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Milkshake and thoughts [Open]

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1 Milkshake and thoughts [Open] on Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:54 pm

Severa Crowley
It was a beautiful and calm day in Bellmuse, a small coat of snow was covering the streets as Sevy looked by the window of a small dinner in the middle of the town. She was spending some time to herself, drinking a milkshake and writting in her notebook, or at least she was trying to. She wasn't able to write anything apparently, which never really happened before since she always had something to write about. But as of late, she was just looking through the white pages without doing anything, and it began to frustrate her a bit. "Why can't I write anything?""Ah come on, it's not like your life depended on that notebook right? Why do you keep thinking about writing stuff about people anyway? I think that's creepy...""I... I don't know to be honest... I just always did. It's the only way I was able to memorize things about people.""Yeah, people you never knew... what about friends? Never thought of that? It's less creepy.""You know I was never good at making friends...""And Gawain doesn't count? I know that you never wrote anything about him in your last notebook, not even once.""That's... true..."

Sevy then held her new pocket-watch as she thought about Gawain, who had offered it to her. She did never wrote about him in her notebook, but it's simply because she never really had to try to remember anything. Even though it was more difficult to spend time together, they were really good friends and each time they did something together, she would always learn more about him. Sevy sat there in the dinner for a long while, lost in thoughts and probably wouldn't notice if anything was to happen or anyone would join her.

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2 Re: Milkshake and thoughts [Open] on Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:22 pm

Kristin Rossfeld
Boredom was the bane of all living things. Or that's what Kristin considered when said boredom decided to rear its ugly head from time-to-time. There was just a moment of time that she wondered how she had ended up here, sitting on this booth in a small restaurant. As much as she would have liked it to be an exciting tale, it was literally just everything being so dull that she continued to wander around until she got hungry. And then she came in and sat down, ordering something to eat. And then she ate. And then she was bored yet again. It was a terrible cycle and the blonde didn't want to be one of those people that ended up eating a lot when there was nothing to do. That was the fastest way to losing her figure, as far as she knew.

Being the bored individual that she was, it shouldn't have been too surprising that she eventually allowed her eyes to wander around the restaurant. Even poking her head over the back of her booth towards the one just adjacent to her's. Seemed that she wasn't the only one that was inexplicably alone that afternoon, her gaze soon falling upon a girl sitting by herself, looking over a notebook. How curious it was. Looking over the girl a bit, she certainly wasn't unattractive, seemed a bit shy. But she kind've had the 'cute' things going for her, if not a bit shy. Which really, the two went hand-in-hand.

It didn't Kristin long to decide what to do, giving a smile and finally announcing her presence after a few moments, still looking over the booth. "Well hello there~" With that announcement, "So, what's a thing like you doing all alone, huh? You a writer or something?" Her words were genuinely curious, wanting to at least learn a bit about the girl that she happened to be sat right next to. Perhaps the curiosity was at least mutual.

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3 Re: Milkshake and thoughts [Open] on Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:17 am

Severa Crowley
Staring at her notebook still thinking of the reason behind her lack of ability to write, Sevy was starting to get discouraged and needed to find a solution before she'd go insane... well, more than she could be right now. She could simply never write in her notebook ever again, but it was an habit that she loved, and just not doing it is already hard, how would she feel if she'd stopped altogether?

Trying to relax, Sevy decided that maybe drinking her milkshake would help a bit. But as she went to grab her glass, a voice coming from behind her startled her so much, that she flopped on the table, nearly spilling her drink all over. Sevy didn't moved an inch for a couple of second, trying to recover from a posible heart attack before giving a glimpse over her shoulder to see who was there. A blonde girl was looking at her with a curious look, asking her questions. Sevy didn't know how to react to her. Still startled, she proceeded to answer. "H-hello... A w-writer? Me? Oh no, I wouldn't be a good writer I think... And I don't really have a reason for being alone... I just am... W-why are you asking?"

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4 Re: Milkshake and thoughts [Open] on Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:50 am

Kristin Rossfeld
Kristin let out an amused giggle at the sight of the girl being so startled that she floundered like a fish on the table. And a heartwarming sight it was, the blonde certainly didn't expect to find something so absolutely adorable right next to her. Shaking her head with a wide smile, "Eheh... I suppose you have a point. If you were a writer, y'probably wouldn't have been starting at your notebook like you were trying to poof words onto it, huh~?" With a little bit of a tease, she of course didn't mean for it to be mean or anything. Just playful, as she often is.

