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Scones 'n Drones troubles [Solo Mission w/ Engineer]

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Jet Jeyson
Today was going to be a great day… nay, an AWESOME day! Why do you ask? Because today was the day he was going to do his first ever Shadow Mission.

Jet had thought long and hard about who to shadow on his first mission to the point where he missed a lot of opportunities when those missions weren’t available in the end. But this time, Jet saw the Engineer Peri Scone put up an ad saying she needed an assistant for the day. It was like providence, for Jet thought he was stagnating in his designs, them being too straight forward and hardly creative anymore.

All the gadgets he had been doing lately left him frustrated with how unoriginal they were, the last one was a simple retractable sword to safely carry it. Useful? Of course. Original? Definitely not! Every professional in every disciplines come to a point where they can’t evolve by themselves. They hit the dreaded wall of what they can accomplish by themselves and must then search for new ways of thinking. For Jet, this mission was perfect as he could watch how this accomplished engineer worked, learn how her mind designed her products and possibly further reveal some of his own potential.

Yes, today was going to be a fabulous day indeed!

I was with trepidation that Jet mounted his bike. The sun was barely rising and he was fully awake. The fact he was awake already said a lot about his excitement about the job. Usually, he would have stayed up most of the night either reading, going to the music room or tinkering with stuff, be it his weapon, his bike or something new. But this night, Jet actually went to sleep early with a plan to wake up with the sun. To make sure that happened, he didn’t wear his night eye mask. Yes, Jet sleeps with an eye mask. It is black with the words “Will only wake up for Bacon” on it. This was because the barest amount of sunshine was enough to prevent him from sleeping, which had the benefit that if he slept without it, he would wake up the moment the sun started rising on the horizon.

Checking his scroll, he opened up the mission parameters, double checking he wasn’t forgetting anything.

Employer : Peri Scone
Field : Engineering
Request : One student with a knack for gadgets to be my assistant for a day.
Date : Early morning on the 27th of February.
Location : Scones ‘n Drones workshop.

Simple and effective. The ad didn’t specify exactly how early so Jet guessed he should be on time if he got there at 5am… would he? If he had to be honest Jet was so used to sleeping in almost all mornings that he completely forgot what time normal people usually woke up, maybe five am was a pretty normal hour to get there?

Fortunately, the airship taking students down the mountain and into the city worked all the way through the night so even if he was the only one boarding it, it was still operating. By the time the cold morning air flowing in his helmet finished waking him up, he had gotten to the workshop where he was to spend the day.

It looked pretty dark inside, indicating that no one was there or in any visible part of the building. The door was also locked obviously so he was stuck outside. Looking at the sign on the door, he frowned.
‘Open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.
Weekends on appointment only.’
It was Saturday, so Jet began to wonder how he’d get in there. Sticking his hands to the window to block the reflection in the glass, he tried to peer inside to see if there might be some signs of life. Since it was dark he could see pretty well and could easily tell that there were no light sources anywhere in that building.

Awww man, I got so excited I got there super in advance… Oh well, might as well get a coffee across the street.” Jet made sure to secure his bike before going for the coffee shop conveniently placed so that he could see when Peri got to her shop. Still, he waited for up to three hours and no one showed up, until his scroll began to buzz. Looking at the caller id, Jet realised he was being called by the same person he was waiting on. Taking his most enthusiastic voice, he answered.

Good morning Mrs. Scone! How are…” The interruption almost made him jump.

Where the hell are you Jeyson?” Peri’s voice sounded pretty irritated.

I am in the coffee shop across the street, I was there very early so I thought I’d wait for you to shop up since the shop was closed.” There was a bit of nervousness in the black haired man’s voice, he didn’t expect the first interaction with his supposed mentor to be on the negative side. He did make sure to be early.

Coffee shop? You idjit! That’s my store! I’m at the goddamn workshop three blocks down! Didn’t you get the address on where to show up?” She now sounded pretty angry and Jet could actually detect some desperation. Maybe she really needed his help? Checking quickly the missions parameters again, he finally realised he could click on the location and a map opened with the location which was, as the angry faunus said, three blocks down. How did he not even see this? What a gadgeteer he made…

Oh damn! I just ch…” Jet started to defend himself but was cut again.

I don’t care just get your ass over here, you have three minutes before you’re fired.” Peri then hung up and Jet was on the move.

