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A chance encounter. [Hunt: Molly/Jet/Crimson]

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1 A chance encounter. [Hunt: Molly/Jet/Crimson] on Sun Feb 14, 2016 7:50 am

Molly Jones
Someone wearing only half from a pair of shoes isn’t something that you see every day, but then neither is the sight of a cyborg girl. And when you combine those two together? Really, the people that pass by Molly on her day-to-day life should toss a coin or two in her direction for giving them such a rare sight. At least with that money she could do something, a compensation for having need ignore their hushed whispers and accusatory glances.

But well, as with anything, Molly reacted to it with a dispassionate wave of hand, a smile and an amused snort. She had more important things to do than care about the opinions of strangers, and she didn’t particularly mind being the source of gossip for common folk. Give the shop vendors and house wives a little spice in their lives, you know?

Down along the cobblestone path her cyborg foot clinked and her one sneaker clacked, her gaze brought low to the ground by a preoccupied mind. Today's morning Sun was greeted by her with a decision to test out her skills against the Grimm, and she viewed that test with extremely high regard. If she was going to be any serious about this old road to redemption, the results of this test must be more than satisfactory. And so with that thought (and pressure) in mind, her meek and shaky heart faced the uncertain future beneath a backdrop of evening gold.

Due to her hazed over mind, Molly failed to notice two staring blue eyes belonging to that of a child. She was a little girl standing next to her mother, a wrinkly woman who was busy chatting with the owner of a fruit stand. That little girl tugged on her mom’s dress and pointed a finger at the cyborg girl. ‘Look, mama! A robot!’ she cried out. Her ears were well attuned to any words that had the least to do with robots and automatons, and Molly stopped in her tracks. With a slightly pained smile she turned to the girl, bracing herself for a confrontation with an all too familiar look.

What she saw instead were eyes filled with delight and admiration, a sight that reminded Molly somewhat of herself in her own earlier years. Unable to stay away from the source of such a fond memory, she greeted the mother with a polite nod and walked over to the little girl to ruffle her hair. Mechanical sounds groaned softly from her arm, making the girl tense up and squeeze her eyes shut. Though as soon as the gentle ruffling began, her eyes opened slowly back up. First one, then another, and soon her earlier happy look was recovered in full.

“Have a good life, kid," Molly whispered.

She set off into the blue forest soon after, replaying that blessed scene in her mind. Bracing herself for one of her first true tests, she closed her eyes and whispered a few hush words. 

‘Mom, Pa... This is for you," she said, her words carried off by a sudden gust of wind. Rustling leaves filled the air as her arms transformed into blades. For today at least, the world around her felt like it grew just slightly more beautiful.

OOC: Dice roll here

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Crimson Waters
Crimson decided that he really wanted to upgrade his katana so he needed some lien to do so which he had none of so he decided to join a hunt to earn some money as he had nothing which sucked.

He wasn't feeling to good today he was in one of his depressed moods which just come naturally to him and was kind of pissed this morning. He decided that a hunt may be the best way to get out some of this anger. He just hoped the anger wouldn't interfere with his team members on the hunt so he tried to stay positive but it was tough.

He put over his katana on his back and walked out of his dorm out to the forest area and drew his scroll. He had been at Syne a couple of days now and had decided to join a few hunts already he hadn't got the rewards sent through yet which annoyed him even more so it was time to go on another hunt just so when the money from the other hunts will ad to this and be more rewarding.

He had already fought a death stalker which were challenging opponents and trained a little already with others so he was prepared for what was to come but what he wasnt prepared for was those who were going on the hunt

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Jet Jeyson
Hunts are fun. Even when slightly hurt - or very hurt on rare occasions - Jet still has a great deal of fun. It’s mostly because they’re evil creatures that he’s able to enjoy killing these things, he wouldn’t get the same enjoyment having to kill another person. In the end, Jet loved fighting in itself, not the killing.

As he entered the forest, he walked toward the meeting point for the hunt. Sometimes hunts were assigned to multiple students without mentioning it, other times it was mentioned that other people had signed up for it. In this case, nothing was said. No mention of solo, no mention of teammates, so he might be alone or with others. Still, there was always a meeting point at a specific hour in case more than one person had signed up for the hunt. For solo missions that mostly was a point in the general vicinity of where the Grimm that was to be hunted usually lurked, like a good starting point to search for it. So really there was no way for Jet to know, while walking toward that point, if there was more than one student assigned to this particular hunt.

