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Monstrous Morning (Open)

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1 Monstrous Morning (Open) on Fri Mar 04, 2016 5:22 pm

Footsteps, dampened by a fur coating, gracefully scuttled across the concrete  courtyard. The being they were attached to specifically avoided the grassy patches, hoping not to dirty her shoe-less feet this early in the day. "MuHuHuhuuu~ What a lovely morning."

She gently drifted her way toward the wall, looking out over the forest bellow. The sun was just now rising, a pink-orange hue garbing the clouds as they hung in place; waiting for the day's activities to begin. The woman gently shrugged off her brown leather bag, removing from it a sizable flask with a blue-green tartan pattern. With a slight coo she pour herself a cupful, knowing there was around enough for three more. One at break, one at lunch and one just before she left the academy for the day.

She closed her eyes, briefly excusing herself from the breathtaking view. She couldn't believe most first days at the academy went like this; showing up before six in order to travel without being encumbered by people blocking those awful doorways, and as such she felt it was rather special. She did however ponder whether she would have to go unguided for the rest of her early academy tour.

Finishing her early morning brew she sealed the flask with it's two-in-one cup-lid and lent her human elbows on the wall; staring out at the sunset. The skyline was still, was that a sign of good things to come? Or the calm before a storm?

She delicately chuckled to herself, knowing fine well that storms could bring good regardless of the chaos that accompanied them. She stretched each of her spider legs, from front to back, two at a time as she let out an airy sigh.

The gentle ticking of her broach resounded throughout the courtyard.

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2 Re: Monstrous Morning (Open) on Fri Mar 04, 2016 6:38 pm

Why on Remnant had Saffron decided to get up this early. His first class wasn't until the afternoon. Hell the sun wasn't even fully up. It looked picturesque though, a philosopher would normally try to come up with something to say about this. Saffron was far too tired to come up with such a thought. Why had he gotten up this early? Papers that's right he had a tests to make. Great. This was his favorite, not, part of being a teacher.

To relax himself Saffron pulled out one of his home made cigarettes and placed it in his mouth. With his semblance he created a small flame at the tip to light it. To get it going he took one long inhale of the tobacco smoke. Immediately Saffron began to feel calmer. Smoking sucked, but it could be nice, helped him think. He could feel the philosopher inside him coming out. The sun dawns on a new day, and with it comes new opportunities and new...

What was that? The sight before Saffron was by far not what he had expected to see this morning or any morning for that matter. What stood before him looked much like a drider from some fantasy novel. Her lower body was that of an arachnid while the upper portion was decidedly human looking. She must have been a Faunus, of some kind. Oh well, stranger things have happened. “Morning,” Saffron said approaching the spider woman.

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3 Re: Monstrous Morning (Open) on Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:25 pm

The soft orange glow of the sun was only finally breaking through the clouds of the rosy pink sky above as Scott wandered the grounds of the Syne courtyard, the Atlesian transfer student went from concrete walkway to grassy lawn and back again as he explored his new home before his classes began later in the day. Wearing the traditional Syne uniform with his sword sheathed at the back of his waist Scott stopped his exploring to enjoy the break of dawn happening before him.

Witnessing the bit of everyday magic taking place Scott let his thoughts trail as to how he had come to be here in this new Academy. Transferring from Atlas to Bellmuse Island had only seemed like a natural course to Scott after his experiences back home, the man could only hope that he could find acceptance in this new place as easily as he had in Atlas.

Pulled from his musing by a soft smell of warm drink Scott decided to search out the comfortable sensory trigger, after all Scott had yet to see another student yet this morning do to his early waking. A condition brought about by the time difference between Bellmuse and Atlas. During Scott's search a sound gently accompanied the smell, a soft tinkling of metal that drifted through the air in a calming fashion.

Turning a corner in the courtyard Scott was gifted with the sight of not one, but two individuals. The taller of the two was a older looking man smoking a cigarette on school grounds, Atlas Academy would have never allowed such a break in discipline; but Scott reminded himself that this was a new place and choose to ignore the mans actions. The shorter of the two was a pretty woman from what Scott could tell only catching a glimpse of the side of her face, it took the man a lingering moment to let his gaze trail down enough to notice the large spidery half of the woman, her body seemed almost directly divided at the waist separating her human portions from her faunus ones.

The sight was something Scott had never seen before, a faunus with such a drastic characteristic trait of their animal side. instead of disgust or shock however Scott found the sight to be amazing, this woman was a living embodiment of why Scott had chosen to leave Atlas; the chance to meet new people and see new places. Straightening out his uniform Scott openly walked up to the pair, in Atlas people were taught to make acquaintance in a very direct fashion. "Hello, how are your mornings going?" he asked a bright smile lighting his features.

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4 Re: Monstrous Morning (Open) on Sat Mar 05, 2016 9:12 am

"Good morning and good morning, it is going pleasantly," The spider faunus gracefully nodded, grateful that what little wind there was put her upwind from the man's smoke rather than downwind from it. Smoking was fine, but she didn't want the smell to linger in her fur for hours on end. "My name is Charlotte Monochrome, I believe I would be correct in assuming you two are students or staff? It is my first time here, outside my application of course."

