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No, I don't care about Single-Awareness Day, I swear. [pv valentine's day thread with Toriera]

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Valentine’s day. Sometimes ago it was a nice day for Jet to spend with his girlfriend. But now, it was just a day that made him remember he was single at the moment. Normally, had he still been in combat school, he would have taken that opportunity to try and pick-up girls somewhere, planning on using their own single-awareness feelings to find common grounds and maybe being not so single if only for one night. Now he was in hunter school and had decided to be a bit less frivolous, so he was doing what most single-aware guy his age does: get a drink at the local watering hole.

Now even if he wasn’t looking for it anymore, he wasn’t going to ignore a pretty lady that looked alone just like him. Don’t get him wrong, he wasn’t on the prowl or anything, just open to opportunities. It’s not like he had had much chances to flirt at school and even out of school, he was much more occupied in general now that he’s training to be a Hunter than he was in combat school. If he was going to find a nice girl that would end his singleness, that would be awesome, if not, he’d live with it, he’s not that desperate. That being said, there was no correlation to be made on the fact that he was single and was in a bar on V-day. None at all. May the first who thinks otherwise have a five year old neighbor practice violin during all of his hangovers.

I’ll have spicy Rum please, dry. Yeah Captain Morgana is fine.” Jet ordered his drink at the bar, sitting on a stool. There weren’t as many patrons as he expected. Taking the drink in his hand, he gulped it in one go. Dry Rum was good as a starter. It’s sweet, leaves a spicy and sometime coarse aftertaste in the mouth but feels mellow and warm in the throat and chest. He called a second one, on the rocks this time, to sip at it more slowly. Apparently today was 20% off like half the bar’s drinks for couples. Figures, he’s so obviously alone at the moment he can’t get the discount. “Hey” Jet was gesturing to the barman. “If I ask you on a date right now, can I have the 20% off on my drinks?” Both of them laughed at the bad joke. “Heh, if you buy me another one of everything you take, I’ll let you have that 20% off, sugar pie.” With a dismissive hand motion, Jet finished his rum. “Nha, I wouldn’t want to make everyone here jealous on this single-awareness day. But give me another one, Stud Muffin.

As he was receiving his 3rd glass of amber colored alcohol, he looked up at some sparkly pink animation. On the TV there was some commercial about a chocolate brand selling their product in heart shaped box and coming with a nice pink Valentine ’s Day card to attack to it. Really, can’t he pretend not to be bothered by his singleness without having his romantic status thrown at his face everywhere he looked? Such an unfair day… not that he cared.

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