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Alone.... (open for role play)

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1 Alone.... (open for role play) on Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:04 pm

How does one cope with the loneliness in their heart or the anger they burden against a nation. Ash had grown dishearten with the students of the academy they had no camaraderie they dwindle their time with the misgivings of youth. Faunus, Humans, Machines what were they all really compare to the Grimm that stalk the lands. Although Grimm were different they were not divided they were united in their cause and strong in it.

Leaning upon the white birch tree in the common yard he thought back on some words shared on him by his fellow students. "Weird, Creepy, Diffrent." Ash's heart ached for his homeland where his people worked together and greeted each other with respect even if one did not deserve so. This part of Remnant was like all the others he had visited. The classes were simple enough and odd enough as it is he began to wonder if he needed classes to be a hunter in truth all he needed was the lessons to help him fight better and ruin Atlas.

Brooding with the guitar given to him by his Mentor he wondered what Musica would say to the truth of his words. More than likely ruining her groove and think of something more inspiring. The wind picked up as he stood on the limb the dark skin white hair teen in the leather clothing and scarf just puzzled at thoughts. He was alone and that was fine he had the fortune to meet some people and even tried to fit in but he wasn't one of them.

Ash felt more at peace when he watched the Grimm there was a respect to them a nobility few admire. They were creatures who knew of mankind knew of the dangers they possessed the truth of the matter man was it's own enemy and Grimm were the reminder of man's dark heart. They were the ferocity the planet needed to keep man from over reaching. Surely they sensed his loneliness he was the only one left of his tribe.

Atlas had ruined his people killed them off simply because of difference. He was more a kin to Faunus than anything else and even then they saw him only as human. Ash didn't feel human he felt different than these other students and people. He wasn't consumed by some of their thoughts and ideologies if anything revenge and justice was on his mind. He needed to make a difference and feel his time here wasn't being wasted.

Crossing his arms he stand on the tree limb eyeing the horizon into town and smile slightly. Perhaps he needed to do something make sure it was reminded that there was some one bringing justice to those that needed it. Looking back to the picture a student gave him he thought a bit about it and thought maybe that he should do it.

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2 Re: Alone.... (open for role play) on Sun Mar 27, 2016 9:38 pm

Wandering the forest from tree limb to tree limb Ash glanced here and there practicing stealth and agility was an important training aspect in such conditions blending into the shadows in his dark uniform with the blue forest would be a worth wild task. He did catch by the Skylight woods a woman in a green hoodie and some kind of boy. He didn't know them but he watched in the distance eyeing them observing them keeping close to his now chosen prey.

Slowly and cautiously he approached keeping silently and distant watching them from afar. Observing the flirtatious actions of the bow wielder with the boy. So was this how boys and girls react to each other in school? Ash never understood girls all the ones he met were either strong will, mean, fragile, or crazy with the exception of Professor Skittles who had a balance head on her shoulders. Frankly observing these two may be key in understanding how boys and girls socialize since he and Kei's adventure during Valentines didn't succeed as well as he had hope.

Loneliness was a terrible feeling it consumed you and some items isolated you. Perhaps he was being creepy stalking his fellow students but one could only learn by imposing and observing. Who knows the secrets many had here were just waiting for him to discover. Like Atlas Bellamuse must have a sorted past somewhere and each individual carry the stench Grimm are fond of. Fear, and the fear of hiding one's skeletons is an easy sight to know. The telltale signs the obvious gestures of insecurity. Plus it killed his boredom of sitting at camp all day few ever bothered to visit him or care about him so he had himself to worry about.

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3 Re: Alone.... (open for role play) on Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:23 pm

Gricelda was off patrolling the forest for Grimm as she occasionally does.  Today, about the most dangerous creature she had witnessed was a young malnourished squirrel that fled the moment the two made eye contact.  Still, the wolf faunus continued to delve deeper into the forest in the search for anything exciting.  Afterall, moments of calm such as these was not something she cared for as she was a girl of action.  As Gricelda approaches a thicket, she rolls her shoulders and hacks half-heartedly away the obstructing bush with a single swipe.  As the bush in front of her falls apart, it reveals a familiar human hiding within the understory of the trees.  Honestly she would have not have noticed him if she hadn't manage to literally stumble as he blended in the environment quite well.

