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Parent Teacher Confrence (private/Toriera)

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1 Parent Teacher Confrence (private/Toriera) on Sun Feb 14, 2016 6:16 pm

Alexander Davis
"Okay... this is either a trap or a joke." Alex fumed under his breath as he walked across the snow covered campus. Earlier that day he had gotten an email on his scroll that he was to attend a parent/teacher conference in one of the observatories that the castle-like academy had, located on the top of one of the smaller towers. Now if the conference had to do with Averia then he wouldn't of been so apprehensive about the situation. The meeting would've been a simple one too; please look after my daughter, make sure she trains hard, tweak her tests so she'll always ace them, take my bribe money, blah blah blah. In truth if a meeting with Averia's parents had gone like that he would've banged his head against the nearest wall, told them Averia was already doing stellar and didn't need any help, and would've sent them on their way. Heck that's how it would've most likely gone for any student's parents he'd have to meet.

However this wasn't a normal parent teacher conference, because of one big difference; Alex wasn't attending as the teacher but as the parent! This meant the situation had to do with Lucy, and he hadn't been told anything that she had done wrong. Sure he was with her almost all the time so when things went wrong he was normally there. Did this have to do with the situation at the library where she knocked over the book case? He investigated that and found that she had gotten pushed into it and her mass did the rest. Not her fault. So what in the world could be the problem? It wasn't until Alex did a little investigating and found out there wasn't any official meeting scheduled, which meant this was either a joke, or a trap. Either way he had to trigger it to find out what was going on. So, with an agreement from the owner of the pet palace so Lucy could stay there the whole day with Silvana at the ready in case someone tried to take the girl, Alex left for the 'conference wearing his best uniform... and with Oblivinator strapped to his back. If it was a trap, he was fighting his way out, getting to Lucy, and making sure she was safe.

Sure he might be getting black mailed to protect her, but that was the blackmailer's mistake in making it a black mail in the first place. If the guy, or gal, had simply asked Alex to watch over Lucy he would've done so. However since he knew someone had something evil planned, Alex was constantly at the ready. So once he reached the observatory, he had one hand his weapon, only for his jaw to drop once he saw who the 'teacher' was. "Parent teacher Conference... was that supposed to be a bad joke?" Alex asked with is teeth grinding slightly.

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Unprofessional had become a well know staple of Toriera since her first week starting at the academy. Seems some didn't agree with her idea of teaching the student without restrictions. Maybe it was the time she let a student shooting up the classroom or letting them use dust without restrictions that started this. They weren't wrong to question her practice, it was just she thought she could have gotten away with it a bit longer before something crazy happen. Still, it quickly became well known that Ms. Free was a bit of a wild card when it came to her classes. So it should have not came to to much of a surprised when she placed in a Parent Teacher Confrence toward Mr. Davis about Lucy. In truth, she just thought it be funny to see how Davis would react to it. After all, she could just as easily went to his house or even asked him to meet her somewhere after work to talk. Those that last one might put other ideas into peoples' heads if she asked that way.

So in the end she picked the conference route cause of it more discreet nature and comical aspect. Although she wonder if she really could fool him with this or not? After all it was an academy for training futures Huntsmen and Huntress of this Kingdom. Either you had what it took or you were dropped like a rock. It wasn't like the lower level combat schools where mommy and daddy could still have a say in the matter. Well, aside from the hand full of the students with noble blood in them. Where mommy and daddy could pay for their way through life, or up till the point a Grimm ate them. Even if she didn't she had a feeling the man would still show up, if for nothing more than to see who it was that called for this meeting. Toriera even went out of her way to set it up in one of the academy observatory towers for privacy.

Having just come from her own last class of the day Toriera was still dressed for work. That being a white dress shirt with loose fitting tie along with a few buttons at the top left undone. Along with a pair of black dress pants that made her more presentable, if not maybe more like a student herself. This day she let had let her rainbow hair down without a bun or ponytail. The only truly noticeable feature of the woman this day would be her left arm cast hanging in a sling. A souvenir from a hunt a few days pass she got pulled into.

Sitting next to the window of the room Toriera sat waiting until she heard the tell tale sound of walking footstep. The woman made no attempt to move, preferring to wait in her already comfy spot for the man to enter. With a playful grin Toriera couldn't help but giggle at the man's word once he saw her. Seem the Davis were the gullible type, good to know! Or from the look of his hand on the handle of his weapon the overly cautious type. Also good to know. "Expecting a fight, Davis?" She asked, standing up and walking back to a table where a few stack of paper sat along with her red and black jacket. With a friendly smile she would motion toward the empty seat across from her with of one good hand. "I fear you would have an easy time taking me down like I am now, but we should really save that for the second date." She said this playfully before sitting down. "But in all seriousness, I hope you can forgive me. I thought it be funny to call you out here like this than just to ask and you did not disappoint. Now then Davis, mind if I call you Davis?" She asked, tilting her head slightly to ask before continuing on. "Do you know why I asked you here today, Davis?"

