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New Meetings [OPEN]

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1 New Meetings [OPEN] on Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:55 pm

Aiden finally arrives to his destiny, Bellmuse's Syne Academy. After travelling for some extenuating ten days from Vale, he ends up finding himself on the the school's courtyard, amazed by the imense beauty and calmness of the place he stands in. Eventually, Aiden decides to sit on a bench near to him to rest from the trip, relax a little and think about what happened with his brother back in Vale. After ten minutes, Aiden decides to find the school dorms and get some sleep. Unfortunately, Aiden remembers he doesn't know the city. Half an hour later, Aiden ends up on the same place. "I should have got a map or something. I guess I should ask for directions. Ahhhhh. What a drag." he says, while rubbing his head. Aiden eventually decides to ask for some directions, without much luck. After trying to ask for directions for fifteen minutes, Aiden decides to give up asking and keep looking on his own.

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