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Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson)

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1 Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Mon Feb 15, 2016 4:21 pm

A few days ago Alex had found himself sitting in his classroom rather bored.  The school year had started up again so classes had started up again as well.  However thus far no one had really signed up for his class.  Either his first class before the break had started had been an epic flop of a fail, or everyone thought they could survive on their own.  It was true that most huntsmen and huntresses could handle themselves out in the wild, and if they got in trouble they could simply use their scrolls to call in an evacuation.  Still, Alex would've loved to pass on his knowledge to the next generation of hunters... but it was hard to do that without any students!  Still, it was their choice if they didn't want to attend his class.

However he had much more to teach then simple survival skills.  Besides he preferred to teach one-on-one over several in a classroom anyways, after all one-on-one was how he learned when he started out.  It allowed him to alter his teaching method to fit the student or small group of students, while with a large group he had to go at one pace and hoped that the students kept up.  With that in mind Alex had made a bulletin that any student that wanted some personal training could ask him and he'd provide it to the best of his abilities.

What he didn't expect was a response so darn fast!  And from a student he never heard of no less, named Crimson.  Still, the request had been made and Alex accepted the request, sending Crimson a return message of where and when they could meet for a training session and asked if it was alright.  A few emails back and forth later so neither had a scheduling conflict at the time of the training, Alex found himself waiting for Crimson in one of the training arenas wearing his black and green battle gear.  He had Oblivinator, but the weapon was currently in backpack form and sitting off to the side.  He had several things in mind for this training session, but first he had to see just how strong or skilled this Crimson was.  So for now, he waited for his student to arrive.

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2 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Mon Feb 15, 2016 4:53 pm

Crimson decided it was time for him to fight someone who wasn't Grimm for a change to see how things went he had already been on two hunts already and had made some new friends but he wanted a challenge he hadn't signed up for a class yet so he took out his scroll and looked through the list the second he saw a teacher named Alex post a one on one fight class he accepted and sent the teacher a message. He would much prefer to fight in a private class than in front of everyone.

Crimson hated when he was put on the spot in front of everyone, it made him feel awkward and horrible and he was pleased to see there was one to one classes at the school as he hadn't signed up for any classes yet so this would be his first one. Crimson carried his katana and walked into the class and greeted the teacher. He shook his hand "so what is your name and what are we going to learn and do?". Crimson wore his armour too and looked at the teacher and wondered if he knew what Crimson's semblance was and he wondered what the teachers weapon and semblance would be.

Crimson had hoped to be a hunter all his life and to actually fight one was a good way to see what kind of power and strength and knowledge being a hunter gives you and how you use it on the battlefield so he was eager to learn anything he could from the teacher. He wanted to see if he could hold up his own against normal hunters in a fight as fighting Grimm is different to us humans and faunus.

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3 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Thu Feb 18, 2016 6:29 pm

Alex didn't have to wait that long for the young huntsman Crimson to show up, and at first glance Alex liked what he saw thus far.  The young man came to a combat lesson with his armor and his weapon, which was smart since the professor had heard of students going to a combat class without their gear thinking that 'practice' weapons were going to be provided.  Another thing that Alex noticed and liked was the young man's choice of weapon, a katana.  The weapon was easy to learn how to wield and versatile, but it was also fast.  Yeah Crimson seemed to be ready for this training session.

The final detail that made Alex start to like the kid already was that the student had started the training session off by asking only for a name and what was planned.  "Straight to the point.  I like that.  I'm Professor Davis, though once I've earned the right to be on a first name basis with you feel free to call me Alex.  As for what I have in mind for this training session, I was thinking of the two of us sparring for a while so I can see what your skill level is.  No point in starting your training at lesson 101 if your skill level is at 105, right?  Afterwards I should have an idea on what to give you a hand with.  However if there is something you want to train in specifically, just say so.  Weapon, unarmed, semblance, mind set, you name it." Alex said with a warm smile, then cracked his knuckles.

"Feel free to give me everything you got, but keep one thing in mind; this is your training session, not mine.  Feel free to call a time out if you need a break, or if you want us to take the training in a different direction on the fly.  You can also end it when ever you want.  Are you ready to begin?" Alex asked politely, wondering if the student would simply strike out or if he would allow Alex to strike first.

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4 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Thu Feb 18, 2016 7:36 pm

"ok Alex I think I would like to try weapon combat first" Crimson drew his sword from its strap "what's your weapon sir? so  know what im up against" Crimson smirked. He had hoped that the teacher would be caught of guard if he used his semblance in the middle of the duel which is what he wanted to happen but he would have to wait and find out. He would be surprised if the teacher showed of his semblance and wondered what it would be along with the weapon.