He gulped down the rest of his almond croissant and had the extra one he got bagged up. He paid so quickly that he actually gave double the amount by error even with the extra coffee he got. He took the time to ask if the guy knew how Peri took her coffee and the guy made one on the spot without having to be asked. Well, it seemed he knew.

Riding the relatively short distance very quickly while holding the coffee and croissant in one hand, Jet still got there on time. The door to the workshop was unlocked so he entered to find the small faunus woman glaring at him. She walked to him, grabbed the coffee and the bag with the croissant then walked away as if she already knew he was going to give them to her. No thanks though, she didn’t look to be in the mood for politeness.

Alright I have to go meet a client but couldn’t leave until you were there so I had to call and tell them I’d be late, which I despise having to do!” She was walking toward a pile of what looked like junk. “So your work for the day is to go through those and determine which of them are busted, which can be repaired and which are in good condition. Another of my client wants twenty of those tomorrow and I don’t have the time to work on them, which is why I asked for a student. I want twenty in working order by the end of the day. You’re already late so better get to work now. I’ll be back by noon.

So that was how it was. Jet didn’t even say a word and she was already gone. Feeling a bit bad he went to check on the work he had to do. From where he stood, cause of the light, he couldn’t see well what the task was. Maybe it was mini-engines? Or some form of guns shooting lasers and stuff? But in reality it was!... Music boxes? And not the complex puzzle like music boxes, just, normal ones that your reel to make work. That was it? Sighing, Jet started to work. Might as well…


Around noon, as was planned, Peri came back to the workshop. She could hear weird noises from inside. No way in hell repairing those music boxes would make that kind of loud noise. Fearing the worst, she ran inside only to find a sight she never would have thought she’d see in her workshop.

Jet had arranged a bunch of planks in a square-ish ring. Inside, there were a couple of robots that looked to be circling each other. One of them was spiderlike with a flamethrower, the other had a hammer on it swinging it down and back up with impressive speed. “Are those… Battle bots?

By then, the temporary engineering assistant finally realised his temporary boss was back. He had been looking at his droids with a big proud smile on his face. “Oh hey! Welcome back. So I repaired all the music boxes that weren’t completely busted, they’re over there. Had the time to put some more shine to them so they look better than new.

Looking where Jet was pointing, Peri could see the boxes neatly aligned and they did indeed shine, even the wooden ones. The afore mentioned busted ones couldn’t be seen though, which brought back her sight to the two robots still duking it out in the “pit”. She could actually ten other robots waiting their turn in the background under a blackboard with tournament brackets on it. The names of the battle bots were there too, stuff like “Killer-Saw” and “The Infernal Spidey” were set up to go up in the brackets to designate a champion. Apparently Killer-Saw had already won against Tornado-Buster and currently The Infernal Spidey was trying to survive Hammer-Time’s … well hammer.

Jet continued from there. “Since I quickly got bored and I had a lot of free time before you got back, I decided to use the remaining parts and the other scrap parts around here to make stuff. Soon one robot became two and then before I knew it I had twelve!

Peri was a bit dumbstruck. Those music boxes weren’t that hard to repair and she expected, or at least hoped, he would finish ahead of time. But how fast did he manage it if he was able not only to maintain them too so they looked new AND make twelve robots with apparently their own AIs to fight each other? “That is such a guy thing to do… But really I can’t say I’m not impressed. How did you manage that?

Killer-Saw was about to smash The Infernal Spidey when a blast of fire made its way to it and burned through the oil in the joint that was allowing the hammer to move as fast as it did. The heat was enough that the metal even started deforming a bit until the hammer stopped working entirely, granting victory to The Infernal Spidey. With a piece of chalk inserted in the remains of a bullet casing, Jet used his semblance to have it cross the name of the defeated party and writing the name of the winner on the next round. With an excited smile, he turned to the faunus woman. “Well my semblance allows me to feel and control metal with precision. So I can basically just extend my aura and know the position, shape and all of every metallic parts in a gadget. That and being proficient with it enough to make allow me to dismantle them without even touching them, I was able to find the issue and fix the music boxes very quickly when possible. I was done in thirty minutes really, including the polishing. The robots aren’t super complex either, I just build them with whatever I could find, spent much more time writing up the programs for the artificial intelligence.

