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What is 'Social activity'? (Open)

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1 What is 'Social activity'? (Open) on Sun Mar 13, 2016 4:39 pm

It was nice sunset today, the weather was nice and warm with a light breeze, having some clouds on the horizon and above leaving a light feeling that most of the outside classes were going to be held inside tomorrow. Julius was out and about, having left his dorm for the first time in seven days aside for attending classes, rather than keeping himself in captivity, his comfort zone of a forge and a cage. Julius had been released from his daily classes after being informed by his scroll-device, that it was time to finally interact with other students.  

Julius had taken his sweet time getting to the concrete courtyard, taking in the site for the second time, the large fountain which reflected the orange sun, and opposing it was the exit off a cliff where a landing-pad was stationed with a large hover-craft. He had been taking in the sites from the stone columns and marble-like pillars that held up various lights. Very much like a child he would immediately go to one of the walls that kept students from falling down to their inevitable deaths, taking in the view of the blue trees below, and then the clouds and sky which was slowing turning orange above.

It wasn't like Julius actually spent the time to explore the school, he spent the majority of his time here at Syne academy in his dorm, building and creating tiny trinkets and objects that held no actual use in the field or in any of the classes, save for clever distractions of course. Simply hiding behind a closed door like an ugly lad with a bag over his head, Julius wandered around the courtyard at a fast pace before reaching a complete halt.

With the lights on the horizon and the sun setting to the west once again just as it did every day, Julius footsteps across the concrete marble slab ground. It wasn't like he had anything better to do today aside from, well, whatever he was doing right now? . . . Just, inspecting craftsmanship of the place, then. The sun had reached that shade of orange where it was just about to set in the west and leave the academy in the twelve hour darkness. The shifting gears of his mind ready to work far into the night even before the sun sets and the moon comes out. Still in whatever uniform he was assigned upon entering Syne Academy to attend the classes rather than in his traditional battle-outfit and green cape which covered his severed wing-bones. Julius walked towards the fountain at the center of the court-yard.

Julius would take a seat and pull out a small engraved flask from a pocket from inside his jacket-layer of the uniform he was given, cracking it open and taking a swig from the strong liquors within it to relax while watching the sun set. Usually, Julius wasn't the social-type, hardly having any need leaving him very awkward in comparison to the other students, but 'social' activity was a requirement to grow as a person. "Not much of a party going on here. Maybe I can take a short nap..." Julius stated in mutter of a laid back tone, hardly wishing to make his presence known.

Julius would sigh to himself before opening his eyes again, tapping his foot on the stone ring which housed the water of the fountain. The soothing constant flow of water causing him some degree of comfort for the time being.

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