She raised herself from the wall to get a better look at her two new compatriots. Neither were obvious faunus but she knew most traits were hidden far better than her own. Pant legs could hide tails and fingernails conceal claws. If such was the case they were quite fortunate in their traits.

She didn't see it as likely that either of their slightly shaggy blonde heads housed ears, certainly no horns. As for tails she didn't exactly have the best view of the two.

Suddenly aware of her size she let out a gentle, "Ah, perhaps I am blocking the view. Please excuse me." Before slowly backing up, legs working well together, "Yes, that's better, now; will you share your names and what you do? I believe it would be best that I got to know as many people as I can as well as I can during my time here."

"That way I know what and whom to expect in what classes and how to support people best while hunting. I hope I can take some lessons with, or be taught by, both of you," She smiled, closing her eyes briefly, "I'm here to improve my medical applications in the field, I heard that there is quite the calling for huntsmen and huntresses who can provide healing services for hunts. I'm rather proficient as a healer but, as a result, my fighting skills are rather sub-par. My healthy practices and training regiment do make it so that I can endure damage better than most, both from the likes of Grimm and dust based."

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5 Re: Monstrous Morning (Open) on Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:57 pm

A new person approached as Saffron did, and luckily this person didn't freak out. It was too early to try and calm someone down. “Quite well,” Saffron responded to the newcomer, “And yourself?”

Well this Faunus, apparently named Charlotte Monochrome, was definitely long winded and very polite. Saffron could understand that, being a teacher he knew a thing or two about speaking in length. As she continued to speak Saffron simply waited and listened while continuing to smoke.

“Well it's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Monochrome. Names Saffron May. I'm glad to hear we heave people here interested in more than just fighting. Combat isn't everything,” Saffron said taking a long puff on his cigarette, being sure to turn away before exhaling the smoke. He knew not everyone cared for smoking, but it was still rude to blow smoke in someone's direction. “I happen to be a teacher here, though you may find the subject I teach rather boring, I know plenty of students here do. I teach Philosophy.”

In truth, most student's probably hated his class, but that didn't mean he would stop teaching it. Teaching was his passion and we was not about to let a few grumbling students stop him from educating them. Saffron removed his sunglasses and cleaned them off using the scarf around his neck. As he did his eyes moved to squint. Damn even if it was only the morning it was too bright out for him without these things on.

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6 Re: Monstrous Morning (Open) on Sat Mar 05, 2016 8:22 pm

With fortune both individuals greeted Scott with a polite return of his hello, the man even worked up the effort to return the question about his morning to the young warrior. His head nodding while he spoke Scott quickly interjected his reply, "Quite well as well thank you." he said before the woman, Charlotte asked if both her new greeters were students or staff.

Pulling away from the wall Charlotte gave quite a greeting as she stood tall on her many legs, her eyes scanning Scott and the professor up and down for details while she spoke. Scott wasn't quite sue what the woman was looking for during her examination but she made no attempt to reach out for the warrior so Scott took the look in stride. After a moment Charlotte seemed to catch herself in her own actions as she took a step back and offered a honest apology for blocking the two men's view of the sky behind her.

Nodding his head and waving a hand before his chest in acceptance of Charlotte's actions, Scott was however beaten to speaking by the professor standing across from him. Saffron May, the man introduced himself as the academy's philosophy instructor. Scott wasn't particularly surprised to learn the older man was definitely a teacher as he was by his curriculum. Atlas academy also offered a philosophy course, but it was restricted to military philosophy.

Suddenly left with the opportunity to speak Scott rushed to fill the silence hoping he didn't come off as to eager in their conversation. "My name is Scott, Scott Cashew. I'm a recent transfer from Atlas." Scott said cheerfully, he had thought of offering his hand for a shake as was the way back home; normally however Scott wasn't introducing himself to more than one person at a time. Hesitating only slightly Scott reached his right hand out half way toward Charlotte in a attempt of a handshake, Atlas customs indicated the highest ranking official be greeted last meaning Professor May would have to be greeted second.

"I'll be honest, I am little more than a soldier so I really only bring combative talents to the team. However I hope that is not all you manage to get from knowing me." Scott added with a small awkward chuckle.

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7 Re: Monstrous Morning (Open) on Sat Mar 05, 2016 9:04 pm

The spider woman briefly extended her hand to the man to daintily shake it before releasing, though found his grip far stronger than her own. This was to be expected of course, coming from an Atlesian soldier but she couldn't help pondering why one would be here. Perhaps removed for faunus heritage? That was were the Schnee family hid after all, abuse must run rampant. Regardless, it mattered little.