"Oh... you again..." states Gricelda with a hint of disdain in her voice as she looks to the man with a frown.

She shakes her head approaches closer to Ash.  She however seems to settle for a spot 5 feet off to Ash's right side as she inspects whatever Ash was looking at earlier.

"Anything exciting?" inquires the wolf girl in hushed tone "You look as if your stalking an Urs-"

Gricelda suddenly becomes silent as she peeks over to view the flirtatious couple in front of them, who still appear aloof to their presence.  Her head twists slowly to face Ash once again for an explanation as she looks to him with an irate quizzical expression.

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4 Re: Alone.... (open for role play) on Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:29 pm

Olivia and Scott were their name how intriguing it was to see students behave so openly in such an environment. The female was kind of cute on the one hand but Ash had better things to do than date he had his music and his training and things lately seems to irritate him. Hacking came from behind him and when the limb below came down and he had heard Gricelda he offered a small smile to her and nodded in greeting she was the closest thing to an acquaintance he could have in this place. So he grip the tree limb and swung down upside down squatting on the branch tilting his head to her.

"I was roaming the woods to train and practice. I came across them and so I thought i would train my information gathering and stealth skills upon the two students. One's name is Olivia and the other Scott. It seems the two had a mishap and are getting acquainted seems the woman is a bit flirtatious. And what brings Gricelda here today? Are you seeking a hunt or training as well?"

It could be seen though the mask covered his face her senses could smell recent blood upon him and medicine. It was mixed with a light medicinal scent most of it coming from his chest and on his cheek. There was an odd pair of sunglasses like an Ursa mask clipped to his leather jacket as he kick flipped off the branch standing on the ground dusting his hands off.

"It has been some time Gricelda. How have you been? Has your hunting been good these days? You seem in good shape and health. any news on Faunus trouble in the city?" He ask these causally almost with little to no emotion as he went to the tree and lean upon it eyeing the couple some distance in the forest border from their location.

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5 Re: Alone.... (open for role play) on Wed Mar 30, 2016 8:14 pm

Gricelda looks to Ash moment longer, then shrugs as she appears satisfied with he explanation.  Her faunus ears appear to be be directed to him as she walks up to the nearest tree opposite to Ash and rests her backside on the trunk of a study tree.

"On hunt... but alas I have found nothing but trees, you, that couple over yonder and a half starved squirrel.  So that this point, its more of a stroll through the forest really." bemoans Gris as she lightly presses her head back onto the tree trunk.

"Eh... I guess.  Most of the other hunts I have been a part of have been far more eventful." states the wolf faunus dryily, but then a smile forms on her face.

"Aside from nearly breaking a rib within the clasp of the pincers of a Deathstalker, I am in excellent health as always~" she states with a bit more cheer in her tone.

"And Faunus troubles?  Mhmmm..." Gricelda pauses, thinking over that last question.

"My human roommate managed to rile up an entire diner full of faunus after making causing on of the customers faint in fright.  He tried to help but, he only made things worse really.  Honestly... he should have just left the momement he saw that he was not welcomed, would have saved us both plenty of trouble.  Oh and..." Gricelda stops as she considers the consequences of mentioning her fellow members of the White Fang are also present and undercover it seems.

"And... I think that that is about it." finishes Gris, who is now questioning Ash.

"So what about yourself?  Anything eventful aside stalking young lovers in the making?~" states Gricelda, playfully mocking Ash

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6 Re: Alone.... (open for role play) on Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:34 pm

Ash look away blushing at her mocking joke but smirked at the Wolf Faunus she had a odd way of being rough and sweet at the same time which was her personality. In truth Gricelda was probably his only true equal to a friend in this dismal school. Considering long and hard the words she shared he was amazed on how many hunts she went on and she even fought a Death Stalker. Reaching into his jacket he wince forgetting about his ribs and reached for a lighter pulling out a cigarette then realize the faunus may object to her sense of smell and put the lighter away only savoring the taste.