Peri started laughing. “Hahaha, so you basically got bored and decided to make useless robot just so they could destroy each other? I’m impressed you managed it but this is such a typical dumb-guy idea. Couldn’t you have taken that time and skill to make something more useful?

Jet frowned, a bit of his good mood washing away. “Well, that was the reason I signed up for this shadow mission. I’ve been stagnating in my designs, they all lack originality and they’re all overly used ideas. I wanted a fresh point of view and hoped I could get that from watching you work. I was quite a bit disappointed when you just left me to work and went your own way.” As he talked, he removed the arm holding the hammer from Hammer-Time and filed up the metal so it would be able to move again.

Well, that is what you signed up for. I asked for an assistant since I didn’t have the time to do both orders, not an apprentice. Still, you finished early and even cleaned up my workshop from all that scrap that was lying around so I guess I can have you help me on the main order. You seem good with AIs so you might be able to help me a great deal on this one.” Peri put a hand on her hip, having the attitude as if she was giving him the opportunity of a lifetime. Which, to Jet, at this precise moment, was completely true.

The black haired guy smiled as he got up. “That would be awesome.

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Jet Jeyson
Actually working with Peri was very beneficial to Jet. She was very clear in her instructions but still left a lot for the assistant to design on his own. The order in and of itself wasn’t that complex sounding, but the overall amplitude of things to be done in one day was immense, mostly in terms of AI programming. While she had a lot of it already done, the client requested new functions to be added to his order.

So you got the gist of it. Client wants a waiter slash bartender droid for his high class parties. You saw the machine and you have all the parameters for the program in the computer there, as well as everything I already coded. If you can finish the code soon we might be able to deliver this thing in the next hour or so, there wasn’t much left to do. I’ll finish the plating on the thing and prepare to upload the program then we’ll just have to load it in the van. If there’s something you’re unsure, shout something and I’ll come check.” Peri had a screwdriver in hand and what looked like a metal face in the other.

Jet nodded. He had seen the final product and the blue-prints, so he knew what was expected pretty much as well as her. The client seemed to have a peculiar taste for a high society party host, he seemed to like the more rustic looks. Therefore, instead of an elegant droid with curves and shiny chrome or gold plating, he wanted a robot with a boxy figure and with no shine, as if put together with scrap. That definitely made things easier for Peri who literally just had to pick up stuff lying around and stuff it on the frame. Still, that was just the outside, the inside was extremely intricate and something she probably worked on for a long time.

Shaking his head of the random thoughts crowding his head, he got back to the programming. Other than some additional protocols, there wasn’t much to do, but he was learning from Peri’s code and general approach to certain problems for this particular order. It did help him think of new ideas to apply on his designs that would make them more efficient, but not much in term of brand new designs. Still, it was good work and he was still learning.

Alright, I’m done here. Need help with that code?” Peri was walking to him with a smile. They were going to finish super early.

Nope! I’m all done too, ready for transfer and testing directly on the machine!” Jet was smiling, happy of their pretty spot on timing.

The data transfer in the actual droid was quick and both faunus and human were watching the eyes of the creation, waiting to see the cameras in them auto-focus, signaling that the booting process was working on the way. Both of them were very excite and more than a little happy seeing the self-diagnostic process start, especially in Peri who had been working on the project for much, much longer. She actually hugged Jet randomly, which surprised him, but he laughed right along with her.

They took turns asking the waiter droid to do stuff, some very in line with the programming and tasks that were required of it, and some requests were outlandish to see how it would react and deal with it.

Alright, bring me a wrench.” “Bring me a lollipop.” “Forge me a sword.” “Bring me the moon!

Those were the kind of requests that were asked around for half an hour. Jet had fun with the more ridiculous questions, especially since he slipped in a few lines of code for things like that. For exemple, his request of the moon had the droid draw a moon on a piece of paper and give it to Jet. Still, most requests that weren’t possible either gave a clear “I cannot do that.” or an advice as to how to get one. Jet just hoped someone asked it to bring them girlfriend or wife, he programmed a whole two minute long speech on dating advices.

There wasn’t much more to be done with it, some tweaking here and there but very quick, Peri decided to deliver the product. “Alright, it’s time to load it in the van. Should be easy, just need to have it get in and lie down.

