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White Fang Reunion between Wolf and Cat (Private: Gricelda/Erikia)

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Gricelda Mee
Under the crisp afternoon sun in the courtyards commons, there is Gricelda, running as fast as she can.  She blazes past fellow pedestrians, weaving her way between humans and faunus as she makes haste.  Some poeple watch for moment, others comment, as she zones past them but Gris cared little for whatever they had to say.  She had to run... run run run... she had to make it!  Running along the sidewalks she looks ahead, her target destination came in view.  However, a gaggle of students blocked her route and they all seem oblivious to her presence.  Yet instead of trying to halt herself, Gric keeping on running.  On boy seemed to notice her out of the corner of his eye, making a small yelping sound as he instinctively pulls his arm over some lady friend of his to protect her.  Yet Gris... Gris just smiled as she looks past the crowd... her goal in site.  

She was a foot away from the startled boy when Gris leaps into the air, pulls her hands behind her, then pulls herself along a jetstream of wind.  Some of the girls shirk and the males stared... but Gris had her eyes on only one prize.  As she falls back down, her right foot lands on some poor balding headed bloak in the middle of the crowd and uses his cranium as a leverage point to make her next bounce.  She leaps off the bald boy's head and rides another powerful gust of wind with her semblance.  She could hear the poor bloke exclaim "Blimey" as makes a herione-like landing into the concrete just in front of her final destination:  The Ice Cream Van!

Yeah... some would think all that effort was overly excessive for some frozen dairy product but... she was not here for any bland ice cream.  She wasn't even a fan of ice cream!  No... she was here for a one of a kind favored ice cream that one can find no where else in all of Remnant... BACON FLAVORED ICE CREAM!  Thats right... bacon... flavored... ICE CREAM!  She had it before the last time the ice cream van was here in the commons and it was simply divine!

"One Pokey's bacon flavored ice cream sprinkled with bacon bits please!" squeals the excitable wolf faunus, her hands clawing at the counter.  The man behind said counter stares at her, then looks to the rowdy crowd behind Gris who didn't appreciate her cutting in line.  The man however shrugged and handed her the frozen treat.  Gris threw lien at the man's face as she spins on her heel and begins to trek through the crowd, most of them not pleased with her leaping over all of them and cutting them in line.

"Hey!  You... you can't just cut in line like that!  We been waiting like twenty-"

Whoever this human girl was, Gris didn't let her finish as she held up her left palm and unleashed a powerful gust of wind into the crowd.  Some of the people collapsed and fell over one another, some trying to protect their face while maintaining their balance, and some of the ladies wearing skirts tried to hold their skirts down as to not reveal their undergarments to the public.  As they all tried to recover, Gris walks her way through the newly created pathway, undoing the wrapper of the that a a cute piggy for a mascot.  After strolling past all of the students who are now angerly murmuring far behind her and resume their queue, Gricelda undoes the wrapper and lets it fly off into the otherwise spotless common grounds.  

She marvels at the crystalline bits of finely minced bacon garnishing a pale pink ice cream in the vague shape of a comical pig head, attached to a popicicle stick so that her hands have something to hold onto.  Gricelda wags her tail happily and smacks her lips, gingerly opening her mouth to take her first delicate bite when she catches sight of someone... someone she had least expected to see her.  Gricelda was caught so off guard that she lowers her bacony ice cream treat, when then slips off its stick and lands onto the ground with a wet plop.  But... Gris did not care for she had her eyes set on a new, yet familiar target.

"Its you!  Oh didn't think I would see your friendly face ever again!  Least of all here!  Oh I am so HAPPY to see you~" muses the wolf faunus, raising her arms and dropping the popsicle stick that lands with soft clink.  She waddles up and gives her old friend from the White Fang the strongest hug as she could muster.

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Erika Zenith
It was a nice day within Syne, she had just visited the Ice Cream van and had gotten the ultimate chocolaty treat, a quintuple extra large waffle cone bowl, with over nineteen different flavors of chocolate based ice cream with hot fudge, chocolate marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate whipped cream, chocolate infused chocolate covered bananas, and chocolate covered cherries. She was enjoying the diabetes bait, when the young woman noticed there was a commotion from the place she was just at.