"how long have you been a teacher here for sir?" Crimson asked curious to the teachers past and history at the school. He seemed like he knew a lot and by the crack of his knuckles was quite tough. He noticed the teacher studying him and his weapon and Crimson was hoping to to the same to the teacher as soon as he got his weapon out. He had wanted to fight something othe than the 2 deathstalkers he had already faced for a while. Sure fighting Grimm with others was fun and making friends but fighting Hunters and Huntresses that was where the fun was at and he smiled thinking that this was going to be a good fight.

"shall we begin?" He wondered as well how much experience the teacher had fighting Grimm and others such as the White Fang and it the teacher was ever on a team here at the school before he joined or if he came from another school. Crimson stood in a samurai stance position almost picture perfect while the teacher stood up out of the chair and went to get his weapon

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5 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Fri Feb 19, 2016 4:01 pm

Hearing Crimson's training request, Alex nodded respectfully, though in the back of his mind he had hoped that the young man wouldn't of picked that, considering how powerful the professor's weapon was.  "Weapon training it is.  Give me a moment to get Oblivinator and change the training room's set up.  You almost never fight an opponent in at flat room so might as well make this area a bit more realistic, right?" Alex stated as he stood up and walked over to the metal backpack that was sitting on the floor.  Hearing the young man's question about Alex's weapon though, the professor held out the spherical metal bag, holding it by the chain shoulder strap, and gave the back a flick.  The backpack transformed into a pair of 2 feet diameter titanium spiked spheres, linked together by a long titanium chain.  The metal balls fell and struck the floor, and their weight alone was enough to cause them to leave dents in the floor.  "The common name for my weapon is a meteor hammer, though I call her Oblivinator.  What 'cha think?  I can wield something else if you'd prefer." Alex asked with a mischievous smile and a gleam in his eye.  That should get the student's interest.

Slinging the weapon over his right shoulder, Alex walked over to the control panel that he needed to use to bring up a new combat arena.  "Actually I started working as a professor not that long before winter break, but I do know my stuff.  Been a huntsman for 10 years.  However I'm not perfect and I'm not gonna try to be.  What you see is what you get." Alex stated and pushed a button.  The floor opened up, and an ancient castle-like court yard extended up into the training arena, complete with some flag poles with SYNE's emblem on the flags, a few benches and boxes scattered around, and even three story tower with a spiral staircase inside of it.  Alex rolled his right shoulder as he stepped onto the newly revealed combat arena and motioned with his head for Crimson to join him.  [color=green]"Completely ready.  Hit me with all you got.

concept image of Alex's weapon:

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6 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Fri Feb 19, 2016 4:38 pm

Crimson liked the look of the teachers weapon "oh I think i will be fine against that sir.The name Obliviator kept making him think that the weapon may be powerful but in the end its just a weapon its the hunter/ huntress that counts."That is a very interesting weapon sir I like the way the weapon is 2 metal balls combine into one weapon it allows for a lot more offensive attacks but not to much defence though which is were my sword shadow nightmare can shine as it can be both offensive and defensive." Crimson was shocked as the floor rumbled and opened up into the arena. "oh don't hold back by the way sir I want to experience all you have got."

He noticed the teacher said 10 years of being a hunter as that must mean he has fought some really tough Grimm and people. Mabey even the white fang. The teacher wasn't too new here then but still hadn't been here for long. He wondered how this fight would go and how the teacher would be able to attack him. He also had to take note he didn't know what the teachers semblance was or if he had any tricks up his sleeve.
"good thing you have been a hunter for 10 years because with all the expierience you may get rusty soon in your older age" he laughed jokingly and taunted in a joking tone. He held his drawn sword in a samurai stance pose and the two eyed each other with their weapons. Then he charged at the teacher holding the sword virtually upwards with his two hands on the hilt he waited for the teacher to strike so he could counter next.

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7 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Mon Feb 22, 2016 4:23 pm

Alex smiled and nodded in thanks at Crimson's comment about Oblivinator.  "Thank you.  I put a lot of work into this weapon, but in the end it's just a weapon.  What truly matters is how I wield it.  However don't make assumptions about your opponent simply because of how their weapon is designed.  You'd be surprise what I can deflect with this thing." Alex said with a nod.  He then smiled.  "Hey, watch it with that old fart talk.  I'm only 27, so I ain't an old geezer yet.  Besides age doesn't really effect if a person becomes rusty or not, but rather if they neglect training to keep their skills sharp." Alex stated with a small chuckle.  Clearly this guy let what was in his head come out of his mouth on the spot.

The student charged, and Alex waited for him to approach while he held Oblivinator so there was a length of chain in each hand and the balls hung towards the ground.  At the last second Alex jumped over Crimson in with a flip and let the weighted spheres of Oblivinator pull outwards from the centripetal force of the flip, so Alex looked like a saw blade spinning with the heavy weapon on the outer edge.  Doing this Alex tried to hit Crimson between the shoulder blades with both heavy weights before landing behind the young man.

