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[WIP] Vanessa | Roulette

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1 [WIP] Vanessa | Roulette on Wed Feb 03, 2016 4:35 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Vanessa d'Blakc Pryde [aka Venus/Roulette]
Age: 24
Birthday: 13th of October
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus [Whiter Tiger]
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 135lbs.
Face Claim: Kurenai Yuhi | Naruto

Aura 150|150 HP

Group: Researcher
Likes: (At least three)
Dislikes: (3+)
Fears: (3+)
Overall Personality: (at least 100 words here)

Aura type: (See the Aura and Semblance Rules to know the types.)
Aura Color: Brown
Semblance: (See Aura and Semblance Rules. Describe your semblance here.)
Item 1: (Weapon/armor/Dust, and describe.)
Item 2: (Weapon/armor/Dust, and describe.)

History and Sample
300+ Words please.
RP Sample:
Shattered Memories:
WAR. Above the havoc of war stood a lone figure dressed in pure ebony black. The figure was deathly still as if an apparition of sorts, watching the ongoing battle going down below her feet. A gentle breeze blew about which brought the only movement that the lone figure appeared to have. As the breeze continued to swirl on and about, the pure black dress along with the figure’s dark ebony hair swayed alongside the wind although the woman herself did not appear to move. As if the heavens were on her side, the sun had began to set which emphasized the situation at hand beautifully. Even the poets and writers themselves could not have thought of a better scenario than the one presented to them now. Throughout the course of the nature's promise of a brighter outcome, the flames beneath the figure's feet etched in with the songs of that of chaos which erupted from within the once wondrous and peaceful city of Rose. After all, legions had gathered to destroy the fabled city to the ground. A smirk appeared across the woman’s face. The blazing flames of crimson danced within the cold, redwood colored eyes of the figure as a crazed grin etched across her rosen lips. The star upon her left eye shone and gleamed under the light of the destruction that laid course before her very eyes.

The smell of the gray clouds of smoke mixed into the air beautifully as chaos reigned supreme. As if it weren’t enough, the screams of terror became one with the skies as destruction rained upon the civilians running for their lives. It was endless stream chaos and of destruction. To say the least, it was a symphony comprised of the hundreds of lives taken to further the goals of the dark guilds. To be precise, to further the aim and power of the guild known as Animus Sin. The woman then turned her gaze towards the left from her perch upon the mountainous rock that lay just above the crumbling city. From there, her eyes focused down upon the black haired Guild Master of Behemoth. Her lips curled up to the of a toothy smirk, her fangs glimmering under the setting sun. Luck had surely been in her side to gather such an important ally such as he. His movements were surely fluid as well as well thought out as he went up against the mages of the Blue Pegasus  guild. Pity he would die that very day. Her gaze then consciously moved towards Tartaros who was battling it out on her right. The woman whom had proclaimed herself Guild Master of the destructive guild amused the vampiress. The death of the previous master had surely turned heads although the truth had been suspected. Nevertheless, they were crucial to the offensive part of the plan. They had finished off with Era earlier that day. Now, they were needed to destroy the biggest prison of Fiore hence their contract. No matter. She had more pressing matters to attend to.

The womanly figure stretched out her right hand, firm. The time had come. Finally, it was time to truly show the world what Nox Animus was truly made of. "COMMANDERS!" The woman yelled. Immediately, the soldiers of Animus Sin stood at attention from behind their Guild Master. Tension and anxiety began to rise. She couldn't blame them after all. They had been forbidden to enter combat and forced to hide until the time that the half blood had deemed fit. "ON MY MARK!" The woman's hand rose towards the heavens, unwavering. It was a command and- "POWER TROOPS, GO!" The command would be law. From there and almost immediately, the soldiers of Nox ran towards battle from behind her. Their battle cries mixed in with the sounds of battle causing much confusion towards the unexpecting forces of 'good' that had gathered to fight off the 'dark' guilds. It was their advantage. As they ran, they broke into two sections, left and right, leaving the Animus Sin's Guild Master in the middle. She was the pillar they would open way to. For she was none other than Natalia d'Blakc. The half huntress’s hand would rise yet again as she would deploy the second wave. Yet her command was cut short when a presence crept up besides her. A single word to throw her thoughts in disarray. A name "Elizabethhhh..." The name forbidden to be mentioned in Natalia's presence.