Looking over at the ice cream truck she noticed that there was a wolf faunus leaping over people in order to get at a frozen snack. Erika form the distance where she was enjoying her ultra chocolate ice cream sundae, could not recognize the wolf faunus, but she could feel like she knew the faunus that was leaping over people in order to get at the ice cream treat. Shrugging off the feeling, Erika started to return to her chocolate treat while kicking her legs excitedly. She didn’t care if anyone thought she was just some kid lucky enough to attend the school, or that she might of been a genius to enter Syne.

Eating one of the bananas, she heard a familiar voice from behind her. Looking back, her eyes would widen. Setting down her treat, the young girl would launch herself at the faunus that had spoken to her. Hugging her around the gut she would squeeze. “CELDIE!!!!! I FOUND YOU!!!!” She would scream excitedly, ignoring the fact that the faunus had found her and not the other way around. Her tail would be wagging in excitement! She had found her friend at long last!

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Gricelda Mee
Gris grins from ear to ear, seeing that her feline friend was just as excited to see her as she was. After a moment of hugging one another, her wagging wolf tail falls and her lupine ears droop. Her eyes scan the busy courtyard as she as she still holds onto her friend. Gris wears an expression of concern as whispers to one the felines cat-like ears.

"Ummm... listen Feline... I'm glad to see you and all but... why are you here?"

Gris pulls her head back, looking from side to side before looking back to her friend face to face.

"I mean, you didn't get caught like I did and threatened to be sent. If your here I assume that its more than to just visit me." speaks the wolf faunus in a hushed tone as to not draw attention.

Deep down, Gris was happy to see a familiar face from her White Fang cell. But... that could also mean that White Fang is also involved. She was all for White Fang's creed but... her being in Bellmuse was the exact reason why she was sent here in the first place and their potential presence means that she was going to have the uncomfortable position of being once involved in the White Fang. On one hand she wanted to help their cause and her friends, but on the other she doesn't want to risk being expelled from Syne and further disappointing her parents.

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Erika Zenith
Perking up, at her words Erika looked up at her friend. One of the very few that she had made since her exile from her village. Gricelda was one of the few friends that Erika had made ever. “Call me Erika,” she would whisper to her friend just low enough for her to hear it. “We’ll talk about our mutual friends later,” she would continue, “but not here. Too many ears.” She would finish while hugging the bejeebers out of the faunus.

She was extremely excited to see her friend once more, that part of the act wasn’t a lie. She did indeed want to talk about their friends with Celdie, but that could wait after some bonding time after a few months of searching for the older looking female. Letting go of Celdie, Erika would hop up and down even more excitedly. “I got into Syne, so you wouldn’t be alone here!” She would practically shout while still excited.

Erika however did not know that Celdie had made some friends since she was here. She didn’t want to ruin their reunion by mentioning their friends or performing business during this meeting. “So how have you been, Celdie?” Erika asked excitedly while staring at her friend.

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Gricelda Mee
Gris couldn't help but smile at how childish her pal looked as she bounces up and down with glee.  Those who don't know her well would never guess her to be a terrifying force to be reckoned with.  Gris raises her eyebrow when she at last reveals her true name, something that she had never divulged until now.

"Huh... after all time we have known each it now that you finally decided to me your name?  Hee... about time.  Well I much prefer it to to your title "The Feline" anyway.  But sure-"

Gris looks around herself, then looks back to Erika

"- we can speak of them at a later time."

Gris can't help but grin widely and appeared flattered, judging by the hint of blush on her face, that Erika would come all this way just to keep her company.  

"Hee... well I much appericated you being.  I haven't been entirely alone here..."

Gris' voice trials off, thinking of all of the people she has meet at Syne in her short stay before refocusing on Erika.

"... but I am glad to see a familiar friendly face around here."

Gris relaxes her posture, pulling resting her hands behind her head as she looks down to her smaller companion.

"Anyway, despite the incident that get me wound up here, everything as been well.  I have some roommates that I get along well with.  Well... except for the human... he has been so... irksome."
comments Gris, growling a little under her breath.

"But this academy has a lot to offer.  Hunts are thrilling and plenty of ways to remain active around here.  Most of the people here... ehh... kinda get on my nerves but there are a few that I get along with.  Anyway, I guess that is about it."
states the wolf girl, looking down at Erika as she expectantly awaits her reply.

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