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Not An Ideal First Date... [Private, Riley Stanos, Hunt]

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Of course.

Why wouldn't they?

Why not?


Stupid grimm. They couldn't bother her when she wasn't trying to court a woman. No. Of course not. They couldn't just bugger off when she was being nice and having fun. They couldn't just arrive when she wanted to beat things. She was in a very rare mood before they showed up. She was in hte mood to love and adore, not to punch.

Not to mention, one was trying to kill her! Things just wanted to die, didn't they?

First, a claw slam. Riley evaded that by jumped to the right of the claw as it got too close to the ground to move.

Next, the Stinger Strike. She saw it coming towards her stomach. That was fine. She didn't sidestep like she did without leg strength.Once it got reasonably close, she leaped upward and a bit forward to grab onto the tail of the deathstalker and kept hold of it. She wasn't going to try to attack yet. She was angry and wanted it to know it.



dodged both attacks, grabbed onto Death Stalker 2's Stringer tail and refuses to let go.

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Akui just started to slow her breathing when she heard the resounding screech that was a bit familiar. She rolled over to see a Deathstalker charging her way, preparing to stab her in the gut with it's stinger.

Well, that escalated quickly...sorta. What was with all the Grimm in this spot today? Maybe they didn't like picnics either?

Regardless, Akui rolled backward to dodge the stinger, but as she got up she was unable to move out of the way of the sideswiping claw. It hit her right in the side and flung her into a nearby tree that she bounced off of with a crack. She landed on her feet and stumbled a bit, but she felt no real pain: no broken ribs, no crushed joints or anything. Due to this, she was able to roll out of the way of the second claw attack.

The Deathstalker was fast, but it wasn't as fast as her: with it's larger from, it took just long enough to recovered from it's last attack for Akui to quickly scale herself up a tree. She knew from experience with a prior encounter that if she gave herself that kind of high ground, she could react or respond to pretty much anything the giant scorpion asshat could do.

She then opened fire at the Deathstalker, aiming for it's eyes to try and hit a weak spot if possible, then looked up as she reloaded. She saw chicken woman hanging onto the tail of another Deathstalker, gripping it for her life as she was flung to and fro, and Akui tried to breakthrough her haze and come up with a plan.


AGHH! MY EYES! Attempt at 45 dmg.

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    2 Level 3 Deathstalkers

Deathstalker 1: 127/130  

Deathstalker 2:

The first Deathstalker hissed in annoyance as the pink haired one avoided its atack and scrambled up a tree. It moved its head forward to feel some projectiles bounce off its head. It looked over to its brethren to see the chicken like one, clinging onto its tail in fear. It let out a loud hiss to it. Before focusing on its target, attempting to strike at her  position with its stinger. It would then slam its claw into the base of the tree she was in, splitting it where it stood. After that it would  strike at multiple other trees in the general vicinity in an attempt to keep the huntress out of the higher ground.

The second Deathstalker made an angry hiss as the chicken huntress was clinging to its tail. It let out a screch before slamming her into the ground with it's tail, then it scuttled forward and slammed her into the side of a tree splitting it in half. It would then pull its tail backand try to fling her toward the other huntress who had taken to the trees in an attempt to knock both of them out of the trees to be crushed by the duo.

Battle Statistics:

Deathstalker 1 was hit by Akui's Attack on the bone plating 3 DMG dealt(45÷2=23-20= 3)

Deathstalker one -Stinger strike- 30DMG@Akui

Deathstalker two- Slam into ground 30DMG@riley, Tree slam 30DMG@riley, Fling 30DMG@Riley, and Akui

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Riley and her ever-cheesy lines. She was a brilliant poet in her own right, clearly, but she had terrible timing to try and do slam poetry.

Riley was also fast on her feet, and if her hands weren't fast, she wouldn't be such a sought after woman, would she? She let go as the tail was on the down-strike, using her legs to kick herself to the side, making it out of the radius of the tree-slam. Thankfully, this left the back-end that was entirely black and not boney to be punched. She'd have to do her best Kenshiro Impression.

She started punching the Death Stalker, three solid punches to the black, unprotected part of the death stalker with intent to kill. She even used her semblance. That was how you knew this stuff was serious.

Damage possible to death stalker: 150 total/ 50 each punch.

Riley effectively dodged all of the attacks by jumping off the tail and violently assaulting the grimm.

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