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First Day [Open/Class]

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1 First Day [Open/Class] on Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:11 pm

Professor Ivory
Surrounded by plain, cream walls and an assortment of large, multicolored maps of the Vytal continent, Professor Doe Ivory stood in the center of her immaculate classroom, praying to any and all gods that might exist that it would remain immaculate after her first lesson. The Rabbit Faunus was staring at the brown door that stood at the opposite end of the room, as if she were currently engaged in a life-or-death staring contest with the piece of furniture and losing. Any minute now, her class would be entering. Now, Doe wasn't one for nervousness, but even she feared the type of students she could end up with.

What if they're a bunch of hooligans...? What if they start fights!?

Doe shut her eyes, breathing out slowly to calm herself. She was the teacher and, regardless of what hooligans or thugs she ended up teaching, she would control them.

A noise. Doe opened her eyes. The door creaked open, a noise that sent shivers down the Faunus' spine and made her wince. The students made their way into her classroom,and Doe could not help but let out a sign of relief as she recognized the blacks, whites and reds of the Syne uniform. As the students moved towards their seats, Doe put her arms behind her back, giving each and every one of the Hunters-in-training the warmest smile she could muster.

"Hello," she began, her voice clear and confident, "My name is Professor Doe Ivory. I will be your new History teacher."

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2 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Fri Feb 19, 2016 1:49 am

Lucille Annabelle Klug
Lucy was huffing and puffing down the hallway: her scroll was apparently not working again, so she had gotten lost on her way to her brand-new class that she was very excited for: History! She was very excited for the new experience and to learn new things, even to meet new people, despite how nervous the thought made her.

However, Lucy came prepared this time around: she had left Mr. Davis's house even earlier than she usually did, and with the multiple hours of extra time and some help from kind and friendly fellow students, she was able to find her way to the 500 Floor and to her brand new class. She was easily on time, but she was still in a bit of a hurry because she had to ask the teacher some questions and give the teacher an important document before class started.

She made it to the door of Room 515, and she slowly stopped so that she didn't run into the door, and then she slowly opened the door and very slowly and quietly walked inside. She looked around, and found that the room was empty except for someone at the teacher's desk: she was the first student here...perfect!

She nervously but briskly walked over to the person at the teacher's desk and...did her best to speak to the person behind the desk, staring at the floor nervously as she spoke. "Inquiry: Uh...umm...e-excuse m-me, i-is this th-the history cl-class? Investigation: I-I'm l-looking for Pr-Professor D-Doe I-Ivory." When the person behind the desk identified themselves as the exact professor she was looking for, she jolted her head up to look at them, a nervous smile on her face.

"Interjection: O-Oh! Greetings: H-Hello th-there, Pr-Professor! Introduction: My name is Lucille Annabelle Klug, but you can call me Lucy." she then politely curtsied, her voice becoming stronger. "Excitement: I'm very pleased to meet you and learn as much as I can from your class, Mr. Ivory!" Lucy paused for a moment and observed the professor before she suddenly recalled something and her face turned completely red. "Interjection: Oh no! Apologies: I'm s-so so sorry, I meant M-Ms. Ivory! Extension: Oh my g-goodness I'm so, so sorry Ms. Ivory, it was s-such a s-silly mistake to make I know it m-makes people very u-upset I'm so sorry I didn't m-mean to I promise!" she was bowing over and over again in an apologetic manner, but the professor reassured her that everything was fine.

Once she was assured, she suddenly remembered the document she was supposed to give. "Recollection: Oh goodness, I forgot to give you this document Ms. Ivory! Explanation: It's from Mr. Davis, and he said it was important! Offering: H-Here you are!" she gave the document to Ms. Ivory.

As Ms. Ivory was reading the letter, Lucy was very excited again to be in her class, and she couldn't help but mention it. "Excitement: Ms. Ivory, I'm s-so excited to be here and have you as my n-next Professor-Friend and to have you teach me many things. Backstory: When Mr. Davis t-told me there was a bunny-person-err, I mean, r-rabbit-person-that was going to teach a new class, I got so excited that I had to s-sign up right away! Explanation: Bunnies-err, rabbits-a-are my favorite animal, and a bunny-person professor sounded like someone I w-wanted to meet!" She squeezed Mr. Floppsies tight and shifted from side to side, and by the elegant hue of his blue-green head-wear, it was clear that Lucy was very happy to be in this class.

"Inquiry: Umm, M-Ms. Ivory, is it okay for me to s-sit in the front of the class? Reasoning: I don't want to miss anything on your l-lesson, and sitting at the front makes it easier f-for me to not g-get distracted."

Mr. Davis's Letter:

To Professor Doe Ivory:

This is a letter to better inform you about one of your students, Ms. Lucille Annabelle Klug. She's a very polite and kind young girl, but she gets upset and panicked easily. She's very excited about your class, and she is very eager to learn, but she is a bit timid and shy so please understand that if she doesn't contribute to class a lot it's because of the amount of people present rather than her lack of desire.

I also wanted to inform you that her understand of bigger world concepts is a bit odd. There are a lot of things she doesn't understand that are common knowledge to most, and I feel one of those things that may affect you most is her understanding of Faunus. It's a topic she knows little about, but she understand the concept, just not in a completely acceptable manner. She doesn't see Faunus as a separate race, but as humans that like to dress up as animals, and she addresses them by the animal they are connected with followed by the word person (IE: She would probably call you a 'bunny-person').

Rest assured that she means no harm or spite, she loves all creatures big and small and wouldn't hurt anything or anyone on purpose, she just doesn't fully understand the concept yet. If there are any issues, please contact my personal number [657-366-2557].

Thank you for your patience,

Alexander Davis, Survival Professor.

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3 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Fri Feb 19, 2016 4:01 am

Gricelda Mee
Gris strolls down the hallway ever so confidently as she makes her way to her first History class with Professor Ivory.  She looks over the class schedule to make sure she was heading to the correct classroom with ample to time to spare.  While history is not really her most favorite of subjects, she was a little giddy to have a faunus teacher... something that the world could use more really.  The name though... Professory Ivory... reminds her way too much of her mother's.  Sure mother goes by  Iva Mee and this professor goes by Ivory but, she can't shake the thought of this professor being her own mother.  Certainly didn't help that her mother was also cultural studies professor at a institution of learning.  Oh if it was her mother and she sign up for it... she would suffer at her mother's never ending smothering affection for her daughter.  Ugh... please don't be mom...

