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A cyborg and a unicorn walk into a bar.. [Private, Molly/Toriera]

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Molly Jones
Tone-Setting Music:

Calming jazz wafted out from one corner of the bar, it's source being a musical group of four. A girl with long, dark straight hair played a grand piano with her back against the crowd, fingers effortlessly dancing between keys of black and white. Her shoulders swayed gently from left to right, body and mind at one with the beautiful music. She was accompanied by a larger sized man who played the saxophone, as well as a well-groomed looking guy with a cello. They stood on either sides of her, each one of them as equally full with musical vigor. Standing to the back was this group's drummer, features hidden behind the cover of darkness. Multicolored lights were strewn about the pub, their dim glows adding to the already soothing air of ambiance.

Molly was seated at one corner of the counter, a peaceful smile strewn across her face. She held in her hand a mixture of bourbon, sugar and orange bitter, as well as a large ice cube in the glass to top it all off. This was so far her fifth glass of the night, and there's still many more hours to come before it came to head home.

It was a decent sized crowd today, despite both of the seats beside her lacking on them a walking talking bag of meat. She wasn't sure if it was some vibe she was giving off, or whether people were put off by how she looked, but she didn't particularly mind the thought of drinking alone. Some may find that to be taxing on their emotional health, loneliness that turned any chances of them feeling happy into indiscernible roadkill, but Molly wasn't one of them. The world had forcibly turned her into a solitary individual, after all.

Still, that wasn't to say that she didn't cling on to a lingering hope for company. The times when there was someone sitting next to her to engage in conversation with, those were definitely the more memorable experiences. Sitting alone with her thoughts just tended to fill her with.. somberness, more so than anything else. It was peaceful, sure, but there's also a parasitic gloom that annoyingly clung along.

At times she wondered how it would have been to have a heart made out of metal, to have her emotions flushed into a void. It was really just food for thought though - at the end of the day, it wasn't like she'll take the plunge if offered a chance to do so. These were just the kind of things she pondered about while sitting alone in a place like this, thoughts of the past and future in context of 'I should have, could have, would have but didn't.' Was this causing her more harm than good, leaving a net negative in its wake? Probably. Was she going to stop this habit of hers though, coming to bars without planned company? Nah, not at a chance in hell. Her recent hunts had gone decently well, and there weren't many other things she would rather spend money on than alcohol. Downing yet another glass in one quick shot, she immediately signaled to the bartender for more. Her eyes gazed around the room as she waited for her order, falling onto the strings of softly blinking lights. They looked just like fireflies that boast colors of the rainbow, mesmerizing ones at that too.

Brought out of her thoughts by the thud of a new glass suddenly appearing in front of her, she looked up at the bartender in meek surprise - he sprung forth so suddenly, so surprisingly. But before she could open her mouth to say a word, somebody else called out for his attention. He walked away. The ice clinked in her glass. Grabbing it closer, she slowly wrapped her fingers around it. Coldness wasn't felt, for her parts couldn't feel.

..Tonight's a good night to get drunk, isn't it? It's been a while, and tomorrow's a weekend. As good a time as any other, she decided. As good a time as any other.

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Who knew being a teacher would really be this hard? Within the last month alone, she had done more than she ever did while still in Haven. The classes were the easy part of her day. Something she always thought would be the most difficult of it all. No, that was the easy part, it was everything else that has been pushing her to the limits. After finding herself as a sort of emotional support of one of her students Toriera began to wonder what was really going on in that head of hers. She was the last person in the world that should be helping others try to get over the past. Hell, she still carried her scars of the past on the surface, both physically and metaphorically. So it was almost a farce that she now found herself at the head front of so many students coming to her for advice. Maybe it had to do with that damn contest the news had not to long ago about favorite teachers. Some how she had won and now she saw no end to the brats wanting help with one thing or another.

