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No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi)

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1 No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 3:54 pm

Raziel Mirandale
A wonderful breeze came in from the south making the night air ever so slightly chilled. The city looked wonderful from up here. Almost serene in a way. The stars above dotted the bleak sky adding just the barest hint of light. The omnipresent broken moon hovered in the sky watching over the world. Raziel sat on the edge of a particularly tall building her feet dangling over the abyssal drop. She kicked them back and forth while humming a little tune. Aka'Ken was napping in his sheath attached to Raziel's belt. Mr. Gray lounged on her lap, he had seemed a lot happier now that he had been rescued from that claw machine.

It was almost time to get to work. A high ranking member of the White Fang had contacted Raziel about a deserter. Being that most of the work she did was enforcement for the Fang, it was her job to bring him back, or make sure he was dealt with. Time to get to work. Raziel placed Mr. Gray back into his pouch on her belt. Once he was nice and secure she slid off the edge of the building.

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2 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 4:45 pm

Raziel Mirandale
Air rushed past Raziel as she plummeted towards the ground, parallel to the building. Once she had dropped several feet she adjusted herself and kicked of the building and changer her trajectory to land on the roof of an adjacent structure. Upon landing she dropped to a roll to dissipate the shock of landing. As she came up she bust into a sprint along the roof, once she reached the end Raziel leapt above the gap gliding gracefully to the other side.

The two large fox ears on top of Raziel's head swiveled about listening to everything around her.

“Why don't you come with us baby?”

“Did you see her dress? So last season.”

“And so I tells him 'no you're fired'”

“Man why does it have to be so damned cold out here?”

So many voices, and plenty of other sounds on top of those. But there was one specific sounds Raziel was looking for.

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3 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:43 pm

Raziel Mirandale
There is was. Subtle sounds of a bakery. The target had moved here and set up a bakery in town. Right in this area. Honestly Raziel was surprised that the place was still active. It wasn't too late into the night, but it was definitely past bed time for most people.

Locked on to the location Raziel broke into a run towards the bakery, using the rooftops as her means of transit. As she got closer she could smell bread and pastries being prepared. Well that would make sense, have some things prepared the night before. Maybe she would have some fresh pastries when she arrived there.

It was not long before she was on the roof of the bakery. She back flipped of the small one story building to directly in front of the store. The sign was flipped to closed and the store front lights were off. Deciding to be polite first she tried the door, of course it was locked. Oh well. Using her full strength, though not her semblance, and simply forced the door nob to turn.

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4 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:32 pm

Raziel Mirandale
A small bell attached to the frame of the door rang as Raziel entered the bakery. It was dark inside, but for a Faunus that was no issue. The storefront looked as one would expect. A large display case for the baked goods, a counter with the cash register on it, a chalk board on the wall above to display prices and items. Raziel heard someone utter some choice words from the back of the store.

“Did I forget to lock that damned door again?” Raziel heard a male voice coming from the back of the store. He came out of a door a moment later, and turned on the lights. He was a six foot tall bear Faunus with bear ears and paw like hands. Of course he tensed when he saw Aka'Ken sitting on Raziel's belt. “Hey we're closed right now. I forget to lock the door sometimes, but if you want to come back tomorrow I would be more than happy to get something for you then,” He said looking more at Aka'Ken then Raziel.

“Lestivel? That's you right? It says Lestivel Bakery on the sign outside,” Raziel pointed towards the outside of the building.

“Uh yeah, but Like I said we're closed.”

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5 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 7:00 pm

Raziel Mirandale
“Well I was in the neighborhood and I was getting a little hungry. I saw this place and decided to get a pastry,” Raziel said.

“Okay, I'm going to say this one more time,” Lestivel said, “We. Are. Closed.”

“No I don't think you are,” Raziel said putting one hand on Aka'Ken's sheath, “I think that you are going to bring me a pastry and we are going to have us a talk.”

“You don't want to do that, little lady,” Lestivel said bearing his claws slightly.

“I doubt our brothers and sisters in the White Fang would want me to have to kill you,” Raziel said earning her a surprised and very tense glare from Lestivel. In response she smiled at him disarmingly.

