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Woodwind in Finnek(Read Description)

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1 Woodwind in Finnek(Read Description) on Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:32 pm

Grassy knolls were hardly the best terrain for legs like hers, regardless eight shoe-less stub feet trudge onward through the dark frost blue forest. The budding blue shoots and blooming blew flowers matched the blue in the wandering woman's dress. She arrived at the place, hamper having been place in the center of her elongated back.

With a delicate smile she swiftly removed it, beginning to set things up in the clearing. The area was perfect, strong oak trees surrounded three quarters of a single small stump in the center. The other quarter was left open, but concealed well by thinner trees from the next line of the forest. The stump in the center worked perfectly as a table... least she assumed the height was right, her sitting height wasn't quite the same as other people's. Setting the basket to her side she pulled out the main blanket for the table, a tartan of dark red and green. She then pulled out the additional blanket for her to sit on, laying it at the opposite end to the entrance. The center stump had a good sixty centimeter radius, the large blanket barely touching the ground over the massive piece of wood.

She then began to pull forth the foods from her basket, first a cling-filmed plate of sandwiches (Cheese, Prawn, Ham, Blackcurrant Jam and Marmalade on White or brown bread. Cut into quarter triangles) and set it in the very center. She then raised up a teapot, snug in a good quality tea cozy to keep it warm. She then raised five empty, plain, white mugs and saucers. A matching bowl full of brown sugar cubes and a pouring glass of milk.

Then came the final puzzle pieces. Setting fourth five bowls and soup spoons she then raised two further large flasks, one marked chicken soup and the other marked tomato soup. Se was not quite certain whether to expect herbivorous faunus or carnivorous faunus and so she didn't want to leave either party without something they could enjoy. She knew all too well of the faux pas of incorrect meals, having had flies thrust toward her before.

She did hope she'd set the clues well enough, they were certainly hidden well enough from those less attentive. On the right wall of the furthest left stall in the girl's first floor bathroom she had left a little spider web. Hidden beneath said web, written in a pen which ink was easily removed, were the words; "Woodwind Finnek 2's Day @ 2" With emphasis placed on both the W and the F, the initials of an organisation who were only doing the right thing, and with the aid of some small handwriting the correct day of a group's meet up was revealed. Of course, she had set up some other minor decoy webs in the bathroom to make it more likely look like the placing of a genuine spider's web.

She had done this elsewhere to of course. On the last airship of a night before many students had tests, in the middle of the girl's dormitories, at the edge of the men's, on some of the more sought after tomes in the library and even in the corner of a lecture hall. She'd thought she'd set the pieces well, now it was time for the lure.

She poured herself a cup of tea in anticipation, three sugars and a splash of milk. She wouldn't touch it until at least one person arrived. She set the hamper at the door before taking her place on her deep red blanket. The Murderous Medic raised a long wooden flute to her lips, using her ticking broach as a metronome, and began to blow a simple tune. The sound of which cut through most of the lazy afternoon forest sounds, audible to most but likely most easily tracked by faunus with an additional set of ears.

Description if missed:

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2 Re: Woodwind in Finnek(Read Description) on Tue Mar 08, 2016 5:13 pm

It was a calm and relaxing morning. Jessica had slept like a log all nice and was fully rested and ready to begin a day that she had planned to train. With a recent accident with her weapon, she couldn't use it at its full potential so she had to make up for that by training with its current condition until it was fixed. With that in mind, Jess stood up from her bed, dressed herself, picked up her bat and decided that she'd go outside to train. It seemed like a good day to be out anyway. Although, she made a little detour to pass by the cafeteria in order to grab a small bite before she would head out.


Or rather it was the plan. As Jess walked near an open window on her way to the cafeteria, she could feel a lot of static in the air outside. It caused the white fox to run immediately outside, forgetting to eat and train as she just went after the static. Sure you could say that static can't be situated precisely, but Jess could feel and follow the strongest parts of a static field without issue. Call that an affinity with electricity.

Jessica ran around the school, then near the school's gate, then towards the forest and after about a couple of hours, 5 hours to be exact, she found herself in the middle of the woods as the static field disappeared. It took her a little while to understand that she lost all her time running after sparks before she sighed to herself.