Alex then quickly spun on his right heel and swung both heavy metal orbs at Crimson's knees, then quickly jumped backwards while giving the weapon's chain a quick yank to pull it back to him.  Alex then pulled one of his favor tricks.  Spinning the chain in his right hand so the heavy metal sphere was spinning like a propeller on his right side to build up momentum, Alex suddenly let go of the chain in his right hand and punched the metal ball hard enough to cause a small shock wave to fly outwards as the sphere rocketed towards Crimson, but seemed to miss him by flying passed his right ear.  However that was the point of this feint attack, Alex quickly used both hands to yank on the chain, and the heavy metal sphere rocketed back towards Alex, aiming to take out Crimson's right shoulder on the return trip.

When the right metal orb landed back in Alex right hand, he quickly stepped back, expecting a retaliation from Crimson.

battle data:
1. Flip weapon strike, possible 55 damage, aimed between shoulder blades
2. Low weapon arc strike, possible 55 damage, aimed for knees
3. weapon feint strike, possible 55 damage, aimed for right shoulder

5 strength for 25 damage, level 3 weapon for 30 damage, total possible damage is 55
4 Defense for 20 defense
2 Resistance for 10 dust defense, level 1 magic armor for 10 dust defense, total dust defense is 20
1 Spirit for 5 dust damage

Aura: 140/140 Health 180/180

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8 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:57 pm

Crimson knew the comment about being old would get the teacher fired up which is what he wanted. He wanted to have a good fight then as he dashed at the teacher flipped over him he looked up and saw the two metal balls fly towards him as the teacher spun round to which he did a combat roll out of the way of both of them. Then the teacher landed behind him and caught one of the balls on his shoulder put the other he countered using his blade to knock the other one of course but as the ball hit him he used the momentum of him countering the second one and the first one going into him to jump as the teacher jumped into a sideways flip to jump out of the way at the spinning metal balls that tried to attack his knees.

He then gathered some more stamina and ducked as he saw the two spheres go past his face then waited for them to return to Alex to which he rolled out of the way again of the metal balls. He moved towards the teacher while the balls were retracting and he jumped onto one of them and as the balls drew back to the teacher he kicked the teacher in the face and sliced at the teachers rib and jumped of the sphere and rolled off back into his samurai stance.


150/150 aura
180/165 health
10 damage possible kick
30 damage possible slice to the ribs.

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9 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Wed Feb 24, 2016 5:30 pm

Well!  Crimson was really quick on his feet!  Thanks to the fact that Alex had been flipping through the air he had a little trouble telling what the student had done to attempt to avoid getting hit by Alex's first attack, but once he had landed Alex realized that his opponent had somersaulted to avoid his attack.  That was a good move and one of the few ways to get hit by Alex's attack, though in the end the young man had still gotten hit, but used the force of the hit to help him completely avoid Alex's second attack aimed for Crimson's knees.  "You used the force from my own attack to help you avoid another one of my attacks!  Good!" Alex commented quickly.

The young man's next action brought a smile to Alex's face; he rushed forwards to attack while Alex was retracting his weapon!  Alex had 'given' Crimson an opening and the student had taken full advantage of it.  Holding onto Oblivinator's chain with both hands, Alex pulled the chain taught and held it in front of his chest, blocking the blade from slicing his rib cage, though Alex couldn't lean his head back fast enough to completely avoid the kick aimed for his head, so now he had a red mark on his right cheek in the shape of Crimson's foot.  If someone looked closely they'd see the pattern of Crimson's sole in the red mark.  "Nice job making use of an opening.  However you're fast enough to strike me more times then that, aren't you?  Don't cut yourself short." Alex commented as he swung his weapon in a waist high arc aimed at Crimson's right hip.

As the sphere swung passed Crimson Alex tossed the second sphere up into the air and grabbed the chain out of the air and pulled it down hard to bring it down on top of Crimson's head.  As Alex pulled back the second sphere he sent the first sphere flying again, this time in a low arc aimed for Crimson's left foot.  However at the last second he gave the chain a twist and an upwards yank so the ball would've rocketed upwards just before it hit Crimson's foot and instead headed for the young man's chin instead.  While Alex pulled back the first sphere he held the second sphere right where it connected to it's chain so he could use it as a shield or club.  That was the advantage of wielding a weapon such as Oblivinator, while one end was being pulled back Alex could be attacking or defending with the other end.

"Tell me Crimson, what was your motivation to become a huntsman?  You don't have to tell me if it's too personal."

combat info:
Weapon strike, wide arc swing, aimed at right hip, possible 55 damage
Weapon strike, Pile Driver strike, aimed for top of head, possible 55 damage
weapon feint attack, aimed for chin, possible 55 damage

aura 140/140 health [color=175/180[/color]
Um... dude, if your strength is only 2 then your unarmed attack is only 10.  each point into strength is 5 points of damage.  for you to do 20 damage with no weapon your strength rating would have to be 4.

