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Dreaded Desire

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1 Dreaded Desire on Tue Feb 09, 2016 11:33 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Dreaded Desire
Age: 28
Birthday: 02/28
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Face Claim: Deadpool

Aura 100|200 HP

Likes: women, guns, Weaponry encyclopedias, Additional weapon attachments, generally anything that doesn't provoke him.
Dislikes: annoying women, out of ammo, speeding tickets, authority, political propaganda pigs, and the Boy Scout Hero Types
Fears: Spiders, Machine People, The Fashionista government taking over.
Overall Personality
Dreaded Desire isn't even his real name but a Mercenary tag he goes by. He is a rather crude often blunt individual who cares very little for things but he does have bouts of randomness and chaos in his behavior. It's not certain if he's crazy from seeing his whole team annihilated by Grimm or because the Government that was supposed to be there for them never did. Because of this he is hard press to make friends because of his some times chaotic and cold nature genuinely making him an arse towards people perhaps as a barrier to not get close. Overall he will work towards the goal of the mission especially when it comes to getting paid and its not beneath him to fight or play dirty to win especially when the stakes are money or one of his own goals. although not racists he hates everyone equally and only desires one goal kill as many Grimm and individuals in his way as possible finding that money answers all the worlds problems.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Platinum
Semblance: Negative Reinforcement (Buff Type); the semblance of Dreaded Desire is a simple one becoming beaten up only enrages him to become stronger by taking the damage of his opponents and forcing out his aura to reinforce one of his attributes making him stronger momentarily in battle for a short duration.
Item 1:Battle Harden Blade Rifle; an Atlasean crafted battle rifle broadsword used in close quarter and mid range combat. Utilizes dual exhausts for crystal and powder dust vials to be inserted by the barrel to coat bullets and blade.

Item 2: Atlasean Field Armor; This weathered battle armor complies of a tactical vest velcro padded straps and dense plating to resist a moderate sort of damage being conventional and slightly protective.

History and Sample
Where to begin is difficult as that involves digging into the past of an individuals whose Dreaded desire is to forget. One doesn't forget the seasons of war or the battles forced upon a soldier of the Atlas army. Dread wasn't his name but it became the code name he went by after the fall of his unit on a dreaded day where the army of Atlas tried to force a foreign people to relinquish their Dust deposits. He didn't know what went wrong but it was for the betterment of Atlas and Remnant he was told. He didn't much care he was a soldier to follow orders and that was what he did killed each and every civilian and person not of Atlas in order to claim resources to improve the survival of Remnant and Atlas. there was no justifying what he did or the Grimm they summoned by their ill deed the soldier that day died and Dreaded desire was born. Presumed dead and having witness the annihilation of his unit and those innocent people he became a mercenary for hire he didn't care of causes as they were meaningless he didn't care for race all he cared for was surviving and living. Morales were skewed with a society who had the means for solutions yet still pushed their own annihilation. all he desired was to fulfill the desire of others as long as it filled his own agendas and own means. He still didn't stand for the villainous or immoral but who was he to judge. He used any means necessary to dispose of his threats or targets putting people into hospitals or killing them if needed to save an innocent life. Dreaded Desire had some morals left at least he definitely wasn't that psychotic even though he was brooding, random, and occasionally witty who knows maybe he become some revolutionary hero. But hiding out in bellamuse as a student and keeping low becoming a hunter would give him an excuse to kill as many people or Grimm that got in his way till he was bored.
RP Sample:
Approaching the school he had everything ready. A dorm, classes, a real school appearance although he was older than these half pints and most of them were annoying little faunus kids or fairy tale worshiping morons. more suckers to make deals with and more people to take advantage of to get by in life who knows maybe he might even get some after school tutoring by a nice teacher friend. Grinning under the red mask/hood over his black combat gear he wore dark color red jeans under a deep black vest and reddish crimson color boots. Touching his weapons he wondered if he could go find some Grimm to mutilate although he caught glimpse of a cheetah faunus walking by and smirked under the mask. "Well hello kitty cat where's de puppy? Ohh i love tails! Especially when they're attach to something sporty!" She just sneered walking off ignoring him and with his hands to his hips he huff. "Well Meow to you too. Swear Faunus women are grumpier than Mistral women."

Walking up the steps he shove kids out of his way bump pass students with out a care in the world. "Pardon me! Excuse me! Number one student coming through. If you got hopes in being me or better go back to training school you'll need it. you skippy with the blonde hair... boot to the head!" And with a mighty kick he kick the kid over getting yelled at by other students but he didn't care till the kid grabbed his shoulders turning him around. "you wanna see how I got these scars?" Yoinking his mask forward he slip it over the kid and whisper really vivid death scenes and mutilations and then slip the mask off. "now think of that before you go picking a fight with me skippy. Now i'm going to go pee." and he turned left peeing on a random tree and made his way back up to the top of steps arms wide spread the wind blowing pas him shouting from the top of his lungs.

"Head Mistress Cat-lady person!your ppokum star pupil has arrived!"

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2 Re: Dreaded Desire on Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:25 pm

Hey, sorry, this app must have feel through the cracks ^^ll Regardless, there is a problem with it. You haven't specified your armour type on your item 2, bump when done.

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3 Re: Dreaded Desire on Sun Apr 09, 2017 4:02 pm

I apologize, but due to there being no changes or response in much more than the allotted time, I must move this app to the Inactive Section. Although it wasn't mentioned here, this was given a seven day time-frame for the changes to have been made, and it's been well past that time-frame.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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