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Alexander Davis
At Toriera's comment Alex fumed again but started to calm down as he pressed the button that caused Oblivinator to fold back into a backpack.  "I was expecting either a trap or a joke.  So I came prepared for one or the other... only for it to turn out to be a combo of the two." the survivalist professor responded before slinging the metal backpack over his shoulders.  The dust professor, Alex knew full well that Toriera was more then capable of being a challenge for him if they had gotten into a fight, even with her injured arm.  However at her comment about the second date, Alex just slapped himself in the forehead with his palm.  "Oh you just haaaad to phrase the question that way, didn't you?" Alex remarked due to the fact that the comment of taking her down could be interpreted in many ways.

After taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out, Alex calmed himself down completely and nodded at the comment about forgiving Toriera for the joke.  "I forgive you, but not for asking for forgiveness or for being a fellow professor, but for the way you helped Lucy during Christmas break.  Thank you by the way." Alex stated calmly.  He had security cameras all over his house so he could keep an eye on the android girl.  He had watched the footage from the day that Toriera had gone to his house to simply drop off some paperwork for him, only to stick around and save his house from burning down and helped Lucy make it through an emotional breakdown.  "One thing though, next time Haze wants you to do her paperwork, check to see what it is first.  It had to do with her getting approval to place several statues of herself around the academy campus.  Either she handed you the wrong folder, or she assumed that everyone loves her just as much as she loves herself." Alex stated with a shrug.  That Professor Haze was a real handful, and someone was going to need to knock her down to size soon.  Alex however hoped that it wouldn't have to be him... though with his luck he most likely would end up being the unlucky person that had to talk Haze into letting up.  He wasn't looking forward to it.

At Toriera's question about what the meeting was about, Alex did have a guess.  "You did call this a parent teacher conference and invited me as the parent, so this has to do with Lucy I'm guessing."

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The woman couldn't help but laugh at the man reaction to her. He was always so easy to tease and mess with. Maybe that was the reason he was so often the target of both Haze and herself. Leaning back in her chair to get comfy she gave him a quick smirk at his own choice of words. "What ever do you mean? You act as those there are some hidden meanings to my words." She wanted to go on with their little dance of words. Teasing and picking on the man as they went along. He was even almost, dare she say, cute at these times. Alas, she must move on to the real meat of this meeting.

However, at the mention of Haze she would quickly puff up as she pouted almost like a child. "You didn't approve?!" She asked disappointedly. Being her normal noisily self Toriera taken the liberty of reading the content before giving them to Davis. Half hoping he wouldn't read them and just sign it, but then again she should have known better. "I was so looking forward to dressing up the statue on my end of school and all sorts on things. Could you imagine the look on her face when she saw herself dressed as a ballerina Lucido clown!?" She said, but it was more as thought she was talking to the room then to Davis.

Giving a deep sigh, she would place her one good hand atop the table before eyeing the man again. "Davis pleases sit or something. You're making me angsty just standing there staring. You know how insecure I am!" With one last little laugh her eyes would suddenly grow serious. "Think nothing of it for helping out at the house. I couldn't just walk away after what happen. I don't really care for kids like her, but growing up in an orphanage you learn how to deal with crying kids... lots of crying kids." She said, sounding almost cold, nothing like her usual self.

"Still, this isn't about me or you, but of your little guest. Davis I won't treat you like some fool. I'm sure you know who she is. Well, I guess the best way is what she is!" From the way she had watched the man treat the "girl" Toriera knew her choice of words would more or less upset the man. But she couldn't just stop now. Not after what she had seen the other day. Pausing for a moment she would raise her hand before tapping the table again with one finger. "You do know what she is correct?!"

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Alexander Davis
Alex frowned while Toriera began to laugh at him. It was true; Alex was gullible at times. His old team often made him the butt of many jokes, however they made sure they'll jokes were ones he was okay with. Humor that could be viewed as 'dirty' was something that Alex normally tried to avoid because it had a tendency to bring back horrid memories from when he lived on that disgusting ranch as a child. "Toriera I'm well aware that I'm gullible but I suggest that you be careful with the type of humor you use on me. Some have a tendency to get me really angry really quick." he stated in a tone that had no humor in it at all. However at the mention of Toriera turning the statue of Haze into a clown got Alex to smile. "Okay, that I'd like to see."

After that Alex finally sat down. "I thank you anyway. So, what is it that you wanted to talk about in such a place as this?" He asked politely, then frowned again. "Yeah, I know. Better question; how did you find out about what Lucy is?" Alex responded completely serious. This could either be really good, or really bad. Either Toriera was going to offer to give Alex a hand... or she was in with the people that were blackmailing him. Unless she found out and now someone was blackmailing her, but that didn't make any sense. For the moment the only one who could give him answers was Toriera. "And I want a straight answer. No, quips, no jokes, no tricks. The situation revolving around Lucy is much more complex then you think."

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