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Yogen, The Modern Miraculous Marvel Masking Massive Military Mastery

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Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Yogen Yōhei (Referred to as Shindō or Sir Vibrato by those who know him better)
Age: 17
Birthday: 2/9
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 165
Face Claim: Frey from Fisheye Placebo (Always wearing shades)

Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: Music, Training, Not Being Bothered
Dislikes: Being bothered, Being underestimated, Beening viewed as weak due to his one flaw
Fears: Failure, Betrayal, Losing His Father's Love

Overall Personality:

Yogen comes off as rather rude and full of himself to just about everyone he meets, but honestly they just don't understand: he's not full of himself, he just is very aware of how skilled he is. He also isn't truly rude, but doesn't appreciate idle chitchat: unless small talk or getting to know you is his mission at hand, then it's just an unnecessary and quite obnoxious obstacle that he would rather just skip over and get straight to the point and task at hand. He comes off cold-hearted and uncaring as well, but he views everything as a mission, and if it goes against the mission or gets in the way he can't be bothered with it.

That's not to say he has no friends or allies, albeit he believes that they just complicate things and can potentially either become or lead to loose ends that have to be tied up. Anyone who sticks around past the initial few meetings and isn't offset by his very serious, mission-centric mindset may be able to develop a bond with him, although the potential of where that bond could go is anyone's guess.

Most oftentimes, one will find Yogen either pursuing his current directive or lounging and listening to music, one of his only pastimes. While he enjoys any kind of well-produced music, he prefers classical, as it often counterbalances the horror and grind of daily life to truly put him at ease. He not only wears a pair of headphones, but often has a pair of earphone on under them as well. He can be seen listening to music no matter where he is heading, and regardless of the situation...and this is where Yogen seems to be a bit...odd...

Yogen constantly wears jet-black sunglasses, which would more than likely just land him the title of a drunkard or hipster...but he also carries a metal rod wherever her goes, using it as if it's a walking aid that lets him know what is up ahead. It is in fact a walking cane, and...well, Yogen is in fact blind. He is blinded from even the brightest of lights, not being able to sense anything around in an optical fact he cannot sense or feel anything from the middle of his forehead to the bridge of his nose. While this has advantages by not being fooled by optical illusions and such, many wonder why the heck a blind young kid is at an academy dedicated to training people to slay the creatures of Grimm.

However, the only person who has knowledge of Yogen's fighting history and training is the Headmistress and whoever Yogen informs...which is slim to no one. He can actually defend himself and others outlandishly well, to the point where it seems unrealistic: surely if any stories about his accomplishments were told, not a single person would believe them...until they fought by his side.

In battle, Yogen is calm, cool, and very collected. He is constantly aware of everything that's going on and is always multiple steps ahead of both his allies and enemies, coming up with plans and backup plans before he even attempts to try one. He fairs well in both quick spurts and assassinations as well as long, drawn-out battles. He can turn the tides of an ambush just as well as he can execute one flawlessly. He can plan a strategy ahead of time, or create on on the fly, and his survival skills are top notch. He is skilled both in close-quarters combat as well as ranged, and can adapt to any situation. Truly, he is a jack of no trades, but a master of all.

However, he's just that: a master of 'trades.' He has no powers or physical abilities that would give him an overwhelming edge in combat. He is at the pinnacle of human condition and ability, but nothing superhuman, and he has to rely on strategy and wits to dispatch of a foe who outmatches him in endurance, strength, willpower or speed. His know-how and abilities are unparalleled by anyone in Bellmuse for his age or and his track record exceeds all expectations and achievements in recent military history...but he is still just human...or is he?

Due to his blindness, something he's had since birth, he has a remarkable sense of smell, hearing, taste, and touch...and this has only been improved through training. His hearing and sense of smell have been equated to the level of animals and faunus with natural talent in said areas, with some reports showing him exceeding past that. Yogen can also perform regular echolocation through sound alone and having the sound waves determine such things like size, general shape, distance and movement speed of an object or person. Whether this is true or not is up to experience and speculation, but there is no arguing that Yogen possesses some sort of...sixth sense...

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: White
Semblance: Vibration Manipulation

While the idea sounds rather...well, lackluster, Yogen's ability to manipulate vibrations is actually rather fact, incredibly so. Yogen can generate and control vibrations...something that doesn't show itself outright. Normally generated from his hands or feet, it is implied that he can generate vibrations from any portion of his body.