Gricelda spins on her heel and arrives at room 515, being as punctual as ever.  Normally she would just  storm her way inside the room but... she just wanted to err on the side of caution... just make she that this Professor Ivory wasn't her mother somehow in the classroom.  She shakes her head at the thought of it... she knows that there is NO way her mother is here teaching at the same school she had sent her off to.  She would have known about it if was indeed here... her mom was TERRIBLE at keeping secrets! Yet... for some reason... there was just that tiny bit of doubt in her head that a part of her feels that it could be her mother.  Gris creaked door open just enough for her to poke her head though. She notices the human first... who looked out of place with her diminutive size and her loltia looking outfit. Gris shakes her head disapprovingly as she could see her carrying a stuffed animal out of all things.  Where does this academy even find these people!?  Suddenly it makes a lot more sense why they would accept a known White Fang member like herself.  Her gaze moves onto the professor as the pre pubescent girl finishes speaking to her.  Once she has her sights on her, Gris's heart nearly skips a beat as she sees the white faunus that looks almost exactly like her mother!

cried out Gris in disbelief as she slips into the room.

"W-what are you doing here!?  Don't tell me you here to keep an eye me!  I thought I told that I wasn't going to take part of anymore-"

Gris suddenly grows still as she approached the Professor... and realized that she wasn't her mom.  Now that she had more time to look at her... this woman was nothing like her mom once you get close enough.  Firstly, this person had floppy rabbit ears instead her her mother's floppy's dog ears, her eyes were not a nearly a vivid blue as her mother's and she was... a bit slimmer than her mom.  All Gris could do at the moment was cover her mouth and stare at the professor she called "mom" in horror.  She could feel her checks redden in embarrassment.

"I-I... I am SO sorry pro-professor!  I... I thought... you looked just like my- oh no... just... j-just..."
muffles Gricelda as she speaks while covering her mouth with her hands.  She pauses, then lowers her hands.  She forces a smile on her face, letting out a nervous laugh as she finishes her sentence.

"Ha.. haa ha... ha... good to m-meet you professor Iva- PROFESSOR IVORY!  I'll... I'll... I just go... sit down... and, can we completely forget ALL about this!  R-right!?  Ha... hee... oh... ohh..."

With that her face turns sullen, her wolf ears flop over and her tail curls itself between her legs as she stumbles her way to the middle seat in second row, mumbling quietly to herself

"oh... just kill me now..."

Once she shuffles her way to her seat, she buries her face in her arms... a pitiful low moan can be heard as she her arms and head rest on the table surface.

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Zan Drack
Zan walked through the hallways heading towards his only class of the day, it had been a boring week leading up to the class, a history class. He wondered what his new professor was like. Hoping that she wasn’t boring, he followed the students into the classroom while carrying a briefcase, seeing a open seat at the front of the classroom. Heading there, Zan would sit down knowing that the room was the right one due to his scroll being fully operational.

Listening to Professor Ivory introducing herself, he nodded while opening his briefcase in order to bring out the needed materials for the day’s class which included a couple pens and a notebook in order to take notes during class. While he was doing that, he noticed what appeared to be a fourteen year old girl walk into the classroom and hand a letter to the professor.

Not bothering to ask about it, he would take the briefcase off of the chair directly next to him placing it on the floor so she could have a place to sit.
“You can sit here, if you want to do so,” he would say gently to the nervous girl while giving her a small smile. He thought her odd, but that’s probably do to shyness more than anything else, so a kind person might bring her out of her shell.

Hearing something crash into the room from the back, Zan turns around to look at the entrant to the room to see a lady of around his own age. Hearing her proclamation of Professor Ivory being her mother and trying to spy on her. Upon her realization that the professor was not her mother, but someone that looked nearly exactly like her, Zan was amused slightly. It seemed like this was a pretty lively class already!

Turning around to look at the canine faunus with a gentle smile.
“Good one there...” he said with an amused tone while asking for her name. He hated socializing but that was almost like a horrible drama novel, that he sometimes liked to read. Though he would like to get to know a couple of his classmates, especially Gris but for now it was time to learn.

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5 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:00 am

While most students walked here and there to their classes Kairi was the one odd duck out here. Drawing the eyes to so many would have to be either her extremely long silky black hair frame her pale skin, almost giving ghostly appearance. Or maybe it was the large, sunhat she wore a top her head. She was never a fan of that great fireball in the sky. Realistically, it had to be the fact that the girl were simply floating everywhere she went. It was an old habit she had meant to break once starting the academy, but with snow still covering the ground Kairi didn't want to take the chance of soaking her feet in it. Still, this made the girl stand out quite a bit, but then again, she was used to having eyes on her. Years of being the face of a rock band would have that effect on you.

Her next class was History, taught by a Professor Ivory and a faunus no less. Kairi was happy to hear that there was another teacher here, aside from Haze, that were also faunus. As she came up to the classroom door, she tried her best to straighten out her uniform before going in. She never was one for ironing and now living on her own she only got worse at it. Still, at least she didn't look like a complete slob. Opening the door to the room and floating in Kairi wasted no time in greeting the room. "Good Afternooooooooooon everybody!" She said cheerfully to all before stopping just in time to catch the sight of something interesting. Right before her was Gricelda and what did she just hear?

With a twitch of her pointy ears Kairi couldn't help but giggle at what she heard. She had wanted to talk to this girl again since the first day they talked about the pro and cons of the White Fangs and here she was. With a fangy smile she would float forward, stopping to give a friendly wave to the teacher before taking a look at the class. Sadly, there wasn't anyone else she knew here, aside for Gric. There was a small cute girl dressed much like she herself once had to during concerts. Knowing herself all the work that went into dressing like that she wonder why anyone would willingly dress like that for everyday life. But to each their own, right? Not wanting to waste anymore time Kairi would suddenly rise higher as she floated over desks and landed next to Gricelda. "This seat taken?" She asked with a big smile.

Once more her ears would twitch, this time at the voice of a male. The one from the front roll it seemed as he commented on what Kairi only guessed to what Gricelda just did. "Ohhhh, not even a day in and already someone got a admirer." Kairi said playfully as she softly elbowed Grice before taking a seat. After a few second passes by Kairi would once again lean closer to Grice with an almost wicked smile. "Sooo... didn't know you were half bunny!"

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Crimson Waters
Crimson entered the class room and sat down at the desk watching all the students first then focused on the teacher listening patiently to what he was saying. Crimson found the history behind remnant fascinating and it was his first open class. So far he had fought a couple of Grimm Had a private one on one training fight class. He had been at the school nearly a week now and knew his way around the school.

He noticed that the teacher was a rabbit Faunus but couldn't tell if he or she was a man or woman so he thought it best to call the teacher proffesor when asking questions to not stir up any confusion and or tension/anger between himself and the teacher. He then watched the wolf faunus girl make a small fool of herself and he felt bad for her as she confused the teacher for her own mother.

"Professor can I ask what specific section of history you are going to teach us today?" he asked hoping he could get some insight that would allow him so he could do some research of his own when he gets back to his dorm latter. He watched the girl Known as Lucille talk to the teacher ask her if this was the right class. If she had listened to the teacher when she arrived say this was a history class she would have known he scoffed a little.

