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Cardinal Bird For Sale

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1 Cardinal Bird For Sale on Wed Mar 16, 2016 12:41 pm

Richard Lionheart

Gender: Male

Age: Young

Cost: 5800 Lien

Hp: 70

Aura: 30

Damage: 15

Defense: 35

Semblance; Sensor. This Bird can let out a wave of white aura in a seven and a half meter radius which allows it to detect the aura, or lack there of, in it's surroundings. The aura wave spans out in a circular radius, like a raindrop on a calm area of water, and will only collide with objects approximately on it's height level. Huntsmen and huntresses appear as clearly to them, due to their vast quantities of aura, as creatures of Grimm, due to their lack there of comparatively to their environment. It can distinguish between huntsman, civilian, machine, animal, plant and grimm but may have a hard time conveying what is coming to you and where it is. It cannot however tell Human, from faunus nor people apart save for those it has frequently experience and using their semblance from those not (even then struggling to differentiate similar semblances such as manipulating earth from manipulating water) This wave costs 10 aura to send out, working by utility rules.

Appearance :
Beni from DRAMAtical Murder

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