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10 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Wed Feb 24, 2016 6:38 pm

"Thanks teach your pretty quick yourself" Crimson waited for the strike towards his hip and did a reverse handstand moonsault to dodge it. Then as the second sphere went for his head he used his sword and waked the metal ball like a baseball bat sending it back to the teacher. Then as the other sphere aimed for his foot he Jumped up over it then ran at the teacher and grabbed onto the chain as it retracted he flew almost with the momentum and let go of the chain and and sliced at the teachers face then he sliced upwards to the ribs again and once more in the chest. Then he did  a couple of flips backwards to make sure there was some distance between him and the teacher again. "was that quick enough for you sir?" he smirked.

"it's fine sir I wanted to become a huntsman because both of my parents are a hunter and huntress and I didn't see them very often but when I did see them it wasn't for very long.Sometimes they would just email me others just be there for a day then gone. They always told me about their missions well some of them at least and it just sounded like being a hunter/huntress was so important for the people and the world to be secure. I mean I always wanted to help people and now I have the chance. Im not gonna waist it.


aura 140/140
hp 165/180
20 damage possible slice to chest
20 damage possible face slice
20 damage possible rib slice

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11 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:03 pm

The young man was good.  Very good!  Avoiding one or two of the professor's attacks were impressive enough, but avoiding all three was something to respect.  However Crimson didn't just avoid the attacks that Alex had sent at him, oooh no.  The young man had the smarts to grab onto Alex's own weapon and ride the blasted thing back towards Alex and attack him that way!  Clearly the young man could think on his feet, and Alex was wondering if the young man might actually not need the professor to teach him anything!  Alex barely had time to lift up the other end of Oblivinator to block the incoming attack so the blade went over to the side of his torso instead of actually slicing his torso.  Alex then managed to lean back while using the other end of Oblivinator, now back in his right hand, to deflect the blow aimed for his head.  However the third blow Alex only managed to redirect so it sliced at his arm instead of his chest again.  It cut through the sleeve of his battle gear easily since it wasn't actual armor, but the cut was shallow enough that Alex wouldn't need to worry about another scar.

"That was much better!  However your blade could do with a little sharpening, or maybe some teeth so it'll cut a little deeper." Alex commented as he held up his arm to the retreating student, revealing that the slice wasn't even bleeding.  Out of respect Alex had waited for Crimson to finish telling him about his parents being hunters and smiled.  "So you wanted to take after your parents in protecting those around you?  I can respect that completely." Alex said as he swung both ends of Oblivion towards Crimson in a pincer attack.

However instead of pulling the weapon back Alex instead rushed at Crimson and attacked with a back flip kick, causing the chain to get wrapped around both of Alex's arms.  Now Alex's arms were effectively armored and he had titanium boxing gloves... in which Alex used one to deliver a fierce uppercut to the student's chest before jumping away.

combat stats:
weapon pincer attack; waist level, possible 55 damage
backflip kick; aimed for chest, possible 25 damage
weapon upper cut; aimed at chest, possible 55 damage

Aura: 140/140 health: 170/180

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12 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:57 pm

Crimson smirked at the teacher "well it seems to be sharp enough to still cut you but I suppose I can sharpen it up in my free time" He waited for the teachers pincer attack and the two balls to come towards him then he ducked and rolled underneath them then as the teacher did a back flip kick towards him he drew his sword and thrusted into the teachers chest with thw sword right as he tried to flip over and then he noticed the teachers metal balls had been put round the teachers arms like small shields which was smart for defence. "that was a smart move teach but you can't hit what isn't there" He smiled then stepped back and held his sword and as the teacher went for the uppercut he flipped back in a reverse moonsault and then he pointed his sword at the teacher and used his semblance to go invisible.

He ran at the teacher and did a sweep kick while invisible to take him off guard as the teacher hopefully didn't suspect what his semblance was before the attack. Then he sliced the teacher in the gut and then one more for good measure in the face then to make sure if the teacher swung his metal balls near by while he was standing near by he made sure to keep moving round the teacher. Then he ran up to the mountain hill top and became visible again.
"as I said you can't hit what isnt there" he smiled back at the teacher.


sweep kick 10
rib strike 20 damage
face slash 20 damage

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13 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:39 pm

Alex nodded.  "The school also as a functional weapon forge where you can add some stronger metals to that weapon if you want, or give it a few extra tricks.  Might be interesting to see that sword have a retractable chain so you can swing it around like a whip blade... of course that's just me being bias." Alex said with a smile, clearly joking.  When the pincer attack missed the balls of Oblivnator slammed together so hard they sent out a small shock wave that blew a little air back at Alex just enough to ruffle his hair.  The flip kick missed as well, though Crimson's attempt to thrust his blade at Alex chest had also missed.  When the third attack missed Alex started to wonder if he was getting old.  He couldn't be that slow, could he?