This ability allows Yogen to vibrate the molecules of whatever he is touching, however it has been shown he cannot vibrate molecules in the air, so he need to be in contact with either a liquid or solid to use his semblance. He can use this to cause trembling in the ground, to nigh-instantly shatter or crumble weaker solids like glass or drywall and eventually grind down stronger solids to shards or dust, to loosen the control or grip someone has on him or their weapon...the options or widely varied. Yogen has not shown to be able to cause physical harm when using the semblance directly on another person, although other effects of causing vibrations through another person still occur such as trembling or issues with motor skills; whether or not this effect is resisted by Aura naturally or whether Yogen has been trained to wield his semblance in such a way or not is currently unclear.

Yogen has also displayed the ability to use the vibrations he can generate inward, effecting his own person, with no negative effects...but one very positive one: phasing. By vibrating his own molecules, Yogen has shown the ability to phase through objects such as walls, doors, floors, ceilings...pretty much anything, so long as he has a small amount of prolonged contact with it. This also applies to items he is holding or are on his person, able to phase with them, but it is unknown if other persons can make use of this for travel. A very useful ability indeed...however it has been noted that Yogen has not shown the ability to phase through other persons, partially or wholly, or aura-connected or activated weapons such as Dust or any weapon in use while the wielder is currently brandishing their Aura. Whether or not this is resisted naturally by Aura or whether Yogen has been trained to wield his semblance in such a way or not is currently unclear.

The final ability related to his semblance is a passive one: sensing vibrations. This is what people refer to as his 'sixth sense.' Whenever a being does anything, even simply existing, molecules are vibrating in some way or sort. While Yogen cannot sense vibrations on a molecular level, he can however acutely sense vibrations causing by movement such as walking, running, and jumping as well as speaking and breathing. This works as an additional form of echolocation, providing him a 'picture' of the object or person in question and what it 'looks' like with a unique trigger in Yogen's brain. The easiest way to describe this is that he would pick up both a sonar description and a 'reading' on the vibrations that give him a sort of '3D Printer' idea of what the object or person looks like.
 Despite not being able to detail faces well with this form of echolocation, he still seems to recognize people he encounters more than once, though how he can is currently may have something to do with aura detection, but at this moment it remains a mystery.

The vibrations the object or person gives off around it's own self travel from the object or person to Yogen, providing this effect. This sense extends outside his own person, extending and sensing about fifteen feet around him in any direction, making it very hard to sneak up on him. This sense isn't perfect, however: just as Yogen cannot vibrate molecules in the air, he cannot use this ability to detect anything in the air if he had not detected it in this fashion when it was on a solid surface. Also, if Yogen is affected by something like a poison or drug, that could effect this sense.

Item 1: Vision/Acumen (Weapon)


This item has two names that Yogen has given it: Vision, and Acumen.

Vision is Yogen's...walking stick. Yeah, he's blind, so he has a walking stick. It's a rather fancy one: It's made of some sort of metal and the top where he places his hand is designed as the All-Seeing Eye. He has it with him wherever he is, using it to make sure he is safe while walking. The metal it's made up of is VERY heavy, yet he uses it with one hand as if it's light as a feather when others have problems lifting it.

However, in battle Yogen refers to his walking stick as Acumen...and this is when one learns it's more than just a heavy walking stick. Upon Aura activation, the end of the walking stick that is normally flat extends a sharp bladed point similar to that of a railroad spike. This is when Yogen shows that he is skilled in wielding a Chigiriki, which is a cane-like weapon that is hollow and contained a chain with a weight attached to the end. In this case, the all-seeing eye is the weight, and as an added bonus Yogen can fire off the eye weight at a rather fast speed for a surprise attack by pressing a button on the Chigiriki once it's aura-activated. This same button can also adjust the length of the exposed chain depending on when the button is released, and reel in the chain and reattach the eye-weight on top, making this a very effective weapon for many different uses or tactics.

Vision/Acumen is approximately three and a half feet tall and has a seven-foot chain within the cane that is attached to the eye-weight and the bottom within the cane. Other than a sleek and more modern and personal design, on the bottom within his weapon is a small mechanical device that is for forcing the chain out with built tension and holding it at the desired length as well as retracting it. This weapon was in fact designed by Yogen himself, right down to the very last detail, and was designed to be multi-purpose.