Crimson was only signed up to 1 class at the moment and that was a private training class with the teacher known as Alex as he was waiting hoping for something exiting or something more of his speed to come along. He liked history and found it interesting so he decided.

Crimson was exited to learn history and wondered what they would learn first. He sat next to the student know as Zan Drack. He then saw the other girl confuse the teacher as her own mother and laughed a little. He elbowed Zan "hey are you new here cause I haven't seen you round the school before? Im Crimson I have been here a couple of days" he reached out his hand to shake Zan's.

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7 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:34 pm

Molly Jones
History, what a wondrous subject it is. To Molly, it was something as good, if not greater than books in regards to satisfaction gained. The primary reason for this was due to it actually having happened in the past, unlike the fictional nature of works of prose. 'They both hod no torch to alcohol though,' a comment that she happily chimed in with. Standing now in the hallway outside of the classroom, she hoped that this class would meet her expectations.

Rapping on the door three times before entering, she stepped into the class to meet the sight of who she guessed was their teacher - a faunus of the bunny sort. "This is the History class, right Prof?" she asked, her gaze directed not to the Professor but to the various assortment of individuals littered all about. There was only one in particular whom she recognized, and she wasn't quite sure how this chance encounter made her feel. Gricelda Mee was one of the few that knew the gist of her whole life's story, a happening that was the result of one night's drunken ramble. Deciding to at least acknowledge her being here, Molly gave her an almost indiscernible nod of head, slightly curious about the sad air she seemed to be giving out.

Moving to the back row to pull out a chair, her gaze was caught by a blonde who donned quite the eye-catching outfit. Molly gave the little girl a smile as she passed her by, soon then noticing her large stuffed rabbit. The expression she wore then softened tremendously, a reaction much like one brought out by a mewling kitten after a long tiresome day. Such a reminder that innocent things exist was always a welcomed sight, and she jotted down a mental note to try and better know this pair as soon as she could.

Amongst the others in this class was a floating girl with a unique complexion, a red-haired male that looked really excited about.. something. She guessed that one of two things had elicited this response from him - either his enthusiasm about History, or the presence of the guy next to him. Stifling a laugh as she pondered about the latter, she rested an elbow on the table and held her chin in her hand, waiting for class to begin.

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Jet Jeyson
Jet had entered the class with the first batch of students coming in. As soon as he was in, he had groggily made his way toward the back of the class but decided it was too far and chose an empty table close to the middle of the room.

Last night, he had sneaked out of his room again to go read under a tree and play some music in the music room. Hard to be willing to sleep when night is the time of the day when you can see the best, so he went to sleep pretty late… or is it early? Result : he was now feeling like a zombie walking to class. He usually skips most morning classes because of that, but this one was an afternoon one… which puts even more emphasis on how late Jet got back to his room to sleep. Actually, Scarlett might have even already been awake and gone when he got back, but he didn’t really look so he didn’t know.

Sitting in his chair, face unceremoniously stuffed in his arms folded on the desk, he was trying to sleep. It was History so he could always read whatever the subject was in a book, if he hadn’t already read it before. History was something he was pretty interested in when he was younger so he did go through a bunch of textbooks since he was eight years old about.

The noise in the room was more like a constant background sound so it didn’t bother him much, until a female voice decided to rise up over the rest, that being helped by the fact it was very close to him. Cracking his eyes open, he thought his vision was even more fucked up for a moment since he couldn’t see much, but then realised it was actually a big hat that he was seeing on the person sitting in front of him. Only person he knew with that kind of accessory was the bat-faunus girl that could float. Letting his eyes move to the side, he spotted Gricelda, the faunus girl for whom he repaired the shield a few days ago.

Grmbllll... Hey! Yo, Kairi, Gris! Happy to… *Yawn*… see you two!” He somehow sounded drunk while talking but was just sleepy really. “Keep it down a bit would you? I came to class thinking this one would be a good one to sleep in you know?” After these wise words, he stuffed his face back in his arms. “Niiiiiiiight….....

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Gricelda Mee
((Making use of the Mid-Januarary Rule update here to post.  More info here for those unfamiliar with it:

Gricelda raises her head just enough to eye the human Zan Drack... groaning audibly at his comment.  They have only just met but already Gris seems to have taken a dislike of this human.  She doesn't even bother to give the human her name.

Kairi's sudden appearance right next to her initially surprises Gris.  She didn't notice her on her making her way into the classroom.  Then again... she was still recovering from her embarrassment from when she called the Professor her mother... and she still was recuperating from that awkward exchange.  Gris sits upright in her seat, giving Kairi a quizzical expression when she mentioned her appearance admirer?  It took a Gris a little longer than she cared to admit when she finally caught onto what she ment and glanced over to Zan, with a slight frown on her face.  

"Huh?  Admirer?  I... I have a secret adm- oh... him!?  Ick... as if."

She shakes her head slightly and goes back to looking at Kairi, forcing a smiling on her face.  Gris wasn't too sure how she should feel about Kairi... one one hand she appreciated having a familiar faunus face around... on the other, the two of them don't exactly see eye to eye on some important issues.  She wanted to Kairi... but feels that she should shouldn't.  When Kairi implied that she was part bunny, Gris lets out a weak moan as her falls onto table in front of her.

"Nuuuuu... please... just... let it go... I already suffered enough humiliation and I don't need you to causally remind me of my blunder."

As her face lays there on the table, she puffs her checks, exhaling slowly until her ears up the sound of the door opening.  She lullfully lifts her head from the table once again, squinting her eyes at a familiar figure.  The moment the wolf faunus recognized the cyborg bear-faunus, Molly gave her curt nod in her direction.  Knowing that it was directed to herself, Gricelda's sour mood became far more cheerfully as she grins happily.  Gives Molly a weak wave, genuinely happily to see a familiar face from her past with the White Fang.  

"Hi Molly~" whispers Gris under her breath, with Kairi probably being the only one who could hear her.

In the past, she and a few of her fellow White Fang comrades would help Molly remove unwanted human competition in exchange for maintenance services and such.  She always had sympathy for the poor girl... a victim of human violence.  Prehaps after class she can see about catching up?  They only really met on occasion in the past but Molly was always a faunus Gris had hoped to acquainted with.

Gris twists her body in her seat and her faunus ears catch the sound of a familar voice calling out to both herself and Kairi.  Upon seeing him... she couldn't decide if he was tired, drunk, or both.  She lets out sign, disapproving that he would choose to sleep during class.  Was he really THAT lazy and rude!?

"Hey!  You came to this classroom to learn, not to take a nap!  And its the afternoon by the way!  If I catch you snoring back there... I will see to that you get hit in the back of your head with a textbook!  Maybe that will get you to learn something~" she calls out to Jet, with a slight smirk on her face as she mentioned hitting Jet with a textbook.