That was went Alex watched Crimson vanished and he let out a low whistle.  "Niiiice." Alex said as he jumped backwards but when he landed he pulled off Crimson's reverse moonsault to keep moving backwards while staying low to the ground.  The moonsault didn't save Alex from the kick but it did from the blade.  Alex lifted the balls up in a defensive stance and thus blocked the blow aimed for his face.  The young man turned invisible again, and Alex nodded.  "It is a good trick, though you must be careful not to use the same trick too many times.  While most Grimm aren't intelligent some can learn from your actions, and thus learn how to defend themselves from it.  A human or faunus opponent will learn even faster." Alex said as he folded up Oblivinator and slung the weapon over his shoulders.  He thought it was too strong to be used in such a battle.  "By the way, how you doing from that first blow?  Oblivinator's a little too powerful to be used for training duels so I'm gonna improvise a similar weapon for the rest of this fight."

Alex then awoken his semblance, causing an emerald glow to flutter around him like a bunch of emerald leafs.  "Now, back to learning your moves..." Alex pulled a seed from his belt, and it grew into a wooden halo that had flowers around the outer rim.  Alex threw it like a frisbee, and the disk flew in a wide arch around the battlefield while scattering a green pollen that settled on the battlefield like a mist.  It coated everything with glowing emerald pollen, including Crimson.  "Howdy glow boy, I can see you nice and clear!" Alex said as he caught the disk with one hand, while from the other hand a vine with a barbed tip shot out towards Crimson like a rocket, tried to stab him in the leg, then quickly retracted.

Alex then used his semblance to turn the wooden disk back into a seed, then into a long vine with large wooden spike spheres on each end.  It was a plant replica of Oblivinator.  "You're imagination can be your greatest weapon if you learn to hone it as such.  It will allow you to come up with new combat tactics on the fly and makes you unpredictable.  Anyone who has faced you once will be unable to tell others your combat style simply because you changed styles so many times that it was like fighting a dozen opponents instead of just one." Alex stated as he rolled his right shoulder and nodded.  "Shall we continue?" Alex asked, then rushed at Crimson before swinging the plant Oblivinator around like a tornado aimed at Crimson's head, followed by Alex strafing to the right and swinging the weapon low at Crimson's rear end to knock him over.

Aura active +5 aura
Semblance utility used, pollen fog, - 10 aura

Semblance strike, Vine torpedo, possible 20 damage, -20 aura

Semblance utility used, weapon construct, -10 aura.  construct has 10 attack points.

construct weapon strike, aimed at head, possible 35 max damage
construct weapon strike, aimed at rear, possibl 35 max damage

Aura 105/140 health 165/180

Alex's weapon was hitting hard enough to make it an unfair fight.  So, no more Alex weapon for me.

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14 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:59 pm

"ah come on you messed up my clothes" he joked and smiled at the teacher "that is a cool trick though sir welp now ill just have to fight with my sword like I was before. At least I got to show you my semblance" He pointed his sword directly at the teacher and imagined it with a chain attached to it "you know i may use that chain idea but i was thinking more along the lines of pistol katana like have the trigger with the hilt and a barrel down the blade but still have a sharp tip but maybe I could add the chain in too to make it even better" Crimson thought liking the chain pistol blade idea more and more. He shrugged at the comment made about the teacher asking him how he took the first blow as if to say he felt the force but was fine afterwards to him.

As the plant vine shot at Crimson he saw and he slide along the ground and sliced it in half as the other half retracted one half fell to the ground dead. Crimson watched as the teacher charged at him and he waited and he nodded when the teacher asked him if he wanted to continue "I can tell your a venasur kind of guy" he joked but the teacher probably didn't get the reference. As the teacher swung Oblivinator towards his head and he rolled out the way what he didn't expect though was the strike aimed at his rear which took him fully by surprise and when it hit it caused Crimson to fall to the dirt hard. "pretty powerful swing you have got for such a heavy weapon".

Crimson ran towards the teacher and he jumped over the teacher in a moonsault and as he did he sliced at the teachers face then he landed crouched and he sliced at the teachers legs to take him of guard hopefully then he sliced upwards towards the teachers face holding his sword steadily as the green and the pollen still fell through the air. "so teach did you ever have a team?" Crimson asked he was curious to how teams worked because he hadn't been on one before and heard they were a thing so he wanted to find out things about how the teams worked or what it was like to be on one. Then as he thought this he stepped back and moved around the teacher pointing his sword at the teacher in a slow circle.


