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Ikitsu Izoi (Spell Legacy) [Open Rp]

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1 Ikitsu Izoi (Spell Legacy) [Open Rp] on Sun Feb 14, 2016 4:52 pm

Getting use to the facility Syne provided for training was new to Ash watching the other students train openly seemed odd he was use to being coveted or secretive about such things but the school was open minded in students with a show and tell method. Given Ash's responses to some of the student body he didn't much care his interaction with the students just seem as if he were talking to self indignacious individuals.

Regardless being indoors training for once was nice as he attempted to figure out the electronic display. After creeping out another student to explain how it worked he got the idea finally in how to operate it. The training dust was appreciative as it allowed him to continue his Dust training of his people.

Swiftly into stance he let the machine set up a life like opponent he didn't much care for this robot dummy but it gave him an idea fighting people. Swiftly he gather fire into his hand and hurl a streak of flame "Ka'Hoku!" unlike those of his people he did not bother with incantations. Like most dust wielders he willed the force with in.

Tossing hoku the meaning Strike with it's element created a lance like streak of the element used to wither down and wound opponents. The machine was providing little challenge till it's eyes flash green and it began to move a bit more briskly towards him. As it aimed to strike him he would resonate a black shadowy wall in front of him exuding his aura deflecting the blow then pushing forward and rapidly tossing a barrage of small fireballs.

Landing he would grip the lightning dust creating a strange rune on the ground and as the robot approached a giant spark scorched the ceiling the machine twitching before collapsing. Machines didn't feel like the real thing didn't feel like fighting Grimm or a person he sighed and went back to mess with the settings and figure out a better challenge.

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