It annoyed her to no end doing this, not so much of the students asking for help. It was the fact that most of the time she had to help, or at least act like it. It wasn't she didn't like helping the kids with real problems, not so much when it was just a simple teen or young adult troubles. Subjects that anyone with their wit about them could figure out by taking a step back and thinking. Toriera wish that was where the troubles ended, but she had never been the lucky on in life. Life back in Bellmuse wasn't as easy as she thought it would be since returning. Even the streets, she grew up on being no longer the safest as they once were. One would think the the threat of Grimms such things like gangs wouldn't be a thing. Well, you would be wrong.

Having just gotten done running off some little punk who thought it was a good idea to vandalize an orphanage, HER orphanage at that! Like hell she let some idiot try and trash the one place she still had good memories of. So that's how she now found herself her at one of her favorite pubs. More so it was in the area and she just felt like she needed a drink or ten to forget the week for one night. Walking in she was immediately greeted by to chill tones of jazz, which she couldn't help but cause a bit of swing to her step. Great music mixed with great drinks made this one of the best pubs in town, even if most didn't even know it was here.

Having to deal with the thug problem Toriera had been unable to change since class. So she still wore her dress shirt, however, this day it was dark red one with a very loose fitting tie around her neck. With matching black dress pants with her one and only footloose on her feet. She was indeed a sight to stand out here in the pub all dressed up along with her rainbow hair color. Along with an arm in a cast hanging from a sling she was truly a sight. Not wasting a moment Toriera beeline her way to the bar, noticing something most unusual along her way. A woman at the end drinking alone with some very unusual features. "Oh la la, what do we have here?" She asked herself before strolling over to one of the empty seats. "Heeeeey there! Get me one the usual and keep them coming! It's been one of those weeks!" She said, slapping the bartop with her one good hand. Most would think being a known face at a pub, let alone, multiple one, would be a bad things. However, Toriera just thought of it as sort of like a web friend, who just so happen to be able to get her drunk when needed.

While waiting for her drinks Toriera would turn to the mystery woman before smiling. "One of those days?" She asked with tilting her head. "Haven't seen you around before and you look like someone I would remember. And I mean that in the most complimentary way possible, Love." With that she was about to say more before the bartender showed back up and placing a glass down. "I be careful of this one Miss. She nothing but trouble!" He said as he shot Toriera a grin and walking away. "You keep bad mouthing me and I'll show you what trouble looks like!" Pouting Toriera turned back to her drink and down it one go before slamming it upside down back on the bartop. "Toriera by the way." She said, glancing back the girl with a grin.

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Molly Jones
Looking at the newcomer, Molly gave her a slightly-tipsy fueled smirk. The loose fitting tie, great looking dress shirt, she liked this girl already. She herself was wearing a slightly-above-knee lengthed skirt and a blue collared shirt, one with a line of buttons running down the middle. She let the top three run loose, showing off an.. ahem, decent amount of collarbone and skin. Her cyborg leg beneath the counter was barely illuminated by the lights in this place, though a keen observer could still just about make it out.

"One of those days indeed, Love. Name's Molly Jones," she said, holding her drink in the air. Raising an eyebrow at the bartender's offhand command, her smirk turned into a full fledged grin. "With beautiful hair like that, I'm sure there's all sorts of troubles that chase after you. Panting dogs and such, hm?"

Swirling around the glass she held, she watched the alcohol and ice inside swish and cling as she spoke. "You're a welcomed sight, you know? There wasn't anybody to talk to before you came. Must have scared them off with my arms and leg or something stupid like that." Letting out a snort, she turned her head slightly to look at Tori from the corner of her eyes. "So what's your story, Love? All I know of you is that you're a frequent visitor of this bar, you have a broken arm, and that you're somebody treating a lonely cyborg girl nicely." Running a finger across the top of the glass, she continued speaking. "That last one is a major plus, by the way."

With alcohol in her body and mind, she found herself letting out a semi-important slip of tongue. Admitting her feelings so openly and easily wasn't something that she often did, but this time she did. "I've been caring less and less over the years, but a heart's still a heart in the end. Pesky little thing," she said, laughing, raising her glass for another big gulp. At least there's always hard liquor to fall back to, huh?" she said, flashing a happy smile.

