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You walk into a dark alleyway. To flee in terror, turn to page 20. To delve deeper, continue reading. [Gricelda/Molly, Private]

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Molly Jones
Lively conversation drifted out of an open second-story window, one from which music sounded out too. The light coming out of that square illuminated this alleyway just a little, trying its level best to make up for all the broken lampposts. Bellowing laughter sounded out from above, starkly contrasting the decrepit nature of the road below. Down here, the scurrying of rats and the hacking coughs of plagued homeless are the only form of music for ears. Gunshots sometimes echo out into the night, the city's version of howling wolves. Without a doubt, all cities have their own shady underbellies. Seedy, lawless parts that play host to swarms of all things evil. Molly had found Bellmuse's. 

A midnight moon stared wistfully down, its gaze serving as the only apparent witness to what must have been a commonplace scuffle between drunkard and girl. Molly stood with a hand against a balding man's windpipe, pushing him up against a wall. His buddy was sprawled on the ground, clutching in pain a broken and bloody nose. These two drunks had pestered her ever since the moment she exited a hole-in-the-wall pub. She hadn't wanted to resort to violence, choosing at first to push them away along with a fierce glare. Sadly for them, alcohol had numbed these two to fear. When she saw one of them reach a grubby hand out, they had crossed one line too far. Grabbing his wrist and twisting his arm, she brought down an elbow to snap it in half. The guy fell to the ground, screaming in pain. Molly stifled his yells with a kick to the face, breaking his nose with her cyborg foot. 

The second drunk started to panic, floundering about as he tried to run away. Clicking her tongue, she chased after him. These two had pissed her off, and they deserved to be punished for that. Grabbing the man's collar, she pulled him to the ground. Kicking him in the side of his face, she grabbed him up by his hair and slammed him against the wall, holding him in a choke hold with her left hand. He gave out a pitiful squeal. The metal surface of her other hand's fingers slid back, and she brought the blades inches to the drunkard's right eye. They widened in fear, and the man started screaming. His legs started to flail around, frantically trying to escape. Putting more force into her left hand, she choked him till the yelling turned into pitiful shrieks.

"Do something like this ever again, I'll find you, and I'll kill you," growled Molly, staring into the drunk's perverted little eyes. "You god damn lowlife."

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Gricelda Mee
As Molly subdues her perverted assailant, a figure brandishing a hatchet emerges from the shadows of the the allyway.  As the unknown figure strays into the dim luminescence of a nearby lamplight, it reveals itself to be none other than Gricelda Mee who is wearing a devious smirk on her face at the moment.

"Hee... you should just settle for breaking his arm... that will will deliver the proper message. Funny how they claim us to be the animals when cretens such as these act in a more beastly manner than us." muses the wolf faunus as she approaches Molly and the human hooligan.  She looks to the human with great disdain and a look that could cut metal.  When her harsh gaze turns to look to Molly, her facial expression softens as her smiles pleasantly to her.  Gris holsters her weapon onto her backside and crosses her arms as she wears a smug expression on her face.

"You know... when my ears picked up a sound of scuffle... I was just about ready to bash a few heads and protecting those required it most.  But... I guess I shouldn't be so surprised to see you being able to handle yourself in a brawl." States the wolf faunus all so matter-of-factly.

"Hee~  Well I'm glad to see you again Molly.  Didn't think I would meet you again in a dark, dirty allyway like back in the old days but... here we are once again~  Its... really to see you again actually." giggles Gricelda.  She then gives her a welcoming smile and looks at her expectantly, her lupine tail wags happily behind her.

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Molly Jones
Fear gripped the man's heart when the glimmer of the hatchet caught his eye, but then the grip on his neck loosened, and the balls of his feet touched ground once more. Quickly scampering to get out, he ran away, leaving his friend behind. Molly watched with a bored look as the man escaped, but her expression softened when she looked back to Gri, barely giving the other man on the ground any attention at all.

"All these years had made me kind of a tough girl," joked Molly, leaning back against a brick wall. Rummaging through her pockets for a lighter and a smoke, she placed a stick in her mouth and lit it up. Taking a drag, she blew smoke into the air, watching as it dissipated into the night air. "You still don't smoke, right Gri?" she asked, beckoning for her to come closer with a wave of her hand. 

When and if she did so, Molly would gently pet her on the head. She would have smiled softly as she did so, filled with a sense of happiness after having been reunited with a good, close friend. "How's life been treating you? she would ask. "I hope they didn't send you after me to enact some form of punishment for disappearing like that. And.. and I'm sorry for not letting you know beforehand."

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Gricelda Mee
Gricelda fights her urge to give chase to the man. Sure the was probably a nobody not worth bothering with but there was something about the thrill of the chase for her. Gris her best to ignore the humans as she turns her attention back to Molly, a old friend that she hardly expected to be meeting here in Bellmuse of all places.

"Nope. You know me, I like to run so I can't exactly afford to contaminate my lungs with smoke and tar now. I'm not going to tell you how to live your now though. Like you said, your a tough girl?" Gris responds causually, chuckling a little bit at the end.

"Oh... well... dispite recent mishaps that somehow lead me to Bellmuse of all places... I guess I have been doing quite well for myself." says Gricelda, sounding a bit upbeat.

At the mention of Molly implying that he was here to enact a revenge of some sort, her eyes grow wide and waves her hands dismissively to her.

"Wha-wha-what!? No! Course not! Honestly I don't think any of them know that you are here." stammers the wolf girl, looking a bit flustered and maybe even a little hurt that Molly would think that of her.

"I mean, the only reason I here is because... well... I got caught in police ambush and... well... it was I either I complete my training as a huntress here in Bellmuse or spend the next 5 years in a jail cell. I guess you can assume which of the two I ended up picking... heh... " states Gricelda bashfully. It was... kinda embarrassing how she ended up her because some youngling forgot to tie their shoes... literally.

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