But, he wasn’t going to be alone. He could see some red hair, their contrast being strong enough in the blue forest for him to see even from afar. Jet only knew two persons with red hair, one of which was his roommate and the other was a guy he went on a hunt before. The person was too far in the daylight for him to discern if it was a male or a female so he couldn’t know. Whichever it was though, Jet still smirked and started sneaking toward said person. If it was Scarlett, it would be just be for the fun of it, but if it was Crimson, then it was also to get back at him a bit for sneaking on them before with his invisibility.

As he got closer, he could see that it was indeed Crimson, so his smile grew a bit, hoping he wouldn’t be detected as he got closer and closer and then... “YOOOOOO!!!!!” Jet shouted in Crimson’s ear, trying to give him a jump-scare.

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Deathstalker Level 5 180 HP

Clickedy Clack Clickedy Clack The sound of a ravenous beast could be heard, not amplified by the dead of night but muted by the fauna's sounds in the warm spring morning air. The massive insect was on the prowl, prepared to conker and dominate. It could smell heinous emotion a mile of, the slightest speck of sin drew it like a moth to a flame.

The first brief sense of sadness had attracted the beast to the area, the second; sensing trickery and immanent fear drew it faster still. Just as the trickster let out his cry, attempting to shock his friend, the beast swung both claws wide; dislodging the trees around the pair from the ground and through the air. They landed with a colossal thud, accompanied by the beast's ear wrenching scream. Not a second was wasted, the beast rushed forward.

The monster's left claw was prepared to block as well as anticipated use as a battering ram, raised up against it's face to protect it's eyes, while the right claw hovered above it. As if the ramming speed of the gigantic grimm running toward the hunters would not be enough the beast shot forward three wildly aimed jabs toward the dirt before it as it ran; hoping that if it could not ram the men out the way it would pierce or at the very least scratch them. All the while it's tail hung above; ready to fend off counter-assault.

The sound of the violent assault resonated throughout the woods.

Battle log:
Charging assault- 50 dmg

Three random jabs, 50 dmg each.

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Molly Jones
The sound of combat filled the air, and Molly wasted no time with idle acts. Quickly weaving through trees in pursuit of the source of that commotion (which sounded like not too far a distance from here), she pondered about what type of monster laid in wait. From all the sounds that had echoed through, she judged that this Grimm was a fearsome one indeed.


A small grin spread across her upturned lips. Finally catching sight of her prey, it seemed that the monster in question today was a vile Deathstalker. She circled from its side to approach from behind, rapidly closing the gap between them. Its attention seemed to be focused on two hunters whom she had only caught glimpses of - all the trashing and fallen trees made it hard to discern any notable features they held. One was a red-hair, and that's about all she knew. Activating Hell's Luster and coating her body with a purple/pink veil of sparks, she directed electrical energy into her bladed arms and leg, momentarily enhancing the maximum strength at which they can swing.

A few more seconds, and she'll be within striking distance. One step, two step. On the third, she leaped into the air, forcefully bringing her both her blade-arms down across the Deathstalker's tail in an x-like motion. As soon as her feet touches the ground, she'll then dart herself forward for an extra thrust aimed at its behind.

Battle Log:
Weapon: Righty & Lefty Tier 1
Physical Armour: Modified Undershirt Tier 1

Aura: 50/60 (-10) HP: 240/240

Attack 1: Downward Slash [45 dmg]
Attack 2: Downward Slash [45 dmg]
Attack 3: Forward Thrust [45 dmg]

Potential Damage: 135

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Crimson Waters
Crimson stumbled at the sound of Jet yelling in his ears and puled himself back up and rubbed his ears "hey don't yell right into someone's ears dude you know that can cause them to go deaf right?" Crimson laughed and elbowed him. He would at least know someone on this mission at least he had hoped that he would find a team soon as he really wanted to be on one but that probably wasn't going to happen. he wondered who else was going on the mission if there was anyone else.