"Strolls can be eventful if you find the right time to make it fun. but I haven't found much than the two love birds. I've mostly been alone i don't have any room mates since i'm too poor to live in the dorms and a room just seems odd to me i haven't had one since I was a child." Ash said looking her over a moment.

"I'm amazed at how strong you are to have fought a death stalker and survived it's attack. clearly you are growing into the huntress you believe in. Sadly my affairs have taken me a different route. Justice is burning and i have a fever to make things right. I had witness a Faunus in trouble some time ago and I felt something had to be done."

Ash's eyes narrowed thinking back on that day considering the turn of events. "It was a dog faunus, a young male, he seemed to had been accused of theft but there was nothing proving he was the one who did it. Three males two older one young proceeded to beat him. The words they said and the actions they took because of his difference wounded me. So i used my Semblance to scare them off and get the young one to a hospital."

Pausing he leaned his head back eyeing the sky through the tree top considering sharing his feeling with the one acquaintance he had. "I feel estrange even among my so call people. I gone to classes and watched how naively and unorganized these people are and selfish of their ideals. I am alone and perhaps its best I am. What few acquaintances I make are often gone before I know them I am a shadow among those of light that see nothing in the dark."

"So i head to town now and then finding Faunus in need occasionally correct the unjust actions of my species hoping a little difference will make a change. Often I have to fight with my own kind. some times the Faunus I'm saving lashes out because its easy to lash out at some one helping you than the people oppressing you. I researched and studied of Faunus and like my tribe, my real people, we are victims to crimes because we are a minority. I can't say I don't blame Faunus for fighting back but there must be a way for us to co-exist with out violent rivalry. till then I intend to do my deeds as a Hunter helping Faunus in trouble with or with out the schools permission or any ones views. But you mustn't let anyone know Gricelda. I doubt the school would take kindly to a vigilante ruining their reputation," spoke Ash softly in that calm deep almost soothing tone as he put on a pair of goggle sunglasses bearing marks like an Ursa which seem to fit with his Ursa Black leather jacket.

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7 Re: Alone.... (open for role play) on Sun Apr 03, 2016 11:50 pm

Gricelda smirks, appreciating the praise but shrugs it of as she acts as if though killing a deathstalker wasn't much of a big deal.

"Well it wasn't TOO difficult now.  Especially since there was four of us in total." so says the wolf faunus nonchalantly.

Her causual tone quickly takes on a more austere speech pattern as the issue of an abuse of a fellow faunus is mentioned.

"If that were me in your position... I would have made sure that the humans who harmed an innocent faunus accompany me to the hospital as well... in strechers." speaks Gricelda in a distainful tone.

"Still, I have to commend you for taking action where as few other would not.  The sad truth is that most humans would not intervene." states Gricelda, finding a newfournd respect for the human.  Gricelda then sighs as she contineus on.

"The sad truth is... if all of this could have been resolved through more peaceful measures, all of these injustices would have been resolved long long ago.  I know most faunus don't agree with the White Fang but... have our own lack of impact of our non-violent protest against the humans demostarted the fruitlessness of waiting on our butts and hoping that they might just respect us as any other human?  So its either we fight to make our own change, our own destiny, or die somewhere in the process and hope that our bravery will inspire those under oppression or gain the recognition that our oppressors denied.  I mean, if my fore-bearers didn't resist and take up arms against the humankind who tried to confine us to Menagerie, then me and the rest of the faunus would forever be confined to to that island.  So you keep up your fight and fight those who try to chain you down." passionately states Gricelda.

"You might be a human but... I guess your one to understand being under the heel of oppression from what you mentioned about Altas and your own tribe.  It doesn't make you a faunus... but I suppose we both understand what it really means to not be given a voice express our dissatisfaction with our treatment.  So I will be sure to not to mention any of your 'vigilante' extracurricular activities.~" bemuses Gricelda as she looks to Ash with a blithe expression while wearing a cheeky looking smirk.