But at least she wasn't alone in the bluish forest. It didn't took long for the silver fox to ear a melody breaking the silence of the woods. A flute, further in the distance was playing a simple yet beautiful song that easily caught Jess' attention. She began to follow the sound and through the branches and the trees, she met her. Jess stood there in awe in front of this beautiful person that was half-spider half-human, clearly a faunus of the rarest kind. About 20 meters were separating the two, the fox unable to move by her great surprise. She couldn't avert her gaze and would have stayed like that for hours if her stomach didn't decided to be the first to say hello.

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3 Re: Woodwind in Finnek(Read Description) on Tue Mar 08, 2016 6:44 pm

Blue eyes gently opened upon hearing the some form of internal disturbance. Initially the faunus woman internally scolded her own lack of patience, this meal was for all the members that found the message. Not just her. However, she quickly noticed the white haired woman before her, closing her eyes with a smile and clasping her hands around her flute.

"Ah, Welcome. Are you hear for the Woodwind in Finnek? Or a simple passerby?" The eight legged woman quickly noted the girl's ears, "Well, regardless of that, feel free to join me at the table. Your stomach says you should, though I understand if you're a little intimidated. This is rather abnormal, I suppose. Impromptu picnics alone aren't something I often do, I assure you. MuHuHu~"

Charlotte quickly unraveled the wrapping around the sandwiches and poured tea into the cup at the opposite side of the table to her, then pushing the sugar bowl and milk jug toward her end.

"I am Charlotte Monochrome, a student from Syne Academy who primarily aims to focus on treating the wounded. I am unarmed and totally harmless," She continued, her beaming smile lingering as she finally allowed herself a single sip of tea. This cup had gotten a little cold but it would be a waste to leave it unfinished. She simply added another sugar cube, stirring it with her teaspoon.

"I am afraid I'll have to put some music on so as to draw others here, I hope that's not too rude... please, I have good ears so do not worry about having to speak up too much. Not as if it's particularly loud music regardless," Charlotte reached into her hamper, retrieving her scroll and setting it on the stump; tuning it's radio application briefly before finding what she desired. In preparation she had timed today's festivities in relation to a woodwind concert that would last a good few hours.

"So, would you like to share your name?"

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4 Re: Woodwind in Finnek(Read Description) on Thu Mar 10, 2016 1:03 am

Jessica stood there for a moment, staring at the woman in all her glory. She openly invite the fox to join her, even though they didn't know each other. The woman, who introduced herself as Charlotte, looked so calm and peaceful that there was no way for Jess to feel intimidated by her, especially since she was a spider. She had the girl's total trust, for better or worse.

Jess slowly approached and sat across the spider lady, gladly accepting a cup of tea. As the music that Charlotte chose started to play, she also asked the fox to reveal her name. "Oh erm... sorry, I think I just got lost in thoughts while looking at you this whole time. I mean, wow, you're so pretty. My name is Jessica by the way, Jessica Leblanc and it's nice to meet you. As for why I'm here... erm... I guess we could say that I got lost. I was following static until I lost track of it, then followed the beautiful melody you were playing." Jess then stretched toward the sandwiches plate and grabbed one before taking a bite from it, letting go of a humming sound of delight. She then took a sip of tea before letting go this time a sigh of satisfaction. "This whole static hunting made me forgot to eat this morning, I'm really glad I found you here. Erm... what were you doing here alone in the woods by the way? Isn't it dangerous with Grimms roaming around here?"

Jess was indeed curious as to why Charlotte was here as she really got here by luck and never once saw the hidden messages. At least they would probably get along just fine. Jessica surely won't mind the company of such a pretty specimen.

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5 Re: Woodwind in Finnek(Read Description) on Thu Mar 10, 2016 1:56 pm

Charlotte almost dropped her cup, "M-My word dear, have you lost your glasses? Can you not see what lies before you? While my upper half isn't too ghastly me lower l-leaves a lot to be desired, th-there's no need to lie to make me feel better dearie and sarcasm wouldn't suite you," She steadied herself by taking another sip of tea, now thoroughly curious, "So you're not here for the Woodwind in Finnek? Perhaps I hid the signs too well... Oh, do excuse me. I seem to have distracted myself. I was simply Waiting here for Fun, I had scheduled to meet up with a few people but it would seem they didn't get the message."

Charlotte gave her new compatriot a good looking over, two medium sized white ears with purple coloured tips were the more obvious trait but every so often she would be reminded of a white tail with a similar end to her ears. Such a pretty young girl, as a faunus like that Charlotte had her doubts but tried anyway;

"Most of them were human though so it's not exactly surprising, they probably assumed a trap or trick of sorts. They seem to find it rather hard to trust one like me... Ah well, I'm sure they'll learn to. After all, you did enough to come sit with me," Charlotte looked down into her cup, having learned to feign emotion well she was certain she would be able to fool the newcomer, "You know, sometimes it makes me think the white fang is right to do what they do... humans can be so awful toward us..."