Crimson used his aura turned invisible the second he saw the beast charge at him and Jet and grabbed jet and pushed him to the ground to avoid the beast trampling them and stabbing them and then he drew his sword hoping Jet was aright. Then he stabbed the creature from behind in its side leg that attaches it to its claw and sliced again and again. Then he jumped back still invisible and sliced at it's back and took a step back into the clearing.

He wondered why none of the others showed up yet and if they were just not going to show up then it would just be Jet and him which would suck but Crimson was pretty sure if it came to it they could take on the deathstalker.Then out of nowhere he saw the girl bring her robot arms down onto the Grimm striking it in the back and tail which took him off guard but he kept focus.

battle stats:
hp 150/150
aura 130/150

Crimson uses sword slash on death stalkers leg 2 times
Crimson used a sword slice on the death stalkers back once
20+20+20=60 potential damage.

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Jet Jeyson
There wasn’t much Jet could do in this situation. He had been so concentrated on the sound he was making so he could successfully sneak up on the red head guy, that he completely missed the click clack sound of the approaching Deathstalker. That was something in and of itself; they aren’t usually the stealthiest of Grimms. But the forest was slightly noisy at the time so maybe Jet could be pardoned this time.

Crimson did save him from the first attack of the Grimm that came from behind, pushing him out of the way of the charging Deathstalker. The three random stabs also came at him, one of them at least, but the fallen trees were probably a hindrance to the Grimm’s attack. Jet actually hid behind one of those just on time since he heard a dull ‘thud’ from the pincer hitting the wood where he had been just before.

His weapon unfurled beside him and Jet jumped away from his cover, sending the blade toward the general direction of the creature’s eyes. It was more of a distraction than an attack but if he landed something well … yay! If not it was no different to him. His next attack, after landing further away from his jump, came in in the form of his left hand grabbing at one of the blade in a way that wouldn’t cut him, then pulling it back sharply, making it spin by his side and launching it again toward the Grimm’s side. His right arm with the bracer made a swirling motion after the weapon was sent to create a spiraling motion that caught up with the tip just as it was reaching the legs. This made the chain flick like a whip and possibly wrap around one of the legs. With a sharp pull, Jet planned to do either heavy damage on the leg if his weapon did catch it or at least slice at it on the way back.


Defense : Pushed out of the way of initial charge (thx Crim!)
Dodged stab by vaulting behind a fallen tree

Attacks :
Jet uses Pierce! in Deathstalker's face! : 45 potential damage
Jet uses Spiral Slash! on Deathstalker's leg : 45 potential damage
Jet uses Pull Slice! on Deathstalker's leg : 45 potential damage

Battle Status:

HP : 190
Aura : 120
Condition : Healthy, having fun, happy he made Crim jump

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Deathstalker Level 5 105 HP

As a bladed attack struck the beast's back leg it immediately began to flail in surprise; stomping the surrounding area wildly and accidentally avoiding the second slice from the seemingly invisible force. The Deathstalker's panic attack launched mud, wood, dirt and rock all around itself; almost certain to batter the hidden man. The beast then took off fast in out of shock, hearing something crash into the ground behind it with considerable force. The beast spun and flailed wildly, as a result it caught a blade in it's tail... however the blade of the sunglasses wearing man remained lodged in the underside of the beast's tail as it lashed down toward him with frightening force; sending debris of wood and rock to either side of it. Needless to say the forest was ending up a mess.

The beast was certain it would have enough trouble with the two huntsmen it was dealing with when something pounced before the beast. It was fortunate that one of it's claws was raised, the hulking white mass able to neutralize the powerful blow, before flicking the girl off and away with incredible force toward the treeline. It hoped to knock her into some form of hazard though knew she could perhaps use the created distance to her advantage.

The beast let out another gut wrenching scream; the glasses boy to it's back, the invisible force to it's right side and the girl now somewhere before it's eight orange eyes.

Battle log:

1st attack, AOE, debris flying all around Grimm in close proximity to Crimson

2nd attack, Tail smack with small debris launched on either side, tail aimed at Jet

3rd attack, Launch toward nearby trees as counter to Molly's attack

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Molly Jones
Her eyes widened in shock, blades held quickly in a x shape to block the Deathstalker's retaliation. A loud clinging sound rang through the air. Its claws struck her blades and her feet dug into the ground, trying for a few seconds a struggle of strength. The Deathstalker's power was tremendous, more so than she expected. Even though she tried her best to hold her stance strong, she felt that every passing second inched the beast one step closer towards victory. Her feet wavered for just a second, and true to her prediction she was soon sent flying through air. The trunk of a tree slammed into her back, all wind in her knocked painfully out. A great creaking vibrated through the air as the tree's mighty roots wavered and failed, soon sending it plummeting to the ground behind her.

