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What now? Syne academy? [Aila & Molly's Thread]

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The sun glisters past the high ranging canopies of greens, giving just enough light for the bottom of the forest floor to be filled with a lush green carpet of nature. Breaking through the silence ambiance of the forest, a series of soft panting and rustling echoes can be heard within the trees.

It’s been about 4 days since the accident, current date 2nd of March 2016. Aila has recovered enough, enough to put on a happy face and enough to walk into civilization like any normal person.

Pushing aside an over grown bush Aila found herself standing on the edge of a cliff that overlooked the city of Bellmuse and the school, Syne academy. While taking in those deep breaths of mental preparation, Aila admires the majestic view of her surroundings. As the quiet silence was how it is, the lenses of her robotic eye can be heard focusing to accommodate her new field of view. From the left to the right, the expanse of the town filled up her entire view, and far off to the latter were where ocean waves clashed against the docks and rocky cliffs.

The sun hammers down its unlimited power as if needing to display its strength to us mortals. The skies clear as ever, similar to an upside down ocean. The streets of Bellmuse was as silent as it would be during the middle of the night, as it looks like no one wants to part ways from their air conditioned redbrick homes. Ilyushina stands alone on the pavements in a mostly empty coast, with the occasional vehicle that zooms past. It made sense though; I mean who would be crazy enough to be outside, near the coast and wearing a jacket in this kind of weather!

Her hands shield her eyes from the strong glares of light as she admires the open sky and enjoys the warmth. To her it was just warm but for others they would understand what it is like to be on of the the world famous dish, fried chicken. Having a chilled bodied temperature sure does have its benefits.

“Wah! The sky is so amazing, it has been so long seen I’ve seen such clear skies! Tim, come on you’re too slow!”

Out of breath, out of energy and basically out of everything Tim flaps its wings slower with every meter, descending with every flap. With the last few muscles Tim has he just about makes it onto Aila’s head before collapsing with a soft cough of relief. The 4 days in the jungle with no food, water or sleep has really taken a toll on him. But nonetheless he feels really happy that Aila has recovered and his efforts to keep her alive were enough. With a few swipes and clicks of buttons Aila started up the headphones around her neck, maximizing the volume and in the process turning them into small soft speakers.

“Timcanpy, I’ll play some music and we’ll take it slower from now on ok?”

Nodding his head Tim excuses himself for all the hard work he has done and begins to snuggling into Aila’s hair allowing his limbs to relax and letting Aila carry him on her head.

The beat of the familiar song radiates out of the headphones filling the surrounding buildings with its rhythm. As it slowly begins to hit Aila with its synchronized beats, she felt the urge to move along. She began to snap her fingers, followed by a systematic tapping of her feet, her entire body begun to move to the beat. In the end it sort of all blended into a rhythmed mellow dance, something that she had done many times before. Music was more than just layers of sounds mesh together, every music  didn't just hold its own meaning but small fragments of the artists' feelings and emotions. Music is the one thing that helps Aila understand her feelings. And those that Aila can relate to are her greatest treasure.

Just as the songs was about to end Aila notices a vintage style cafe sitting peacefully at the corner of the street. Chairs and tables with umbrellas were placed in a nice neat row on the outside with open deck rising above the beach, overlooking the never ending pool of salt water. Aila stood stunned for a moment, she never expected to see one of these ever again. She quickly rises her hand to push the large round button on the side of her head phones stopping the song as her eye glittered up in excitement.

“Tim, Tim! Looks its one of those buildings again! 'Ahahaha~' Do you remember? Ri-ri brought us there in one of the few days we managed to get out of the mansion.”

Its like as though Tim was never tired when he got up on this short stubby legs and started jumping up and down on her head. Without any hesitation Aila started sprinting towards the beach cafe as Tim is dragged through a bumpy ride, holding on to any hair he can get a grip on.

Just as the main door reaches her field of view she tries come to stop, though the initial speed that Aila built up was a little too fast for her to come to an immediate rest. The friction between the outer sole of her shoe and the wooden deck of the cafe resulted in a loud 'SKID!' sound as she slid to a stop. With the heels of the shoe she manages to stop perfectly at the main entrance of the cafe. Looking up to observed the sign she read out:

“White Whale Cafe...”

Noticing that no one was at the entrance to greet her Aila leaned forward and strode in with her hands behind her back.

“...Hello? Anyone here?”

Before anything else can catch her attention, the colorful sweets and cakes that sat on the chilled display case were what struck her the most.

