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In the Cafeteria (Private:Raziel/Teru)

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26 Re: In the Cafeteria (Private:Raziel/Teru) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:08 am

Teru Silvers
As teru approached the building, she notices that the heartbeat shes tracking becomes mixed in an enormous glob of sound. she had found a crowd...but wait, she was breaking away? she as expecting a chase...and she was headed...there!

Heading to the brush where she saw her land, Teru sneaks up behind the potentially unsuspecting Raziel and grabs her shoulder suddenly, breaking her stealth. In a low voice she whispers:

"Got you."

she loved playing this kind of game...and it made her smile a little bit, but not much. Sure her semblance had helped, but without the ability to think on her feet, tracking would be much harder.

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27 Re: In the Cafeteria (Private:Raziel/Teru) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:29 am

Raziel Mirandale
Raziel almost fell flat on her face as she came out of her roll and Teru snuck up behind her. She turned to face the girl. “Damn... you're good,” Raziel said between breaths. Well this was just great, she was now a mildly winded, soaking wet fox girl. “I blame you for this,” Raziel said jokingly while sniffing her hair. Damn that was bad, horribly bad, she would need to clean herself off when they got to the locker room.

“Well if you want to meet Aka'Ken we have to go this way,” Raziel began towards the lockers. She had been defeated and walked with her ears sagging down rather than poking up as they usually did. Her tail didn't swish back and forth but instead just kind of hung there sticking out of her skirt. Loosing was not something Raziel enjoyed. This wouldn't affect her friendship with Teru though. Just because someone beat you was no reason to suddenly not be friends anymore.

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28 Re: In the Cafeteria (Private:Raziel/Teru) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:30 pm

Teru Silvers
She takes that compliment to heart, but doesnt show that she enjoyed hearing those words. But now her friend was soaking wet. She would have to get changed.

"Yeah, lets go to the locker rooms then. You should definitely change. It was smart to run through the water, changing your scent, but it got you soaking wet."

she grins slightly, finding the situation funny. But she saw her ears drooping. She didnt seem enthusiastic anymore...

" seem really down. Are you okay?"

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29 Re: In the Cafeteria (Private:Raziel/Teru) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:10 pm

Raziel Mirandale
Raziel agreed, a change of clothes would be nice, unfortunately the only other outfit she had was her combat uniform. She needed to buy more clothes some time soon. Two outfits was a little low.

“Oh me? Yeah I'm fine,” Raziel lied unconvincingly. Was that really the best option, lying to her new friend? And only so soon after they met. Sure she hadn't been completely honest so far, but she hadn't explicitly lied either. This was not the proper way to make friends or keep them. “No. No. That's a lie. Sorry I just don't like being beaten. Don't worry I'll feel better when we reach Aka'Ken,” Raziel said still downtrodden.

There was no way she would let herself stay this depressed. She would feel better later once she took a shower, and as she said, reaching Aka'Ken. She was not used to being beaten, sure she understood that it was almost impossible for her to win all of the time, but it didn't change the way she felt.

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30 Re: In the Cafeteria (Private:Raziel/Teru) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 7:11 pm

Teru Silvers
"...No one likes losing."

And thats all she wrote. Er, all she said rather. Her friend was down and she wasnt sure how exactly she was supposed to react. She was glad she won that little contest. Her pride as a huntress was at stake there anyway. A one on one fight might be different.

"You'd probably beat me at a one on one fight anyway."

hopefully that'd help cheer her up.

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31 Re: In the Cafeteria (Private:Raziel/Teru) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 8:08 pm

Raziel Mirandale
“Yeah, I probably would. I guess it was kind of unfair from the beginning anyhow,” Raziel said as they reached the locker room. Inside she went directly for her locker. After punching in the code the locker opened and Raziel extracted Aka'Ken. She immediately pulled him close and hugged him. She immediately felt a thousand times better. “I missed you buddy! I don't think I am going to keep you in this locker,” Raziel spoke to Aka'Ken. Just being away from him for a short period of time had been emotionally draining for her.

Aka'Ken had been one of the only quote true friends she ever had. And she didn't mind sharing him with others, his weighting was about double that of a regular sword so it would be hard for most other people to wield him properly.

“Teru meet Aka'Ken,” Raziel said turning to Teru and Holding out Aka'Ken for her to take, “Don't worry he's nice.”

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32 Re: In the Cafeteria (Private:Raziel/Teru) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 10:29 pm

Teru Silvers
Standing off and to the left of Raziel, it seemed strange when the locker opened to reveal a sword. It was big, that was for sure, but she had never know a weapon to give anyone such comfort. Really, hugging it? It was a person, she said, but it wasnt like it was going to introduce itself or anything.
That...that was impossible right?

"Well...well we have to keep weapons in our locker during school hours...right?"

as far as she understood that was the rule anyway. Her hand reaches out to grip the sword, slowly wrapping around it as though it might shock her, so she could still pull back. Clasping it with her grip, as the weight transfers to her she seems startled by its heavier than average feel. Taking her other hand to bolster her strength, she manages to hold it out in front of her, horizontally.