“So... They finally found me?” Lestivel asked, almost seeming resigned to his fate, “Come on back I'll get you a pastry.” He turned and headed for the back of the store. Raziel followed with her ears listening for any potential ambushes.

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6 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 8:29 pm

Raziel Mirandale
“So then, you here to kill me?” Lestivel asked as he entered the kitchen and headed for a fresh batch of pastries. He picked one out and tossed it to Raziel. She sniffed it checking for anything that shouldn't be in it. Once it passed the nose test she took a large bite from it.

“Nope, Honetly I was told you try to bring you back, then if you say no that's when I'm supposed to kill you,” Raziel said taking another bite from her pastry.

“Do you know why I left?” Lestivel asked.


“It was because of my daughter. She was born just before I left the White Fang. I can't bear to think of a world here my daughter would have to grow up without me.” Lesitvel sat down on a stool in the kitchen. “If I am going off every night to go on raids, or to go bomb some building there is a great chance that I might never come back home.”

“You would rather your daughter grow up in a world where she is discriminated against? Where she will be made fun of for something she had no control over?” Raziel asked finishing the pastry.

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7 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 9:37 pm

Raziel Mirandale
“I don't know. But I would much rather her grow up with a father than without one,” Lestivel said.

“So then I guess you aren't coming back then?” Raziel said putting a hand on Aka'Ken's sheath.

“No. I won't go back,” Lestivel said standing from his chair.

“Are you going to fight me on this?” Raziel asked placing her right hand on Aka'Ken's handle.

“Yes,” Lestivel stood up and grabbed a metal rolling pin from the counter next to him. It began to morph and change into a mace. He charged Raziel with a powerful downward blow. Calmly she unlatched the sheath from her belt and brought up Aka'Ken, still sheathed, to block the attack. It connected with a loud thud. Lestivel seemed surprised that his attack was blocked by someone almost half is size.

Holding the sheath in her left and drawing Aka'Ken with her right Raziel slashed Lestivel's torso. He stepped back and as he did Raziel used the sheath to flip off the lights in the room. A sudden look of fear came over Lestivel as he stared at her in the dark.

“You... You're... her,” Lestivel said backing away slowly.

“Yes,” Raziel responded flatly.

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8 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 9:47 pm

Raziel Mirandale
“Please... Please... Just don't hurt my family,” Lestivel said dropping his mace.

“I'm not here for them,” Raziel said as she slowly approached Lestivel.

“I'm so sorry, Ammy,” Lestivel said to himself, or his daughter.

Without a word Raziel made one long sweep with Aka'Ken. She turned around and headed for the exit. As if on cue as soon as she placed Aka'Ken back in his sheath she heard Lestivel's head roll from his neck and to the floor. Raziel was sure to turn off the stove as she left so as not to have the house burn down. On her way out she grabbed a couple more pastries, they were actually pretty damned good.

Raziel left the bakery taking a bite from one of the pastries she had taken. The street outside was empty and quiet. Taking another bite of the pastry Raziel began to saunter down the street with no particular direction in mind. She really didn't have anything else planed for the night.

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9 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:10 pm

As they say The Night is Still Young! For the bat faunus this was something she knew all to well. Like the little winged one Kairi was also nocturnal by nature, making sleeping at night all the harder. Some might blame her bat side for this, but she knew better and the real culprit was her parents. Her mother, also a bat faunus, and her father who was well for lack of a better word just an odd human. So much of her family time growing up was during the night only to strengthening this bad habit. Now she found herself, like many nights, floating around trying to find something to kill time.

Thankfully Bellmuse Central was one of the largest city in Bellmuse meaning it had a pretty decent night life compared to most of this Kingdom city. Along with her still staying at a hotel sweet rather than moving into the dorms have allowed her a bit more freedom for her little night wonders. Not that she was much of a wild child to begin with. Unlike what many thought of her from her time in the spot light of a Rocker she lived a rather boring life. At least that's what most would have though compared to her old band mates. She was just the type that like to sit back and watch the other spin out of control mostly then to join in.