Sure he may have repaired her shield awhile back but... it was still no excuse for laziness.  With that, Gris looks forward to Professor Ivory... eagerly awaiting for her to begin the lesson.  She does her best to put the mom comment she made earlier to her at the back of her mind.

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10 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Fri Feb 19, 2016 7:47 pm

Lucille Annabelle Klug
Lucy wasn't able to hear the full response from her new Professor-Friend-To-Be, as students started coming in the classroom in throngs and began making their own ruckus. She wasn't upset or anything, just nervous because...well, now there were LOTS of people here she didn't know and they seemed to do their own thing, some of them even knowing each other it would seem.

There was this one girl who seemed very nice as she smiled at her when she walked pass, and Lucy did her best to politely smile back, although it was more of a nervous smile. The girl didn't say anything to her, so Lucy didn't speak up either and just let her walk past her and up to the back row of seats. Lucy hoped she hadn't been rude to the girl by not speaking, but she was just so nervous that she didn't want to say anything bad and make her upset.

She noticed that a very tall man with pretty eyes offered to move from his spot that he had taken while she was talking to Ms. Ivory so that she could sit at the front of the class. She seemed very nice, but his stature and pose intimidated the poor timid girl and she kept opening her mouth to say something but couldn't speak. She was about to muster up the courage to thank him when the man in the back spouted off about staying quiet so he could sleep. She didn't want to bother him, but she wondered why he wasn't in bed if he was tired and wanted to sleep. Lucy then realized she was the only one who hadn't taken a seat yet, and that she was causing a distraction and disruption of class because of that, and she froze in place at the thought of already breaking the rules when she just walked into class!

That was when another girl yelled at the sleepy man, and there was beginning to be so much going on that it was overwhelming Lucy, but she noticed that the girl who yelled...had animal ears?

The idea of meeting another animal-person filled her with just enough joy and determination that she was able to move from the spot she was frozen in previous and was hustling over to her when she stopped and turned to the tall and polite, be scary man. "Decline: you, sir, but y-you c-can keep y-your seat. Explanation: I-I wouldn't w-want to i-i-impose upon y-you, and y-you already c-claimed the s-seat, so I-I have ch-chosen another. Gratitude: Th-Thank you v-very much th-though!" she bowed to the man gratefully, then turned back and hustled over to sit next to...the animal-person lady...well, she was going to until she forgot she had something else to give Ms. Ivory. She quickly ran up to her and handed her a fresh carrot.

"Offering: Th-This is for you, Ms. Ivory! Backstory: Mr. Davis and I gr-grow stuff together in his garden, and we just r-recently picked some fresh carrots. Reasoning: I w-would have gotten you an apple, b-but I figured y-you would appreciate carrots m-more!" she bowed respectfully, and then headed off again to sit next to the other animal girl.

As she sat down next to her, she got a better look at her ears and saw that she even had a tail, but she wasn't sure what kind of animal-person she was...and nervous as she was, there was only one way to find out! Her curiosity got the better of her, and before introductions she asked her question. "Inquiry: Umm...Miss, are you a puppy-person, or a kitty-person? Reasoning: I'm s-sorry it's j-just that it's h-hard to tell a little because your e-ears and t-tail c-could be either and I just d-didn't want to call you the w-wrong one and th-then have you be m-mad at me because y-you l-look l-like a really cool p-person and I w-wanted to g-get to kn-know you and maybe this wasn't a good idea after all!" Her face was turning red because she was sure she did something bad and she hid her face in with Mr. Floppsies, who's rather elegant blue-ish green hat was now a rather dapper yellow hat, and he wore it with much class.

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11 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Sat Feb 20, 2016 8:26 am

Hyght Briggs
The squeak of rubber soles against polished tile echoed down the corridor paired with the sound of heavy panting. Hyght Briggs ran down the hallway, his limbs pumping as he went. The pudgy human was late for his next class, History of Remnant. While not a topic Hyght felt he needed it was still a class he had to go to. "Those who fail to learn from past and whatnot." He wheezed between strides and glanced to the small white device in his hand. The digital display read almost a quarter past the start of class. With a soft curse he glanced up and shortened his strides, slowing his lope to a walk. Hyght felt his lungs strain against the exertion and raised his hands up to rest them atop his head. This gesture allowed for the out-of-shape youth to open up his chest and ease his breathing.

Hyght was late and while he thought he had a pretty good reason, he doubted it would work for an excuse. The young man had gym and combat practice before history and he opted to stay back a bit more and continue sparing with one of the more experienced trainees. While in the last few weeks he'd seen an improvement in his fitness and combat ability, it was still far from anything remotely resembling good or skillful but it was a start. Hyght walked until his breathing slowed and he was able to speak before he stepped to the door to the History class. With a long release of hot breath he attempted to bring a sense of calm to his adrenaline surged body. "Relax and breath." He told himself just as he had in the sparing ring earlier. After three five-count breaths the pudgy baker opened the door and entered the class.

Almost as soon as he opened the door he heard an all too familiar voice of Gricelda, one of his three roommates. He wasn't sure what the context of the words were but the tone of her voice made him think someone had angered the grey furred wolf faunus. Though it's not a difficult task to do. Hyght thought as he closed the door with a soft click. He turned and without looking at the students, made a few quick adjustments, and slipped his sword and shield from their respective spots and approached a grey suited faunus. "Pardon me." He said politely. "I'm Hyght Briggs. I'm sorry I'm late, I got caught up with my last class." He offered no further excuse and wondered if the professor would be irritated at his tardiness.

After the brief exchange of words with the professor Hyght made his way to the second to last row of seats and took an empty one a bit off from everyone. As the baker had he took in the faces of the students but knew only a few. Gricelda, his roommate and possible number one on his list of frenemies, was a grey furred warrior woman of a faunus. She had more backbone than the largest of vertebrates but she seemed to be a bit closed minded. The next was the axe wielding bat-faunus, Kairi, whom was no slouch in the courage department either as when he first met her she was protecting another faunus from a small group of xenophobic humans. This situation was also where he met Jet, a slightly taller man than himself with a love to wear dark shades anywhere he went.

The three he knew seemed to be rather involved in conversations or in the attempt to nap, Hyght gathered, and opted to remain silent and stick to himself. It wasn't that he didn't wish to converse or be near them but he had just come from his two most physically demanding classes and hadn't had time to clean up before he arrived. Keep the stink to yourself. He thought and placed his shield on the back of his chair and his sword at his left hand side, the hilt leaned against the side of the desk. A few moments later Hyght produced a pencil and notepad from his backpack and prepared himself for the lecture.