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8 Re: Alone.... (open for role play) on Tue Apr 12, 2016 10:18 am

Ash smirked slightly it was a different smile one of intelligence and cunning if not admiring the Wolf Faunus. "Beloved Gricelda out of the many you seem to befriend me and understand me more than the rest of my own kind. I wish more people were like you instead of the naivety of the world we face. I agree with you though maybe if things could be lead a different direction and more peaceful perhaps. . ."

Pausing a moment Ash seem to be thinking upon further of what she said of the White Fang. "How does one find the White Fang? Violence may not be the answer to the innocent but to enemies in a defensive manner speaks revolution. If we were to take example of the White Fang and use our better judgment we can become judicators of the Faunus. Heroes to those down trodden and vigilantes to the system. If we were to make not protest but Faunus Activist actions in bettering aware the people of the Faunus plight while under the guise to do more revolutionizing changes perhaps such as striking a company mistreating Faunus or roam the streets masked as a Gang out to take human and even Faunus oppression from our local city."

That smile turned to a grin as Ash walked to Gricelda and his forehands in his back pockets leaning down smiling to her. "Dangerous, smart, and beautiful you truly can be a Pack Mother of Wolves lady Gricelda. We can't stop peaceful protesting but we cannot ignore the out cry of those seeking justice. I propose we do both and perhaps partner up to defend the streets of Bellamuse from random aggressors maybe also alleviate the crime here to offset the people of thinking of us like the White Fang. If we can research places that are abusing White Fang we need to give to them the balance and equalize for the crime."

Looking her over he had a new admiration of trust for Gricelda and the tall man leaned his head on her shoulder the weight of keeping this story heavy as he took a soft breath. "My people, the Ashanti have long perish, murdered for their rumor veins of black dust in the land. But it was a delicate balance with the Grimm on the island there was truth to the rumors that this material did something with the Grimm. Atlas feared it fall to the wrong hands... rather they were interested in claiming it for them selves. Delegation after delegation met with rejection of the strangers of Atlas till one day they came with their flying ships and their machines. We were skilled Dust Users having balance with nature and dust. Some feared us as mages or witches but we were no match for the technology Atlas had... one man met with my mother as I hid behind bushes arguing with her.

"Before I could go to her he fired a gun at her but failed to realize how volatile the vein of black crystal before him was. My mother used the dust about her and all I recall was a loud explosion and black fire filling the area around me. Screams of pain and death surrounded me I thought maybe I died but somehow I lived my mother had heard me scream and even wounded came to me comfort me. Gave me her final words....then she perished. But her murderer was nowhere in sight. I wandered that battlefield filling with Grim, Death, and battle. We were accused of attacking Atlas and so we were put to the gun with little to no resistance. I don't even know if anyone survived even my sister... For all I know I'm the only one of my kind."

Her senses could tell there was a deep anger in the weird guy but the smell of tears and the feel of them on her shoulder were true. "I vowed no one would be harmed by Atlas, That they would pay, and no one else regardless of who they are would suffer as I have suffered..." Rising from her shoulder he look to the direction of the city with narrowed eyes wet from the brief cry of pain. "The Faunus are not my people. But they are my kindred spirits in agony. Their pain is my pain. Their cause is my cause. And so I will defend them I will help them even at my own risk. If no one else does who will?"

Silence fell as Ash stood watching the distance he knew sharing with Gricelda the truth of him was a big risk but the depth the man had for her as she was his only true friend in all of Bellamuse made him feel less Alone. Pulling down the Grimm like goggle sunglasses he had on he spoke softly. "I intend to one day build a group of Hunters and followers. As a sole Grimm Reaper there is so much I can do but the image and actions I take will hopefully make people realize and change. I like to stray from using violence on innocent people but for those who would harm the innocent those who would mistreat my Kindred the Faunus. Well their property isn't living though being aware how my actions will ripple down is a concern some times a good first impression makes for serious statements."