"So then, tell me. If you're not a writer, what're you doing here all alone?" Kristin asked, still quite curious about the girl. And it was a reasonable curiosity, she thought as she certainly hadn't met someone like Severa since she arrived in town. Although granted she hadn't managed to get out of her dormroom much, but that was exactly why she was intent on getting at least acquainted with the black-haired girl, "Or... or is it a super secret reason that you're not allowed to tell me? In that case, I'd have to try even harder to get it out of you~"

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5 Re: Milkshake and thoughts [Open] on Thu Feb 04, 2016 3:08 pm

Severa Crowley
Sevy pouted as the blonde girl teased her. Sure she wasn't a writer, but the way the girl said that she wasn't writing anything seemed like she meant that she couldn't do it at all. "I'll show her... I'm sure we could write a good book if we tried...""But that's not what we're doing anyway... right?""Oh yeah, right..."

Sevy then turned around to better face the girl that was right behind her as she asked once more why Sevy was alone before coming with some sort of theory about some secrecy. "Oh oh, say that we'd have to kill her if we tell her anything... I always wanted to say that...""What? No! She seems nice, I won't go and be mean by threatening her.""You're no fun..." Sevy looked at the curious blonde for a second, wondering why she wanted to know.

"Well, I guess I just wanted some time alone, to think about stuff and all... nothing really special. I decided to stop here though because they make the best milkshake in town, here, try it." Sevy then handed over her glass to the girl to have her try the clearly strawberry flavored milkshake.

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6 Re: Milkshake and thoughts [Open] on Thu Feb 04, 2016 4:51 pm

Kristin Rossfeld
Kristin quirked a brow as she waited for an answer from the black-haired girl that she decided to interrupt on a whim. At the very least, she didn't flop back down on a table again after she asked the questions. Although it seemed like Severa was trying to figure out what to tell the blonde in the first place, eventually claiming that she wanted to both think and that it was for the milkshakes, "Oh? The allure of milkshakes drew you in, did it? Well then, I'll just need to at least try a bit now, won't I~?" With that, she took the offered beverage and brought it to her lips, tipping the glass over just enough to allow some to pour into her mouth. Not much, just a drink or two as it was still Sevy's after all.

By the time she was done, Kristin pulled the cup away and gave a hum of delight, "Mmh... You're right, that is delicious~" Handing the glass back to the owner, there was a clear marking of where the blonde's lips were, due to her light amount of lip gloss that she was wearing, "Might need to order me one as well, kind've got the craving now. But before that... I'm still quite curious, even more so now. What're you thinking about, if you don't mind me prying at all?" However, Kristin wasn't the most subtle person, nor was she the type to drop something that interested her. Seemed that she was intent on figuring what the girl was doing. Yeah, she got kind've weird when she was fighting off boredom.

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7 Re: Milkshake and thoughts [Open] on Thu Feb 04, 2016 5:36 pm

Severa Crowley
Sevy smiled as the blonde girl seemed to love the milkshake as well. It wasn't everyday that she could enjoy a good drink with someone, it was rather refreshing. She did have a drink once with a bunch of people, but it wasn't really Sevy at that time and it wasn't milkshakes either, which would have made things even better. Nothing could beat a good milkshake to her.

As the girl handed back the glass and not noticing the small marking of gloss on it, Sevy went for a drink herself, exactly on the same spot. It is only after feeling the gloss over her own lips that she looked at the glass and then at the girl's lips to realize it, causing her to blush ever so slightly. It was the kind of comical moments that happened in some books that Sevy used to read before she was too busy with school. She didn't know what to do so she simply hoped that the girl wouldn't have noticed.

The blonde kept staring at Sevy with her green  eyes while asking more questions to her, about what she was thinking about this time. A smiled slowly appeared on her face as she realized that for once she wasn't the one looking for information about others but was instead the one person of interest. "What I'm thinking about? Just how things seem to have changed lately, or rather ever since I'm at Syne. Nothing really interesting..."