Her head shot up, "O-Oh, don't let me bring sadness to the table dearie. I apologise, I grew quite used to being berated several years ago. Please, let's just enjoy the meal. To new friendship."

She poured another cup of tea, dropped three sugars in it as well as a touch of milk before raising it; pinkie extended, and taking a sip.

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6 Re: Woodwind in Finnek(Read Description) on Sun Mar 13, 2016 5:11 am

Jess frowned as Charlotte dismissed her compliment as some pity talk. She really meant what she said, but it was reasonable to think that not everyone liked spiders the way she did so it would be normal for someone that has her lower body being like one be negative about it. Still, Jess wouldn't let some, or rather a lot, of hate or fear guide her taste. "No I really mean it, I really think that you're pretty. The patterns on your whole body is superb and even for a spider body, you look so slim, it's marvelous. And you look so fuzzy and plushy, I just wanna hug you!" Jess then blinked for a second before calming down and taking a sip of her tea with a small embarrassed blush on her face. "S-sorry... I got carried away... I must look so weird to you right now..." She then giggled when she realized something while thinking about Charlotte's fuzzy legs. "You're lucky, at least you don't have to shave them~"

Charlotte then went on by mentioning that she was waiting here for some friend of hers. What stroke Jess as weird was that she called them "friends" but then said that it wasn't surprising that they didn't show up yet because they were humans. When they're your friends, it doesn't matter if they're human or not, right? Friends don't fear each other, not in Jess' book. The spider lady then mentioned the White Fang, words that caused the fox's ears to twitch in attention as her gaze toward the woman changed. She became suddenly curious about what Charlotte thought of the White Fang, being a member herself. "Some say that the White Fang is not even helping, that they're brutes without regards to other faunus. What do you think, are they all like that or are those false rumors?" She asked before taking another sip of her tea and a bite from her sandwich.

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7 Re: Woodwind in Finnek(Read Description) on Sun Mar 13, 2016 7:34 am

Scarlet colouration returned to Charlotte's face, multiplied tenfold. She quickly plucked a sandwich, the type didn't matter, and began to delicately nibble in an attempt to distract herself from the adorably naive girl before her. It turned out she had lifted a jam piece on white bred, she gently set it down and took a sip of her tea.

"M-My dear, h-have you ever even seen another spider faunus before? I believe us to be quite the uncommon type, I myself have n-never seen another save for myself. E-Even if I don't have to shave my legs I still have to shave my arms and such... though, I don't really like exposing them so I suppose I have no real reason to."

She raised a fist to her mouth, shuddering slightly in her redness, "Regardless my dear, a body like yours will always be viewed with more favor by society. You must either work incredibly hard or be rather fortunate. Muhuhu~"

Redness dying down she began to address the girl's final question. Was this a test?... Or was Jessica genuinely curious of her opinion on the organisation? She decided the best answer would be a relatively neutral one with a positive spin, "Well, every organisation has their bad eggs. It's unavoidable that some would join for the chance to pain others and nothing more. I do believe them to be a far smaller percentage of the total group than those who wish to help, regardless of what it takes to do it. I think it's best compared to fully fledged hunters. Of course some will abuse their power, but far more do good with it."

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8 Re: Woodwind in Finnek(Read Description) on Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:38 pm

Jess giggled at Charlotte's reaction to the compliment. It was clear that she wasn't used to get those very often and the thought saddened the fox. Why would anyone hate or fear such a unique and beautiful creature? Life was a cruel fate sometimes. It was clear that by the way the spider lady reacted that she was a sweet person, and judging her for her appearance was a grave mistake coming from anybody.

Jess blushed slightly as well when Charlotte complimented her back, but she would return the ball once again. Would this be a tennis game of compliment? "Well, thank you but you don't know how boring it is to simply look like I do. I mean, I guess I'm pretty, but I never did anything to deserve this appearance and I get compliments, while you on the other hand have a uniqueness that makes me jealous. I wish I had some unique trait, but I'm just another fox faunus among others. Nothing noticeable really."