Item 2: Casual Combat Wear (Physical Armor)

Yogen's hoodie and casual wear may seem like just his personal fashion wear, which it is...but it's also a new, state-of-the-art military product line engineered by his father. The idea is that his father is working making casual wear that is military-grade protective without being too uncomfortable or suspicious, and Yogen is sporting the prototype with his hoodies and jeans. These are of very high quality, and are designed to protect the wearer from slashing, stabbing and cushion from blunt damage as well as be bulletproof.

History and Sample
Ginō Yōhei, the talented mercenary of the northern isles...

Yasei Senryaku, legendary huntswoman who slayed thousands of Grimm with naught but a bladed scarf...

None would have thought either of these two would have found love, much less with each other, but love works in mysterious ways. Ever since Yasei saved Ginō from a mission gone awry, it was love at first bloodshed, and even though she was a feisty one she ultimately fell deeply for him. She herself had no parents to meet, and his parents wouldn't dare to disapprove of such a strong and fearsome woman, and in a short time they were engaged. A few months later they were married and had their first born on the way, and everything seemed happy...well, before the prophecy, that is.

Enter this crazy old woman who had been looking for a place to just rest up before resuming her travels, who was wandering from door to door on a dark and stormy night, as per the stereotype. Of course no one had let the strange old woman stay, so by the time she reached the rather nice and big household of Ginō and Yasei Yōhei she was rather exhausted and soaking wet. When she knocked on the door, Ginō answered and after hearing her request he decided to let her in, despite not being much for strange company. He informed Yasei that they would be having a dinner guest, and she did her best to provide food for another despite having already started making dinner. She also waddled out and provided dry clothing for the older woman, despite not having much of a selection outside maternity wear. They ate and talked, the woman having many tales to spin, and it was hours into the night before the woman decided it was time for her to go. Ginō mentioned that they had a bed prepared for her and that she could stay if she chose so she could wait out the storm, and this put a smile on the old woman's face.

While she refused, she hobbled over to Yasei and placed a hand on her pregnant belly before closing her eyes. The hooded cloak she wore took on a life of it's own and the weather outside worsened. Her eyes began to glow and she spoke out these words.

"The two great warriors shall give birth to a son. He shall became an even greater warrior, one who will surpass in all regards, and he will not be hindered by prejudice or hatred. He will carry the family name and bring it a new legacy of the likes has yet to be seen, and he will lead entire armies to victory against our enemies!"

Then everything calmed down, and the old lady thanked them for their kindness and left, the weather now warm and sunny as she made her made.

Ginō and Yasei gave birth to their first born daughter, Amber. They loved her as they would any child of their own, even if she was the exact opposite of the prophecy they had been given: not only just a girl, but not really a warrior at all, more interested in reading and general intelligence than anything else. Not long after that came Elizabeth, who would grow up into a fine young woman who fancied a odd combination of frilly things and flirting with boys as well as practicing her form and stance with her rapier...but still no prophecy. A few years after that came Julia, the tomboy who loved sports and aspired to be the best martial artist there ever was, and soon after was Olivia who was just as skilled with a bladed scarf as her mother and twice as wild...but no son.

At this point that they had all but given up on having a son, and they had even forgotten about the old lady's words...until Yasei conceived again. This pregnancy was her worst by far: terrible morning sickness, bedridden for most of it, frequent doctor visits...if something could have gone wrong it did. However, by the end of it they had a son, and they named him Yogen as they did have a son as the old lady foretold. His fate to be a great warrior of legend seemed to be over as soon as it started, however: poor Yogen was born completely blind, not able to sense even then brightest of lights. Yasei was so happy to finally have a son and was not phased at all by this, and his sisters were excited at the idea of having a brother to play and mess with, but Ginō...Ginō didn't take it so well.

He loved his son very much, make no mistake, but after the doctors told him about his blindness and the fact that the stress and damage the pregnancy and delivery caused Yasei to effectively be the dream of having a son to continue the legacy of being an elite fighter had fallen away...until Yogen turned four.