So this is how she ends up in this part of town at this time of night. The plan was to meet up with a friend to do well something, but at the last minute her friend bailed leaving her to find something else to do. It would be her nose that picked it up at first! The smell of pastries, the kind she offends got from this bakery close to where she was now. Following her nose, she soon found the culprit in the form of a fellow faunus walking along the street. Without hesitating or even making a sound Kairi floated up behind the girl and gently pet the fluffy tail. "Sooooo fluffy!" She said childly floating lower to place the talk again her face. It wasn't till then she realized what she was doing while looking up at the girl while floating upside down in the air. "Hey there! Got any more Pastries?!"

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10 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:31 pm

Raziel Mirandale
These pastries were some of the best she had ever had. Raziel continued to saunter down the street, that was until she felt someone tocuh her tail. Oh she was ready to lay down the pain. Chances were that it was some guy who wanted an exotic night out. She turned to face the culprit to find, not a man, or a human, hell not even a standing person. She was floating above the ground while petting Raziel's tail. Her skin was a purplish pale and from her smell she was not a human.

“Uh... Uh... Yes?” Raziel said looked down at the strange floating girl. Well this was definitely not what she expected when she went out tonight. This night just went from business to... weird. Raziel dangled a pastry over the girl offering her one. “So... is there something I can help you with, or did you just come for the pastries and the tail?”

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11 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:56 pm

Like a snake bite Kairi hand would snap up taking the offer food before letting out a happy giggle. "Oh, you have no idea how much these things are like a drug to me." She said taking a big bite of it. "Oh my gawwwwwd! This is what happiness tastes like!"

Like that the girl was in glee as she let go of the tail and floated higher till she was above the girl. With a swing of her body Kairi would face her upside down with a smile. "Well, you're taking this a lot better than most. The last person who saw me like this called Ghost Hunters after me." She said with a laugh thinking back on it and the look on everyone's face. Oh good times.

It was only then that she remembers she was asked a question. Feeling a little embarrassed she could feel the her cheek changing a slight color as she let out a small laugh. "Sorry about that. I do that a lot. Did the same thing with another girl a few days back. She got super pissed at me." With that she would eat the last bit of her food before spinning sideways in the air to lay down. "The tail is really nice. I always been a bit jelly of others with the tails and what not. All I got is this sickly color skin and some pointed ears and teeth." She ended giving the girl a fangy smile. "Oh, it might be too late for it, but I'm Kairi, nice to meet'ca"

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12 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Fri Mar 04, 2016 12:40 am

Raziel Mirandale
Well this girl would be disappointed to know that the baker of her favorite pastries was dead, but Raziel wouldn't be the one to break that news. “Yeah well, Honestly I've seen plenty of things so a floating, vampire? Person doesn't really surprise me at this point.” Hell Aka'Ken was a talking sword, so why not a floating person?

“Well I don't mid sharing my assets,” Raziel said swishing her tail and swiveling her ears, “Those are some sharp fangs.” If one knew nothing about the universe they might mistake her for a vampire from the fangs and skin tone. Most probably she was some form of Faunus, unless vampires actually did exist.

“Well then, Kairi, I'm Raziel. It's a pleasure to meet you,” Raziel said holding out another pastry for the floating girl. Might as well get em well they still exist right? Supply was going to be suffering a shortage soon.

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13 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:48 pm

"So you don't say. Well, that's a bit boring." She said while laying in the air. She always enjoyed other reaction to her vampire features. Some called her a ghost, others a real life vampire. Hell, she made a career out of it back when she was known as the Vamp queen in her band. "Most never really guess I'm Faunus since, well, I'm so plan looking compared to others."

With Raziel agrees the share her goodies Kairi quickly perk up spinning happily in place. Even giving another wide grin. "All the better to eat you with!" She said talking more toward the food than the fox. Thankfully, she took the pastry before munching on it. "So...*munch munch* what bring you out into the realm of ghost and vampire this night."

