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Wolf in the Skies [Finished/Shadow Mission]

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1Wolf in the Skies [Finished/Shadow Mission] Empty Wolf in the Skies [Finished/Shadow Mission] on Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:55 am

Gricelda Mee
As the doors to the cockpit open, so enters the lanky Kid Lowind as he hold the sturdy door open for the his apprentice for the day.  From the open doorway Gricelda Mee also makes an entrance to the airship cockpit, curiously inspecting her surroundings as she makes her way to the polit's seat.  Kid paces behind her as he resumes his earlier conversation.

"And that be how I almost lost my pilot's licence kiddo.  Anyway, this be the cockpit if you haven't figured that out on your own.  This is where one can control the airship... so you could-"

Kid Lowind points to himself as he gives Gricelda a goofy grin.

"-say that I be the brains of this hunk of metal ha har!" he cheers

Gris rolled her eyes and walked up to the control panel.  Aside from the steering wheel, Gricelda is unable to make out the purpose of the many flashing lights and the many unlabeled switches.  Kid frowns somewhat at Gris' reaction but shrugs it off as he strides over to his comfy looking chair in the middle of the all of the controls.

"I see your eager for today's free flight lesson so take a seat and watch... the master at work!" he states in a gregarious manner.

"Alright, sure." plainly states the wolf faunus, taking a seat next to the pilot in what she assumed to be the co-pilot's seat.

Kid flips several switches on the control panel before placing on hand on the stirring wheel device and the other on some sort of throttle.  Gris could feel the hum of the airship's engines roar to life.

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Gricelda Mee
It was quite serene to be up so high in the cloud layer.  She had seem this very many times when she has taken airships in the past but... never from the view of the co-pilot's seat.  Gricelda wasn't sure how exactly she could describe the feeling but it somehow felt more... personal?  As if she was sailing through the air and space instead of watching the landscape move by like a t.v. screen like when your watching from the window on the sides of the airship.

"And this... this is your altimeter, it tells you what altitude you are at.  This one is your Airspeed indicator to tell you how fast you are relative to the surrounding air.  And this... this one I never quite figured out so just ignore it.  Aye!  Listening to me are ya just day-dreaming over there lassie?"
jokingly snaps Kids as he looks over to find Gricelda staring off to the expanse of sky beyond.  Gris, remember where she is, snaps into attention and hastily states:

"Oh yeah yeah... I was listening.  Just... distracted by the view is all.  It kinda give you a different perspective from up here is all."

A grin forms on Kid's face as she leads back in his pilot's seat, amused by Gris' responds.

"Ha... quite the view ain't it?  One of the reasons why I put up with this job.  You can't beat view like like this.  That and the expression of wonder whenever I have one of you students come by to watch me in my element.  Priceless every time... "

Kid rests his eyes and inhales, grinning widely now as he points to a device on the control panel.

"Pop quiz now!  What is that do-hicky that I be point at?"
he suddenly blurt outs

This gets Gris attention as her eye follow the direction of his index finger and looks to the device he is poiting to.

"OH!  Umm... the altimeter.  Right?" says Gris uncertainly

"Uh-huh... that one?"
inquires Kid as he points to another device on the dashboard

"Thats... tells you your current speed."

"Airspeed indicator but yes.  And that one?"

Gris furrows her brow as she tries to identify the last question asked by Kid

"Err... it... deploys the "

Gris then notes the words "Landing" so she assume that it was the landing gear

"... landing gear right?"

"Ding ding ding!  Congrats!  You are now a certified co-pilot.  So now... I will leave it to you Miss Co-Pilot Griz to take the helm."

With that, Kid spins around in his seat and seemingly leaps out of the pilot's seat, gesturing Gris to the now vacant seat.

Gris eyes widen in surprise and blinks several times.  She felt woefully unqualified but takes the seat, staring listelessly into control panels in front of her.

"Oh... ummm... alright... yeah... ummm..."

Kid snorts a laugh and looks over her shoulder.

"Oh don't worry now lass.  I'll make sure that you don't crash on the first day on the job.  Know... how about I go over pitch, roll, and yaw with you once again."

[517 Words]

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Gricelda Mee
Gris bites her lower lip lower as she slowly brings the airship down for its decent on the landing area.  Up until this very moment, flying this airship had been a simple enough task.  The ship's AI handled most of the tasks really, all she had to do was sometimes take the wheel and manually adjust the course.  Aside from that, all she really needed doing was looking at the instruments and making sure that nothing has gone awry.  Kid only had to interject a few times in the beginning but at this point he has kept a hands-offs approach.  But now... she was being entrusted to LAND an airship?  That seemed like a little too much responsively for her first time piloting an actual airship with actual people and cargo!

"A-are you SURE that I should be the one who lands this thing?  Don't you think its bit too much responsibility for an inexperience pilot in training?" nervously cries out the wolf faunus.

"Ha ha haa ha!  Do don't ya worry, landing this thing is easy.  All you have to do is make sure to lower the landing gear and have a steady grip on the controls.  You don't have to be perfect as the AI can correct minor errors but you should be as level as possible when landing.  Don't worry, I have faith in you so have a bit faith in yourself okey?"

Gris furrows a brow, the lets out a moan.  As she nears the landing pad however, Kid could observe the determination on Gris' face as she begins her decent.  She lowers and lower, glancing at all of her instruments as her mentor merely watches.  Gris successfully the airship with a lurching jerk, but otherwise a successful landing.  Gris leans back in her seat and lets out a sigh of relief.

"See!  Told ya so!  Not the softest landing but at least we are all still in piece right!  Haa ha ha, I'll see you around Griz, you go scoota-daddle back your dorm now.  You did good now."

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