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Nighttime Jam Session [PV Erin/Kairi/Noire]

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1 Nighttime Jam Session [PV Erin/Kairi/Noire] on Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:14 pm


The night is awesome. There’s no other way to say it. For someone who is always energetic, bouncing off of walls and just being an annoyingly hype person all the time, the night is pretty soothing. It’s fascinating, really. Jet could stand and just look around for a long time when normally he can’t stay in place more than five minutes… so yeah, at night? He can probably stay in place ten minutes! What an improvement!

Everything is clear at night. He can see far and as clearly as 2 feet in front of him. It is something he can’t have at any other time and he loves it. So, he always sneaks out at night, and this night wasn’t any different. Out the window, into the courtyard and onward to wherever. He never really knows where he’ll go or what he’ll do, he always just walk around and stops at the first thing that catches his attention. Coincidentally, the music room is always very close to his dorm so he tends to end up there half the time.

That night was one of those night. With his semblance, he worked the lock on the door and opened it. He didn’t bother with the light, he sees better without it. So in total darkness, he walked to the piano in the corner and placed his sunglasses on top of it. If the night had a soothing effect on him, playing piano was probably the only thing that really calmed him down completely… most of the time. Placing his fingers on the keys, he closed his eyes and started playing whatever came to his mind first. Tonight, he started with a pretty slow melody from some pianist that nobody knows, Chopan or something like this… Still, it was night and it was a Nocturne, so it felt appropriate to him.

He was too absorbed to be aware of his surroundings, so should anyone enter he wouldn’t realise, unless they suddenly opened the lights… that would be quite the wake-up call considering he didn’t have his glasses on. But for now, he was alone with a piano and there was nothing else that mattered.

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