"This is a rather nice sword. I think. I'm not a swordsmith. um...hello there...Aka'ken?"

seemed stranger still for her to actually try and talk to a sword. She wasnt crazy right? This wasnt some sort of prank?

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33 Re: In the Cafeteria (Private:Raziel/Teru) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:13 pm

Raziel Mirandale
“Yeah I know, but I just don't feel right without him with me,” Raziel said as she began to take off her soaked clothing. Dropping them to the ground, “But Aka'Ken is so much more than a regular old sword. He's polite, very nice and also quite heavy.” The last one became apparent as Raziel say Teru using quite a bit of strength to heft Aka'Ken. She was in for a surprise if she thought that he was just a sword. As Raziel said he was a person.

“Hello!” Aka'Ken said to Teru, “I don't suppose that you would like to destroy some evil to day would you?” A quote from one of his favortie characters in a book that Raziel had read to him quite some time ago. Yes he could talk, but only to those who were wielding him at the time. It was more of a new voice in the persons head than a voice from someone else.

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34 Re: In the Cafeteria (Private:Raziel/Teru) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:26 pm

Teru Silvers
Oh good lord it actually COULD talk. Teru isnt really sure how to respond, her mouth opening and closing like a fish gasping for air on land. What did she say? could it read thoughts? Did she have to speak out loud? these moments of contemplation led to her speaking her first words a sword that is.

"Uh...Hi there. aka'ken. Its nice to meet you too? To be honest ive never met a sword before."

she hadnt. I mean, tooth and claw couldnt speak to her, so this was like a system shock for her. This was actually possible! magic? a semblance? no, her semblance was that powerup thing she showed her earlier. What sorcery was this?

"How did you...he...get in the sword?"

that might be the natural thought wasnt it?

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35 Re: In the Cafeteria (Private:Raziel/Teru) on Fri Mar 04, 2016 12:07 am

Raziel Mirandale
Raziel removed the last of her soaking clothes. “I'm going to take a quick shower,” Raziel said heading for the showers, “You two have fun now.”

“It's a pleasure to meet you as well,” Aka'Ken said, “I'm sure that you've met plenty of swords, you've just never met one that talks.” He was quite the personable sword. He liked people, though honestly some he liked to stab. This girl was not one of those people though. She seemed nice enough, and Raziel had handed him to her so he figured she was alright.

“Julyet gave him to me,” Raziel called from the showers, “At least I'm pretty sure that she did. I've had him forever now so I don't exactly remember.” She honestly couldn't rememebr where she got Aka'Ken but she was ninety percent sure that it was Julyet.

“Well she's not wrong,” Aka'Ken said laughing. She didn't know the half of it. But he wasn't going to tell her anything.

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36 Re: In the Cafeteria (Private:Raziel/Teru) on Fri Mar 04, 2016 2:02 am

Teru Silvers
So this was a weapon that was also a person that apparently Raziel had had with her ever since she could remember. Weird. It was a foreign concept that Teru wasnt even sure how to approach. As for meeting other swords, you couldnt really meet them if they couldnt talk back. Holding the sword up she peers at its design, inspecting it, as if she will learn some of its secrets that way.

"how are you a person and also a sword? This isnt Soul Eater Some weird otherworldly thing, is it?"

Rotating the sword in her hands, she can begin to really feel its weight. How strong was Raziel even? tooth and claw werent nearly this heavy. Though a sword like this wouldnt befit an assassin type like herself. She decided not to ask about julyet, because at this point she was having enough trouble working with one weird artifact. she better not have MORE of these things.

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37 Re: In the Cafeteria (Private:Raziel/Teru) on Fri Mar 04, 2016 2:42 am

Raziel Mirandale
Raziel finished her shout shower and headed back for her locker while drying herself off. It was weird to her, to smell clean. This was definitely not something she was used to. Heck back in the day she would have been lucky to have bathed once every three months. Once at her locker she began to dress in her combat uniform.

“Don't rightly know. Just kind of happened. One day I was just a regular sword and then the next poof I'm suddenly me,” Aka'Ken said sounding somewhat confused himself, “That's really the best way I can put it.” It was like something out of Warbreaker a fantasy novel. Many times when one thought they understood the world, then the universe would snicker in their face and throw them something to completely throw them off of their game.

Now fully dressed Raziel approached Teru again. “You two getting along nicely now?” She asked almost jokingly.

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38 Re: In the Cafeteria (Private:Raziel/Teru) on Sat Mar 12, 2016 8:01 pm

Raziel Mirandale
Now having showered and wearing a pair of clean clothes Raziel remembered something, she had class in like half an hour. Her eyes went wide in surprise. “Oh crap, I have to go, I have class in a little while,” Raziel said almost forcefully taking Aka'Ken back and putting him in the locker. “Here I'll put your contact information in my scroll and we can hang out some time, okay?” Raziel said pulling out her scroll and punching in Teru's contact information.

With that done, Raziel smiled at Teru then turned to run off. She could not be late for class again, last time not only was she late, but she had fallen asleep in class before. The teacher was already had her on their bad students list, and she could not afford to have to do any remedial work or get sent to detention, not with her White Fang work.


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