In a mess of branches and leaves she got up on her feet, anger reflected in her eyes. Raising a hand she called forth lightning - two powerful bolts that materialized in the air above it, shooting quickly down at its center mass. Betting on the bolts to serve as a distraction (one that could potentially cause damage), she launched herself off at it immediately afterwards, planning for a slash aimed in the direction of its many eyes.

Battle Log:

Aura: 20/60 (-30) HP: 215/240 (-25)

Attack 1: Bolt of Lightning [10 dmg]
Attack 2: Bolt of Lightning [20 dmg]
Attack 3: Jab [35 dmg]

Potential Damage: 65

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Crimson Waters
Crimson still invisible was pleased his attack caught the creature of guard he watched molly attacked the creature again with her lightning which he was surprised at and pleased he helped Jet avoid tacking damage from the creature. He still invisible rolled out the way as the ground shook and debris flew at him which missed him. He ran behind the creature and jumped onto his body and sliced into the left claw then he jumped up and sliced at the  tail of the creature at its tip to cut it off. Crimson watched Jet and Molly take their turns to attack and waited to see what the creatures response to the attack would be. The snow was thick and he got some in his hair so he just shook it off and brushed it out and went back to his stance and waited for the right time to strike.

40 damage possible
status 140/150hp 120/150 aura

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Jet Jeyson
Jet wasn’t so surprised his weapon got stuck in the beast’s tail, he had that kind of weapon where it happens often. That being said, it also meant he had countermeasures or strategies in those cases, be it from experience or by design. So his blades were stuck on the Deathstalker’s appendage? Fine, he was going to use that.

Reeling in fast, the sunglasses wearing guy was pulled toward the tail directly. He used the forward momentum to slide on the ground at first, going under the attack using the tension in the chain to get himself back up, still reeling the weapon in. He took some debris on the shoulder but he shrugged off the pain. Coming close, Jet stopped the mechanism of the weapon and jumped sideway. With the previous forward momentum and the direction change, he ended up spinning once around the tail, encircling it with his chain, then landed on the back of the beast.

Using the other’s attacks on it as distraction, he started running to the front and keeping track of the tail movements thanks to the tension in the chain. On the way, he tried to stomp on an eye and add more distraction to prevent it from realising his move. Hit or not, he jumped in between the claw, right in front of its masked face. With a grin, Jet proceeded to complete his reckless move. He still had just enough length left to his weapon to slide under the right claw and stand back up behind it, his chain’s blades already biting in the black flesh if the move succeeded. With a sharp pull back and a kick behind the joint, leaving the foot there after to use as a foothold, he was trying to force the Deathstalker to hurt itself. Should it try to pull with its tail, it would pull Jet back under the claw and the blades would cut deeply in the joint. Should it try to pull on the chain with its claw instead, it would end up in the same result.

Battle Stuff:

Defense : dodged tail smack but got some debris in. 50 damage - 25 def = 25 hp lost.

Attacks :
Jet uses Bind! on Deathstalker's tail! : 45 potential damage
Jet uses Stomp! on Deathstalker's eye : 25 potential unarmed damage
Jet uses Constriction Slice! on Deathstalker's pincer joint : 45 potential damage if Deathstalker pulls with either tail or pincer on the chain.


HP : 165
Aura : 120
Condition : Healthy, having fun

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Deathstalker Level 5, 5 HP

The beast, clawed arms still raised, managed to resist the lightning bolts as they hit the heavily fortified shell. However, just before the girl launched forward, the beast felt the pitter patter of footsteps on it's hide. But no man in sight. Before the beast could counter a sword found it's way forced into the fleshy joint of it's left claw. With an outraged cry the left claw shot toward the attacker at point blank range; either smashing him off the beast's hide or forcing him to jump.

This however left the beast's eyes open to assault, the semi-mechanical woman barreled in and sliced straight through two of them; they orange orbs sticking to her bladed arms. The beast was going to use it's tail to counter but hesitated, feeling something wrap around the fleshy underside.