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12 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Sat Feb 20, 2016 11:36 am

Professor Ivory
The first person to enter the classroom was a small, golden-haired lass. Professor Ivory was quick to write her off as normal, shy girl, judging solely by the way she entered the room and nervously strode towards the teacher's desk. And she was mostly correct in that regard. I say mostly because describing the young lady as "normal" would be a stretch. Her introduction was oddly segmented, broken up in a manner Professor Ivory could only describe as robotic. Not that she thought this girl was a robot. That would be silly.

Lucille, as the girl had called herself, continued speaking, rarely giving the teacher a chance to interject, save for a short pause after the girl had mistakenly referred to the Faunus as a "Mister Ivory." Doe hardly minded, aware that her figure was more on the androgynous side than she would have wished, but the young girl seemed to think she had made a terrible mistake, frantically apologizing as if she were about to be punished. The teacher merely smiled at the girl, "It's fine, this is far from the first time that has happened. Lucille, was it? I'm glad that your excited to be here. It's always wonderful to have enthusiastic students. Now, if you'd please take your seat and wait for the others..."

Just as the girl was about to leave, she turned and handed Professor Ivory a piece of paper, muttering something about a Mr. Davis. Assuming she meant Alexander Davis, the Survival Professor whom Doe had already met, Professor Ivory unfolded the paper and read it to herself:

"To Professor Doe Ivory:

This is a letter to better inform you about one of your students, Ms. Lucille Annabelle Klug. She's a very polite and kind young girl, but she gets upset and panicked easily. She's very excited about your class, and she is very eager to learn, but she is a bit timid and shy so please understand that if she doesn't contribute to class a lot it's because of the amount of people present rather than her lack of desire.

I also wanted to inform you that her understand of bigger world concepts is a bit o-"

Before she could continue, she was cut off by miss Lucille, who was once again babbling about Monty-knows-what. While normally, the Faunus would have found this behavior irritating, there was something about this girl's pure innocence and boundless excitement that cooled her down. She could bear with her. For the moment at least. At the girl's request to sit at the front of the class, Doe replied, "Go ahead. I don't mind."

Slowly, a few more students began to shuffle into the room: a Faunus girl that had mistaken Doe for her own mother; a black-haired youth that had silently wandered to his seat and began removing his equipment; a long-haired lass that had seemingly floated to her place; a red-haired young man who had inquired about what Doe would be teaching them; a white-haired girl who had moved to the back of the class and a groggy youth who had immediately fallen to sleep upon reaching his desk. Already, the class began to chit-chat among themselves, no doubt catching up with people they recognized. Miss Lucille had quickly returned, offering Doe a fresh carrot before going back to her seat. Thanking the girl and putting the carrot on her desk, the professor cleared her throat, silencing the entire class.

"Thank you all for coming. Now, before we start, I want to go over a few things. First of all, this is a classroom," as she spoke she faced the sleeping man , who was no doubt ignoring her every word, "not a bedroom." Her eyes shifted back to the rest of the students, sweeping across to look at each and every one of them in turn. "Second of all, this is a non-combat room. This means that, save for special occasions, no weapons or otherwise hazardous equipment, for example Dust, shall be permitted past that door. Third of all, I expect all of you to have the necessary equipment. No spares will be handed out. Aside from that, I also expect you all to follow basic classroom rules. No interruptions, listen to the speaker, etcetera."

Professor Ivory breathed in, and was silent for a short moment. This class hadn't made the greatest first impression. It was full of odd-balls and goofs. But she liked them.

"Now, on to today's lesson. Today, we will be going over one of the most controversial wars of all time: The Faunus Rights Revolution war. Now, I'm sure you're all fairly familiar with this war. Prior to this conflict, the Faunus race as a whole was incredibly subjugated and discriminated against and, while there still exists traces of said subjugation today, it is generally believed that this war brought an end to the conflict between the two races. Now, while the conflict spread throughout all the kingdoms, Atlas was the forefront of the war, inhabited by many Faunus and many more people who wished to oppress them. It was also where The Battle of Fort Castle, often believed to be the deciding battle of the war, took place. Spearheaded by General Lagune, the battle was-"

The door opened. A student walked into the class, 15 minutes late. He apologized for being late, having gotten "caught up in his previous class." and turned to go to his seat. Before he could leave, however, Doe placed a hand on his shoulder, grasping it firmly, "Mr Hyght, I expect all my students to be punctual. However, I will excuse your lateness for today, and only for today, out of the kindness of my heart. You may take a seat."

As the boy walked to his seat, Doe continued her lecture.

"As I was saying, the battle was the turning point of the war, as the defeat of Lagune's Army allowed the Faunus to trade in the captured soldiers for several of their own war prisoners, as well as expand their territories in the forests of Atlas. Now, general Lagune attacked the Faunus despite having a smaller and less powerful army. This is because, rather than directly attacking the Faunus, he attempted to ambush them in their sleep, unaware of the Faunus' incredible night-vision. Though the element of surprise allowed him to somewhat push the Faunus back, General Lagune and his men were soon overwhelmed and captured. The impact of this battle can actually still be seen to this day. Have you ever wondered why the Atlasiean Military is composed primarily of machines that cost thousands to make? Besides saving the lives of many men, these machines can replicate the night-vision that cost Atlas the war all those years ago. Now, the Faunus gained the upper hand, growing stronger in several Kingdoms and stationed primarily at Atlas. However, for the next two years, neither side seemed to gain the edge. Both lost many lives, but neither seemed closer to winning. It is because of this stalemate that the Faunus leaders eventually decided to peacefully surrender, from then on choosing to resort to peaceful protests rather than war. This would eventually lead to the formation of White Fang, a group of Faunus protesters."

Pulling out her pocket watch, Doe checked the time. They had a few minutes left.

"Now, does anybody have any questions?"

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13 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:20 pm

Zan Drack
Zan, waited for an answer from the Wolf Faunus, before he could give his name to her, another Faunus walked into the room and shouted afternoon to everyone. Watching her float… Yes, float into the room he stayed calm and thought it was her semblance that allowed her to do that. Before he could get a word in she started to talk with the one that called the professor mom.

And before he could even start talking than, a red haired youth named Crimson… ‘Really? Your name is Crimson? Real original name there,’ he thought before the youth asked for his name. “My name is Zan Drack. And I apologize for teasing you. Truce, and maybe friends?” He said to the faunus, while completely ignoring Crimson other than that brief thought.

When the young girl apologized and retreat from him he simply smiled at her with a gentle grin. He didn’t mind if she feared him, he would just have to work hard to bring her out of her shell around him and show her, he’s not scary.

Turning around, he did not notice anyone else walk into the room and listened to the Professor lecture while he took diligent notes, for both him, Lucy, and the kid sleeping in the back. He didn’t know if she could keep up so he would give her a set a notes as a peace offering to give her at the end of the class.