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14 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:09 pm

Raziel Mirandale
"Well my apologies of my reaction didn't live up to your reputation. I've run into some rather strange looking Faunus in my time so at this point I just assume a strange looking person is some form of Faunus,” Raziel said giving the floating girl a shrug.

Raziel laughed at Kairi's fairy tale reference. “What am I...” Raziel paused. Damn, now she had to come up with a lie to tell the floating Faunus. Couldn't tell her Oh I just got done murdering the guy who makes the pastries because he was a deserter from the White Fang. “Well I was just out and about, and got me some pastries. Though I think that a may have grabbed too many to eat for myself,” Raziel said hefting the rest of the pasties, “So I guess it was a good thing I ran into you, so that I can get the rest of these eaten. Got to keep up my slim figure.”

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15 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:02 pm

Giving her own shrug to the fox Kairi couldn't blame her for fulfilling her own little fun. Soon or later she would have met someone like this. "It's cool. Though I have to say I'm a bit jelly of others like yourself. Big fluffy tail and ears." Eating the last bit Kairi would follow with a sigh. "My mother has these big beautiful wings and ears. However, I took more after my father. Oh well tiz the way of life and all that jazz."

With that Kairi would slowly begin to drift around Raziel as if being blown by the wind. However, at the girl words her ear suddenly grew serious while watching the girl. "I don't believe that!" She said coldly as she reaches the back side of the girl. Suddenly she would fly around making a complete circle and grabbing another pastries. "That place suuuuck! I have been asking for weeks for them to sell these at night! Even offer them triple the price." Puffing up her cheeks, she almost didn't want to eat anymore now thinking about it all. But in the end couldn't stop herself.

With a soft giggle at the fox's words about staying slim Kairi would grab another tossing it up and catching it. "Sucks to be you then. I can get these all day long without fear." Said taking a bite out of one. "It's the floating. Burns calories like you won't believe."

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16 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:39 pm

Raziel Mirandale
Kairi's face went stone cold. She didn't believe Raziel's story. Outwardly Raziel remained calm, though on the inside she was ready for a fight. “Well the owner may have owed me a favor or two, and so I was able to get these pretty late,” Raziel said with pure confidence in her voice. If this didn't work then things could go south quickly.

“Yeah I can imagine it would,” Raziel said to Kairi's floating comment. Though in actuality Raziel wouldn't need to worry about it. The fuel for her super strength had to come from somewhere. Raziel yawned widely, man she was tired. The drawbacks of leading a double life. Had to keep up appearances during the day, and had to work for the Fang at night. Just great. “So then, miss vampire, you told me why you were out and about this late, but not why in this general direction, if you want some company I can join you. I haven't really anything to do.”

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17 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Tue Mar 15, 2016 9:38 pm

"Lucky" Was all she said to the girl about the shop. There wasn't much she could really do about it more than this and she was getting free food so in the end all was good. "Oh well. Not like I can do anything about it." She said as slowly floated around. It was as if the wind itself was gently pushing her about.

On being called a vampire she quickly grin wide at the girl drawing a bit closer, but no too close. "Oh, I'm just out looking for a bite." Truth be told, she didn't really have plans at all. With the original plans falling through she now found herself without a goal or plan. "Beside Miss Foxy it don't look like the night life agrees with you. With all that yawning and all."

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18 Re: No rest for the wicked (private: Kairi) on Wed Mar 16, 2016 6:13 pm

Raziel Mirandale
This girls seemed to float about like a leaf on the wind. Now where had she heard that one before? Ah, oh well it wasn't important. The point was that this girl floated with the grace of a... floating thingy that's graceful. Raziel almost slapped herself for such a bad metaphor. “A bite to eat? I hope you realize the genius behind that statement,” Raziel said. After all a vampire, looking for a bite to eat, hilarious.

At the mention of yawning Raziel yawned widely. “Oh believe you me, the night and myself agree quite well, it's the whole having to be awake during the day that doesn't agree with me,” Raziel said as she let out another yawn. Raziel stopped in thought. No it couldn't be... could it? “Wait when you say bite to eat do you mean...?” Raziel asked not saying what she implied. Did this girl actually drink blood?

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