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8 Re: Milkshake and thoughts [Open] on Thu Feb 04, 2016 6:14 pm

Kristin Rossfeld
Kristin couldn't help but smile at the sight of the girl. Seeing how she managed to drink from the exact place that she did immediately after and noticed afterwards. The faint blush that was on her face and the way she seemed to try to hide the fact that she had just went through an indirect kiss. Of course, the blonde couldn't keep the fact that she had saw to herself. But instead of pointing it out, she simply giggled at the shorter girl, that being enough to inform her that yes, she saw everything. Along with a slight smirk, there wasn't much more to focus on about that, immediately moving onto the actual discussion. Not that she didn't want to focus more on those delightful reactions, but more that she hated focusing on just one where there were more to discover.

But as that embarrassment was replaced by a smile on Sevy's face, and that smile was certainly contagious. It was strange, she was glad to see the black-haired girl smile, but what brought it about? Perhaps she enjoyed being asked questions about? It could have been that she thought of something that made her happy. Or the best option yet, maybe she actually really enjoyed the taste of the indirect kiss? Kristin knew which one she hoped for.

"Oh, you're from Syne?" Kristin asked, leaning over just a bit more, "Hey, me too~" With that, she brought her arm forward, offering it to Sevy to shake, "Kristin, I just arrived in town a few days ago with the new semester and everything. So first year, nice to meet you~ You also new or are you my upperclassman by any chance?"

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9 Re: Milkshake and thoughts [Open] on Thu Feb 04, 2016 6:42 pm

Severa Crowley
Sevy blushed a little bit more as she noticed that the girl had noticed her noticing the gloss too late... She thought that she might have jinxed it by thinking about it...

As the blonde girl introduced herself as Kristin and said that she was studying at Syne as well, Sevy smiled a little bit more as she shook her hand. She did it in a delicate manner as usual with a slight tilt of her head, barely showing her left eye. "My name's Severa, but you can call me Sevy, it's nice to meet you too. It's going to be a year soon since I'm here. Well, here studying at Syne. I was born and raised here in Bellmuse. You could say I'm a local girl~"

Sevy giggled slightly as she wasn't looking like an actual upperclasswoman at all, neither acted like one. She found it funny though, looking at Kristen that looked somewhat more mature that her. It's true that Sevy was either always wearing clothes akin to school uniforms or sometimes a black frilled dress, which made her look like a child sometimes, but she loved those and wouldn't wear something different. Even now she was wearing her beige and red school-like attire. She just had a light black coat for when she was outside.

Sevy looked at Kristin for a second before talking. "Where are YOU from? My turn to ask~" Another giggle slipped through her lips as she awaited her answer.

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10 Re: Milkshake and thoughts [Open] on Thu Feb 04, 2016 8:03 pm

Kristin Rossfeld
With every giggle and smile, it was clear that Sevy was becoming more and more comfortable with Kirstin's presence. Which of course was a good thing. In all honesty, it was easier than the blonde had originally thought when they first had met. But she still wasn't through that wall of shyness just yet, judging by the black-haired girl's reactions. Even their handshakes showed the difference in personalities. Sevy was rather meek it seemed, as was her handshake. Meanwhile, the blonde's was more firm, showing that she was at least a bit more confident.

With a chuckle, Kristin asked, "Oh? Sevy? Cute name, about what I'd expect~" she said. We doing a question for a question now? Fair enough~" she said. She had no problem with that as it'd allow her to escalate things as soon as she gave the girl the answer that she was looking for. "Oh I'm not from anywhere special. Just some small town on the edge of the Vale, you've probably never heard of it, actually. Heck, people that lived there barely heard about it~" she joked with a giggle.

That said, Kristin gave a quick lick to her lips, "Now then, that means it's my turn to ask something, right? Well, it's less a question and more a request. Since you claim to be a 'local girl' and you apparently have all the knowledge of at least the best milkshakes in town, what say you about showing a new girl around a bit? Showing me the sights, getting my feet wet and all that. C'mon, it'll be fuuuun~" she pleaded. With that request, she wondered if the girl would take her up on it. She figured that she could become quite close friends with Sevy, so long as she wanted to as well. They were already hitting it off quite well after all and things could only get better from there.

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