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Beach hunt parteeeh~ [Solo/Hunt]

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26 Re: Beach hunt parteeeh~ [Solo/Hunt] on Sun Mar 27, 2016 2:16 am

Much to Avery's surprise the third stalker didn't release her arm but actually fell on the ground lifeless before it disappeared into black ashes in front of her. Due to its strength and prowess the scorpion possessed earlier, Avery had thought it still had a bit of life into it. She didn't think a few more hits was all it needed to obliterate it completely. That or she had underestimated the power of her guns again. Regardless, now that two of the packs were down, it was time to finish off the last.

Though it would seem there's no need for that as well for the first deathstalker and de facto leader had taken the full impact of her bullets. Avy raised an eyebrow as it dispersed into black ashes alike its comrade before it. Well that ended smoothly. The blonde gunslinger thought, reloading her guns before retuning them back to their respective holsters.

Avery walked a little bit more and looked around. It would seem the beach had cleared a bit and there wasn't any grimms visible so far which meant one thing.... beach time!

Removing the jacket tied around her waist, she dropped it somewhere she already forgot where and made a mad dash to the beach to bathe and enjoy the rest of her afternoon.


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27 Re: Beach hunt parteeeh~ [Solo/Hunt] on Sun Mar 27, 2016 11:41 am

6050 lien and 11600 exp rewarded o.oII gm go ahead and roll?

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