Once more the beast felt the patter of feet on it's hide, it knew it couldn't afford to remain as it felt it's tail being crunched. The right claw came at the girl, scissor like blades closed for a powerful retaliation slap. Then, fearing for it's very life, the beast charged forward; body rocking from side to side at a ridiculous rate; making movement across the beast's back impossible and likely throwing any atop it to the ground. The girl, pending where she was post claw slap, may have been in line to be ran down as the beast charged straight forward out of sheer panic. The invisible man may to find himself in such a situation, depending on his location.

The beast surged back into the forest, trees tossed to all sides. The chain was still raveled around the beast's tail as it's body swung wildly; potentially dragging the man attached to the chain with it and into the trees. The beast's wounds however seemed to be catching up with it, with a slow spin one-hundred and eighty degrees it stopped and raised it's damaged claws. Hardly prepared for a last stand.

Battle log:
1. Jab at Crimson, point blank, left claw
2.Closed claw slap at Molly, right claw
3. Potentially trampling Molly and or Crimson
4. Dragging Jet into trees potentially?

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Molly Jones
It was awfully satisfying, more so than words could ever hope of describing. How the slice felt as it cut through those beady, staring orbs, she could go through it for a countless number of times more before staleness would kick in. This is what combat should feel like. Numbing pain, animalistic bloodlust, dirt, grit and pleasure. Those little scuffles she had with man and faunus in the past held not a single candle to the dance with such a beast.

Staring down the Deathstalker's claw as it tried to snip her in half, she placed her feet one behind another to brace for a test of strength. Crossing her blades one over another, she thrust them forwards and into the scissor-like death machine, wedging it open. Gritting her teeth, she tried her best to find some traction in the ground to aid in her efforts of holding open the claw.

A few seconds passed with this deadlock in place, but the strength of the beast magnified as it wildly charged forward. Her blades were straining, groaning. The ground against her feet were giving way. Clicking her teeth, she reverted her arms back into their natural form and swiftly ducked to the side to evade the released snap. The Deathstalker charged past her like a runaway train, displacing the ground around it, spraying mud, soil and broken rocks into the air. Raising an arm to block the resulting rain of debris, she pushed herself off her feet in pursuit of the beast.

Quickly closing in the distance, Molly jumped up into the air in front of it. There was a wild glint in her eye as gravity pulled her down, her right arm prepared to punch out what little remained of this beast's life. She aimed at the Deathstalker's head with a powerful fist, hoping to hear the satisfying sound of breaking, cracking bone.

Battle Log:

Aura: 20/60 HP: 215/240

Attack 1: Downward Fist [25 dmg]
Potential Damage: 25

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Crimson Waters
Crimson during his time at signal and a little bit before hand when he was younger had learnt the art of parkour in his free time so he could easily work his way round the beasts body with ease and he knew how to do flips and moonsaults and spin etc through parkour which he had learned and he knew how to use it in combat from his training at signal too. The beast was starting to wear down surely and its health must have been getting less and less by now Crimson thought. He had wondered to himself about the girl with robot arms whether that was apart of her semblance or her body. Either way it was helpful on the battle field.

As Crimson saw the Deathstalker move it's left claw towards him he did a flip moonsault so it landed on the creatures arm as he swung and he became visible then he pointed his sword down and stabbed into the beasts left claw in the open parts with no armour as the beast trampled towards molly at that point. Then he jumped of its back and he went behind the beast and he sliced at the back of the creatures legs from behind the creature. Then seeing as his position was now probably revealed and he spinned in the air a full rotation about 4 or 5 times then he sliced at at the creatures back.

Crimson noticed Jet's chain attached to the creature which could cause problems but he would have to worry about that when he was free to attack nect because he needed to focus on his defence unless the creature suddenly used his tail or turned round and sliced at Crimson and besides Jet would be fine he knows how to handle himself Crimson thought to himself.