"I am certainly glad to hear that not all of the courses rely on brute strength alone Professor May... or would you prefer Mister, Doctor or some other title?" She delicatly questioned, not wishing to offend the first teacher she had met, "And I will be sure not to take you for face value Scott, if you were chosen to be transferred here you must be highly skilled; even if you believe it only to be in your combative skills. Atlas certainly wouldn't send some rookie of sorts to represent them,"She smiled once more, clasping her more normal hands before herself.

"I suppose it is fortunate I met two nice men so early on, I didn't want my opinion of the Academy soured by those with a greater paranoia when it comes to those of my sort," She let out a slight sigh, "The walk through Bellemuse central is often troublesome as it is, Ah, I am fortunate to have found a place of tolerance and solace. Please do not let my words ruin such a beautiful morning."

She quickly returned her face to it's lightly smiling state, hands still clasped before herself, "I do however believe I am quite the rarity to this, if not most, hunting academies. Arriving without even a single piece of equipment to my name. Weaponless, Armorless and Dustless... I do hope that won't be much of a problem."

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8 Re: Monstrous Morning (Open) on Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:21 pm

The newcomer, having named himself as Scott cashew, put out a hand to shake at Charlotte. “Oh no, it's just Professor May, or just M,” Saffron responded to Chartlotte's question. She sure was polite. As she continued to speak, Saffron noticed that his cigarette was getting to its end. He dropped it from his mouth and as it tumbled to the ground he began to glow ever so slightly. As he did what was left of the cigarette burst into flames until it was all but nothing.

“I can imagine that a walk through town could be troublesome,” Saffron said internally laughing, not at the predicament of the Faunus before him, but a the shear hilarity of the stupid looks on peoples faces that he imagined on the passerby's, “No equipment won't be much of a problem, as far as I see it, some teachers may disagree though. Particularly the combat teachers.”

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9 Re: Monstrous Morning (Open) on Tue Mar 08, 2016 7:37 pm

Char;otte took Scott's hand in her own as they shook in proper greeting, Scott was surprised to learn that Charlotte possessed a soft, dainty grip. It was the hand one would expect of a young country woman, not a huntress. It did occur to Scott however that he may have over judged his expectations of Charlotte do to her clear Faunus attributes. The realization made Scott secretly wonder if his Atlesian upbringing had given him racist tendencies? Scott didn't believe himself to be racist, and he felt no ill will towards Charlotte, but the man also knew Atlas wasn't the best place in the world to be a Faunus.

"Thank you Charlotte, I truly hope what you say is true." Scott replied before the woman mentioned her troubled walks in Bellmuse, their hands parting from their earlier shake. When the faunus girl reached a the part in her tale about troubles around town Scott felt a uncomfortable sinking in his chest, was this how the Faunus in Atlas felt?

Turning to Professor May, or M as the man explained calmly Scott offered his hand in greeting to the smoker as well, his action was cut off by the small display of power May put on to burn away his cigarette butt. The effect was most useful in keeping litter to a minimum, but Scott was shocked to see such a blatant display of ability. Professor May either was a astounding practitioner of fire dust or possessed a semblance linked to flame control. Atlas academy strongly believed a persons abilities were best hidden until they could reap the most effect, Syne academy was going to be a interesting place. "Good to meet you as well Professor May, hopefully none of those teachers will judge Charlotte to poorly for lacking equipment." Scott said fully extending his hand again. "If you ever want help in purchasing a weapon or armor I would be glad to accompany you Ms. Monochrome."

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10 Re: Monstrous Morning (Open) on Thu Mar 10, 2016 12:54 pm

"I would never lie dear Scott," Charlotte smiled, ""Why would I ever?".

Charlotte took a step backward for safety as Professor May's cigarette was combusted. It was a good thing to make note of, should she ever have to hunt alongside him then she knew that odds are she wouldn't have to handle burns of any sort. Perhaps electrical, but the odds on them occurring in a hunt outside the city was pretty unlikely.

"Oh no my dear, I hope to avoid weapons entirely; what with the medical vow and all. I don't want to risk catching someone in my line of fire or reeling a sword backward into someone. I just can't bear the thought," The large faunus informed him, "I'm grateful for the offer of course, and I would take you up on it in regard to the armour were I not already so physically defensive. Despite what little combat training I've done I'm able to take a fair beating, that and my semblance are probably the only reasons I got in to this School."

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11 Re: Monstrous Morning (Open) on Mon Mar 14, 2016 11:25 pm

Saffron took Scott's hand and shook it not weakly, but definitely not as strong as Scott himself. “Hopefully, I have found that the faculty here can be rather open minded, some of the students not as much,” Saffron said with a large sigh. If there was one thing he actually hated, it was people who were closed minded, those not willing to see something from another view. And most of the time racism was a side effect of close mindedness.

“I have to say, it is nice to see people coming here who are not only focused on the combat aspect,” Saffron said to Charlotte, “There is so much more to being a huntress than fighting. Take me for example. I can't use a sword to save my life, and while I am adequate with dust I am nothing special. And Yet here I am, teaching others how to be huntsmen and huntresses.”

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