As Jess finished her cup of tea, she handed over her cup for seconds with a warm smile before continuing on the topic of the White Fang."It's true, there's good and evil everywhere with gray areas that blend and connect the two extremes. Surely the White Fangs are among those gray zone, like the Huntsmen and in a way, isn't it both their mission to defend those in need?" Jess raised an eyebrow as she asked her question, wondering if the implied similarity would get something from Charlotte.

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9 Re: Woodwind in Finnek(Read Description) on Mon Mar 14, 2016 7:43 pm

Redness once-more covered the spider faunus face, she looked her new compatriot in the eye; "My dear... even if you think that, as lovely and flattering as it is of you to say, the grand majority of the population views me as either a monster, someone to pity or a freak-show to laugh at. Now please, enough about me. What about you dear? You claim you did nothing for your looks yet have shown to me to be polite and kindhearted, my friend - if I can call you so- you are well deserving of your pretty appearance. Being unique is more a curse than you believe it to be."

She raised the cup to her lips once more, cooling off her red face in the hot drink; "As for my say on the white fang, I would same that morally they're slightly less on the grey side than huntsmen and huntresses. Not all of the white fang are super powerful, some are just everyday civilians that are tired of being mistreated. These such people are doing it for their own good, not for reward nor because they like to do it. I'm sure some even hate what they've had to do to humans, but they themselves have suffered."

"It's not as though they're getting paid much to do it, I'd assume, the pay comes in the form of safe feelings and a bond you can share with others. They're not imposing power over an area for pay, it's for the comfort of their family," She concluded with a smile, "Well, that's my view. How about yours? Don't worry, I won't mind too much and I understand if you disagree."

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10 Re: Woodwind in Finnek(Read Description) on Mon Mar 14, 2016 11:06 pm

Jess giggled as she watched Charlotte react once more to her compliment. It was something that the fox sure had fun with: embarrassing people, but only in a good way. She wouldn't embarrass someone by revealing a secret or anything mean. Just by compliments and praises. It was one of the little good things she loved doing, both for herself and others. But she understood why the spider woman wasn't believing her, even if she was flattered nonetheless. "Well, it seemed like we won't be agreeing on this my friend..." She gave a wink and a smile to Charlotte to share her approval to see each other as friend before continuing. "...seems like I'd rather be more unique while you'd wish to blend more. Maybe we would have been better in each other's body, but maybe it was fate that decided to bring us together and have this talk. That is, if you believe in fate. Anyway, whatever others will think of you, know that I'll be there to say just how pretty you are~" Jess then gave another warm innocent smile full of sincerity to her new friend. She was glad that she was distracted by this static field earlier.

Jess listened carefully to what Charlotte had to say on the White Fang. It made her smile to see that both of them seemed to believe that it was the different members that made the White Fang what they are and not the group that made the individuals. The fox even let go of a relieved sigh as she feared that because she was with the White Fang that it necessarily meant that she was some bad guy, or girl, like they were depicted on the news. Okay sure, some of her past actions could have been said way overboard, borderline terrorist-like, but sometimes the best option is the worse one to make.

The fox then looked upward thinking for a moment before bringing her head back down. "My opinion on them? Well, each members must have there reasons, so I guess I can't really base an opinion on each and single member of the White Fang unless i meet them, right? Maybe if you'd give me an example I could share my opinion on that, how about it?"

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11 Re: Woodwind in Finnek(Read Description) on Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:36 pm

"I think you'd learn to hate doors with a body like mine dear, MuHuhuhuuh~" Charlotte blushed, jokingly waving her off. She finished her current sandwich and then, bearing in mind that the woman adjacent to her was a fox faunus, opened up the chicken soup. Opening the flask she poured herself a cup of chicken soup, opting to leave it open so as to let her friend reach it without the hassle of fumbling with the clasp.

She took a sip of it, thinking to herself; "An example hm? Well, say I was in the White Fang. It'd make sense that I'd be willing to do what's best for all faunus as one of the faunus most easily picked on for their traits. Unlike ears, claws and tails I cannot hide mine. I must embrace it, even if it means others abuse me for it. As such, to go to the group for both protection and to make change would be sensible. Granted, with my studies at the academy I'm not sure how much time I'd have to put into that," She made up the last part, just in case her new friend was secretly a member of the police or changed her opinion on the white fang, "And it also makes sense that other sufferers would want to help me to different degrees. Be it simply accompanying me to School or fighting those who did try to abuse me, different people fit different places on the scale."

"But others who just slaughter for fun, of course that is not quite as good. It's about enforcing equality, not simply shifting the balance to the other end of the spectrum," She took another sip, closing her eyes slightly.

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