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Giving the girl a smirk Toriera laughed a bit at the mention of trouble. Trouble indeed had it way of finding her, but never in the sort of way she wanted and most certainly wasn't the sort this girl Molly had in mind. "Try replacing dogs with pigs and you have yourself a winner!" She said before happily slapping the bar top with her one good hand as her drink was placed before her. "But think you." she said, picking up the drink. "About the hair, that is. Most just think I'm trying to stand out. Most never believe it natural."

Toriera could understand where Molly was coming from with scaring other off. She too had that effect on people whenever she wore clothing that showed off her shoulders and side. The many claws and bite marks were enough to put off most and those it didn't was just filled with sincere apologies for something they didn't do. Rising up her glass she would lean over and give Molly a light jab to the side with her elbow with another smirk. "Well then here to those too scared to talk! Good riddance!" And with that she would down the drink in one go feeling the burn afterwards. "Oh, how I needed that! Keep them coming!"

"My story?" She asked, looking a little shocked. Most never even bother to ask that much of her before going off with some poor or drunken pick up lines ending with her shooting them down. "Well, if you can believe it, I'm a teacher. As for the arm." She looked down at it and then back at Molly. "Kids these days are real monsters!" It was a lie, of course, but she felt like this girl were the sort to enjoy a bit of humor. Picking up her second drink Toriera would this time turn to face the girl with an a grin. "It better be a major plus! I'm normally a bit of a bitch to others, or so I have been told." Giving the girl a wink.

Suddenly she looked confused as she looked the girl up and down. "Cyborg!?" She said in an overly dramatic voice. "Why I would have never noticed if you have said so." She teased with a smile as she took a slip of the drink. Of course she noticed right off the bat, but knew better than to ever start with that. She wonders how many people did try to start conversation with that topic. Probably just as many that try to start them about her own scars.

"The heart wants what the heart wants." She said, spinning the glass in her hand, making its content dance around the ice within. "So how bout you love?" as she leans in a bit. "What a pretty thing like your story?"

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Molly Jones
She chuckled when Tori spoke about replacing dogs with pigs, and promptly raised her own glass for a toast when she called out for one. "To those too scared to talk," she said, quickly following suit and drowning down her own glass. A smile spread across her lips as she felt the alcohol's burn, and Molly let out a contented sigh. She pushed the empty glass away from her, not looking towards the bartender to signal for more, having faith in his ability to know that she wanted the drinks to keep on coming. 

The cyborg listened as Toriera revealed more about herself. The first thought to hit her mind was that any classes this girl teaches would surely be a blast, though whether that be figurative or literal was still up in the air. Lessons with her could go both ways, but regardless of any classrooms explosions, she'll bet good money that her students enjoyed her classes. She's just that kind of cool teacher. "It better be a major plus! I'm normally a bit of a bitch to others, or so I have been told," said Toriera, and Molly responded to that with a daring smirk. "We'll see about that," she mused. While her gaze still fell to the girl's cast for a brief moment, Molly quickly pulled her eyes away. If she said kids were what caused it, kids were what caused it. 

Grabbing a new glass that was set on the counter, she raised it up for a small gulp. Placing an elbow against the tabletop and resting her cheek against her palm, she smiled longingly as memories of the past bubbled to the surface. "It's a long story, my one is." Looking into Toriera's eyes, she gave her a small smile. "The night's still young though, yeah?"

"These arms, leg and eye are gifts to me from my parents. They were pretty good technicians, though I do dare say that I've begun to surpass them."
Pausing for a drink, she leaned in a little closer towards where Toriera was sitting, sliding her arm towards her. "Give it a touch. I'm pretty proud of what I've managed to tinker these bad babies into." Grinning, just for show, the metal surface of her index finger slid back, revealing the blade hidden inside for a brief moment before she covered it back up. "Weapons."

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