He wondered if he should ignore the rule about no weapons in class, but decided not to do so and simply did his notes. Once the lecture was over, he wondered something. “Professor, I was wondering why General Lagune didn’t research his opponents? That’s one of the most basic things in warfare and the main part of why we’re in this academy, Information,” He asked while explaining his reason for asking. He was sure the war could’ve ended differently if the general knew that little fact about faunus. But he was glad the general didn’t take information seriously.

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14 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Sat Feb 20, 2016 6:28 pm

Crimson Waters
Crimson thought that Zan was rude the way he just ignored him completely. I mean he was only trying to be friendly what was the guys problem?. Mabey he was just uncomfortable being around people of the same gender as he seemed to talk easily to the faunus girl and apologise to her for teasing her. Crimson instead decided to just let it go and take down notes of what the teacher was saying he noticed a couple of others who he knew in the class too, Jett who was asleep wich he smiled at and molly who he had previously been on a hunt with but didn't know her too well. He looked behind him bored to see what the others were doing and saw a girl floating in the air? he thought confused but just guessed it was her semblance. He turned back round and listened to the professors speech and took down key facts and info about the general and the attack.

He realised that there wasn't much time left to the lesson and he was starting to get a little bit tired from listening to the teacher speak for a long time but he woke himself up and kept focusing on the lesson. Crimson was curious to know more about what kicked of the war and how it started and what people were involved to get a better understanding of who attacked who first in the war and why it even began in the first place. I mean he knew that the faunus race were discriminated alot in the beginning but he wanted to know what caused the humans to hate the faunus so much. "Professor what lead to the faunus and the humans attacking each other so violently in the first place? was there a key point where it all started?"

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15 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Sat Feb 20, 2016 6:51 pm

Jet Jeyson
Jet was a bit numb to everything around him, the people chatting around were like a dull buzz in the back of his head so he didn’t register anything happening around him much, unless like two girls they were straight in front of him and, in the case of Gricelda, berating him about his laziness.

Jet didn’t move during the whole tirade and when she mentioned hitting him with a textbook, he blindingly grabbed at his bag and pulled out the the first textbook he could find and slid it toward Gris. “Knock yourself out… or me I guess… In fact do knock me out, that *Yawn* would be effective… hm’yeaaaah…” Jet didn’t really care to have a delinquent reputation. His scores usually spoke for him in the end and he had been sneaking some shut-eye in most of his theory classes at Sanctum. The teachers stopped complaining usually when he would ace an exam. Thank god for having a memory good at retaining facts he reads about.

The arrival of the little girl-person wasn’t missed by Jet though. Je was close and talked a lot. Jet squinted his eyes to see through his sleep deprivation and his light filtering glasses to see a very young girl holding a plushy. His curiosity satiated, he stumbled back into somnolence, only half aware of his surroundings. The words from the girl started to blur out in his mind for a moment but in his half asleep state, some of the earliest ones echoed in his head making him talk in his semi-sleep. “… Heh… Puppy-person… That’s cuute…

Contrary to what the teacher though, Jet actually heard her loud and clear. All the voices in the background had combined to make a dull white noise to him, so when it stopped and she started talking, Jet woke up. He didn’t lift his head until she clearly addressed him mentioning this class not being a bedroom. “Huuuh? Sooorry… I’ll *Yawn* try to…” He had lifted his head and said this but realising she wasn’t actually expecting an answer from him he just went back to resting his forehead on his arms. The curriculum for the class seemed to be the Faunus Right Revolution war. It was a pretty notorious event in Remnant history so you could read about it almost everywhere. The sleepy man had already read about this event before and while he wasn’t positive he remembered all the facts, he could always binge read stuff about it later for revision. So it’s with no remorse or surprise that he promptly fell asleep.

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16 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Sun Feb 21, 2016 2:51 am

Kairi smiled as she watched other students enter the room and even giving a friendly wave at the few she knew. That mostly being Jet and Hyght, who was running late it seem. That seemed a bit odd to her as the guy didn't seem like the type to be late for things. Using her ears, she was able to pick out a few key words as he spoke learning it seem it was another class that held him up. With her curiosity satisfied she would turn her attention back to Jet an Gric who seemed to be going at it once again. "Nice to see you two getting along, but I can understand. I hate being up during the day." She said with a heavy sigh before facing back toward the front. There was also another person who enter, this one even shocking Kairi as she saw both of her metal arms. "Ahhh cool!" she said under breathe without thinking. Twitching once more she her the name 'Molly' come from Gric. Maybe they knew each other or something and more than likely that meant the girl would also be a Faunus.

While waiting for the teacher, she couldn't help but notice the guy in front of her turn back once again. Now it seemed he was apologizing for the teasing to Gric as well as offering both his name and friendship. With small wicked grin Kairi knew she couldn't let this past. Leaning closer to Gric so she could whisper. "Heeey! He kind of cute! Hint, hint." She said before softly giggling and preparing herself for any retaliation.

With all the playtime out of the way Kairi was ready for class and got comfy in her little area of floating and listen to Professor Ivory talk. It seems the topic today was about the The Faunus Rights Revolution war. She felt a slight guy pain thinking about it all. It was a bit of a heavy topic to start off with. Then again, it was also the biggest historical event of their age. The girl didn't bother with taking any notes as just about any real faunus knew about the war like the back of their hands, Kairi more so than most. At the question of Zan about why the General Lagune didn’t research his opponents Kairi head pop up.

"Over confidence I would guess!" She said out loud again without thinking. After a quick look around the room to check to see if she really didn't just say out loud Kairi decided to just run with it. "Atlas a military sort of Kingdom, more so back then I would guess. And in all honestly the faunus didn't have to best track records of wins in the war, especially in Atlas. So when faced with a enemy you believed is far weaker than you, you tend to underestimate them. Something I'm shocked the General would do, but it is what it is. At least that's my guess as to what really happen." She said as looking back up front toward the teacher. She wasn't exactly a technician so she could only really guess and hope the Professor Ivory.

There was also another question from another young man. This time asking why the war started in the first place. This time Kairi just bite of lip to stop herself from talking. What else do you do when your slaves try to rise up against you? She though trying to keep down the bitterness. She wasn't anti-human like others of her kind, but even she couldn't stand how her kind was once treated. Now in some places they were nothing more than second class citizens and even that is better than how they were once seen as.

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17 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Sun Feb 21, 2016 4:56 am

Gricelda Mee
Gris eyes her roommate Hyght entering the class late... which was uncharacteristic of the doughboy. From what she could make out from this distance... something about catching up with another class? Maybe she should talk to him after class... she may not be on the best of terms with Hyght but maybe she should how he is handling things... maybe he is taking on too much than he can handle. At least the Professor set him up straight about future tardiness, approving of her actions... before jerking her attention to the little doll of girl sitting right next to her and addressing her as... PUPPY-PERSON!?

