in her stomach. To the point that when Avy returned, she felt a wave of relief wash over her. Not even minding that the blonde grabbed her wrist and was bringing her to a terrifying roller coaster, Scarlett clung onto her not-date's arm and kept herself close.

"T-thank you..." Scarlett said at both the girl returning and brining them passes. With the comforting Avy next to her, it allowed her anxiety to pass somewhat, her breathing slowing down and gave her something to focus on that wasn't people around her.

Following along, it wasn't too long before the two girls were seated in their spots on the roller coaster, thankfully seated right next to eachother. With the bars lowering themselves down to protect the riders, Scarlett gave Avery a nervous smile. Swallowing hard as one hand was gripping tightly at the bar of the ride while the other was trying to slyly slide over towards Avery's hand, reaching out with her fingers as if offering to hold eachother.

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