150/180 hp
130/140 aura
Moonsault slice 20 damage
leg slice 20 damage
chest slice

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15 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:20 pm

Alex chuckled and snapped his fingers after Crimson had released his aura so he was visible again, and the instant the snap had ended the pollen just vanished, so the surface of everything wasn't glowing anymore. Now Crimson no longer had to wash his clothing of the stuff. "My semblance goes much farther then creating a few bits of pollen, a vine, and a plant version of my weapon. A pistol katana sounds good too. You know if you have the barrel run the length of the blade it could be long enough to work as a sniper pistol so you can take out much farther targets. Another option is having it be a sword shotgun so anything that is just outside of your swinging arc can still be taken out in a hurry." Alex responded.

When Crimson sliced the vine though half of it didn't die... the whole thing died. The half of the vine that was on Crimson's side of the cut just turned to dust and vanished completely, while the other end still retracted back into the seed that Alex had grown it from but now the seed was cut in half. It was as if Crimson had cut the seed and not the vine. Alex dropped the now useless seed and grinned at the pokemon comment. "Venasur? Nah. I'm more of a Tropious. That one can fly." he responded, then rolled his right shoulder, loosening it a bit. "Don't forget to watch your back. If your opponent learns that you have a blind spot in your defenses, they will either target it relentlessly or wait till they have the perfect strike and go for a killing blow." Alex stated calmly, knowing that the counter attack was about to come.

And boy did it come quick! Alex had to roll to his left to avoid Crimson's attempt to give him a close shave, followed by jumping to avoid getting his legs cut off. Alex then jumped backwards to avoid the slice aimed at his chest, but as he moved backwards he swung the semblance weapon in for a pincer attack aimed at shoulder level. Alex then brought the weapons up and brought them back down for a pile driver. "Another possible idea for your future; giving your shoes or boots some clamps so they can grab onto your weapon, allowing you to attack from a rather different angle then what most people would expect, like this!" Alex then flipped backwards through the air, but as he did so he placed the construct weapon on his feet and had roots grow from the vines so the grabbed onto his feet. He then landed in a hand stand and started to rapidly spin around like a top, similar to the break dance move in where the dancer would be in a hand stand position but would be making a kicking motion with his legs while he spun around. The result was the weapon construct being flung around rapidly as long as Alex kept spinning. Alex then pushed off the ground, grabbed his weapon off of his feet in mid jump, and landed right side up construct weapon in hand, with a cheeky grin on his face.

aura active +5 aura
construct weapon attack; pincer attack; 35 possible damage
construct weapon attack; pile driver; 35 possible damage
aura utility used -10 aura
construct weapon attack; break dance spin attack: 35 possible damage

Aura 100/140 health 165/180

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16 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:19 pm

"cool trick" he looked surprised when the teacher snapped his fingers to make all the pollen go away  "im not too worried about the swords design right now I have what I want pictured so im just going to try to make it what my vision for it is for now but I will use the chain idea so thanks and I was going to put the barrel down the sword anyway not make it a sniper rifle as such more just a pistol and att a trigger that sticks out to the hilt and make it so I can point and shoot the sword".

when the teacher made the comment about the Tropious pokemon he was pleased the teacher had gotten the reference and he smiled when the teacher said it. Then the teacher swung at his shoulder using the constructed weapon and swung it towards his shoulders he rolled under it then as he bought them down for a piledriver Crimson crouched then he jumped spun round and he roundhouse kicked the teachers weapon right back towards him hopefully getting hit by his own weapon. Then he was shocked when the teacher started to spin round really fast and he launched the weapon right towards him while doing a hand stand! which caught Crimson by surprise and he spun to the ground from the force as he fell but then as he fell.

he did a kip up then he went invisible using his semblance and he sliced at the teachers ribs where there was an open part in his armour holding his invisible sword then he re appeared and smiled at the teacher "hi" then he jumped up and flip kicked the teacher in the face and then as he was launched in the air by the kick he sliced at the teachers face."I may use those clamps though it would be cool if I could use my feet to slice and dice for surprise attacks"  and he landed on his feet with his hands to the ground and stood up then went into a regular fighting stance with 2 hands on his hilt.


135/180 hp
120/140 aura
own weapon back at him 20 damage
flip kick 20 damage
rib slice 30 damage

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17 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Fri Mar 18, 2016 3:33 pm

Alex smirked. "Shoot the sword? As in you would shoot a bullet out of the gun, or the blade of the sword would shoot out as a projectile and then a line would retract the blade back into the hilt? Hey, I've seen a lot over the years and some hunters do some really crazy things with their weapons. However the crazier results in being more unpredictable, giving you an edge in a battle." the professor commented. It was amazing just how far someone's imagination could go in saving lives and eliminating grimm, so Alex thought it might be best to encourage it in everyone he trained.