Gricelda's face grows dark as she turns to Luci. Her amber colored eyes stare down brat, and her admitably adorable stuffed animal Floppsies. She may wear guise of "innosense" but Gris could not allow her to think that calling her a "puppy-person" was acceptable... she was compelled to educate the ignorant Luci a little thing bout respect.

"Puppy-person? Kitty... person? What are you... 5 years old? Your wrong on both accounts... I'm just person. A person who appreciates not being mewled over like some zoo animal because I happen to have an extra set of ears and a tail. I don't know who in their right mindset thought that a little girl playing with her... dollies... would have a place here at an academy for fighting creatures of darkness... but whatever the act your trying to pull doesn't excuse you for labeling me as animal. Does that answer your question?"

Gris tried to keep her voice hushed so that it was only directed to Luci... but she was pretty sure anyone around could pick up on enmity as she criticized the girl. Luci may act innocent and oblivious but... Gris refused to ever being refereed to as animal just because of her appearance, she dealt with such belittling comments all of her life and she wasn't about to take it from this upstart lolicon wannabee!

With that out of the way, Gris turns her attention to the Professor, pulling out her note book and taking notes. She was more or less familiar on this suggest from her schooling and what she learned under her time with the White Fang but it was a very relevant subject in today's world. The... annoying human behind her was trying to offer her some sort of apology and a promise of friendship. His only response was a roll of her eyes and disgruntled sigh as she continues on with learning from the teacher like what everyone was suppose to be doing. She was TRYING to be good student but unfortunately everyone seemed to make it their mission into making this class period a difficult one!

Jet was sure enough mumbling in his sleep... which was really aggravating as it was distracting. She was half-tempted to take him up on his offer but... she really wanted to try to be the model student in this classroom so... will just have to wait until after class or something. Kairi wasn't helping the situation either when she trying to imply that she should get to know this Zan character. She gives Kairi that "look" one always gives when someone says the dumbest thing you ever heard. Plus... he was soo not her type!

"Ugh... as if. I like my men with little more meat on the bone and some some actual fur to go along with it. Why don't you ask him if you think he is so cute~" she murmured to Kairi... a smirking slightly as she appreciated the little girl talk they had there.

Now, Gris sits back and waits for Professor Ivory's response to the gentlemen's questions. She had to agree with Kairi's response to the first question... but was curious about the question asked by the red-haired kid. Gris though he was trying to imply something that it was somehow the faunus who started the whole war when it was clearly the humans who were the ones who instigated the fighting. But Gris kept her thoughts to herself... waiting for the Professor to answer any questions the class had.

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18 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Sun Feb 21, 2016 5:30 am

Zan Drack
Having asked his question, Zan would wait for the answer to it from the professor though he already knew it was the general’s own arrogance about the power of his troops, the ‘lack of power’ on the Faunus’ side, and other factors. He was a foolish general that led his soldiers to their deaths because he couldn’t take five minutes to pick up a book in order to find out about the faunus’ weaknesses.

Suddenly as if a gunshot went off in his ear, he heard the red haired youth ask a incredibly insensitive question about why the faunus started the war. Deciding the move, he would pick his things up packing them into his briefcase before moving one row back, to sit next to the floating Kairi, when he heard her ask Gricelda about why not giving him a chance due to his apparent cuteness. Blushing a small amount about someone actually thinking he was cute, he would hide it behind a cough.

Upon hearing Gricelda's rebuttal about him not having enough ‘meat’ on his bones for her, he got really annoyed at the answer. Unbuttoning his blazer, to reveal the hilts of his two pistols, he would shrug off his blazer to reveal, a sleeveless button up shirt, a vest and his arm muscles hidden within the very thick protective blazer that he usually wore. Folding the long overcoat up, he would place it on the table in front of him. Not saying a single word about the comment, he would subtly flex the muscles in his arms making them bulge slightly while he unpacks the notes he was taking in order to write down more into the notebooks.

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19 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Tue Feb 23, 2016 2:54 am

Hyght Briggs
Professor Ivory was a white furred rabbit faunus oh seemingly above average height. She had large eyes of sheet rock grey that seemed to be in a half closed, relaxed state. Hyght thought she might be far more laid back, and while she accepted his tardiness this time, something told him that she would have no qualms with disciplining him for breaking any of her rules. Hyght nodded and took his seat, due to his tardiness he was unaware of the Professor's rules and kept his sword and shield. With a shrug he slid his shield from his shoulder and onto the back of his chair. The sweaty baker decided to sit far from the other students, opting for the open section of four desks in the back of the class.

Professor Ivory had continued her lecture as he made his way to his chair. The topic was apparently on one of the battles of the Faunus Revolutionary War. It had taken Hyght a moment to realize which war they were talking about and scribbled down a couple notes for later as the Professor went one. By the time she had finished the speech Hyght had jotted down a half page of notes to help him remember the important parts of the lesson. While he had studied this all back in his old school it never hurt to have a refresher on important topics. After Professor Ivory finished she inquired if there would be any questions. To the baker's surprise there were a few questions but his Scroll was making a buzzing sound, his vibration setting was up a bit too high and could no doubt be heard by the rest of the class.

Hyght fumbled at his jacket pocket and silenced the device once he had it in hand. "Sorry." He apologized and looked at the time. "Right, second bout." He breathed and pressed the heel of his hand into his forehead and groaning quietly to himself before he gathered his things and placed them into his bag. After a minute Hyght had his bag on and his shield over the top of his bag and was making his way back toward the front in a hurried fashion. "Pardon the early leave, Professor, I've got another appointment." He said huffing his apology, his sword in gripped tightly in hand. He stopped a few feet before the door and turned to Professor Ivory. "Apologies again for the early leave." He said and slipped out the door, his sneakers once against squeaking on the tile floor.

(Hyght shall depart. I'm in too many large threads at the moment. Apologies.)

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20 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Tue Feb 23, 2016 3:54 pm

Lucille Annabelle Klug
Lucy was both nervous and excited: she was going to get to know another animal-person, but at the same time she was nervous because she...well, she didn't know her yet, and that meant that she had to have a conversation with her...and Lucy wasn't very good at that. However, it seems like that a friendship wasn't meant to be, as the puppy/kitty-person was VERY upset at the fact that she asked which one she was. She was acting as if that wasn't what she was supposed to be called or not what she wanted to be called, but Lucy thought that was what she was supposed to call them, how was she supposed to know what she was or what she wanted to be called without asking?

The puppy/kitty-person went on and was very angry and was even mean to her, saying things like implying she was five years old and that she played with dollies. She wasn't five, she was clearly seventeen, otherwise she couldn't be at the academy. She also didn't play with dollies, even though she had a lot in the spare room she slept in at Mr. Davis's house, she only cuddled them every now and then. If she was talking about Mr. Floppsies, he wasn't a dollie: he was a stuffed animal, and he was special because he protected her and kept her safe. She even said she was trying to pull an act, but Lucy had no idea what she meant by that. How do you pull an act? Wasn't an act more of an abstract thing, which meant it couldn't be physically pulled? Maybe she said something incoherent in her anger? Maybe Lucy herself wasn't smart enough to understand, and she was in fact pulling an act?