Yasei had taken the girls out for some girl time, so Ginō decided to rent some movies to watch with Yogen and have some father-son time, as even though Yogen couldn't see he always loved listening to everything that was going on. Eventually they watching a martial artist movie, and there was a point where the protagonist was challenged to break an entire stack of concrete blocks with a single strike of his hand. Despite not being able to see, Yogen leaned forward in anticipation as he waited, and suddenly a crashing sound broke the long silence and was followed by what sounded like a slamming door.

Yogen turned to look at the location his father was previously at, which fortunately happened to be where he stayed. "Did he do it, Dad? Did he break all that concrete with his hand?"

"Sure did son, and it was rather impressive, what with bits of the concrete blocks flying every which way." Ginō replied in a fashion like everyone else did in his family since Yogen could talk: in a way that described what something looked like, to try and give him a better idea.

"Wow, that's so cool! I want to be a warrior some day!" Yogen shouted excitedly, then started doing his interpretation of what martial arts would look like, which wasn't too far off. This caused Ginō to smile sadly before he responded to his son.

"That would be great son, but unfortunately I don't think that is possible..."

"What, why not? I bet I could be the greatest warrior, even better than you Dad, and you are the best! If you teach me how, I know I can do it!"

"I'm sorry Yogen, but..."

"But what? I know I can, Dad, if you teach me I know I can. I'll try hard, I promise! I'll try even harder than Julia! I promise I will! Please, Dad, please teach me?"

Ginō's heart sunk and tears welled up in his eyes: part of him felt like he was being mocked, while the other part of him was deflated at the sign of his disabled son waiting to achieve the very dream he himself has always wanted that clearly never could be: to have an heir to take over the family mercenary business.

"Well, you know how busy I can get, what with work and,let me think about it, okay?"

"Okay Dad. If you do have the time though, I really will try hard, I promise!"

Ginō picked up his son and sat him on the couch next to him.

"I know you will, son...I know you will."

Roughly a week or so past, and Ginō figured that his son had forgotten all about that night, having not mentioned it for a while. He may have been right, had Yogen not returned early from his third day of grade school with a black eye and fat lip.

While his mother was more worried about getting him cleaned up and doctored up, his father was absolutely livid and wanted the details.

Yogen was shaking, his head hung low as he relived the events for his father.

"I was outside playing on the swings when this second grader and his friends came up and starting laughing at me. 'Wow, he really is blind as a bat!' he said, and they laughed some more. All I said was that bats see as well as humans but use echolocation when they go around at night, and he got all mad at me. His friends told him that he 'might as well, because he can't see anything anyway' and then...I was on the ground and in pain...and then I was in even more pain, and then a lady came to get me." Yogen then 'looked' up at his father, and it was clear that he was shaking in anger by the way his mouth was set.

"If Dad had trained me like he promised, I would have been fine!"

Yasei looked at Ginō inquisitively with a slight tinge of worry, but Ginō's face was set: it was decided.

"You're right, son, and you know what? I will start your training. It's not going to be easy, I warn you know. I'll see you in the backyard at eight in the morning, tomorrow. Don't be late." He then laid his hand on his son's shoulder briefly, then walked off.

Ginō yawned as he walked into the kitchen that morning to grab some coffee. As he filled his mug, he looked at the clock on the brewer. Seven sixteen. He then stretched a small bit and looked out the window...and saw his son, already in the backyard, doing push-ups as best a small boy could. Stunned, Ginō stood there staring for a moment until Yasei came in and hugged him.

"He's been out there since six, doing different exercises, and he hasn't taken a decent break. Please take this glass of water to him." she requested softly as she finished preparing the glass of water and left the kitchen.

A smile broke on his face as he grabbed the glass of water and his coffee and headed outside. He watched his son from afar until the promised time had come, then he walked towards his son and called out to him.

"Well now, son, are you ready?"

Yogen eagerly got up, despite him being a bit tired from exercising, and turned towards the direction of his father.

"Yes Sir, I am!" he saluted as he waited for instructions from his father. Ginō chuckled, then handed his son the glass of water. After he finished it, his training began.

Ginō originally only wanted to teach his son defensive techniques and maneuvers, but somehow without being able to have sight to observe and mimic his movements, Yogen was still able to pick up rather quickly. In just a little over a week Ginō had to come up with a new training regiment as Yogen had already mastered the basics and a little bit beyond that, something that had taken longer for Ginō himself to do at a much older age of ten.