Jet nodded. “Yeah, wouldn’t want to actually have to lift this thing… So where is that van?

Peri just ordered the droid to follow there and waved the same to Jet. “It’s in the back.

The van was… That van was… This… THING was… Jet had no words. A scrap metal exposition on wheels? A rolling dumpster? A moving piece of junk? None of those sounded strong enough to describe what he was seeing. Hell if he didn’t see the wheels himself, he wouldn’t believe this thing was made to move. It looked like someone had put together a few sheet of metal and stuck a driving wheel on an engine in the front of it. Hell, the engine wasn’t even covered. The amount of duct tape holding stuff together was tremendous.

What the hell is this thing?” The guy with the sunglasses was looking, flabbergasted, at the proof that it’s always the cobbler’s children that have no shoes. Never would he have ever expected a mechanic to own such a poor excuse of a vehicule.

Peri on her side didn’t look fazed at all by his comment. “What, it’s my van. What’s wrong with it?

It’s in ruin! I mean it belongs in a scrap yard! You should really change it.” Jet was walking around the van, discovering hastily repaired parts every inch he looked at. He saw the brand on the back, Leda… He didn’t know that car brand.

Why get rid of something when I can repair it in three seconds whenever it’s needed? Anyway. Enough about my car, let’s get on the way.” Peri shrugged off the comment and had the droid walk inside the back of the van and lie down. Jet on his side just deadpanned at the explanation.

Jet grumbled a bit as he helped fix the droid down. “If we get stuck on the way, you will get an ‘I told you so’.

With everything ready, they set off to deliver the product to the client. The van was extremely noisy and Jet was slightly afraid of having the combustion engine right in front of him, uncovered and unprotected. Considering its state, Jet wouldn’t be surprised if it suddenly blew up like the biggest shrapnel grenade ever made. “Are you sure it’s safe? I mean I could follow on my bike or something… Hell I’d rather run behind even.

The Faunus woman laughed at his words. “Don’t be such a baby, it’s perfectly fiiiiiine, I use it all the time.

The client’s house was a bit secluded, outside the edge of the town actually, so they had a few minutes of driving in a less traveled route before reaching destination. They knew it, and apparently, the universe knew it. Of course, when things happen, they tend to happen at the worst possible moment, in the worst possible place. So it goes without saying that after putting a mile or so between them and the city, they could start hearing some weird noises coming from the engine. “What is that clanking noise?

Uh oh…” Was Peri’s eloquent response to Jet’s inquiring gaze when he caught on the sound.

The clanks soon turned to small explosion-like sounds that didn’t sound good. The black smoke that started rising from the engine became thicker and thicker until the whole thing stopped in a loud ‘bang’. So there they were, on a dirt road out of town with a super heavy droid to deliver and their only mean of transporting spouting more smoke than an industrial plant.

Soooo… You want the ‘I told you so’ now or later?” Jet asked with an annoyed grin.

Shut up! You Jinxed it!” Peri was obviously annoyed. She was currently trying to fan the smoke a bit so she could see what happened.

I jinxed it? What about you claiming it was perfectly fine? That’s what Jinxed it if anything did! Besides, it didn’t need a jinx, it was a miracle we actually managed to get out of town!” Jet was also trying to make some air and blow the smoke away.

Me? ME? You’re the one that kept talking shit about my car! Now shut up and help me before…” Before Peri could finish her sentence, a loud screech was heard in their back. Looking at each other for a second, they very, very slowly turned around.

Apparently, they both were mad, frustrated and annoyed enough to attract some inconvenience. There was a bunch of beowolves pouring out of the forest while a nevermore began to circle around them. It wasn’t especially big but the timing couldn’t be worse.

See what you did with your negativity? Now you attracted Grimms!” Peri shouted at Jet, frantically trying to repair the engine.

What do you mean my negativity? You’re just as much at fault as me!” Jet jumped on the back of the van, ready to fend of the creatures.

Aaaarg whatever, just do your hunter in training job and keep them away while I work on my engineer job!” The faunus used her wrench to hit one of the wolf Grimm that tried to jump on her. It died on the spot, its skull crushed. Jet didn’t have time to marvel on the woman’s fighting ability, something he already knew she must have since she was a Huntress before, the Grimms were rushing in from every directions.

