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Quality of Killing [Weapon Upgrade: Tier 2]

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1 Quality of Killing [Weapon Upgrade: Tier 2] on Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:02 pm

Akui had spent some time thinking deeply about her greatest creations: her beautiful custom glocks, Agony and Infamy. They were by far her greatest creations, bar none. Sure, she had just finished inventing a hoverboard that is controlled via one's aura and has a secure mechanism that locks use to anyone who's aura doesn't match the signature of the owner...something no one had invented yet to her knowledge. It wasn't fully tested, but she would have that part done soon, and she had already sent information to a patent agency.

She also invented contacts that allowed the using to see clear as day, no matter the time of day or weather, but she was reworking them into glasses that actually hook on so that anyone could wear them but they also wouldn't fall off easily. They would make aiming so much easier during midnight hunts and foggy days, and would just make traveling and exploring that much easier as well.

Still, her guns were her greatest invention for so many reasons: they were her first invention, it was when she first learned about her ability to replicate anything she had read, and they were a symbol of her not taking any more of anyone's bulls***. However, even the greatest things can fall from the status of current, and that's what was plaguing Akui's mind: her guns were made for killing people and were attuned to her sense of art...but they weren't made for killing Grimm, and that was her current situation.

She unclasped her babies and set them down in their guns forms...and went to work. Unlike her other works of art, these she took apart be hand rather than her semblance: they deserved her respect, as they gave her respect, and it was a relationship she actually valued. Having done it so many times, what would normally take twenty minutes took her only five, and she stared at her disassembled beauties and pondered what she could do to improve them.

Originally, twenty rounds per gun was way more than enough, the idea being if she somehow only had one of the twins on her, she would have more than enough ammo to take down an entire gang. Grimm where entirely different: even a weak Grimm could handle twenty bullets easily and keep moving. So, while she cleaned each piece thoroughly, she also adjusted the magazine capacity to fit five more rounds. This brought it up to twenty-five per gun, and although it wasn't that much of improvement, she couldn't do much more without performing a total re-haul and she didn't see the need for that at the time: if she couldn't kill a Grimm with between twenty-five and fifty bullets, she had a bigger problem, and that was only if she was disarmed of one of her guns.

She also noted how she learned that Dust was very vital to the struggle against Grimm, and her guns were just barely equipped to handle Dust, let alone doing it efficiently. As she planned on learning how to use more Dust and wielding it more often, she made some adjustments accordingly: she created three more chambers for each gun, as there were water, air, and earth dust that she planned on learning to wield shortly, each with the respective symbol; she widened her Dust chambers to hold more Dust powder, making them able to hold two full vials of Dust per chamber; and she coated the chambers and muzzles with a substance that would protect from the intense elemental impact the Dust would have on her weapons from the inside.

She double-checked the aura signature detection technology she still functioned properly, and then she cleaned all the bits of her lovely guns one last time before placing them back together. Now, for the even more fun part: it was time to test her upgrades...

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