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Under the banner of music we unite! [Open]

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1 Under the banner of music we unite! [Open] on Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:07 am

It was a beautiful day outside today and Jessica felt like spending it under the bright sun. It has been a while since she last had the urge to play her handmade custom keytar that she calls her Key-J, bad wordplay on  keytar and DJ as it was not just an ordinary instrument. Normally a keytar is basically a electric keyboard shaped like a guitar, but Jess' had way more functionalities than that. She had so many buttons on it that it looked like a DJ's mixing table, which is what it basically was, but with a keyboard. The purple instrument had everything from it's base part, but with a lot of buttons used to record, alter and play melodies previously played on the handle. With that, Jess was basically a walking DJ, but she wouldn't brag about that, she just enjoyed playing music and sharing it with others outside of her normal days.

Jessica took out Key-J from its case and strapped it around her body and looked around. The sun was hot, but a fresh breeze was blowing from time to time to cool off the area, which made it very comfortable to be outside. A nice warm early spring day, like... that day at the beach. Jess' face started to flush as she remembered that day at the beach with Raziel. She thought back about all the fun they were having and of course, that kiss... Even though it was a couple days ago, but it still filled so fresh in her memory... and on her lips too... she tried to think about it a bit, why it happened, why did it felt nice to kiss someone, what was that weird fuzzy feeling inside? Too many questions with so few answers... maybe she would need to talk to Raziel at some point, they surely couldn't avoid each other for long. What if they had a mission together soon?

Jess was forced out of her thoughts as she heard a loud noise coming from further in the courtyard. It was helpful as it made her remember that she was here to play music in the first place. Focusing back on her instrument, she started to prepare some melodies in advance with her headphones on and directly plugged into the keytar as she was sitting on a bench.

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