The huntress turned to look towards the woman who had spoken to her in rage. It took all she could not to blare her fangs at the green haired woman besides her. If she had, it would had destroyed everything she had worked so hard to conceal. That she, the black haired woman and Guild Master of Animus Sin, and Elizabeth, the red haired vampiress and Ace of Animus Sin were one and the same. "Sssspecial Forces have found, him." Natalia stopped short. "They found him? Where?" The green haired woman simply stared in a cold, blank stare at the woman before responding. "Assss you predicted and although written under a false location in Crocus, he was found within Rosssse Garden." The vampiress frowned in thought. She had assumed it so, but what would be her next move? Behemoth and Tartaros were dealing with the light Guilds who had submerged. Would she dare leave the battle as such when it was crucial she be there to see it through the end. "If I may, it would be wise to travel to the location alone. I will accompany you of courssse, Elizabeth." Natalia looked at Clarisse, host of the serpentine god of chaos and destruction, with a raised brow. Only she would dare to speak the the Guild Master in such a way. Yet, it was the most prized possession of the cards Natalia held. An asset of great importance. After all, if ordered to die, Clarisse would do so without a doubt from Natalia’s command. The vampiress smiled in thought. The serpentine was not at all wrong with her plan.

Yet, one thing angered the vampiress. It was not the plan itself, but the name in which the serpent had dared to address her. "Clarisse, be glad that you are my sister or I would have had your head long ago." Clarisse smirked at Natalia's comment as she gave a bow causing the vampiress to shoot her a venomous glare. She would address the matter later for, as of now, her mind was occupied with the possibilities of finding him. Was it a wise choice? Perhaps not. Would she still go through with releasing the legendary mage of chaos? Yes. Natalia's eyes scanned her army before placing them on one of her most trusted squadron troop leader. ”You,” The young man stood at attention. ”You will lead the rest of the troops in my place as initially planned out.” Natalia then snapped her fingers and Clarisse stood immediately at her side. It was as things should be even if rebellion was clearly shining within Clarisse's bright emerald eyes. Regardless, Natalia took one glance back at the battle before swiftly turning her back towards it. As she walked, her head barely turned as she said something with great certainty towards that whom had been placed as head of the military. ”One wrong move, commander, and you will pay with your life.” With those words, Master and pet disappeared leaving the war to the fates of destiny.

~Fast Forward~

Blood. Rivers of flowing crimson ran through the floors of the prison as the bodies of the Rune Knights laid scattered upon its rich and thick substance. The vampiress's eyes grew crazed and wide as her fangs became visible. A laugh erupted from the woman's lips as more Knights ran into the room. "Come!" The red haired beauty called out above the wail of the sirens towards them in glee. "Come and obtain the same fate as them!" The vampiress's laugh calmed yet the wild gleam within her eyes did not pass. Large amounts of blood had fallen and she would feast. It was then that she was recognized. "Kitty Pryde of Animus Sin! Capture her!" Heh, about time, the woman grinned in thought. The team of Rune Knights rapidly rushed towards the vampiress in both fear and ruthless determination. "Now, let the game begin!" The vampiress laughed before rushing straight towards the men. They would fall and she would feast in their blood. It was as it should be after all. For no one stood up against her.

Meanwhile, Clarisse made her way through the long passage ways of the prison. She had split from Natalia earlier on to cover more ground. She could only hope that the Guild Master of Sin could stand her own. The serpentine gave a light chuckle at the thought. She knew the vampiress could and would. There was no doubt in that and therefore no need to worry so mindlessly. The vampiress hissed as she turned sharply  towards the left hallway just as Knights ran from the right. If only the two had not activated the alarm system. It was truly surprising that they had been as careless to do as such, yet there was no going back. They needed to make haste and retreat with what they had come to obtain. Clarisse smiled as her mind made some quick calculations. It truly was a great help that the battle had taken place within Rose Garden. It had taken care of more than half of the Knights. Now, to deal with the rest.