Confused, upset, and very VERY afraid as evident by Mr. Floppsies jet-black hat, Lucy just turned and looked at her desk and violently trembled. She wanted to just leave and go home, but she couldn't: the lesson had started, and if she left she would not only interrupt the lesson and distract everyone, she would also get in trouble for leaving early. She was stuck, and she couldn't not obey the rules. So she sat there, looking at her desk and trembling fiercely, tears streaming down her face and squeezing Mr. Floppsies so tight it looked like his head might pop off.

So the professor gave her lecture, but Lucy didn't grab a single word of it: she was so terrified of the girl next to her that she didn't hear a single thing, so focused on trying to not make her more angry and trying to control her fear so that she didn't accidentally wet herself. It felt like eons, but the professor was finished and offered to answer questions...and that's when Lucy couldn't hold it in anymore.

Fear...sadness...failure...making someone else angry...someone hating her...

Her emotions and thoughts had churned and spiraled around while she was sitting there, and they had built up to the breaking point, and they all gushed out at once with an explosive outburst...


And with tears streaming down her face, her sobs echoing through the classroom, and with no idea whether or not she had kept her bladder under control she flew from her seat to the door and opened it quickly...then ran throughout the school sobbing until she made her way out of the academy and on her way to Mr. Davis's home.

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21 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Wed Feb 24, 2016 9:36 am

Molly Jones
Molly listened to the lecture, though her attentiveness to it was of questionable value. Her interest had quickly been snatched away by something else - the small blonde girl and her old acquaintance Gricelda, to be exact. The animated conversation they seemed to be having prior to lesson start seemed to have had a lasting effect on the girl. It didn't take a detective to notice that the blonde hardly payed any attention to what was said, and Molly wondered exactly what went down. If Gricelda was anything like she was before, she understood how some people might find her a little.. troublesome, especially one as timid looking as that girl.

She sighed. Gossip was juicy and all, but she had attended this lecture for a reason. With that in mind Molly tried to pull her attention back to where it belonged, but she couldn't exactly look at the lecturer without seeing that doll carrying girl too. Due to these reasons she saw the exact moment when the girl's trembling begun. Molly's heart sank at the sight; why was nobody trying to comfort her? She silently berated Gricelda for what she had done. The wolf-faunus' actions were something that Molly remotely understood, having faced grave discrimination once in her life too, but couldn't she see that the blonde was asking out of kindness?

Or perhaps it was just that which annoyed her, such purity of soul. Molly didn't know her well enough to figure it out - their acquaintanceship/friendship was something she had left in the past, one that sprouted from a night of drunken stupor. Seeing the Wolf here again.. she would be lying if she said it didn't spark in her at least some sense of guilt. That cheerful smile Gricelda gave her too, Molly tried not to show it at that time but she was taken more than a little aback. You would think that after such a sudden abandonment by a friend, the moment they met each other would be one filled with a little more hostility than that.

Still, the blonde's nervous smile was fresh in her mind. Fueled mainly by that thought alone, she decided that such innocence was something worth caring about. It might be a little presumptuous of her to do so, but hey, she'll back off if the girl asked her to. In the back of her head sounded a voice, one asking her "Are you sure you're fit for the job? Isn't that self-doubt the reason why you keep yourself from forming deep bonds?" That line of thinking was interrupted though by a sudden outburst, one that had Molly cursing under her breath. Standing up and scraping her chair against the floor, she quickly ran towards the door. Muttering out a brief word of apology as she passed by their Prof, Molly tried to pursue the Doll as best she could, all while trying to understand why she chose to run out after her. What was it about this girl that brought out this altruism from her? She honestly had no idea, but she knew that ignoring the girl would open the floodgates for a lingering cloud of guilt to mark their wicked presence. Perhaps that was a good enough reason, in the end.

[Molly Jones, signing out.]

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22 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:53 am

Crimson Waters
Crimson realised it was the end of the lesson so he gathered up his things and his bag and he watched the girl known as Lucille suddenly burst out in tears while the teacher lectured her. He felt bad for her she seemed really sensitive but it wasn't really the teachers fault she didn't know any better. He watched as some of the others left too molly and the other known as Hyght had to leave early for an appointment of something to which he wondered what it was about but he would probably never know. He noticed the one known as Zan flirt with the faunus girl. Crimson just thought Zan was making a fool of himself it was obvious Gricelda was getting annoyed with him flirting with her. Crimson got up out of his seat and left the class.

[Crimson is now out of the classroom and thread exit]

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23 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Thu Mar 03, 2016 2:19 pm

Jet Jeyson

He had a nice dream. Nothing extreme or exciting, just nice and comfortable. What it was about he wouldn’t remember, but regardless of what it was, apparently there were donuts in it, so it was probably a tasty dream.

Looking around, he wondered what had woken him, only to see that the little girl running out of the room. He didn’t get what happened though, he slept through it but he vaguely seemed to remember screaming, as if it had somehow filtered in his dream. Honestly, for some reason, the only word he could remember from what he guessed was an epic outburst was the word Mr.Floppsies.

Hmph… What happened?” Looking around again, he saw some people leaving the class, so he assumed it was over. Maybe he should finish his nap in bed? Nhaa, he was awake now, the nap was revitalising enough. Still… he would definitely sleep earlier that night.

Getting up, still a bit wobbly on his legs, he waved a little goodbye to Gricelda and Kairi before going out of the class. He had to double back though since he was actually leaving without his back and textbook. Once out of the classroom, he began to ponder what to do...

"Well... now I'm craving donuts."


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24 Re: First Day [Open/Class] on Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:09 pm

Gricelda Mee
As class ended, Gricelda uncomfortably watched as the girl she berated ealier have complete meltdown as she tried to apologize for her insolence earlier. As she ran out, Gris skulked her head to try to avoid the attention of any other prying eyes. Honestly she didn't mean to upset the girl... just get the message out that didn't appreciated being called a puppy-person. Still, if she was so easily upset by some words then all the more reason she did not belong to this academy. Still, it frustrated her that she was TRYING to make a good first impression in class but already that fell apart!

"UGhhh..." groans the Faunus, thankful that she hasn't been called up my the professor whom she had already embarrassed herself to earlier.

Gricelda raises from her seat, trying to avoid eye contact with everyone as she shimmies her way out of her seat and out of the classroom.

"Err... bye Kairi... see you next class." she muttered as she at last manages to power walk her way out of the classroom.

[Gricelda Exits the Classroom at last!]

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