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Episode I: A new home (open)

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1 Episode I: A new home (open) on Wed Mar 02, 2016 10:06 pm

Teru Silvers
Teru, wearing the school issued uniform, and keeping it in wonderful condition, found herself sitting in the commons of Syne. Her hands wrapped around her scroll as her eyes traced lazily across it. Her ears were perked up a little, twitching here and there like small antennae in order to pick up sounds. She could still tell if people were there, even if she wasnt looking.

Her fear of meeting new people coupled with her dislike of crowds made this a weird place to be. She didnt exactly feel comfortable, but the outdoors was nice. she should really find a place to just be quietly. But she would have to face this inevitably. she could deal...for now. Hopefully no one would come up to her an-no, she should make friends. even if it was awkward. You cant stare at pictures on a scroll all day.

Her eyes could be seen darting up from her phone every so often, corresponding to a loud noise she heard. it was just someone yelling with his friends, or maybe a guy running. They seemed to fit in here...maybe more than she did. She liked it, but she felt like an observer. Was that who she was? some days it felt like it for sure...

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2 Re: Episode I: A new home (open) on Wed Mar 02, 2016 10:53 pm

Lazu Strolled through the commons of Syne academy. It was peaceful and calm and as he strolled through he was just left thinking how pleased he was that he had faced 2 death stalkers and another first year. Things were coming along nicely. All though he hadn't signed up to any classes yet that wasn't really a problem. His cat ears twitched a bit listening to sounds of laughter of in the distance and his tail swayed behind him. Lazu wondered how long it would take for him to join a team and when it would happen. Lazu just looked at the sky and the birds flying in formation. He wondered if his training in kick boxing could really help him out against a Grimm cause he hadn't really tried fighting one on his own yet which interested him more and he considered doing at a later point. Note to self do a solo mission and fight grimm by yourself.

Lazu noticed the other people around him some carrying weapons others on their scrolls and some in groups walking of in different directions. The life of a hunter is so not fast pace what was the word? exiting and filled with alot of adventure yeah that was how to put it. Even though Lazu was fast and not the average kind of fast he needed to slow down and take a break. Fighting 2 deathstalkers in your first couple of days was tiring enough. Then he noticed the girl on her scroll who looked awkward at being at the school. Lazu walked up to the girl and realised she was a cat faunus like he was "hey I noticed you seem a bit nervous is it your first day?" he asked the girl as he watched his cat ears twitched and his tail still drooped behind him.

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3 Re: Episode I: A new home (open) on Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:04 pm

Teru Silvers
Oh god. someone actually came up to her. He had ears and a tail too. Lots of people seemed to be faunus around here. Weird wasnt it? In any case, seems she actually had to respond.

"Um...well I guess I am a little bit..."

Course she was. But she was nervous too, especially right now. Why couldnt she just get comfortable when taking to strangers? her eyes dont make contact with his, as if the scroll will pull her back into a safer place.

"did you need something?"

she asks politely, hoping that he might not need anything and that this would end quickly. But knowing people...probably wouldnt.

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4 Re: Episode I: A new home (open) on Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:14 pm

"Nope I was just walking through and wanted to say hi so how are you handling things at the school so far?" He rubbed the back of his head as he continued to notice the girls awkwardness.  "im new too haven't been here for long only like a week or so" Lazu nodded to her phone "so do you spend all day on that thing or just in your free time" he joked and smiled at her. His ears twitched as he listend closely and watched the faunus girl as he wondered what her semblance and weapon was. He looked around again to see if anyone else was near by that he knew and wondered if there was something he could do to make things less awkward for the girl at the school.

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5 Re: Episode I: A new home (open) on Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:50 pm

Ash Rockford

Ash had found interactions and socializing new students were flowing in and although he himself was still new it didn't hurt to keep the newbies from getting involved with campus drama. He had his guitar over his shoulder and began to strum a few tunes walking towards the two new years. "Yo."

Was all he said as he began to string a few chords.

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6 Re: Episode I: A new home (open) on Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:56 pm

Teru Silvers
oh god. TWO people. And that guy walking up had a guitar. Remain calm Teru, you can get through this. Just try and act somewhat normal and everything will be a-okay.

"thats a lot of questions at once dont you think? I'm okay right now, but thank you...and no I just like using my scroll."

she hadnt had one from where she was originally from anyway. Guitar man and rapid fire hadnt introduced themselves, so that would be the polite thing to do right?

"My name is Teru."

she says quietly, but still audible over the guitars sound.

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7 Re: Episode I: A new home (open) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 12:13 am

Lazu noticed the guy come up with the guitar then start to play it with not a single word but yo was said to them. Dude your really good with the guitar what's your name? you just walked up here and didn't say anything" Lazu thought that was a little rude that while he and the girl were talking the guy just walked up and didn't say a word then just played his guitar but Lazu didn't say otherwise cause he was fine with meeting new people. He nodded at the new person "how long have you been playing".

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8 Re: Episode I: A new home (open) on Sat Mar 05, 2016 10:02 pm

Ash Rockford
When he ended the rift he slung the guitar over his shoulder. "Haven't seen you before. Names Ash, I been playing for years and thought maybe a cool intro was in order."

He shrugged stuffing his hands into his leather pants from top to bottom he wore all black leather pants with chaps his leather jacket open a cross like necklace dangling over his chest. "Teru-change is it? You and your boyfriend new here? Got any questions or need help find your way around? "

Ash was cool in offering help if not to the point. He barely made friends as it is his one friend was an angry she wolf and a cake ninja so far. Maybe Skittles but she was a teacher so yah few people were friends with Ash. He wasn't that popular or important. He look to the two new arrivals wondering what it is that brought them here and considered the thought.

"What made you decide to be Hunters? Surely you are here to help Bellamuse or did you have a more personal agenda? sorry for asking but I like to know the people i may work with in the future."

Glancing over a bit to the tree he puzzled a moment in really what his place was at this school. He had no dorm, no friends, no one important and began to think of his own reason why he was here. Ash seem a bit distant and didn't seem to mind them for the moment lost in thoughts his eyes dazing back a bit.

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