20 damage possible arm stab
20 damage possible leg slice
20 damage possible back slice

status 140/150hp
120/150 aura

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Jet Jeyson
Trees, trees everywhere. Even though he managed to deal some damage, most of his attack did nothing. That was fine though, he had other things in mind. Unfortunately for him, the Deathstalker started to panic at the same time. There wasn’t much Jet could do at first when he started to get swung every way. A panicked opponent is dangerous as they become unpredictable and reckless, so there was no way Jet could have stopped it or avoided it when already attached to the beast. He came in contact with a tree and crashed straight through it from the sheer force of the swing. That hurt a lot, but his since he was a hunter; his aura prevented any serious injuries he would normally get from such an impact.

Jet used his semblance to unstick the chain from the tail midflight, which sent him at high velocity a bit further away. Now from the small amount he had seen, the other two seemed to have been considering the Deathstalker’s weak state as a signal to just use normal attacks to finish it. How boring.

With a swing of the arm, Jet caught himself with his weapon on a tree. With the speed at which he was flying at, he started to spin around the tree with a slight angle. A bit of reeling accelerated him even more before he launched himself toward the Deathstalker at super speed. Still, that wasn’t the angle he was aiming for, so as soon as a thick enough branch came in range, he shot his weapon at it and got flung high in the air over the Deathstalker. His weapon uncoiled itself entirely and seemed to become alive.

With his semblance, Jet had the chain of blades accelerate even faster as he swung it downward toward the Grimm. With the gravity pull and the sudden semblance pull, his fall accelerated exponentially. As he was closing in, Her spun his right arm in circles under him, creating a sort of corkscrew like motion to dig in the back of the scorpion with as much penetration force as he could manage. So it was weakened already? So what? There is no such thing as Overkill.


Defense : Crashed through a tree. 50 damage - 25 def = 25 hp lost.

Attacks :
Jet uses Semblance Str Buff! +2 str
Jet uses Spiral Drop! on Deathstalker. 55 potential damage!


HP : 140
Aura : 100
Condition : Healthy, hair full of wood splinters, having fun

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Deathstalker, Level 5, 0 HP

As the man jumped onto the deathstalker's claw it wasted no time in immediately backhanding the claw directly into a tree; from the side he was on. Regardless of if he managed to jump from there to safety, it's rampaging speed before it had held up in it's self made clearing was too great for the man to jump back on. This however wouldn't matter much. The beast was relieved to feel the chain leave it's back and almost relaxed slightly, only for the sight of the semi-mechanical girl to enter it's view. It raised it's claws to block when-

Suddenly the beast was no more. A heavy weight cracked down on the center of the Deathstalker's back, unprepared and surprised the man performed and internal severance to the beast. The Girl's punch was the icing on the cake, smashing the head and through the already damaged eyeholes. At least it was spared a painful death in return for a quick one. With a resounding flop the beast was done.

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Molly Jones
Grinning, bearing her teeth, she relished the moment as she pummeled down on the Deathstalker. With it finally dead and gone, Molly took a few deep breaths to steady herself down. A wave of satisfaction washed over her. Her blades did not disappoint. This would be just the first of many to fall by her hands - she'll see to that, whether through being an official huntress or otherwise. 

Brushing off dirt and whatnot from the surface of her arms, she scanned them for any visible damage on their surface. Their sturdy material held strong, and there didn't seem to be any obvious damage. Transforming them to their bladed form, she did the same and was met with mostly similar results, save for a little damage from when she held back the Deathstalker's snapping claw. All in all, preliminary results proved her blades and arms to be sturdy enough to handle a fight with Grimm. She had expected no less. 

With a chance now to finally take a good look at the other two people she fought with, her eyes glanced first towards the guy with shades. Messy hair, scarred face. Good build, evidently strong. Flashy attacks. A coat of splinters over him. Giving him a slightly-exhausted smile, she walked over, arms transforming back to normal and extended her hand for a shake. 

"Molly Jones. And who might you be, Mr.Mysterious-shades?"

Wanting to address the red-haired male as well, she then called out to him "Good fight." This guy seemed to have phased in and out of the battle, and Molly could have sworn that she saw him disappear into thin air. How he did this was something that intrigued her, and if it were truly the ability to turn invisible, she chuckled at the thought of all one could do with it. So much fun could be had. 

OOC: I'm not really happy with how this post turned out - didn't really feel like it was up to the standards I wanted. Ah well.

