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A Gadgeteer's Journey [Weapon Form 2]

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1 A Gadgeteer's Journey [Weapon Form 2] on Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:47 pm



Kei checked the location again on his scroll. It said he was in the right place. He couldn't help but frown as he looked up again from his scroll to the building that was supposed to be "Toys of the West". It was hardly the type of place that lived up to such a friendly sounding name. Being located in the Backstreets of Bellmuse, it was the type of place which any normal person would want to avoid being in late at night. "Toys of the West" didn't look like much. All the windows were boarded up, the only paint that on the walls that didn't look like it was plastering off was paint that some hooligan recently graffitied on.

Kei approached the building, taking slow steps to a heavy iron door that was supposed to be its entrance. It seemed he was at the right place as there was an old sign that had the words, "Toys of the West" written across it. Unsure of what awaited him inside, Kei took a deep breath as he reach to turn the doorknob and make his way into the building.

The doorknob didn't turn. It was locked. For some reason, this kinda ticked Kei off.
"Oi oi," Kei couldn't help but call out angrily as he began banging on the door, "What kind of store keeps the front door locked? That's terrible business model!"

For a moment, nothing happened, but then suddenly a small plate in the door slid open, revealing a window for the owner of the store to look out of to see who is at the door. The window was chest level to Kei, revealing that the owner was pretty short. All Kei could make out of the owner from the small slit was a pair of beady eyes behind some thick glasses.

"Ehm," The owner started awkwardly, "Who're you?"
"A customer." Kei said, obviously annoyed, "Who else am I supposed to be?"
"I... see." The owner said slowly.

With that, the view window on the door was shut closed and was followed by a fairly large number of clinks and clunks from numerous locks being undone on the other side of the door. It was clear that it would not be easy for anyone to force their way in. The owner slide the door open and stepped to the side, making room for Kei to enter the shop.

"Yea.. come in." The owner said.

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2 Re: A Gadgeteer's Journey [Weapon Form 2] on Wed Feb 10, 2016 9:12 am



The inside was a mess. Random junk and gadgets were scattered all over the place. It made the room seem a lot smaller than it really was. The room itself didn't have much in it, a couple of couches and a table. There was a doorway in the back of the room that led to the rest of the building. The owner was a short guy, in his late 30s. On his pointed nose rested a thick pair of glasses that odly paired well with his already balding head. Not the most appealing looking person.

"So... umm... How can I help you?" The owner said still just as awkwardly.
"Weapon upgrade," Kei said bluntly, "Listen, I came here on the recommendations someone. I was told that though initially I wouldn't be impressed, you do a good job of delivering the end product."
"I'll take that as a compliment... I think?" The Owner said, "Anyways... What do you have in mind?"

Kei removed the MAUWS from his self, removing the belt and both of the wrist launchers. Kei went to explain how it worked and what he wanted. The Owner said nothing and just nodded, following along. When Kei was finished, the owner picked up all of the pieces of the MAUWS and headed through the doorway in the back of the room, telling Kei to wait in the room as he worked on it.


It was a few hours before the Owner came back. With him, he brought newly upgraded MAUWS compontents, which had Kei put back on. The main additions lay within the wrist launchers, both of which were now also outfitted with guns that sat on the top of the wrist while the mini-harpoon launchers sat on the bottom.
"As you wanted, I added increased firepower by adding wrist guns. For the sake of situational use, both of the wrist guns fire different types of projectiles." The owner started, "First the right side. Basically what I did was install Quad-Barrel rocket launcher built into it."
The Owner held up a small rocket that was smaller than half the size of a normal marker.
"As you can see," He continued, "The rocket ammunition is small enough that the launcher can be built small enough so that it isn't too bulky and easy to hide. Despite their size, these rockets pack a lot of punch. The rockets won't explode unless they're primed and they don't get primed until they're fired... so feel free to play rough or whatever. Just... well... keep in mind that there isn't really any safety feature that regulates how far they need to travel in order to explode. Basically, if you fire it at point blank range, it'll explode at point blank range. I mean, as long as you avoid hitting the trigger you should be fine... I think. Maybe."

"Wait a second..." Kei finally spoke up, interrupting the owner, "Exploding at point blank range? Isn't that a bit unsafe? And by a bit I mean a lot?"
"Well you know how it is..." The Owner said not entirely sure of himself, "It just is what it is..."
"That doesn't answer anything." Kei pointed.

"I'm sure you're just overreacting," The owner continued, "Anyways, because of the nature of the two wrist guns, they don't hold much ammunition, so you'll find yourself often reloading in battle. On your belt I added to extra ammo dispensers for both of the wrist guns. Again, they're both small enough that you can easily hide both of them under your trench coat."
The Owner also gave Kei a crate that housed extra ammunition for both of the wrist guns, since the ammunition was completely original to the owner of the shop and finding them elsewhere would not be an easy task. Fairly satisfied with what he got, Kei paid the Owner for his work and headed out.

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