The fact that the young man had avoided the first blow wasn't a surprise; he had proven to be quite agile thus far in the duel. However what Crimson had done next took Alex by surprise since he tried to use Alex's own weapon against him. It was an ingenious idea. If it wasn't for the fact that Alex can complete control over all of his plant constructs then it might of worked. However Alex was able to stop the attack by changing the vines into sticks, resulting in his own construct stopping in mid-air. Converting the sticks back into vines caused the wooden spheres to drop back down to the ground. "That was close! If I had been using Oblivinator that trick would've nailed me! Good one Crimson!" Alex stated with a smile. The student was clearly using his head just as much as he was using his sword. However not very many people would've expected Alex's break dance attack.

A second later Alex wished he hadn't removed the glowing pollen because Crimson had vanished again and got Alex in the chest with his sword, causing the professor to suck in a sharp breath and back pedal. Backing up like that gave Alex a half of a second of extra time to avoid the kick aimed for his face. "Well you know what you're doing. You sure you need some extra training? You've got me on the retreat here!" Alex stated with a smile as one sphere on Alex's construct weapon grew a drill, and Alex threw it at the ground at an angle. The weapon rapidly drilled through the packed dirt of the arena, then popped out of the ground near Crimson's feet and shot up towards his chin as the drill tip vanished, turning the weapon back into a sphere. If the swordsman stepped forwards during this the blow would hit him between the legs instead of the chin. The weapon was quickly pulled back through the hole it had drilled through as Alex struck out with a backspin kick aimed for the fighter's chest. Alex's final attack was swinging the other end of the construct weapon at Crimson's right hand in an attempt do disarm the young man. It was clear he was good with the sword, but what about unarmed?

aura active +5 aura
semblance utility; weapon drill, -10 aura
construct weapon strike: drill feint strike, possible 35 damage, aimed at chin
unarmed attack: backspin kick, possible 25 damage, aimed at chest
construct weapon strike: backhand swing, possible 35 damage, aimed at right hand

Aura: 95/140 Health: 155/190
Alex's max health has increased due to weapon upgrade... but max health increase doesn't mean he'll recover.

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18 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Fri Mar 18, 2016 4:34 pm

Crimson rubbed the back of his head and laughed "Im sorry my words sort of got lost while I was trying to concentrate and talk. What I meant to say was I wanted to be able to shoot bullets from the sword itself and have a barrel run down the sword" Crimson noticed the teacher had turned the constructed sphere into a stick which was a smart move otherwise it would have hit him dead on which miffed Crimson a bit but he got over it. When the teacher said you had me on retreat it didn't seem that way to Crimson he felt like he was in trouble here not the Professor "I have taken more attacks than you have sir."

Crimson watched as the teacher grew the drill weapon from the sphere plant and it was no longer a sphere. He saw the teacher throw it into the ground and assumed it was going to come for him. He stood holding his sword in 2 hands and then he saw a crack in the ground appear and he flipped back and dodged it. The teacher went for a back kick towards him and he moved backwards jumping out of the way landing on his feet dust coming up from the sand.

Then the teacher used his constructed weapon and knocked Crimsons sword out of his hands "that was clever teach but I don't need my sword to fight". Crimson ran at the teacher and as he saw the teacher raise his fists he turned in visible and he did a roundhouse kick to the teacher from behind. Then he did a spinning jump kick to the teacher's face. Then he sweep kicked the teacher and he took of his invisibility."so do you wanna do this with fists or without now? cause I can do both" he gave the teacher a cheeky smile.


115/180 hp
110/140 aura
round house kick 20 damage
spinning jump kick 20 damage
sweep kick 20 damage

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19 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Tue Mar 22, 2016 6:02 pm

It was of no surprise to Alex that the young man avoided two if his attacks, though when Alex successfully managed to knock the young man's weapon out of his hands Crimson just took the disarmament in stride and continued the battle unarmed. With a smile, Alex commanded the weapon construct in his hands to shrink back into a seed, which he placed on his belt. "Sounds good to me. One must always be ready for unarmed combat since Grimm love to show up at the worst possible times. By the way let me know if you need a breather, and we'll pause. This is your training session after all." Alex stated with a nod as he cracked his knuckles and rolled his right shoulder, ready for the next part of the fight.

And with that the battle raged on, though the young man chose to become invisible again. "Nope, not falling for it again." Alex said as all 20 seeds on his belt bloomed flowers that shot out pollen in every direction around him, coating every surface surrounding Alex with glowing pollen, including Crimson but only the side that was facing Alex but that was all the professor needed. He quickly saw that the young man had gone behind him and blocked the kick aimed for his head with his forearm, then simply stepped backwards to avoid the spinning jump kick. However the sweep kick did manage to get Alex in the knee since he had been looking upwards instead of down. Yeah he could see Crimson but he couldn't see the man's eyes so he really couldn't see where the next attack was aimed for.