Against his better judgement, Ginō decided to teach his son to do more than just defend himself. He honestly knew much better, but Yogen never looked happier than when he was training with him, and his progress started to make even the highly doubtful Ginō start to think that maybe his son did have potential as a fighter.

He wouldn't get to know more, however. Being the head of the Yōhei family meant that at times he had to be called away for important business, and after roughly two weeks of training Ginō had to leave. Yogen was sad that his father had to leave and couldn't finish training him, but he understood that it was important and that his father had to leave right away. Shortly thereafter, Yasei was summoned to help defend against a sudden Grimm epidemic, and that left Yogen with his four lovely sisters and no one to train with...or so he thought!

Over the course of three months, Yogen endured training the likes of which he could never have thought possible: His eldest sister Amber taught him how to read Braille and some basic English and Mathematics for his age, while Elizabeth (after a small favor) taught him how to perfect his form and stance in addition to learning how to wield a weapon. After proving himself to her, Julia picked up where their father left off in his martial arts training, and Olivia taught him many things about nature and how to survive in the wild.

Yasei returned after three months and was very shocked at how much her son had progressed, but also very proud of the young man he was becoming. It took another thirty-three months before Ginō returned to his home and family, and he was very pleasantly surprised at his son's progress. He tested him on multiple fronts, and even sparred him in one-on-one, and despite him clearly holding back he couldn't believe the raw potential Yogen clearly had.

Unfortunately, most of the rest of the information on Mr. Yōhei is either classified and for the eyes of the military only, or was not provided to us upon his recruitment. What we can provide was that there was a major incident in his life at the age of ten, and that he spent two years in minor military training before attempting basic training at the age of twelve. He was successfully recruited at the age of thirteen, and he was a most exemplary soldier. He requested to be transferred to Syne Academy for further training, despite his father wishing for him to partake in the family business, and he is scheduled to arrive on Monday.

We apologize for any inconvenience his sudden arrival may cause, but Mr. Yōhei insisted he must be transferred in as timely of a manner as possible.


Lieutenant Jackson Irvin, of the 4th Order

RP Sample:
Screams echoed through out the girls locker room, as a hand sprouted from a nearby wall. The screams got even louder as the rest of what was attached to the hand came through: a young man with glasses and a cane of some sort. There were many screams, most of them simply stating that a boy shouldn't be in there, some of them just intelligible, but all of them very irritating and starting to rise above his wondrous Mozart's Requim in D Minor  gently spilling into his ears which eagerly lapped at every sacred note.

With a simple tap of his cane on the floor, he progressed forward until he was inches away from a single girl's face. Quivering and covering herself as best as she could in short notice, she was about to shout for help when the man spoke up.

"Hey. Name's Yogen. Veronica Gulden, correct?" he then pulled down his shades slowly to show his damaged pupils. The girl could do nothing but gulp and nod, only mildly relaxed at the sign of his lack of sight.

"Looking for Cabot Hanazusaki. You know her. Where is she?"

Nervously, the girl gave directions to the dorm room of the girl in question.

"Good." the man said as he turned around and slid his shades back up into position. "By the way, your class starts in five minutes." he informed the girl before sinking into the floor of the locker room and disappearing from sight as quickly as he had arrived.

Additional Notes:

~No one else can access this information other than Headmistress Leena Lilac. Therefore, if anyone gets this information in character, they would have to have gotten it from the Headmistress herself...ergo, only Professors and staff know about Yogen's past.

~Students that come from Atlas tend to have beef with him as he left due find what he described as 'actual training.'

~Is implied to be a Master-At-Arms who can wield any weapon, though none know if this is completely true.

~Once diced an onion with a single finger in fury because it interrupted his listening of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

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*envelope slips under doorway*

Mission Complete!

Ready for Headmistress Leena's approval when she gets the time.

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Okay so first of all, please dont close apps to specific people like this. Your app should be seen by all, for appareance sake mostly, and any mod should be able to access it. Otherwise it slows down the process.

Anyway, no soundwaves. The first form of your echolocation is fine, I guess but not the sound wave one.

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Sorry for the confusion, it was just regular echolocation, moved to the proper part of the app.

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