Death. The arms of Death were as welcoming as it had always been as it claimed the lives of the Rune Knights whom had tried to capture the demoness known as Kitten. The woman truly lived up to her name. After all, she had earned the name of the Devil's Pryde for that sole reason -the claiming of lives for blood. There was no doubt that the Ace of Animus Sin was as the stories foretold. Even if those who dared almost never returned to tell the tales of what truly happened. The red haired woman grinned a toothy grin as she licked the blood that tricked down her lips. She had feasted a feast fit for Kings yet she needed to get on ahead. After all, she had lost precious moments and strayed from her current objective. Too caught up, she had been, with the blood that had poured. Kitty dropped the man to the ground without a spare glance as she walked towards the doorway of the second entrance way of the prison. Her heart clenched yet she did her best not to pay it any mind. She had taken care of most of the guards and now rest laid upon the serpentine's hands.

Clarisse sighed as she silently and stealthly maneuvered her way through the winding halls of the prison. Her viper's radar ability had surely been an asset and of great use but it was definitely a good thing that she had memorized the old layout of the prison before their little redecoration . It was better than nothing for, after all, it did the job without delay. Still, she was surprised that it was not as well gaurded as she had thought. Still, one could simply blame it on the battlefield that had taken siege within the Garden of Rose. It took a while before Clarisse found the empty control room and immediately began to take note of where the prisoners were as well as where the Guild Master of Nox was. Clarisse smiled amusedly as the disaster Elizabeth had caused. It undoubtly appeared that things had gotten out of hand as the places Elizabeth had evidently been were covered in crimson. The green haired woman grinned. She had known a similiar situation would have happened sooner or later. Yet, never had she imagined it that such an extent. Clarisse stretched in mild humor. Now, to the check point.

Short time had passed when the young women found each other in the midst of the blood painted walls of the prison's main hall. With a nod between themselves, Clarisse walked faster and made way towards the staircases that would lead them to the cells. Kitten followed close behind. The trek there was silent and grave as well as full of tension with thoughts of the possible outcomes. They had both heard rumors of the prisoner theybwere about to free yet never knew if they were true. After all, stories and legends did tend to run wild through the craftmanship of poets and writers. Natalia sighed. To risk lives just for one man was a serious gamble. Thus, the vampiress could only hope she hit the jackpot. "This way, floor number fourthhhh." Clarisse said silently followed by a grave silence. "The entire floor is his?" The vampiress asked somewhat impressed. Clarisse nodded as she slowed for the red haired form of the Guild Master to pass, passing a keychain full of keys as she did so. The suspense was high and Clarisse could not help but shiver. This would surely mark the end of the world as they knew it. She could feel it.

Natalia led the way towards the fourth level and last division of the cell. She truly did not know what to expect, but it caught her off guard to what she would see next. As the clicking of her heels echoed through the shadow covered hall, she slowed her pace to observe. It was empty as far as she could see but something felt off. Still, she continued her pace until finally emerging from the shadows to a dimly lit section of the prison, the keys jingling as she came to an abrupt pause. Her eyes briefly widened in both awe and complete surprise from the sight she saw before her before gaining her composure back again. Something... No, a man was knelt before her covered in thick chains. His arms and legs were covered in the heavy metals, tying the man down to the ground. His head hung low which made the vampiress wonder if he had died. It took her a few seconds more to realize the movement on his chest to know that he was still breathing. Natalia neared him, kneeling before him as she held up a key. "Kitty Pryde." Elizabeth said in introduction. "I mean you no harm." She turned back to look at Clarisse only to see her keeping watch. The vampiress licked her lips as she turned back to look at the man. "You must be Norou." The chains loosened. With that, their fate was sealed.

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Hey, just going to put down a warning here. This app needs to be bumped in 7 days for completion otherwise it will be moved to inactive ^^

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