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Crimson Waters
Crimson put his sword on his back onto the strap he would need to sharpen it later because of the sparks and clashing against the beast. "so that went well cool blades" He said as the death stalker faded away. "what's your name then? im Crimson Waters" He shook her hand and he nodded towards Jet "well I didn' expect to meet you on this hunt I hope we work on more together in the future also you owe me one" he smiled and playfully elbowed Jet.

He stood their regaining his breath in the snow and his shoes and clothes felt wet so he couldn't wait to dry them off and get new clothes. Crimson wondered about the girl whether she had been in some accident or something or if she was just a human cyborg or just a robot designed like a human because those were possible around these parts.

He noticed Jet wore his shades everywhere and wondered why he always wore them. It kind of reminded him of cyclops from the x men but it would be rude to make that joke if there was some sort of problem with his eyes. He wondered what the girls semblance was but he probably would find out in the future same goes for Jet. "so wanna hang around here for a sec and chat or go home in the warm cause I vote in the warm".

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Jet Jeyson
Jet was trying to get the splinters and dirt off of his clothes and hair, but it was like whenever he brushed some off, more appeared, like a never ending cycle of dirtiness. Still, he was happy the Deathstalker was dead, and in a pretty flashy way too so all good in his book. And he didn’t hurt his foot this time either, yay!

He spotted the cyborg woman walking to him with blades for arms. Seriously, she looked super badass like that, but he was a bit wary when she started to extend one of her blade forward. That is, until the blade turned into an actual hand for him to shake. If he didn’t have sunglasses, you would see stars in his eyes. “Ooooooh! That’s awesome! And my name is Jet Jeyson, pleased to meet you, Molly ‘Awesome-blades’ Jones.

Jet smirked as he shook hands with the woman. The grip was interesting. He had met other androids or cyborgs, it was always interesting how they managed their grip so they don’t just crush other’s fingers. Did she have pressure sensors linked to her nerve system so she can “feel” with her metal hands? Ahhhh… Robitic and bio-cybernetic is so interesting. Bio-cybernetic is one thing he should delve into a bit more; he’s dreadfully ignorant of it. He can make the robotic part easily enough, but he has no idea how to adapt it to living tissue. The black haired guy realised he had been staring at Molly’s arm for a bit too long. Lifting his head, he looked at her in the eyes with a big smile. “These are very good work. Made them yourself?

Turning to Crimson, je returned the playful elbow strike. “Hehe, good luck with that. We’ll see if you can actually do anything about it. I’ll be sure to stay alert to any sounds especially when I think I’m alone. But yeah, I think returning back into the heat would be nice. I mean it’s is pretty cold.” At those words, Jet rubbed his hands together to heat them up with friction, looking around a bit at the destruction of the forest. “Maaan… Fighting Deathstalkers in the forest really is bad for the environment.

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Jet Jeyson
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From the look of things, neither of his partners really wanted to stay there and talk, neither did he actually. The fight wasn't that exhausting but it didn't mean Jet felt like standing around and waiting for another Grimm to pop on them. They seemed cool and he already knew Crimson a little bit, but really all he wanted to do right now was go back to his dorm and catch up on some books he had started. Yeah, Jet Jeyson, wanting some calm and quiet! Who would have thought.

Rolling his shoulders a bit and cracking his neck, he turned to the other two people here. "Well I don't know about you two but I'm knackered. It feels like Deathstalkers are always following me around, would be nice to fight something else for a change."

With a sigh, Jet turned around and started walking back toward school "See you two around!"


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Crimson Waters
Crimson turned to Jet "yeah im tired too we should do this again sometime though" and he was still impressed by the other girls robot blade arms. Crimson waved goodbye and thought about everything that had just happened. He couldn't wait to get inside in the warm. Crimson also liked Jets weapons and thought they were cool. He thought he had done a pretty good job himself in the fight even though all he had was a katana but then he was highly skilled with it. He wondered how many grimm Jet had already fought well alot he assumed by the way Jet was talking about deathstalkers. Crimson had only fought a few grimm in his short time here at Syne but he would get lots more chances to fight some. He brushed some more snow out of his hair damn he thought to himself I should have brought a hat next time I will.

[crimsons exit]

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Richard Lionheart
Hunt rewarded, Gm (myself) go ahead and roll. 900 lien for Molly and Jet, 990 for Crimson due to Major. 1500 exp for each of you ^^

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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