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Nine Lives (open)

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1 Nine Lives (open) on Tue Mar 01, 2016 4:16 pm

Saffron May

So apparently when the best bartender in all of Remnant moves to your town every single bar tries to get said bartender to work for them. Besides all his work for Syne Saffron had been sifting through job offers for every drinking establishment in town. Honestly he could use the extra Lien, and he loved bar tending almost as much as he did teaching. Most of the places he looked at were rather dull and average, one stood out; however, a small place called Nine Lives. The bar had a unique feel to it and honestly the actual bar itself was gorgeous. Imported from Atlas, or so said the bartender.

Saffron hadn't even done an interview, he walked in the front door, the owner asked if he was there for the job, he said yes, and suddenly Saffron had a second job. Luckily he was able to explain that he would only be able to work part time due to his obligations at Syne.

This was is first night on the job, the place wasn't packed nor was it empty. There were a few patron though Saffron noticed something about them. Unlike most bars where, this late on a week day, people would be drinking away their sorrows. This place was lively, and not in a drunken sort of way either. Everyone here seemed to know each other, or if they didn't they didn't care. This was Saffron's kind of place. He waited behind the bar for anyone to come and order a drink cleaning a glass out in the stereotypical bartender fashion.

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2 Re: Nine Lives (open) on Sun Mar 13, 2016 10:26 pm

Ash Rockford
Entering the establishment Ash wiped the blood off his lips smearing it clean from his gloves the spiky haired dark skin youth in the black imposing leather jacket and chaps walked in with little regard to the eyes on him hands immediately in his back pockets as he went for a bar stool. Albeit a student he was old enough to drink and he needed one after the scrap he came from. Witnessing an act of cruelty to a Faunus just because of her appearance began to irritate Ash so he acted beating the crap out of the men picking on the last waitress he came across in a bar.

The lively place seem to sober up his mood as he put his sunglasses on in the establishment taking a seat at a bar stool lamenting over the transgression. Mind filled with ideas and the fact he still hadn't returned to his bar job didn't bother him he had classes and had some personal problems to contend with. There was little to do till he got stronger and that too would take time classes had been sparse and allies with students even more so.

"Let me have a fireball on the rocks, easy on the ice" geared towards the bartender.

As he awaited his drink he pondered if getting a different outfit and disguise would help him not be targeted by those he opposed who wish harm on the Faunus community. Some one had to do something for the innocent Faunus who were harmed by these outclassed human beings. It reminded him too much of when Atlas was afraid of his people and how they were treated like second citizens in their own homeland.

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3 Re: Nine Lives (open) on Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:32 am

Saffron May
Saffron was cleaning a glass behind the bar when a new patron entered into the bar. It was odd, he almost look like he had blood on him. For some reason, however the rest of the patrons seemed to be slightly off put by his presence, not by much, but just enough that it was noticeable to a bartender of Saffron's skill. The man took a seat at the bar and Saffron came over to serve.

“Got it,” Saffron said grabbing a whiskey glass from behind him followed by a bottle of fireball. He brought both over to the new patron and placed the glass down. From under the counter he pulled out a bucket of ice, customary to a bar, and used the tongs in it to place three ice cubes in the stout glass. With that done he poured the glass with fireball, up to about one third of the way full. "you want to pay now or start a tab?” Saffron asked putting the ice away.

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4 Re: Nine Lives (open) on Mon Mar 21, 2016 7:45 pm

Ash Rockford
"I'll start a tab." Rock said taking the glass and with an all too known swig take the first shot breathing to the ceiling letting the burn remind him of his chewed up cheeks. He pondered for awhile what he would do work was hard and he wasn't getting any missions lately he decided maybe it was time to go vigilante on these Faunus hating riff raff and maybe find work in other means. Classes were...classes. But, he needed strength, money, resources to pursue his endeavor and he wasn't winning allies in school they were students naive to their own belittling lives unnoticed by their peers because they had their own dramas to deal with.

Looking over the patrons he wondered how many could stand up to a Grimm let alone stand up for the Faunus community. The thought weighed heavy on Ash as he swigged the drink again and gave a sigh of relief as the alcohol numbed the pain in his mouth. Looking to the bartender a moment he gave a courteous nod knowing himself the customary to bar tending and raised the glass. "Ash, and who do i have serving me this night if i may ask?"

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