“Ooh Cake, Macaroon, Donuts! They have everything!”

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In such days of excessive warmth, many people sought solace indoors. Molly was one such person, and her retreat of choice was a quiet little cafe. She had decided early in the morning dusk to begin a trek along the beach, to enjoy the wind in her hair and salt in the air. It was peaceful, blissful. With everybody else seemingly asleep, it felt like she was the only one in the world. Her only companion during those early hours were the waves lapping by her feet and the moon and stars in the sky, though the latter weren't all too clear – dawn's approach slowly but surely began to chase them all away.

The sweltering heat first hit her when the Sun rose into the sky, and she quickly found that she could bear the hotness no more. Her eyes locked onto the sight of a cafe, of sanctuary, and the rest was history. She now sat in the corner of the cafe, a glass of ice lemon team on the table in front. Normally seats by the windowpane are what this cyborg girl favored, but the Sun and its rays forced her to retreat even further away. This extreme heat had caused another discrepancy in her life – the thought of her possibly ordering ice cream. She wouldn't have thought of ordering such sweetness under normal circumstances, but habit held strong and she settled for a simple cold drink.

Hues of morning gold reflected off of the condensation on her glass, and she watched lazily as beads ran down its length. The ambiance in the room still held traits of a scene in the early morning, what with the lack of buzzing conversation and empty chairs and tables all around. It was only just now that they begun to set up all manner of sweetness, treats ranging from cakes and jello to everything in between. Molly watched a short girl promptly waltz into the store, a curious spherical object sitting on her head. The reaction this newcomer had to the sweets displayed were something that she noted – a sight that she found just a little bit amusing. Deciding to talk to this interest-piquing stranger, she got up from her seat and made her way over.

A little conversation might be nice, she thought, for the other people in the cafe didn't look like the sort that interested her. There was a balding man with a newspaper in hand, as well as a teen wearing a backward-facing cap who was sitting with his face buried in his hands. Poor guy, she thought. Other than them were the workers moving about the place, and Molly didn't particularly want to intrude on their morning duties. Casually walking up to stand by the new girl's side, she stared at the sweet sweet things displayed. She tried to hide a scowl that threatened to show – the bringers of cavities aren't something she loved at all. There may be minute exceptions here and there, as some cakes do prove adequately tasty, but the general feeling she has towards sweet things were one of disdain.

She stood by the girl's side and asked with a smile “What's a young girl doing out here so early in the morning?” Her eyes loomed up to the interesting ball nuzzling on her head, and Molly found herself unable to pull her gaze off of it, choosing to look and puzzle over it instead of doing the proper thing, that is to look the person you're addressing in the eye. “I don't imagine your parents asked you to come here alone just to buy some sweets?” asked Molly, a part of her heart quickly developing a deep desire to take the sphere apart to see what makes it tick.  Maybe she could buy the contraption off of this girl?[/color][/color]

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Her palms rested on the display case as her face came as close as it physically could. Immediately the thermometers on the displace case dropped a few degrees causing fogs and condensation to appear outside the chiller. After what felt like a long time of undecidable choices a voice comes from the side. Despite of Aila’s half noted attention she chooses to ignore this random life form and admire the delicious treats that were much more interesting and amusing.

“Hmm…which one should I try? Timcanpy, which one do you want? …Ah that one looks like the one Ri-ri bought for us long time ago!”

Aila jotted her fingers at a small round cake, it held a very pale yellow based color with touches of red and white. The small sign at the front of the cake named it ‘Strawberry dream’ and as the description stated ‘A cheese cake layered with strawberry jam, whole strawberries and marsh mellows.’ Meanwhile, Tim was to busy trying to bury his face [The cross area] in Aila’s hair, feeling really uneasy with a weird white mop headed girl staring right into his soul. Her red crimson eyes glared straight at him giving of a soft humming like tune, along the lines of something like:

[At least get to 00:50]

‘I’m gonna rip you piece by piece~ so you better try, try to run away~’

His body grew numb as he started pulling at Aila's hair and shivering on her head. Making a ruckus and a total mess, leaving Aila feeling really uncomfortable.

“Tim, what wrong with you? Stop pulling on my hair.”

Facing up to look at Tim – What’s going on? Was her only thought in mind. As she soon found out that he was dragged into a staring competition he absolutely did not want to attend.

“Huh, what do you want! Mind keeping your curiosity to yourself? He gets easily frightened, especially with someone as big as yourself.”

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