Unfurling his chain, Jet extended it to its maximum length, making it spin over his head. Using his semblance, he had the weapon build up a lot of momentum before changing the trajectory a bit. The chain wrapped around one of the creature of Grimm, the tip burying in its face. A sharp pull, and the whip like motion caught the arm of another one. With a small jump, Jet reeled himself quickly, landing both feet first on the Grimm’s neck, sending it backward while the arm teared off from the impact and the amount of cuts that had already almost severed the limb.

Watch out! Feather rain!” This was Jet’s only warning that the attack was coming. He looked up and saw giant feather coming straight at him. Apparently, the bird didn’t aim for Peri at all so she was safe from the attack, but the black haired hunter in training right in the middle of it. He managed to dodge all of them, miraculously, but there was quite a few close calls. The beowolves though didn’t seem to care and kept charging. One of them was actually impaled on a feather, so at least that was one less.

Throwing his weapon at the closest feather, Jet started running to the side before once more jumping, his weapon making him spin around the feather embedded in the ground. Halfway through the spin, he reeled in quickly and had the chain unwrap, launching him at high speed toward another beowolf. His weapon, now entirely coiled around his arm, was used to club the wolf in the head, making the neck crack but not killing it outright. Jet got scratched by the claws of the creature as he was landing, glad his Aura protected his skin mostly. It still hurt thought. Facing the beast, the male student got into a fighting pose and started fighting his opponent with hand to hand techniques from his martial arts training.

The wolf like creature was fast in its attack, forcing Jet on the defensive. Another scratch, superficial this time, was followed by the human managing to swipe away a paw using his bracer. Using the opening he created, he used his left hand to land an upward palm strike in the beast’s already weakened neck, completely breaking it this time.

There weren’t much more beowolves but they were still running around. Looking up, This time Jet saw that the Nevermore was aiming straight at Peri, possibly because she seemed to be getting more and more frustrated at the situation. “Feathers!!!

Jet didn’t wait to see if she had seen the attack, he jumped back on the van and literally tried to kick one of the projectiles away from his temporary employer. He managed to deviate the trajectory a bit, making the feather fall just behind her. Trembling a bit, she looked over at Jet with an appreciative look. He merely nodded before charging the last Beowolf remaining. After a flash of his weapon, the Grimm was split vertically in two.

Walking to the faunus woman, Jet looked at the Nevermore. “It’s coming back again. Are you almost done?

Yeah I think I… Aha! Got it!” Peri shouted triumphantly before getting back behind the wheel, the van started again and she started to drive, avoiding the feathers.

In the meantime, Jet had jumped back on the van, looking at the avian Grimm coming at them fast. “It’s catching up! Can’t you go faster?

Are you kidding? I barely got it working again, not gonna bust it by going too fast!” The van veered to the left and back on the dirt road. The black haired guy was holding on to one of the multiple feathers that had lodged themselves on the roof when he saw the Nevermore in range for another feather rain attack.

Feathers incoming! Move to the right!... Left!...” Peri would follow Jet’s calls to avoid the incoming projectiles, making quick motions left and right to avoid mortal shots but while they avoided all of them, the Grimm wasn’t done. Getting closer, it was about to ram into the van, but Jet wouldn’t have any of it!

Jumping off, his chain shot straight at the giant bird’s right wing. Helped with his semblance, the heavier tip of his chain buried itself in the flesh quite deeply. This didn’t stop the bird in and of itself though, and Jet, in his own flight path from his jump, passed right over the wing his arm was attached to. The human locked the mechanism in his bracer and abruptly changed direction, pulled the other way by the Nevermore’s wing. The shock hurt his arm a bit but the wing got it much worse. The blade were cutting into the flesh and preventing the wing to flap, resulting in the bird turning sideway slightly and missing the van.

As it raised up higher again, the chain user reeled in to get on the birds back. He didn’t dislodge his weapon though, electing instead to jump over the Grimm’s neck while releasing his weapon. He fell down a few meters, letting momentum build before once again locking the weapon. The multiple blades bit down hard in the Nevermore’s neck, hurting it badly but not yet killing it. It was enough to make the avian drop in altitude though, trying to get its neck free of the chain, but Jet had other ideas. With a swing, he managed to loop himself under the neck and up on the bird’s back. Using his semblance, he got his weapon out of the wing and wrapping another turn around the neck.