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9 Re: Alone.... (open for role play) on Wed Apr 13, 2016 8:07 pm

Gricelda listens to Ash who seemed to be under the impression that the two of them were friends.  While she does share some respect over his eagerness to protect the Faunus, it doesn't quite warrant any sort of feelings of comradeship.  While she did appreciate the praise and the flattery, his fascination with her kinda weird her out somewhat.  Still, she continues to listen to Ash, occasionally nodding her head but remained otherwise silent as Ash continued to monologue as passionately as ever.  She became even more unsettled by how uncomfortably close he was  getting with his head just over her shoulder.  She really wanted to tell him to give her some space but he continued to talk, this time about the woes that befell his tribe, his family, at the hands of the Atlas government.  She cringes a bit, looking over to see that the man next to her was crying upon.  She wears a grimace on her face as she looks away, his closeness to her was too much for the wolf faunus to bear.  When he finally FINALLY ceased his end of the conversation, Gricelda slyly pulls herself away from Ash until she is a good three feet away from him, smearing the residue of tears with a few pats on her shoulder while she backs away from him.

"Errr... thanks... hopefully that vigilante business works out on your end.  Just... can you... give a girl some space?  I understand that it was... emotional for you to lay your entire life story onto me but confiding such sentiment in such... close proximity was... really REALLY uncomfortable.  I respect what you are doing but... lauding over me like that was a little too much and kinda creepy in a way." Gricelda tells the human.

Gricelda stands there, feeling dumb for standing as she shuffles her feet as the atmosphere between them felt more... awkward.  The human seemed to be either socially obvious as to how to act around girls or he was very mistaken on the extent of their relationship.

"So... yeah... I'm going to get back to hunting Grimm now.  You... keep up with your work with upholding justice and hunter training and what not."  says Gricelda as she forces a smile and gives him a tenitive thumbs.   She collecting her belongings and moseying her way out.  Before she leaves, she spins in place and says something to Ash.

"You take care of yourself alright!  It would be unfortunate if you were to get yourself killed by an Ursa.  And do refrain on peeping on couples like some jealous stalker now~" mockingly states Gricelda in a friendly manner before leaving for good.

[Gricelda Exits]

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10 Re: Alone.... (open for role play) on Tue Apr 26, 2016 12:11 pm

Ash nodded he only knew she was estranged by him and his behavior but they were two different species two different kind of people. Things may not have convey from culture to culture but he was and will be his only friend in a sea of strangers. When she was gone Ash ventured back to the school grounds uncertain what to do with himself he had felt empty felt he was not growing efficiently worst he felt jealous and bitter about his fellow students some of them had so much potential so much to offer and yet cared so little to the grand scheme of things. It pained him to see and know students of Atlas roamed while the children of his tribe were decaying bones on the soil of his tarnish land.

"Why must I be alone? Why am I strange to even these people?" Ash rarely expressed anger but he was angry in the fact the world shunned him the world wished him ill.

Heart stricken his only joy was helping the Faunus and putting the people who harmed them in place but he doubt the Faunus or White Fang would help him or befriend him in his pursuits. Once more was keeping the act of friendliness and fellowship with the students. It wasn't like anything major was transpiring for him to know or work with these people. most often he hunted alone and more often many rejected him due to their close network of clicks and groups. Sickening how such a people so advance were so divided it was horrible and gut wrenching. Pondering his displeased mood hands in his back pockets he stalk the common grounds of the Bellamuse wondering what to observe maybe a teacher had a lesson or maybe doing something outlandish again.

Either way Ash had time to spare he figured if he didn't find anything to do soon he hunt by himself not like any would care if he perished. But falling wasn't in his avenue of tasks at hand. There were many things to accomplish to put together and he needed the resources to get stronger and do it. Less something advantageous comes around and for him to spectate or give him irony. Hmm how it would be funny if the very land these students took advantage of were suddenly put in the position like his own homeland. The irony of that would be an eye opener for all of them. Sadly he pray the innocent could survive and the hunters would be successful but truth often was bitter.

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