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The Open Mic Beckons (Closed for now)

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1 The Open Mic Beckons (Closed for now) on Mon Feb 01, 2016 4:23 pm

Flash Driver
The stare of five or so sets of eyes never felt so... heavy. Before now the jokes had just been jokes, little anecdotal pieces that seemed to coincide with topics at hand but tonight... er, well... this morning. At 3:00 Am, Flash Driver was finally taking to the stage. He gripped the mic stand awkwardly, could he sweat it would be pouring for his painted green skin... then again, if a fleshy one painted their skin they'd probably not be able to sweat through it would they? Whatever, that was besides the point.

The Massive droid adjusted the mic stand to just bellow his grill, fumbling a little with the clasp as he finally secured it in place. He tapped the mic twice, testing it was on... it was. He scanned out over the bar, the lighting wasn't too great... a single, slow, fan spun in the center of the ceiling.

"OwO Well, This place looks FAN-tastic! Hello everybody!"


Flash then remembered that his screen would be nigh unreadable as far away as these humans and faunus were. He spied a television, pinned on high and seemingly only used for sports games. The droid, moving across the stage as quietly as he could, reached to the far right side of the stage. He managed to pull out the correct plug from the decently sized screen, then opening a panel and slotting it in. With a nod from the bartender the screen turned on.

He returned to center stage, ready to face the music... or lack there of cause he'd be telling jokes and the laughter, it would overcome the music, well maybe that was being a touch hyperbolic, still... if a musician were playing they'd probably feel bad when people started laughing. That'd be sad. Anyhow, he returned to center stage ready to face... people of some sort?

"So, I've just discovered I can hook myself up to televisions... it was News to me... A-Anyway, I'm going to be up here, telling jokes, and hopefully some of you Screen out with laughter, hopefully I can Channel my good vibes into you all ^^"

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