"Alright, lets see if you can handle this!" Alex said as he executed a spin kick aimed at Crimson's gut but missed on purpose to throw him off that ended with Alex standing side by side with his opponent, Alex's right shoulder to Crimson's left shoulder facing the same direction. A tiny smirk crossed Alex's lips as the real attack began, with him kicking at the back of the student's knees while swinging his elbow up to smack Crimson in the nose. An attack from behind and blow with a simultaneous attack that was coming from the front and high wasn't the easiest thing to avoid, but the problem was that if both blows connected it could send someone to the ground in a heartbeat. Alex then spun on his heel to deliver a left cross to Crimson's throat.

Aura active +5 aura
unarmed strike, low kick, aimed at back of knees, possible 25 damage
unarmed strike, elbow jab, aimed at face, possible 25 damage
unarmed strike, left hook, aimed at throat, possible 25 damage

Aura: 100/140 Health: 150/190

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20 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Fri Mar 25, 2016 1:04 pm

"damn"  Crimson became visible as it was useless to hide as the teacher used his pollen again to make him stand out clear as day no matter where he stepped pollen would show where he was. The teacher aimed a kick straight towards his gut and Crimson flinched and jumped backwards landing on 2 feet. The teacher stood side by side he was up to something.

The teacher went to kick at the back of his knee and Crimson back flipped as if to go backwards over his head but as he flipped the teacher was standing behind him so he used the teacher's own chest and he forced his 2 feet on to his chest as he back flipped and he pushed himself off and as he did he rolled onto the ground off the force of using both his feet onto the teachers chest which allowed him to avoid the elbow attack too.

As the teacher went to deliver a cross to his throat Crimson grabbed the teachers hands and he used both his feet and drop kicked the teacher. Then he ran at the teacher and he  rolled over the teachers back to throw him off and then he uppercutted him.  Then he tried to super kick the teacher in the face which he hoped would work. "How was that sir?" he smirked.


115/180 hp
110/140 aura

drop kick 20 damage
upper cut 20 damage
super kick 20 damage

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21 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:43 pm

"Crimson, you're good armed and unarmed. Other then helping you master your current skills I'm wondering if there's anything new I can teach you." Alex said with a smile as he marveled at his current student's skill. The young man was holding his own against Alex's attacks, and was landing some good blows of his own. The only true advantage that Alex had in this battle was his semblance was capable of rendering Crimson's own semblance null and void, but against a different opponent it would work wonders.

The young man was continuing his relentless attacks, and nearly hit Alex in the head with his drop kick, narrowing missing because the teacher started to backpedal. A quick lean to the left avoided the uppercut, but when the kick came towards his face Alex smiled, realizing there just might be something he could teach this guy after all, and it was the same thing he had taught Averia. Raising his arms and coating them with emerald glowing back from his semblance, Alex blocked the kick aimed for his head and then smiled. "Lets try something a little different."

And with that, Alex swung his free fist at Crimson's left armpit where there was a nerve cluster. It would hurt like hell but wouldn't hamper any movement. The next two blows however were known to cause that. Alex swung the arm his used to block the kick to the side to get Crimson's leg off of it while cupping his hand, and then swung it at Crimson's right ear so his cupped palm would hit the man's ear. The attack would force air into the ear and cause the eardrum to vibrate uncontrollably for a time, causing what was known as discombobulation, or a horrendous case of being dazed. After that Alex spun on his heel to whirl around Crimson to get behind him and struck out at a nerve cluster just above his left kidney that if hit just wrong could cause a 20 second paralysis. Alex then placed an arm out in front of Crimson to catch him if he fell forwards since in most cases of when Alex hit someone there they would pitch face forwards into the ground.

aura active +5 aura
unarmed pressure point attack, left armpit, possible 25 damage
unarmed pressure point attack, right ear, possible 25 damage
unarmed pressure point attack, back nerve cluster, possible 25 damage

aura: 105/140 Health: 150/190

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22 Re: Dueling 101 (private training/Crimson) on Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:52 pm

"thanks teach but I still feel like my hand to hand could use a little work still" his attacks were all blocked which was no surprise but the teacher had covered his arms in emerald from his semblance still. He stood their for a second and regained his breath breathing fast and stretched his back and arms. "quite a workout sir". The teacher tried to punch his armpit next and Crimson blocked it with his right elbow. Then mr Davis went for his right ear which he blocked using his right arm again but moved it upward then suddenly the teacher span round him and punched him right where his kidney was then for a second.

He said quickly "well that didn't do much" then he dropped and fell into mr Davis arms paralysed and couldn't move talk or do anything. After the 20 seconds had passed he stood up "what the hell was that? at least give me a warning next time before you paralyse me". He said angrily and Crimson stood up a little shaky still from the paralysation. His chest hurt a little bit still from what had happened.


115/180 hp
110/140 aura

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