Patting the Nevermore’s head, the human tugged a bit on the chain, making sure it was in the good position. “Well this has been a nice flight but I’ll be getting off here. Adios!” Shifting his weight to his left, Jet fell started falling down. His weapon didn’t hold him, instead sliding on the beast’s neck like a pulley, the blades sawing the neck while moving. Jet had had calculated the height he was at and touched the ground the moment his weapon finished cutting through the neck. Reeling his weapon, the human observed the bird crash in the ground, its head detached from its body.

Jet was rolling his shoulder, trying to get it to feel normal again after the sudden inertia change. Peri showed up in the car by that time with a smile. “That was pretty cool! You have an interesting gadget on that arm. What is it called?

The black haired man got back up beside the faunus, lifting his sleeve to show her his bracer more closely. “Drachenrüken, roughly means Dragon Spine. But yeah it’s pretty cool, even if it was a bit troublesome to learn to use at first.

I bet it was. Nicely made, though it does limit you to mid-range. Any idea for a close range use for it?” Peri had turned back to driving at that point, though there wasn’t much distance left to cover since they could already see the manor.

Yeah, detachable blades with finger holes so I can use them as knuckles.” Jet checked pointed at various points on the blades to indicate the future holes.

Peri noded at the idea. “That works. Anyway. We’re here.

With the van parked, they both got up and walked to knock on the massive door. They didn’t have to wait long for a butler to open the door for them. They quickly got introduced inside the manor and waited for the owner of the place.

Looks so fancy. Makes you wonder why he specifically asked for a boxy design for the droid.” Jet was looking around at some paintings. They were all of some dude with a mustache… They were pretty lifelike, to the point where he did a double take when that same mustachio dude appeared in front of him. He honestly thought it was another painting for a moment.

Why welcome to you both! You are early I like that! Now forgive my impatience but I am itching to see the final product! So let’s see it!” The rich mustachio man led the way outside, not even letting Jet or Peri say a word. Shrugging, they followed.

The van was even more a mess than it was before. The feathers had dissipated and there was now a bunch of holes in the roof. For the first time since all this happened, Jet realised one thing : was the droid still intact? Peri seemed to come to the same conclusion at the same moment as her features took on the most panicky he saw her that day.

Oh nononononono… Don’t tell me… Aw shit!” The engineer had opened the door in the back of the van where Jet had ran to meet up with her. There was a clean hole straight in the middle of the droid’s torso, sparks were flying about from the circuits in random directions making it obvious that the whole thing was scrapped.

Is there a problem? Oh my…” The client was looking at the interior of the van. Strangely, he didn’t seem that bothered at seeing that his new waiter/bartender could be used as a basketball ring. “I heard you had been attacked by a Nevermore on the way, I am pained to see it damaged the product… Now considering the circumstances, I can let you deliver it to me later after you reconstruct it but… What should I do about tonight’s party?

Peri bowed her head, a bit shameful she couldn’t deliver “I am deeply sorry sir…”.

But then , it was as if a light bulb lit up over Jet’s head. “Waiiiiit… I have an idea!

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Jet Jeyson
I can’t believe that was your idea…” Peri was standing with a small glass of champagne. They had quickly changed to clothes more fitting for a high class party. Peri had a nice green dress and Jet a black suit. Those were actually furnished to them by the host who apparently had those ready in case some people’s clothes got ruined or something.

Well, he weirdly likes droids that look like they’re made of scrap metal. So that’s what he got!” Jet had his own glass and clinked it to the faunus with a smile.

All around them, the various party attendees were laughing and seemed genuinely interested in the various little robots making and serving the drinks. A spiderlike droid was crawling up a table with a plate of shooters before using its mounted flamethrower to light them on fire. The Infernal Spidey was the perfect waiter, able to walk around on four legs and balance the shots on its 4 other legs. Being able to set the shots on fire was also a plus. As for the bartender, Hammer-Time lost its hammer for a drink shaker. Every one of the battle bots had been modified to fit the current needs of the job and the client loved their scrappy looks.

Still, can’t believe your battle-bots would end up of any use. Gotta give it to you, you’re pretty creative when you want. How would you like working for me, as an assistant? I couldn’t pay you but, you’d have access to all my stuff.” Peri was looking around, pleased that things ended up so well.

Jet smiled at her. “That sounds awesome.

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